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  Chapter 648 each has a plot against (subscription required)

"The hurt is good, no more pain , It's just a little itchy, so come out and walk around to see our new neighbors." Above the Unut asteroid, Lei Shu used his power to encourage communication.

"Would you like to loosen your muscles and bones?" The long sword in Li Qingping's palm droops slightly, and the whole person is like a sword, soaring in an imposing manner.

"Can you catch it?" Lei Shu was cold.

"It's okay, Commander Lei is here, there is a rare opportunity, I have to show something! I can't catch it, there are others."

Li Qingping fighting intent, while speaking Stepping out in advance, one step is a thousand meters away, which has a vague meaning of forcing Lei Shu to make a move.

Lei Shu smiled suddenly.

This is to use him as an experience package, and take this opportunity to practice with him.

Of course, Lei Shu wouldn't persuade him, "Then practice, let's make up a little bit." Qidao silhouette, leaped over sharply from the distance behind Lei Shu.

Li Qingping stopped abruptly, slashed out with a sword, a sword light traversed the space, spanning a distance of several thousand meters, and slashed in front of Lei Shu.

However, Lei Shu didn't move at all. He stood there, letting the sword slash, the lightning exploded, and the sword light instantly dissipated.

"Your sword, the heat is not enough! Retreat, come on, let's practice alone."

With a sword cut, Li Qingping quickly retreated and returned. Within kilometers of Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Going up alone against Lei Shu, that is what a fool can do.

If Lei Shu and the seven Planetary Grade powerhouses next to him shot at the same time, a little slower, he would be killed instantly by the opponent!

It's no joke to cut one!   And Lei Shu is said to be the Planetary Grade powerhouse of nine guards.

However, Li Qingping was not convinced at all, "Would you like Commander Lei to come and play with us?"

"I'm afraid you can't stand your body! "

Lei Shu's leisurely appearance makes some powerhouses of Unut asteroids puzzled, but the real talkers, such as these Planetary Grade powerhouses, and strategic commanders like Cheng Daxing , But there is no doubt at all.

Men Qing!

"Can you still contact the development special forces?" Cheng Daxing asked.

"Not yet. The electromagnetic storm in the asteroid belt is still weakening. It is estimated that it will take three to five hours before communication can be restored."

hearing this, Cheng Daxing sighed, this is The technological gap.

Spirit Race can contact freely, but their Blue Star Human Race cannot do this.

However, the sudden appearance of Lei Shu means that it is very likely that it has already started over there.

"Commander Lei, are you idle?"

Lei Shu does not attack or retreat, which makes Li Qingping laugh and tease, "Guess?"

"Come and see how old friends are building! It's a pity that old friends are not friendly enough. They are too timid to drink a cup of tea."

Lei Shu smiled , Slightly has several points of Shu Chang.

The eight guards of the Unut asteroid are all here. In that case, his plan will be completely successful.

This crucial step has been accomplished.

Lei Shu is also somewhat helpless.

After the last moon battle and fire star battle, his elite powerhouse lost too much.

On the other side of the temple, for various reasons, he has not been recruited yet.

On the contrary, it is on his side. Because of his plan, there are more places to employ people, especially on the side of Charon and Ceres, so that there is a shortage of manpower on his side.

Otherwise, this will not be enough for him to come and run in person.

However, Lei Shu personally came to the Unut asteroid for a trip, and he also had his reasons.

Bluestar Human Race is not a fool.

Therefore, Lei Shu is ready for the plan this time.

Fiction is true and false.

If there is preparation over there, he will come here for real! It   must be a battle result.

But at this time, seeing all the eight Planetary Grades in the intelligence on the Unut asteroid, Lei Shu was relieved.

Just like an old neighbor, arguing with Li Qingping and the others, waiting for the result over there! On the   Fuqiang asteroid.

After releasing electromagnetic particle beams, paralyzing Bluestar Human Race’s technological weapons, and temporarily preventing the evacuation of Bluestar humans, Spirit Race’s commando team also divided into several squads and began Separately kill Blue Star's special forces.

Although Spirit Race is not taking the technological route, it is only half a generation ahead of Bluestar Human Race on the technological line.

But half a generation of technological leadership is enough to crush Bluestar Human Race at a critical moment.

Obviously, the assault team of Spirit Race this time is more cautiously than when it attacked the fire star last time.

More than one hundred powerhouses are divided into only three teams, each team has a Planetary Grade powerhouse, four quasi-planets, and forty transmutation powerhouses.

In terms of strength, it can be called a crushing level!

As far as the forty teams of Transmutation Powerhouse are concerned, their strength surpasses any special warfare team.

With four quasi-planets, it is the sweep mode!   Not to mention that there is also a Planetary Grade powerhouse called a strategic powerhouse.

No blows, no blacks. In theory, only one Planetary Grade and two or three quasi-planets are needed to crush any special combat group in a short time.

Other powers are all superfluous.

This huge gap in power levels is extremely difficult to make up, especially with the emergence of Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Just one face-to-face, Kenny, the transformational powerhouse that hadn't taken a shot in the Union District before, all split up and in pieces on the spot.

A total of five Transmutation powerhouses were sacrificed. After more than 70 members, up to six three-phase thermal bombs and ten small nuclear bombs were fired. Free special warfare in Milian District The regiment, the Apollo war regiment in the European Union zone, the Indra war regiment in the Indian Union zone, and the Heavenly Dao Special War regiment were all gathered together to build a short and fragile line of defense.

This is also due to the fact that the Freedom Special Forces did not join forces with the Indra Special Forces at the beginning, and wanted to reap the benefits of the fishermen and built the Defensive Array in advance.

Their counterattack is not without effect.

The three-phase thermal bomb successfully killed one quasi-planet and thirteen Transmutation Powerhouse.

Dan Rick, Larry Wang, Gening, Huang Tong, these people are not stupid, and immediately left a few three-phase thermal bombs gathered together, posing a perish together posture .

Your Planetary Grade powerhouse and quasi-planetary powerhouse, if you dare to rush in, they dare to detonate the remaining five three-phase thermal bombs at the same time.

Five three-phase thermal explosive bombs are detonated at the same time, and nuclear bombs have to be added. This power, even the Planetary Grade powerhouse, must be a little bit afraid.

In this case, after huge losses, the battle on this side formed a short-term balance.

In this regard, Lei Hong is also helpless.

Perish together with a bunch of trivial ant things, it's not worth it.

However, the battle did not stop.

The perish together approach of Dan Rick and Gening is just a level of deterrence, which makes the Planetary Grade powerhouse of Spirit Race dare not rush into it unscrupulously.

Leihong of Spirit Race also understands very well that as long as their Planetary Grade powerhouses are strong and quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses, they will not be forced to Dan Rick's psychological bottom line.

This trick of perish together is not easy to use.

With this trick, will Spirit Race’s Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse die? It’s hard to say, they may die, may be seriously injured, but they may also survive.

However, the members of the four special warfare groups: Freedom Special Forces, Indra Special Forces, Apollo Special Forces, and Heavenly Dao Special Forces, will definitely die!   So, the offense continues.

However, the Planetary Grade powerhouse of Spirit Race is only a long-range interference and offensive, and the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse is not surrounded, but guerrilla.

Someone attacked from a distance, and someone occasionally assaulted, causing casualties to them from time to time.

Anyway, the offensive is non-stop, but it does not trigger the psychological threshold of these special warfare groups perish together!   Cut the meat with a blunt knife!   On the other hand, the Haotian Special Battle Group and the Slav Special Battle Group also suffered considerable losses.

Their two special warfare groups have only encountered an attack from Spirit Race before.

The loss was not too great. After sacrificing two Transmutation Realm powerhouses and more than 20 group members, the people of the two special warfare groups hurriedly withdrew to the entrance of the Daxi nationality base.

At this time, Ruan Da regretted a little.

I should listen to Xu Tui before.

Otherwise, there won't be such a big loss.

Staying in the Heavenspan Special Operations Group in the Daxi ancient base, this will still be zero loss.

Moreover, they still used three-phase thermal bombs in the Heavenspan Special Operations Group to barely guard the gate of the base and kill several enemies.

However, after a few minutes of optimism, the faces of all the people are hard to look.

The Freedom Special Forces and the Indra Special Forces used the threat of perish together to make Spirit Race’s Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse not daring to attack with all their strength and fell into a blunt knife. mode.

Originally, there were two Planetary Grade powerhouses and eight quasi-planets. There was only one Planetary Grade and one quasi-Planetary Grade. The pressure was not too great.

But now, there is a blunt knife cutting mode, Planetary Grade powerhouse is temporarily useless.

Soon, after leaving the four quasi-planets, the others, all powerhouses, were all concentrated on the ancient base of the Daxi people.

The three Planetary Grades, and the remaining seven quasi-planets, all gathered on the ancient base of the Daxi tribe. What’s more terrible is that in the raid just now, several supply ships were captured by Spirit Race. .

The supply ship is something that Spirit Race doesn't like.

However, among the supply ships, there are three-phase thermal bombs!   In the military technology of three-phase thermal bomb, Bluestar Human Race even has several points of leading.

But this thing is a sharp weapon in the hands of one's own, and after it is in the hands of the enemy, it is still a sharp weapon!   As for many technological security lock programs, in front of spirit strength, they are completely useless!   Nan Da and Orona, the commander of the Slavic regiment, at this time, there was no dispute, and they all consciously started to listen to Xu Tui's command!   Based on Xu Tui!

"Withdraw, all the staff withdraw into the depths of the base!" Xu Tui immediately made a decision.

This decision made Ruan Da and Orona a little hesitant, "In street fighting, the stronger the individual, the more advantageous!   Moreover, the other party received more than three-phase thermal bombs. One, withdrawing to the depths of the base, I am afraid it will be worse?"

"Then you go out and fight with them? See if you can make enough money?"

At this time, Xu Tui is not at all polite.

A Planetary Grade powerhouse, relying on the terrain Xu Tui can still do a lot of things, and there is the possibility of confrontation, three, it is too difficult!   Once you get close by these three, it’s tiger entering a flock of sheep, the kind of death you touch anyone!   As for now, it depends on whether the arrangements Xu Tui made before can work! In the   previous few hours, Xu Tui was taking part in the repair, but the strategies he laid out were all implemented in place.

Watching the members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group withdraw into the depths of the ancient Daxi base without the slightest hesitation, Ruan Da and Orona, after placing several delayed nuclear bombs, also Retreated to the depths of the ancient Daxi base.

Just as the war on the Fuqiang began, four silhouettes stood up at the same time on another meteorite that was not too far away from the Fuqiang, which was advancing at high speed like a streamer.

"Do you feel the power fluctuations over there?"

"I felt the aura fluctuations of Planetary Grade powerhouse, and there was more than one on that asteroid. "

"It started so soon? How long do we need to get there?"

"It is estimated that thirty-two minutes."

"It's too slow, Speed ​​up! No matter how late I am, I am afraid that the loss will be too great!"

"No matter how fast this meteorite can't hold it, it will disintegrate early."

"In this way, you accelerate, I Come and strengthen this meteorite!"

In a flash, the meteorite accelerated again!   *****   As long as there is a monthly pass, Zhu San will never disintegrate (become fat)!

(End of this chapter)

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