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  Chapter 647 Actions of Spirit Race (subscription required)   From Ruan Da, Xu Tui knows A very crucial message.

After receiving Wei Bin's notice, Ruan Da obtained the position of Fuqiang asteroid from Wei Bin and rushed over.

Hurry up and hurry up, it's still a step slower.

The reason why we say notice, not order.

It is because Wei Bin told Ruan Da clearly in the communication that there is a problem with his intelligence source, but if it is an ancient base of the Daxi ethnic group, then it cannot be let go.

There may be traps, but if you know there are traps, you have to jump.

Therefore, Wei Bin and Ruan Da made it very clear that this is not an order, but an announcement. They can choose to go or not.

In short, there may be gains in this place, but the risks are also great! In the   end, Ruan Da led the team.

Opening up in the asteroid belt itself represents endless risks. Where can the gains come from without risks?   This information gave Xu Tui another idea.

Cui Xi organized a command channel exchange group for the commanders of the current seven special operations regiments.

After pulling, Xu Tui regrets a bit.

What a special exchange group this is, it is clearly a vegetable market!   Everyone’s cognition is in place.

Behind this ancient Daxi base, there may be a conspiracy, and there may be a secret mastermind.

Secret mastermind may target them at any time!

The current situation is a bit dangerous, and the best way is to fight in a unified manner and deploy the seven special operations regiments in a unified manner.

Even Planetary Grade powerhouse, but also afraid of crowded tactics.

This human sea tactic refers to the human sea tactics composed of the Transmutation Powerhouse, the human sea tactics in the Evolutionary world, Planetary Grade powerhouse does not need to be considered.

At present, there are so many people on Blue Star, all of whom are elites.

There are 15 military advisors in the Transmutation Realm of each special warfare group. There are also dozens of evolutionary elites with battle strength in the Transmutation Realm.

The elites of these special forces also have a lot of life-saving things in their hands.

It can be said that you are not afraid of coming to a few quasi-planets.

The layout is good, and a Planetary Grade appears, which can also make him fall into trouble.

This point of view, everyone is very unified.

But on the issue of who will deploy and who will be in unified command, the dog's brain is about to come out.

The Liberty Special Forces originally wanted to get the support of the Indra Special Forces, then the Apollo Special Forces support, and then the Heavenly Dao Special Forces support to obtain command.

didn't expect, the Indra battle group did not bird them.

Before, they concealed information, which led to a substantial reduction in the Indra Special Forces. While hating the Heavenspan Special Forces, they also hated the Free Special Forces.

The Indra team once again got together with the Apollo team in the European Union area, and they supported the Apollo team commander Gening as the commander-in-chief.

The Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group is watching.

On the Huaxia District side, Ruan Da came forward to fight for the commander in chief, but Xu Tui didn't say a word.

This commander, anyone can be, but Xu Tui can't be.

The members of the Freedom Special Forces and the Indra Special Forces previously beheaded are not numbers.

Of course, when Ruan Da takes over as the commander-in-chief, it is not always certain who will command.

However, according to the current situation, three more days of contention, I am afraid that the candidate for the temporary commander in chief cannot be determined.

Xu Tui estimates that there is no possibility of finalization either.

Just ask one thing: there really are quasi-planets or Planetary Grade powerhouses appearing, asking a certain special warfare group to bring elites to the top. Is this kind of death going up?

Or resistance order?

So, this interim commander is basically futile.

Suddenly, Xu Tui felt that this generation of them is not like the older generation of the Bluestar Sixth Alliance.

What the older generations say, you can still listen to the bloody battle! But   they can't even choose a temporary commander!   Xu Tui didn't even bother to look at the screen, and continued to think about the preliminary form of his sword of dimensionality! For   example, set up a few babies first! To   get the Sword of Dimension directly, Xu Tui feels that his height is not enough, and he needs to take it step by step.

But now, with a few swords, there is no problem.

Inside a normal sword, a Divine Sword?

The best mental shock sword? In the   Divine Sword, there is another real sword in it?

Put another Water Sword?   Xu Tui thinks this is good, and is slowly practicing it.

The high-dimensional sword hasn't done anything for the time being, and the low-dimensional sword, such as the two-dimensional sword, Xu Tui also has some ideas.

Low dimensionality, not necessarily without lethality.

The low dimensionality often represents simple and direct violence.

Cui Xi looked disgusting like a fly, and the quarrels in the temporary command channel of the special warfare regiments made him very depressed.

Xu Tui is dedicated to participating in the repair of his dimensional sword, and occasionally tries it out, making his way into the realm very fast.

More than half an hour later, Cui Xi woke up Xu Tui suddenly, "Head, wake up, head?"

"What's the matter, what's the result?"

Xu Tui glanced at the temporary command channel along the way. It was quiet, and it seemed that the result was coming.

"No, there are people here again."

"The participating group in Milian District has arrived?" Xu Tui frowned.

"It’s good to have arrived. The participating group in the Milian area is expected to arrive at the Fuqiang asteroid in about half an hour.

Just ten minutes ago, the radar suddenly detected it. More than a dozen energy breaths are flying towards the Fuqiang asteroid at high speed.

In two minutes, it will land." Cui Xi said.

"Which one is it?"

"It's not like Blue Star. The style of the aircraft is like a Spirit Race."

hearing this, Xu Tui stood up instantly, "Spirit Race? Where are the people from the other special warfare groups?"

"Other special warfare groups are preparing for battle."

"No one comes to Daxi Clan ancient base preparing for battle?"

Xu Tui asked this question, and then reacted.

Everyone wanted to enter the ancient base of the Daxi people before, but now they are evading them one by one. The reason is very simple.

If Spirit Race is really coming, and then hiding in the ancient Daxi base, then it is actually no different from hiding in a dead end! It was   purely courting death!

I was blocked by the Spirit Race expert at the gate of the base. I couldn't run, I could only wait and die!

"Head, what about us, do you want to evacuate?" Yan Lie said nervously.

"The number of enemies, strength?"

"It is being tested. It needs to be closer. After about two minutes, there will be results."

Cui Xi's words It is clear that they have less than one minute to make a decision.

Will you stay at the ancient base of the Daxi people or leave the ancient base of the Daxi people?

After all, if you leave the ancient base of the Daxi people, there will be fighters and you can retreat at any time.

Staying at the ancient base of the Daxi people, it is most likely a dead end!   "No hurry, wait!"

While Xu Tui frowned, his consciousness directly contacted the Mitsubishi tripod, "Inductively judge, here is the energy intensity of this wave of Spirit Race."


"Boss, it's still a thousand kilometers away, it's not too accurate."

"You are allowed to have errors."

"It's purely calculated by the intensity of energy fluctuations. There should be three Planetary Grades, twelve quasi-planets, transmutation, and 121."

Xu Tui's face changed in an instant.

Three Planetary Grade, nine quasi-planets, this lineup is so powerful.

With this lineup, you can use it to rush the fire star or even the Unut asteroid. You can try it.

But now, Spirit Race actually uses this lineup to deal with their highest battle strength, which is the special battle group of Transmutation.

What is this special? All   wiped out! The   goal is definitely to wipe out!

In that case, Spirit Race is definitely secret mastermind.

Everything is arranged for the complete annihilation at this time, and may be revenge for the previous failure.

It is also possible that Lei Shu, who is advancing the base, needs a big victory, and it just so happened that they came here.

Xu Tui contacted Ruan Da immediately and informed Ruan Da of the information he had just learned.

"Xu Tui, what do you think?"

"My personal suggestion is that your Haotian Special Forces also retreat to the ancient base of the Daxi Nationality, including the special forces in the Russian Federation. The battle group also retreated to the ancient base of the Daxi people. We defended this base firmly.

The internal terrain of this base is complicated and well-arranged, and the Planetary Grade powerhouse is also extremely restricted." Xu Tui said.

"But. But once you retreat to the base, you can only stick to it. Staying outside, there is the probability of retreat." Ruan Da said.

Xu Tui: "."

"Xu Tui, listen to my advice, you still have time to withdraw from the ancient base, the seven special combat regiments, even if the enemy has to deal with them all We must divide our forces and deal with them, we still have the probability of retreat.

Finally, we can escape to some people!" Ruan Da said.

"I think, since Spirit Race is designed, it won't give you the probability to escape quickly."

"You have to try it, you can't sit still!" Ruan Da insisted.


Xu Tui can see that Ruan Da's thoughts are the same as those of other special forces.

Want to evacuate!   Want to escape the asteroid Fuqiang.

Three Planetary Grade and twelve quasi-planets, the enemy is too strong!   The special warfare regiments in other alliance areas, at this moment, will be the hottest tool for attracting firepower.

How many people can escape!

Three Planetary Grades and twelve Quasi-Planetary Grades, this number, just listening to it, is very desperate!

To tell the truth, the wishful thinking of the special warfare regiments in the allied districts has played well.

The question is, at this moment, armed with science and technology, can we really evacuate the Fuqiang asteroid?

Xu Tui is pessimistic about this!

The technological level of Spirit Race is half a generation higher than that of Blue Star humans!

"Take me all the three-phase thermal explosive bombs, focus on these points, and then at the rear node, the removed channel alloy plates will be used to build an energy impact defense barrier"

Instead of leaving the Daxi ancient base and evacuating into space to try one's luck, it is better to stay inside the Daxi ancient base.

Three Planetary Grades, very powerful!   But under the special terrain, if they rush in, the three-phase thermal bomb will definitely give them the biggest surprise!   As for detonating this matter, Xu Tui can do it remotely.

Twenty seconds later, a blue light burst suddenly at a height of ten kilometers from the ground on the asteroid Fuqiang.

This burst of blue light, like a burst of dark blue water in the night sky, swayed towards all directions.

"Fuck, electromagnetic particle wave!"

Almost the moment I saw it, Xu Tui spirit strength moved wildly, directly bringing the air and sky fighters and supply ships that could be encountered Radars, especially the temporary communication towers in the base, are all forced to physically shut down!

But even if Xu Tui's reaction speed is fast, it is still a bit slow.

The radars of several air-to-sky fighters were reported destroyed in an instant!   Fortunately, the radar of the supply ship and the temporary communication tower were retained by Xu Tui.

This is also the reason why the ancient Daxi base is a little far away from the explosion point of electromagnetic ion waves, and it is underground.

Give Xu Tui a little reaction time.

Other special warfare groups are out of luck.

On the spot, the electronic equipment was paralyzed.

There were air-to-sky fighters and supply ships that had already lifted off, and they fell on the spot, and the occupants inside rushed out crazy to escape.

In the temporary command channel, there was a moment of silence.

Communication is interrupted!

At the same moment, hundreds of silhouettes scattered over the asteroid Fuqiang.

Following Leihong, Reagan hung high in the sky and began to command operations.

And at the same moment, on the Unut asteroid, the guard Li Qingping on duty suddenly stood up, then gently pressed the alarm bell, and at the same time shouted, "Enemy attack!"

Above the Unut asteroid, eight Planetary Grade guards lifted off instantly. Li Qingping held his long sword upside down and stepped on the golden light straight into the space. He sneered looking at Lei Shu stopped in the distance.

"Commander Lei, is this hurt? It doesn't hurt anymore?"

*****   Pig three is injured, as long as there is no monthly pass, it hurts!

Ask for monthly pass!   (End of this chapter)

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