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  Chapter 643 Ahuang’s Fate and Shadow Sword Mystery (seeking subscription)

Black silver glazed body, This is a slightly magical name. It sounds like it has nothing to do with technology, but it does.

Xu Tui is not pretending to know the black silver glazed body, but really knows it.

It is available in the database of the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute in Old Cai.

In the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute in Old Cai, Xu Tui learned a lot of secrets, such as the sudden appearance of Ancestor Master Shang Taki during the fire star defense battle that day.

What appeared, can be understood as a clone Avatar, but Shang Taki was able to appear and use his sword at the time, wounding and scaring Lei Shu away with two swords, but it was not just a clone Avatar.

To achieve that situation, according to Old Cai's top secret account in the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute database, there are three very difficult keys.

The first difficulty is clones whose genetic information frequency is infinitely close to 100%. The second difficulty is one of the usages of spirit strength heterogeneous loading.

And the third difficulty is that there must be a black silver glazed body as an intermediary carrier.

Like the diamond tribe, the Daxi tribe is also a race that has skewed its evolutionary path, but this is a bit crooked, not like the diamond tribe.

It can be said that it is a crooked beating, or it can be said that it is deliberate.

During the Daxi cultivation, the fleshy body and the spiritual body are tempered with each other, and finally the fleshy body becomes the most suitable for the spiritual body to live in and the most capable of exerting the spiritual body battle strength, and the spiritual body It has also become the most adaptable Spiritual Body.

It's like a pen and a pen sleeve.

The original pens and pen sleeves are the most suitable ones. They fit together and fit perfectly.

But if the original pen case is gone, then the Daxi pen can be inserted and adapted to any pen case.

Just like Lavis is now.

The fleshy body is gone, destroyed by a three-phase thermal bomb.

But his Spiritual Body found a suitable alloy block to drill in, and it was still good.

This is also the reason why the Daxi people live longer than ordinary wise races.

It is said that the weapon Spirit Race is the product of Spirit Race's imitating test of the Daxi people.

When the clansman of the Daxi tribe, the cultivation base breakthrough to the Planetary Grade formed the power star and the power satellite, and the power of the fleshy body and the spiritual body merged together, the real essence of the fleshy body is to condense into the mysterious Silver glazed body.

This is an artificial substance found in the solar system and the Milky Way that is most compatible with spirit strength and spirit.

In nature, it is similar to the Mechanical Spirit Alloy of Mechanical Spirit Race, but it is countless times more precious than Mechanical Spirit Race.

Any Spiritual Body that can exist independently can be integrated into the black silver glazed body, using the black silver glazed body as the fleshy body and re-expand it.

Of course, the premise is to completely kill the spirit willpower in it.

For individual races, the Great Western Planetary Grade powerhouse black silver glazed body is even better than their original fleshy body.

And the value of this to the Daxi nationality itself, let alone.

It's a bit like a big tonic, but it can be used to impart gong in an image.

Below Planetary Grade, after integration, the strength will be improved.

For the cultivator of the Daxi tribe like Lavis who has lost the fleshy body, this kind of mysterious silver glazed body is the best new fleshy body, there is no one!

"Boss, this black silver glazed body, can you give me one?" This is Mitsubishi tripod's request.

"What do you want this for?"

"Boss, this black silver glazed body, which is matter and energy, may be able to accelerate the growth of me now. It should be very Useful." Mitsubishi Tripod said.

"Your body type, if you go further, you will get fat. If you get fat, it's better to be thinner." Xu Tui suddenly said.

Mitsubishi Tripod, "."

"Boss, the strongest thing about the black silver glazed body is its unlimited integration into the Spiritual Body, expansion and change, a little bit of this, I might be free Control the size?   You can give me one and let me try." Mitsubishi Kanae begged.

"Isn't that a Divine Item? How can I give it to you?"

After a pause, Xu Tui said again, "Can you provide something valuable, maybe I Consider rewarding you a little bit!"


Mitsubishi Ding thought about it, "Boss, there is something that may be very valuable."


"It's about that person."

"Who is that person?"

"It's The one who can communicate with you in consciousness, I know it exists, but I can't communicate with him directly." Mitsubishi Cauldron said.

Now, Mitsubishi Tripod's words not only stunned Xu Tui, but also aroused Xu Tui's interest.


Mitsubishi Tripod is talking about Ah Huang!

"Tell me, what is the law?"

"Boss, your spirit strength is very strong. You should know the relationship between spirit strength and fleshy body, right?" "Mitsubishi Kanae asked.

This Xu Tui is very clear.

The fleshy body without the spirit is walking corpse or vegetative, and without the fleshy body as a container, it will soon be covered by countless invisible particles between Heaven and Earth. The energy is completely dissipated or even completely dissipated.

That is death!   "The one who does not know why, has already produced the spirit, but its fleshy body, the carrier of the spirit, is the worst kind.

Barely able to provide it with one A place for shelter, but in this kind of container or fleshy body, its spirit wants to grow, but it is basically impossible.” Mitsubishi Ding said.

Suddenly, Xu Tui understood the meaning of Mitsubishi Tripod.

"You mean, let Ah Huang use this black silver glazed body as a fleshy body? But Ah Huang's current body is a quantum computer chip. The most powerful ones are memory, storage and computing capabilities. I'm afraid of it if I lost the chip."

Suddenly, Xu Tui froze.

What is the most significant characteristic of the black silver glazed body?   Expansion, integration, perfect accommodation.

"A Huang's chip can be integrated into this mysterious silver glass body?" Xu Tui asked.

"This. I don't know, theoretically. If it can be merged, theoretically that friend can become any form it wants!   Of course, this is also limited by Xuan Yin The number of glazed bodies." Mitsubishi Tripod said.

In the words of Mitsubishi Tripod, a bolt of lightning blew up directly in Xu Tui's mind.

After fusing the black silver glaze body, Ahuang can be transformed into any shape he wants to change. Isn't this a versatile artificial intelligence quantum computer? The   fraud has spread.

It is indeed the key material that can be used by Ancestor Master Shang Taki to display the clone Avatar.

Subsequently, Xu Tui told Ah Huang about the incident as quickly as possible.

Rao Shi Ahuang is just a mutated artificial intelligence with initial feelings, and he is also excited, which means that it will become an almost independent life entity.

"Of course, this kind of integration has not been done before, and it may also be risky."

"There is risk and there is risk. I want to try. Besides, I don't have a backup. Is it?" Ahuang said indifferently.

"But there is no backup for the spirit that you have produced!"

"Help me, I want to change my way of life, even the things recorded in Cai Principal's database, sure It won't entrap my spirit." Ahuang said.

"Well, then I will accept this thing first, and then study it carefully before trying."

"I am looking forward to it."

However, wait for Xu When Tui was about to collect the five black silver glazed bodies, he was in trouble!

Five swords!   The five energy swords are nailed to the very center of this thing. Just now this energy sword can even cut Xu Tui's psychology.

After one minute, Yan Lie randomly found an alloy metal rod for Xu Tui in the base. Xu Tui wanted to stab the sword to see if the sword was still lethal.

I stabbed the sword with the stick. The sword seemed to be empty, and the stick passed through the sword.

But when Xu Tui took the stick from the sword shadow, Xu Tui, Yan Lie, and Zhao Hailong were all dumbfounded.

The moment the stick was retracted, the part of the sword that had been touched just now became a powder and drifted away in the wind.

This gives Xu Tui a feeling of frowning all over his body.

What a special thing, fortunately, I didn't touch it with my hand. When I touch it, my hand is gone.

Yan Lie is even more embarrassed!

Looking at the five extremely precious black silver glazed bodies, I felt nothing.

Can’t get it.

"Ravis, what do you think about this? That sword, can that break?" Xu Tui shook the alloy body of Lavis's body, scared Lavis screamed The sound came out.

"don't, don't, don't, this will kill me completely, don't take me close to it"

"."x3   Yes Baby, it's painful to see that you can't get it.

After discussing with Yan Lie and Zhao Hailong, there is nothing wrong. Their energy field strength will be crushed as soon as they get close!   Not as good as Xu Tui's mentality.

"I said Mitsubishi tripod, this sword is so fierce, and your body claims to have invincible and unbreakable defense. Or I will try to touch it with you." Xu Tui said suddenly.

"Don't. I'm afraid of it"

This time, even the Mitsubishi tripod shivered, making Xu Tui stunned. These five intangible sword shadows are so strong?   But think about being able to crucify the Fourth Guard Planetary Grade powerhouse. After so many years, it is still strong enough.

"Boss, this sword. There is no entity, you can try it with spirit strength." Mitsubishi Ding suggested.

"I tried it just now, and I was cut without contact with the telepathy." Xu Tui said.

"It's not a telepathy! You take the order to confuse Cai's Principal in the face, do you see if he beats you? Seeing a beautiful woman, you go up and hug directly, see if she scolds or not?   But if you are Gently touch with the tip of your finger, the result may be different." Mitsubishi Ding said.

Xu Tui was stunned and re-examined the Mitsubishi Ding. "When do you learn humor and use the analogy of beautiful women?"

After a few breaths of silence, Mitsubishi Ding Said, "I learned from you, especially the one named Cui. I don’t talk about this or that every day. I’m not driving or racing. My ability to learn new knowledge is still very strong."

Xu Tui : "."

Lao Cui's mouth, even alien creatures can be biased.   However, Mitsubishi Tripod is not unreasonable.

Use small shares of spirit strength cautiously to touch and see what happens.

Three seconds later, Xu Tui's spirit strength gathered in one point, like a finger, cautiously clicked from the side of one of the shadow swords.

At this point, it was like touching a switch, Xu Tui's spirit strength was instantly pulled into the shadow sword.

But in Xu Tui's feeling, it was as if the Shadow Sword was angered, and it flew towards his Spiritual Body, covering his Spiritual Body to death in an instant.

At the moment when Xu Tui was shocked by the soul flew away and scattered, a scene suddenly appeared in Xu Tui's mind!

***In   Zhu San’s mind, there are two mountains, one for monthly pass, and one for subscription! Under the suppression of these two mountains, the little pig flew with thirty fingers, working hard to code words!

(End of this chapter)

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