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  Chapter 646 Sexual Entrapment: Seven Men Striving for Beauty   "Old Cui, get the source Jing, distribute it to everyone. After ten minutes, let those who have just been cultivation change their defenses and take turns to rest the cultivation."

After coming out of the absolute security door, Xu Tui gave the first order.

Cui Xi was shocked, "Head, don’t we take the initiative to contact the Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group in Huaya District 7?

After the alliance is united, we may become very passive."

"Do you think that the Yamato District, the Korean Sector, and the Singapore-Malaysia District are the masters who can be easily fooled and stand in line?By the way   , from this point of view, Lao Cui, you are still practicing hand speed single, and there is a reason." Xu Tui said.

Cui Xi was a little dazed, talking about strategy, how could it be that he doesn't have a girlfriend?

"Actually, chasing a girlfriend is similar to a negotiation game. If you chase your girlfriend too tightly, or too proactively, you will let the other party take advantage of the opportunity.

After expressing the attitude of cooperation It’s the best if it’s easy to leave.” Xu Tui said.

"Commander, what do you mean is that I will contact the three special forces to express the attitude of cooperation, talk about our ideas, and then how to pick up the next step, let them decide?" Cui Xi understood. .

"I mean, you have to leave the singles as soon as possible! I have come out with a bunch of single dogs to explore the asteroid belt. If any of you are glorious and say that you haven't had a relationship, I have to break down for a lifetime."

Xu Tui said as he walked, but Cui Xi's face was a little green, what's the matter with this!

The new members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group came out to mix with Xu Tui. Although they said they had a mission in front of them, they had to give them some benefits to be more hopeful.

The old team members will not talk about it. Earlier, they have made a lot of money on the Extreme Wind 7 Resource Star. The source crystals earned have not been used up yet.

Some close friends, such as Cui Xi, Luo Murong, and Yan Lie, have directly stored their source crystals here in Xu Tui.

They know that Xu Tui’s quantum dimensional chain is easy to access and safe.

Good guy, that balance, watching Xu Tui is a little drooling.

For the old members, the past few months can be said to be a saturated cultivation. It is not bad for the 100 grams of source crystals that are evenly divided, but the new members are lacking!

Sending it down earlier will improve your strength a little bit.

Furthermore, the old members just got the benefits, but they have made a big deal.

Especially everyone has absorbed two or three strands of colored spiritual power, that is a real treasure.

It is a pity that there are too few research results on spiritual power by the Blue Star humans, and even the specific level is not quite clear.

It is now clear that white, silver, and color are available, but it is still uncertain whether there are other colors between silver and color.

But according to Xu Tui's feeling, the two or three strands of colored spiritual power, in total, should exceed the total spiritual power of the silver casket of Spirit Race.

This equivalent to Cui Xi, Tao Guan and the others each absorbed at least the spiritual power in a silver spiritual box.

Xu Tui knows how much that thing has improved.

Then again, during the fire star guard battle, Itiwi spent the boss’s energy to capture Xu Tui and exchanged with Spirit Race, and the exchange was just two purified silver Spirit box.

Itivić is one of the people of the cream of the crop in the Blue Star Human Race Planetary Grade powerhouse. He is exhausted for two silver caskets.

Then this value, needless to say.

As for Xu Tui himself, this will have already experienced huge benefits.

This point can be reflected in part from the range of mental induction.

Why is it a part?

Because the range of mental induction is a circle, and as the radius gets larger and larger, the required spirit strength increases greatly as the radius of each meter increases.

In short, the larger the radius of the circle, the larger the area of ​​the circle increases for every additional meter of radius.

Prior to this, Xu Tui did not use any blessings, and did not use the spirit strength amplification necklace. The range of mental sensing is 2700 meters, the range of precise sensing is 1350 meters, and the maximum range of fuzzy sensing is 2700 meters.

And just now after the jade slip collapsed, Xu Tui, who had absorbed as much as a forty-fifty ray of colored spiritual power, increased the range of his psychology to 3,300 meters.

The radius of the blur sensor has increased by 600 meters.

Purely based on this reference amount, Xu Tui's spirit strength has increased greatly this time.

However, according to Old Cai's research, the improvement of spirit strength is just a more basic aspect of small competition.

The power of the spirit strengthens the entire Spiritual Body. This improvement is all-round.

For example, Xu Tui's telepathy range has been expanded, but the clarity of Xu Tui's telepathy range has also been greatly enhanced.

Previously, Xu Tui needed to deliberately use micro-sensing to see some details clearly.

Now, mental induction is micro induction!

For example, ground thorns, spiritual hammers, and mountain tactics, all of their power has been greatly improved in all directions.

This difference in power promotion is most obvious in Shanzi Jue and Tattoo Jue.

For example, Shanzi Jue, the previous large-scale Shanzi has always been limited in size, the largest being a hill of ten meters by ten meters.

But after the Spiritual Body's core was strengthened by the colored spiritual power, Xu Tui discovered that the size of his manifested Shanzi Jue could explode up to 15 meters by 15 meters.

Increased damage range.

But this is not the most perverted.

The most abnormal thing is that it can be reduced! The   largest is 15 meters by 15 meters, and the smallest Shanzi Jue can be reduced to five meters by five meters. However, the power of investment is still that many.

After the Spiritual Body Star Core is strengthened to silver, it can actually condense the Shanzi Jue.

The power must be impressive.

Unfortunately, this will not be able to test!   There are ground thorns.

Prior to this, Xu Tui has always had an upper limit on the number of ground thorns. Before that, it was eight.

After absorbing two silver spirit boxes, the number of ground spikes blasted out at one time reached nine.

Then, when Xu Tui tried it, there were fourteen!

And it's thicker, longer and harder!   Xu Tui likes this kind of ground thorn the most!   There are many similar improvements.

Including the size of the space within the quantum dimensional chain, it has also been improved.

But what Xu Tui thinks most is his sword of dimensionality, which is his future direction.

It's a pity that after that door, there is nothing but the broken jade slip and a large amount of mist with no attributes.

This makes Xu Tui very suspicious.

Where did the jade slip come from when this door broke?   Why can the door be opened after he presses his finger forward and is drawn a little blood?

Is it related to Bluestar Human Race?   Or some kind of broader condition?

Also, what's the matter with the extra small sword on the scarlet fire slip in my mind?

It's all problems, Xu Tui has to fumble one by one.

As the Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group of Huaya District 7 landed on the Fuqiang asteroid, it became lively.

The surnamed Huang, the commander of the Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group, is named Huang Tong, and each has a deputy commander from Yamato District and Han Sector.

They thought that they were the first to rush to this unknown asteroid with the ancient base of the Daxi tribe.

Before landing, the tripartite forces within the special forces first discussed the team to explore the benefit distribution plan.

It didn't take long for them to contact the Freedom Special Forces and the Indra Special Forces, and pour them a pot of cold water.

Someone has the early bird catches the worm!   However, Huang Tong and the others discovered that the Freedom Special Forces and the Indra Special Forces had not yet completely occupied the base, and there was still a chance.

Excited under disappointment!   Then they learned that the Heavenspan Special Operations Group in the Huaxia District had occupied the ancient base of the Daxi people.

This made the members of the Heavenly Dao Special Forces almost never let out a bit of blood.

It turned out to be the Heavenspan Special Operations Group in China.

Next, the three major special warfare groups outside are fighting for their wits.

I want to unite to attack the ancient Daxi base, destroy the Heavenspan Special Forces and divide the benefits, but unfortunately no one is willing to take the lead.

The Indraut battle group in the Union of India is not even willing to explore the three separately.

It was the three-phase thermal bomb just now that scared Larry Wang of the Indra Ward.

Of course, the commanders of the three special forces also thought of the probability of the secret mastermind.

This point, when the senior officials of their respective families came, they reminded it.

You must be aware of risks.

The ancient base of the Daxi nationality has indescribable great value, but it may also hide huge risks!   must be careful, be careful! The   three proposed joint action and unified deployment!

After all, these three companies have cooperated many times in Bluestar.

It's a pity that the slogans are loud and everyone is shrunk as soon as there is a practical action.

In this kind of wit and bravery, in the next five hours, the fifth, sixth, and seventh special forces arrived one after another.

Except for the non-linked zone and the Shinhwa organization, six of the seven zones are here.

There is another one in Huaxia District! The   Haotian Special Battle Group!   This makes the people of the Freedom Special Forces and the Indra Special Forces only have one feeling-so angry! I   originally wanted to eat the Heavenspan Special Forces. Now, it's a bit difficult!   However, there is good news.

The official participating group in the Milian area is also on the way to it, and is expected to arrive at the Fuqiang asteroid in an hour.

For a time, the usually deserted asteroid Fuqiang became very lively.

The four special forces of Freedom, Indra, Apollo, and Heavenly Dao, united together and stood at the gate of the ancient Daxi base. Slavs are deadly generals. The special combat group and the newly arrived Haotian special combat group are stuck there.

Prevent them from entering the ancient Daxi base to join the Heavenspan Special Operations Group.

After these two special warfare groups merged with the Heavenspan special warfare group, this ancient base of the Daxi people was completely fine with them.

"The situation in this meeting is really just a copy of the six major union areas on the moon! If this ancient base of the Great Western people is a beautiful woman, this will be seven men contending for beauty!" Cui Xiyi Depressed face!   "Seven men are not afraid to fight for beauty! I'm afraid this is a sexual entrapment!" Xu Tui sighed in the base.

"There is a sexual entrapment coming at me, the beauty I will stay, I plan to send it back!" Cui Xi looked excited.

"Can you send back the Planetary Grade?"

This question caused Cui Xi to shook her head quickly.


Cui Xi shook her head again.

Xu Tui took a very interesting look at Cui Xi, "Old Cui, it's not easy now."

Cui Xi was dissatisfied!   "Researcher Jiang, how is the equipment removed?" Xu Tui asked suddenly on the communication channel.

"The key and important equipment has been disassembled on 2/3/2021, and the main materials have been loaded, but I still need a little time.

I want to bring more Bring more." Jiang Nan said.

"Well, you still have time at the moment."

After contacting Jiang Nan, Xu Tui said to Cui Xi, "Old Cui, people are almost here, let’s give that special battle. Leaders of the group, pull a group, I think it’s time to talk."

After finishing, Xu Tui looked towards the outside along the base channel, "I just don’t know when the bait Appear?"

At the same moment, Leihong came to Regen, who was in charge of strategic command, on a meteorite flying from a distant asteroid Fuqiang.

"The roots, there are seven teams, seven fleets, including Clansman, there are eight teams, shall we wait or attack?" Leihong asked.

"The number is almost the same, you can act." Regan nodded, "but there is no too much energy fluctuation inside?   They didn't fight with the Daxi people?"

"Then continue to wait?" Leihong frowned.

After thinking for a few seconds, Leihong shook the head, "Can’t wait any longer, it’s important to complete the goal! My lord, gather together!"

*****   Monthly pass Do you want to gather together?   (End of this chapter)

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