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  Chapter 644 The Sword of Dimensions (subscription required)


Xu Tui felt that his consciousness was drawn into a pure black space.

But at this time Xu Tui also discovered that the Shadow Sword was just shrouding his consciousness, not at him, and sighed in relief.

Xu Tui's small body can't hold the Shadow Sword to cut like this.

In the dark space, Xu Tui has an inexplicable sense of Time Flow Speed.

It’s not an illusion, it’s like turning a page in time. Someone is telling Xu Tui that time is passing fast. Xu Tui instantly reacted. Is this what Shadow Sword told him through consciousness?

In the dark space, time flies very quickly, maybe a few years or even hundreds of years or more, in the dark space, a ray of light first appeared.

In the light, an Onishi clansman with an extremely exquisite streamlined shape and a silver body with an industrial beauty came in with a lighting tool.

Then began to explore on a door.

This door, Xu Tui they found in the depths of the passage behind the absolute security door, looks exactly the same.

As the exploration progressed, more and more clansman came here to explore, but there was no result.

Finally, these Daxi clansman wanted to violently demolish this door, wondering what is behind the daoist sect.

Just when they used violence, the sword light burst out instantly.

A total of fourteen shadow swords.

Every shadow sword pierced through a big West clansman, and he was nailed to death on the spot.

However, this shadow sword is obviously much smaller than the shadow sword Xu Tui would see.

Not long after these Onishi clansman were nailed to death, another group of Onishi clansman came. After cautiously exploring for a long time, they finally had no choice but to send someone to collect their bodies.

A powerhouse destroyed the Shadow Sword.

Part of the destroyed Shadow Sword dissipated, but some returned to the gate.

Yes, come back!   Xu Tui from the observer's perspective, sees very clearly.

Next, there is another long exploration.

People from the Daxi people continue to enter in various ways, some can retreat safely, and some have activated the shadow sword because of an attempt to die, and they are blasted out of the gate on the spot. His shadow sword was nailed to death with one sword.

There are two quasi-planets crucified.

A few years later, a burly Planetary Grade powerhouse came, just like the corpse Xu Tui saw when he came in.

After the arrival of the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Daxi ethnic group, because of the accumulation of previous experience, cautiously explored for a long time to no avail, and began to build the passage.

There are many ways to try.

For example, a five-kilometer channel is the predecessor of this channel.

I want to use technology weapons to blast through this gate at a long distance.

But it's useless.

When the energy fluctuation approaches this gate 500 meters, it will be strangled to nothingness by the shadow sword.

During this period, the Shadow Sword was activated at least hundreds of times.

In the end, this Planetary Grade powerhouse began to build the absolute safety door in the mouth of Lavis.

After it was built, this Planetary Grade powerhouse continued to study the door, and he didn't know what he found, so persevering.

The door is one body, except that there is something like a cat's eye in the middle of the door. This Planetary Grade powerhouse has touched the pupil, pressed his finger, wiped blood, input energy, smeared saliva and so on.

The door just doesn't open.

This lasted for more than 20 years.

During the period, there were dozens of attempts to die.

In the end, the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Daxi ethnic group couldn't help it. After a thorough understanding and estimation, he made a full shot and decided to violently break the door.

It's just that, after so many years of consumption, the shadow sword on the gate is stronger than he imagined.

The five shadow swords flashed out instantly, slashing straight to the point.

The Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Great Western tribe has exerted his abilities to the extreme, especially after showing a kind of strange ability of teleportation, which can even disappear for a short time in energy fluctuations.

But just after disappearing, it reappeared.

The five shadow swords have penetrated his whole body, and his strikes at the gate abruptly stopped.

This time, the performance of Shadow Sword is extremely sharp.

sword light shoots everywhere.

Just like when Xu Tui’s previous psychology was cut open by it, the other part of Onishi clansman, who was investigating the results, just approached the unclosed absolute security door, and was cut by Shadow Sword Yuwei. all split up and in pieces!

To be precise, as long as it is close to an unclosed absolute safety door, it will all split up and in pieces without warning.

The little brothers of the Daxi ethnic group from Planetary Grade powerhouse were scared to pee.

Finally, use mechanical means to remotely close and block the absolute safety door.

In the passage, once again plunged into the withered darkness, the Shadow Sword also seemed to melt into the darkness.

Time starts to pass quickly again.

A hundred years of flicking.

Guanghua in the aisle lights up again. This time, Xu Tui saw himself. He entered the aisle with a light stick, and Yan Lie's finger touched the Daxi Planetary Grade powerhouse, this Planetary Grade powerhouse. The scene when the body collapsed into ashes.

Then, Xu Tui's consciousness fell out of the shadow sword.

The moment it fell out, the Shadow Sword collapsed.

Naked eye can't see it, but Xu Tui's mentality still has part of the shadow sword's ability to return to the gate.

"Take a handle?" Yan Lie and Zhao Hailong were stunned.

Xu Tui was also stunned.

Only one shadow sword dissipated, and the other four were fine.

What is going on?

Xu Tui didn't dare to use his hands, but used spirit strength to dissipate the black silver glazed glass ball that was only the size of a pineapple.

No danger.

I felt it, and there was no residual aura in the mysterious silver glass, it was very pure.

It's just a pure black silver glazed body, without any remaining consciousness.

I have to say that this Shadow Sword is still very bad, and it's too clean.

On the side, the captive Lavis looked straight drooling, "Dear Xu, give it to me, I swear allegiance to you.

I swear!"

With it, Lavis is not only able to reshape his fleshy body in the shortest time, but the reshaped fleshy body is even better than before.

Not only can strength be restored, it can also be improved to a certain extent.

If he can give him all five black silver glazed balls, Lavis even thinks that he can have the battle strength of Planetary Grade and break through to the cultivation base of Planetary Grade in a short time.

However, the probability given to him is basically zero.

If he can get one and a half, he has to thank the lucky Goddess.

"Boss, can you give me some." Mitsubishi Tripod is also a slobber.

"Don't hurry."

With a move of Xu Tui spirit strength, he directly collects the first black silver glass ball into the quantum dimensional chain.

Such a precious thing, casually distributed, is not Xu Tui's style.

Looking at the four shadow swords nailed to the four balls in front of him, Xu Tui thought, is it possible that each sword needs his spirit strength to dissipate and he can take it up. Take this black silver glazed body.


After Xu Tui’s spirit strength cautiously touched the second shadow sword, Xu Tui went through the same scene again.

But this time, Xu Tui unlocked a new skill.

After the consciousness is drawn into the shadow sword, he can use his consciousness to affect the flow of time in the shadow sword. If you want it to be fast, it will be fast, if you want it to be slow, it will be slow.

Where you want to see more carefully, slow down and then slow down.

Xu Tui suddenly felt that this shadow sword nailed the details of the experts of the Daxi tribe. Does he need to look more carefully?   Research it hard?   After all, this shadow sword is very fierce.

For hundreds of years Xu Tui could see, he continued to make hundreds of shots, of which he was deliberately consumed. In the end, he was able to crucify a fourth guard Planetary Grade powerhouse with five swords in an instant.


Absolute spike!

This battle strength is more than going to heaven.

Among them, there must be details. Normally, you can't see anything, but if you slow down, you might gain something.

This is like chasing a girlfriend. All you can see when you first meet is your face and approximate figure. After a long time, you will discover more mysteries and details.

Unfortunately, when Xu Tui wakes up to this point, the image in the second shadow sword space has been viewed by Xu Tui.

Fortunately, there is a third, fourth, and fifth handle.

After putting the second black silver glass ball into the quantum dimensional chain, Xu Tui once again entered the third shadow sword. This time, Xu Tui is really fast or slow.

Under careful observation, I discovered the mystery of the Shadow Sword.

The speed of Shadow Sword is not fast, but it is absolutely fast.

Any dodge can't dodge the Shadow Sword.

It is very sharp, a sword goes down, not only the fleshy body is injured, it seems that there is also the spiritual body.

Many experts of the Daxi people were nailed down by the Shadow Sword. The fleshy body seemed to be slightly injured, but the Spiritual Body collapsed first.


No, it looks more multi-dimensional! After the   fourth shadow sword dissipated, Xu Tui thought about it for half an hour before slowly came back to his senses.

After studying the hundreds of shadow swords in the image carefully several times, Xu Tui suddenly realized something.

Previously, Cai Shaochu asked Xu Tui to think clearly about his understanding of the sword, and then to study the sword of Ancestor Master Shang Taki. Xu Tui never thought about it clearly, so he never dared to touch it.

In today's research this time, Xu Tui seems to have found a direction in the dark space.

Through the observation of the shadow sword, I have my own thoughts on the sword!   Sword, why is must a material sword?   Spirit strength can also be a sword!

Various extraordinary abilities can also be swords!   Sword, not must be single!   It can also be diverse! A   combination of multiple factors and characteristics.

It can be like a Russian matryoshka, one layer plus one layer, it can be physical, spiritual, extraordinary, etc., just like a girlfriend, it can be pure and unreliable. Xian, can a sword seals the throat, completely sever the probability of her boyfriend's empathy.

Well, Xu Tui thinks that if this multi-sword is done, it can kill the enemy with one sword.

But there are still many ideas that I haven't figured out clearly.

For example, the Shadow Sword looks extremely slow, but it is actually extremely fast.

It looks like it is coming from here, but it comes out abruptly from the other direction.

Even if it is slowed down a thousand times, still can't see the result.

With this question, Xu Tui thought about touching the fifth shadow sword, especially at the key points, with great care! The   first sword, Xu Tui is practical, and the experience is over if it is less than one minute.

But for this 5th Sword, Xu Tui took more than half an hour. The key process in the middle is almost to slow down the observation as much as possible with his spiritual strength.

With this kind of thinking, I really gained something.

Xu Tui discovered that Shadow Sword seems to be more than just a multi-feature, but has several points of dimensionality.

When the Shadow Sword is cut out, time seems to slow down, this is four dimensions!

When the shadow sword is cut out strangely, the space seems to be distorted or even different. This may be five dimensions!   But the simplest one is the one-dimensional sword, cut out, one sword is a line!   Above the line, everything is destroyed!

This line, except this sword, everything is passed away.

The sword of dimension?

A multi-dimensional sword?   Xu Tui suddenly had a new idea. Combining his previous thoughts on swords, Xu Tui kept coming up in Xu Tui's mind at this moment, and he was constantly denied, modified, and retained by Xu Tui.

Suddenly, Xu Tui has a new direction for understanding his sword.

Xu Tui still likes this direction.

The fifth black silver glazed sphere was included in the quantum dimensional chain. Lavis and Mitsubishi tripod had already turned their eyes straight. This thing was too temptation for them.

But Xu Tui never saw it.

In Xu Tui's eyes, the black silver glazed ball is precious, but it is still too small compared to Xu Tui's harvest in the five-handed shadow sword.

The Sword of Dimension!

The multi-dimensional sword!   This is a clear orientation of Xu Tui's future cultivation direction, especially the direction of the sword.

Anything, with a direction, it is easy to double the results for half the effort!   Of course, at present Xu Tui only has a basic direction. To be specific, he has to slowly think about fullness.

After that, Xu Tui set his eyes on the door at the end of the passage.

For this door, the elite of the Daxi ethnic group killed less than half of the casualties, and built an absolute security door for isolation. In the end, even the fourth guard Planetary Grade powerhouse was beheaded by the shadow sword. Then the problem is, behind this door, What is there anyway? The   answer is-I don't know.

But it must be extremely valuable. Otherwise, the four-guard Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Great Western tribe would not study several decades back and forth, and finally died here.

It may be the remains of a certain civilization, of course, it may also be a treasure of power. If you don’t explore it, Xu Tui would be very sorry for himself.

But Xu Tui will not die.

The situation in the Shadow Sword before has allowed Xu Tui to discover some patterns.

For example, if you approach this door, as long as you do not show violence or threat, you will not be attacked by the shadow sword.

The Fourth Guardian Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Daxi tribe, after trying various methods, reluctantly resorted to violence, and was finally nailed to death by the Shadow Sword.

Basically, all the methods Xu Tui could think of to open the door were thought of and tried by the four-guard Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Daxi tribe.

Xu Tui has nothing to try.

Xu Tui thinks that the only feasible attempt is that this wall is more like the cat's eye in the middle of the door.

See if there is any hidden high-tech, can it be unlocked with pupils, or fingerprints?   You can also try blood and other body fluids.

Compared to Yan, Xu Tui feels that blood and body fluids may be more reliable. If there is a lock, the lock may be aimed at a certain characteristic.

Otherwise, there is basically no possibility of unraveling.

Dead horses are treated as living horse doctors.

With this mentality, Xu Tui first learned the same as the four-guard Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Daxi tribe, and moved his eyes together. Only then did he discover that the cat's eyes are dirty and a little disgusting.

The benefits of the quantum dimensional chain are reflected at this time. Xu Tui threw a few packs of wet tissues inside.

It can be used to clean something, and it can also replenish water at critical moments.

Wipe clean, Xu Tui pushed his pupils up again.

The left eye is useless.

The right eye is still useless.

Saliva is also useless.

Finally, Xu Tui smeared the blood he had high hopes for, and then looked forwardly.

This is Xu Tui's last move.

If this doesn't happen again, Xu Tui can only leave. With the shadow sword, Xu Tui dare not die.

After waiting for one minute, the blood that was smeared on was all dry. There hasn't been any movement in this door.

Gan!   Xu Tui is depressed and wants to scold someone, but still can't do it.

I resisted and did not dare to kick!   Planetary Grade powerhouse, the fourth guard of the Daxi tribe, died unjustly.

"Team leader, fingerprints, try your fingerprints, and I haven't tried your fingerprints." Seeing Xu Tui's discouragement, Yan Lie reminded hurriedly.

"Is it possible? I've never been here before, and I was impossible to enter my fingerprints." He said, holding the mentality of giving medicine to a dead horse, Xu Tui still pressed his index finger up.

Suddenly a tingling sensation came from the fingertips, and Xu Tui pulled his hand away like lightning.

In the next moment, Xu Tui, Yan Lie, and Zhao Hailong's eyes widened at the same time.

The door is open! The   door opened unexpectedly.

"Haha, head of the group, I said that I want to test fingerprints, you janitor opened." Yan Lie burst into laughter.

*****   Yan Lie said, head, as long as you lick the big brothers, you will definitely have a monthly pass!   Well, Zhu San is going to lick the big guys and break them!   (End of this chapter)

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