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  Chapter 645 The mutation and promotion of scarlet fire Jane (for subscription)

The fingerprint of Shentemei opens the door .

Xu Tui knew very well that when his finger was put on it, he was taken blood on the spot, and then the door opened.

What is behind this door is related to the Bluestar Human Race? The   door was slowly opening, Yan Lie and Zhao Hailong looked surprised, Xu Tui's mentality had already moved in, and people didn't dare to charge ahead directly.

Xu Tui was stunned when the psychopath came in.


It was all substantive mist, almost the same as the mist he got under the Sun God Temple.

No, the quality is much higher than there.

The moment the door opened, the mist accumulated inside escaped, and then scattered along the passage to all directions.

That strong energetic atmosphere exuding energy fluctuations, Zhao Hailong and Yan Lie are stupid, but they also know the goods.

"Captain, this."

"Hurry up and come here, the closer the better, this thing will be able to absorb a wisp of cultivation for several days."

Zhao Hailong and Yan Lie hurriedly followed suit.

However, there is too much mist inside, and the three of them can't absorb it at all. In this way, most of them will probably be separated.

Thoughts move, Xu Tui immediately sent Cui Xi, Luo Murong, Mu Xingluan, Yanghuai and the others consciousness sound transmission.

"Give the defense to others, let others stare, and immediately bring Old Brother to the absolute security door."


" Hurry up!"

In the distant passage, Cui Xi was taken aback for a moment, and then confessed his defense in the shortest possible time.

This meeting is mainly to stare at whether the Indra battle group will attack again, but judging from the situation of this meeting, the Indra battle group will not dare to come in for a short time.

The one called by Xu Tui is also Zhou Chuan.

Less than one minute, the veteran member of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group plus Zhou Chuan, they all gathered here.

No need to talk nonsense about Xu Tui, all of them sit close to the door that opened one third, and hurry up for cultivation.

The closer you are to the gate, the more mist you will inhale, and the faster your breath will rise, of course, not much more than those far away.

Twelve people filled half of the passage behind this absolute security door.

For twelve people, if there are twelve large-scale aspiration machines, ninety-half of the entanglement gushing out from behind the door has been absorbed, and only a fraction of it has escaped.

Xu Tui is still very nostalgic. For good things, he is an old friend first.

After all, there are so many things.

Of course, if there are more, Xu Tui will also consider new members.

I have to say that the purity of the energy of this mist is very high.

In just a quarter of an hour, there are two tattoos in Xu Tui's body. The genetic base point of the genetic ability chain has been strengthened to the Level 3 apex.

You should know that before this, it took about three hours for Xu Tui to strengthen a Level 3 genetic base point to a Level 3 apex, and it would also consume about 150 to 200 grams of source crystal.

In other words, in this quarter of an hour, the mist energy absorbed by Xu Tui is equivalent to four hundred grams of source crystal.

However, the improvement of Xu Tui is not great. If it can continue to absorb for a few hours, the improvement will really come.

But for the rest of the Heavenspan Special Forces team, it is really a real profit.

A quarter of an hour of cultivation is worth one or two months of cultivation.

In fact, after Xu Tui got it at the bottom of the Blue Star Mount Tai and Sun God temples last time, he deliberately checked the relevant information. Cai Shaochu’s Galaxy Spirit database also contains some records. information.

It is an attribute-free energy with extremely high purity, similar to the source energy, but two or three levels higher than the source energy.

The source energy of the source crystal interior is attributed. The source energy gushing from the fire star source energy surge channel cannot be absorbed before. Later Xu Tui discovered that it can be transformed with a blank waste source crystal. To absorb.

But this mist can be directly absorbed by everyone, regardless of attributes, so it is extremely efficient.

According to Cai Shaochu's record, only in some special places, with special utensils or methods, can this kind of attribute-free haze be gathered.

In fact, according to Cai Shaochu's preliminary research, when Spirit Race solidifies the Quantum Transmission Passage, there is a similar operation.

Concentrate the energy in the depths of the current planet to provide energy for the Quantum Transmission Passage and make it exist for a long time.

As in the original Sun God temple, Itiwi used the original body of the Mitsubishi tripod to gather the mist there.

As soon as he thought of this, Xu Tui's attention suddenly fell on Mitsubishi Ding, and then he found two thieves.

Two thieves who steal.

The two guys, Mitsubishi Ding and Lavis, are also absorbing this mist.

However, Mitsubishi Kanae sucked with confidence, and Lavis, who was together, took a breath and stopped to take a look at Xu Tui, and then took another breath.

Xu Tui laughed.

I didn't care about it either. The mist could not restore Lavis' strength. This Lavis, Xu Tui thought, might still be useful.

As for the Mitsubishi tripod, it is okay to occasionally give this fellow a little benefit.

After absorbing, Xu Tui's heart suddenly moved. According to Cai Shaochu's theory, it must be a special place or a special object to gather and produce this mist.

Is there a special terrain or special artifacts inside this door?   Before, the door had just opened and didn't dare to enter, because of the interference of the massive mist, the psychology was not too real. At this moment, Xu Tui felt that it was almost the same as he sucked in.

Cautiously walked into the door for a while, for fear that a shadow sword might strike him.

At the same time as he stepped into the door, Xu Tui's mental sensations dissipated again. The concentration of the entanglement was almost half dispersed, and the mental sensations were barely usable.

A jade slip full of cracks appeared abruptly in Xu Tui's psychology.

That size, it looks like the scarlet jade slip in Xu Tui's mind has several points of.

The only difference is that there is a small sword engraved on the surface of this jade slip, which is extremely eye-catching.

This little sword is like the shadow sword before.

At the same moment, the scarlet jade slip in Xu Tui's mind was full of flames.

The flames of scarlet jade slip flourished, even through Xu Tui's eyes, directly reflected on the jade slip that was full of cracks.

This jade slip is full of cracks, disintegrating into ashes in an instant, and while disintegrating, it releases a large amount of mist and a kind of color light.

These strands of colorful light, the breath is a little familiar, but Xu Tui has never seen it before.

At the same time, the scarlet jade slip in Xu Tui's mind swiftly swirled, and the flames instantly formed a vortex, sucking in a lot of mist and a lot of silk at the same time. Strands of colorful brilliance.

The scarlet fire Jane exerts its strength, and the amount of mist it sucks is particularly large.

With this mist entering the body, scarlet Huo Jian is still on the previous scale, it only took 20%, and the rest belonged to Xu Tui.

Let Xu Tui's genetic base point that will be strengthened grow rapidly. It seems that within 30 seconds, a genetic base point can be strengthened to a Level 3 vertex again.

However, the scarlet jade slip is a lion's big mouth, which is obviously a high level of colorful brilliance.

Most of the colorful brilliance that was sucked into the body was sucked away by scarlet jade slip, and Xu Tui only took 20%.

At this time, the division mode becomes scarlet jade slip eight and Xu Tui two.

The moment this strand of colorful brilliance enters the body, it is included in the Spiritual Body Star Core in Xu Tui's mind, and the Spiritual Body Star Core expands like a balloon.

Absorbing the strands of brilliance, Xu Tui instantly understood what it was!

Spirit!   The power of the spirit!

Or the amount of the source power of the Spiritual Body.

This power nature is exactly the same as the power nature in the silver casket Xu Tui obtained from Spirit Race before.

But one white, one color, one power quality, one heaven and one underground.

Unfortunately, too little is given to Xu Tui, only 20%.

Xu Tui wants to fight with scarlet jade slip, but he doesn't know how to fight.

However, even if scarlet jade slip worked so hard, it couldn't absorb all the colored spiritual power. There was still a small amount of colored spiritual power, which escaped into the passage of the absolute security door.

Then it was absorbed by the old members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group.

Yan Lie was the first to catch it recently.

At the moment when the first ray of colored spiritual power was inhaled, Yan Lie's servant slammed into a shivered, revealing the appearance of a soul ascending to the sky and turning over, the breath of the whole person, instantly Soaring for a while!   Ten seconds later, Zhou Chuan, who absorbed the first ray of colored spiritual power, also slammed a shivered, and his breath began to change in a profound and solemn direction.

Mitsubishi Ding and Lavis are also acquaintances, and want to absorb the power of this colorful spirit, but they are too close to Xu Tui or scarlet jade slip.

The ones close to Xu Tui were all sucked away by scarlet jade slip. Xu Tui has no turn, so he can only get them in his turn, so he can only do it in a hurry.

At this time, Xu Tui thought of Ah Huang.

Ah Huang who has been silent.

This sentimental artificial intelligence is not fighting or grabbing, just watching it quietly, or not knowing it at all.

Anyway, Ah Huang’s spirit is very weak and very weak!   "Send a strand to Ah Huang!"

Xu Tui tried to communicate scarlet jade slip.

"Must, this is an order!

If you don’t give me it, you can quit now!"

Under the conscious communication of one after another, scarlet jade slip is in When madly absorbing the power of the colored spirit, a little bit of the power of the colored spirit flew to the position of Huang on Xu Tui's wrist.

Very, very little.

One point!

Not even one-tenth of the power of a ray of colored spirit, maybe only one-twentieth of the power of a ray of colored spirit.

When Xu Tui was about to scold scarlet jade slip stingy, Ah Huang, who was bombarded with a bit of colored spiritual power, instantly fell into an unconscious state! I   'm in a coma!   Xu Tui was a little embarrassed, but fortunately he didn't scold him.

It is not scarlet jade slip stingy, but Ah Huang is too weak and he cannot bear it!

But this time, it should be able to improve a lot.

In my mind, with the influx of a large amount of colored spiritual power, the scarlet fire slip is slowly changing, and new patterns seem to emerge on the surface.

With the influx of colored spiritual power, the volume of Xu Tui's Spiritual Body Star Core has only increased a little, but the color has gradually become darker.

It used to be white. This color will become darker and brighter slowly.

At the same moment, in the mysterious hall where the starry sky is unknown, hundreds of information screens flashed suddenly, one after another incomprehensible information flow flashed quickly , The whole hall flashed an inexplicable sense of science fiction.

And all the information flows together, and finally a line of characters jumped on the main screen.

"After receiving an incomplete and incomplete information stream, after in-depth analysis, it is determined that it is the missing No. 7 fire chip and the No. 37 long sequence observation object genetic information flow."

"It was detected that the information flow of the fire star and Jane has contacted the missing fire chip No. 7."

"The fire star chip No. 7 has failed to reactivate!"

" The aura of the No. 7 fire chip is dissipating!"

"The state of the fire star is changing."

"Deep analysis, the long sequence observation object No. 37 may be in contact with the seventh No. Tinder chip, the long sequence observation object No. 26 is also near the long sequence observation object No. 37.

In-depth analysis and prediction, the long sequence observation object No. 37 and 20 The long sequence observation object No. 6 may be in contact with the No. 7 fire chip."

"The result, unknown, the future result, unpredictable!"

"Request the first instruction, Or, please go to the place of the incident and investigate it yourself."

"The number one has not responded for a long time, and the backup plan is activated."

"The backup plan is starting."


"Raise the level of No. 37 long sequence observation object to No. 37 fire. Raise the level of No. 26 long sequence observation object to No. 26 fire!"

"Grant Tinder permission."

"The distance is too far, and it cannot be activated temporarily. It will automatically activate when it approaches the nearest Tinder chip."

In this scene in the Deep Space Hall, Xu Tui is I don't know, but Xu Tui knows that he should have gotten a big advantage.

After the jade slip inscribed with the shadow sword on the back of the door was broken, only five minutes later, scarlet fire Jane absorbed the colored spiritual power after the jade slip was broken thoroughly.

In Xu Tui's mind, scarlet Huo Jian has changed a bit.

The size is still the same, but it seems that the brilliant interior, brilliant lights and vibrant colors inside, reveals a bit of color.

Apart from this, the biggest change of scarlet fire slip is that there is a small sword carved on one side.

This small sword, has several points of similar to the shadow sword carving on the broken fire slip before.

Xu Tui thinks that there must be a mystery in this.

In time, he might be able to discover it.

It would be great if he could use the Fire Jane to use the Shadow Sword's ultimate move!

Of course, Xu Tui also knows that this is something outside the body.

If you really want to be strong, you have to rely on your own comprehend cultivation.

Apart from this, the biggest change is the retired Spiritual Body power core star.

The size has only increased a little, but the color has changed from white to silver before.

It can be called a substantial improvement.

In Cai Shaochu's database, only the Spiritual Body nuclear star of Planetary Grade powerhouse can become silver.

In the mysterious transcender, only the Spiritual Body nuclear star becomes silver, can the power satellites be condensed!

Xu Tui hasn't had the opportunity to test the improvement of ability power, but it will definitely improve.

Other than that, the speed at which Xu Tui can absorb the mist has more than doubled when Scarlet Huojian does not intervene.

Previously, when absorbing the mist, a Level 3 genetic base could be fired up to the apex of Level 3 in about seven minutes.

At this moment, in just 3 minutes, Xu Tui can strengthen a Level 3 genetic base point to the Level 3 apex.

The absorption has doubled!   Xu Tui estimates that within ten minutes, the genetic basis of his tattooing technique will be fully strengthened to the level 3 apex! It's   just that Xu Tui is a little confused about his state now, and needs to study it!   In contrast, the improvement of other teammates is very obvious, and everyone's breath has soared.

Regardless of the mist absorbed by each person, the colored spiritual power absorbed by everyone else is three to four strands, which is greatly improved.

As Xu Tui absorbs the mist faster, the concentration of the mist inside the door is also rapidly decreasing.

However, the veteran members of the Heavenspan Special Forces outside the door are still cultivation very happy.

After two 13 points, when Xu Tui began to strengthen the genetic base of the Shanzi Jue, Cui Xi's voice suddenly rang.

"The commander, Dai Lijun on duty sent a message saying that it is the fourth fleet and is expected to arrive over the asteroid Fuqiang in five minutes.

It is Huaya VII. The Heavenly Dao special warfare team in the district!   At the same time, the carrier-based over-range radar has detected the fifth fleet coming towards the Fuqiang." Cui Xihui reported.

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