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  Chapter 652 Infrasonic Wave Field and Moving Company ( Request a monthly pass)

Under Reagan’s order, Under the cover of Leihong, the Spirit Race, a powerhouse of quasi-Planetary Grade, suddenly retreated quickly.

Retreat to the entrance of the Daxi Nationality Base. The quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse of Spirit Race, which directly swallows a lot of source crystals, begins to change shape, just like the ancient blue star The same with deformed Vajra.

But the transformed form is a bit beyond the normal scope.

A human figure, in just two seconds, has become something like a tower crane that has penetrated deeply into the ground.

Two large round hammers like huge pendulums hang on the top.

A quasi-planet of the fission race also flashed back to the transformed weapon Spirit Race quasi-planet at this moment, pushing the pair of pendulums with his own power!   bang!   A pair of pendulums are fiercely blasted on the tower body, occasionally the power of the fission clan merges.

The harsh sonic boom burst out.

But they are all within the tolerable range, and there seems to be no harm.

But under the feet, there was the sound of hong long long, and the entire base was roaring. The place that had been bombarded by the three-phase thermal bomb had begun to collapse slowly!   bang!   The two swinging pendulums slammed together under the blessing of the fission clan quasiplanet.

The hammers collided, and the harsh sonic boom exploded. Under the blessing of the fission family quasiplanet, the fission burst out one after another invisible sound wave.

Suddenly, Xu Tui felt an inexplicable nausea. The internal organs all had a twisting sensation, which was very uncomfortable, and his head was a little dizzy!   "Infrasound wave field!"

"They want to completely destroy this place!"

Before Xu Tui wanted to understand, Bram exclaimed first from the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Daxi people stand up.

This made Xu Tui's somatosensory match instantly.

He knew about infrasonic waves. In Huaxia Genetic Evolution University, there are some students who have opened related genetic base points and gained the ability of infrasonic waves, but it is extremely difficult to improve.

And the infrasonic ripple field only exists in the record. Bluestar's technology can not reproduce this phenomenon. It only records the place where the infrasonic ripple field is found. After the infrasonic ripple field is over, Everything in the place is made into powder!

Roughly, the back and forth overlap of infrasound waves continuously reverberates and strengthens, forming an infrasound ripple field, which can carry out a devastating blow.

However, when it is deployed, the terrain restrictions are relatively large.

In an open place, it won’t work.

But now this ancient base of the Daxi people is absolutely possible.

"Is there a way to crack it?" Xu Tui asked.

If it is really an infrasonic ripple field, and it cannot be broken, then it is necessary to escape from the ancient base of the Daxi people as soon as possible.

Otherwise, this ancient base of the Daxi people will become a graveyard for everyone!   "Yes, get rid of the sound source! But now"

In this short moment, Leihong and the others have withdrawn to the entrance of the ancient Daxi base.

That is, above the infrasonic ripple field generator that the Spirit Race transformed into, a lot of source crystals are being thrown into it.

That position is also the only position that the infrasonic ripple field cannot affect.

If Bram rushes past, then Leihong and another Planetary Grade powerhouse will be besieged. Not only can it not be destroyed, but it may also be killed on the spot!

At the entrance of the ancient Daxi base, two pendulums with special structures, under the blessing of the fission clan quasiplanet, first strikes the tower itself, and then a pair of pendulums collide fiercely together.

Xu Tui feels that the surrounding infrasound ripple field is constantly strengthening, the discomfort is getting heavier and heavier, and there is a feeling of vomiting.

In some places, it has begun to collapse continuously, and even his mental sensations have been greatly affected!   This is really crushing!

If Spirit Race uses such a method of total destruction, Xu Tui and others will probably not survive this time!   Not only Xu Tui, but even Bram of Planetary Grade is uncomfortable. Obviously, he is also affected by Planetary Grade, and the impact is not small.

"If Ravis surrenders to you, then you must know another exit of this base?" Bram suddenly looked towards Xu Tui.

Their Daxi nationality base has its own building rules, especially the underground base. It is absolutely impossible to build a dead end and dig their own graves!

Really want to be like that. When an enemy can destroy this place, they can be buried without digging the grave!

Therefore, there must be a way to leave.

But very secretive!

At least one spare safety exit. This is the construction rule of the Daxi nationality base. However, the terrain and environment are different, and where this safety exit is opened varies.

We can be sure that this ancient base still has an exit, but Bram doesn’t know where it is.

It takes time to find it.

That’s why Bram asked Xu Tui that this time the sonic wave field was not powerful enough, but the victory was lasting, and it belonged to the more fights the more brave is kind.

Xu Tui nodded.

This is also the fundamental reason why Xu Tui dared to stick to the ancient base of the Daxi people. If it is a dead end, the one who is not careful will be simmered in a pot. Xu Tui is afraid to defend it.

"Then withdraw together?"

Bram looked uncomfortable, Xu Tui himself was also in the gradually strengthened infrasound ripple field, his face turned red, and his heartbeat was like a beating. drum.

This time the sonic wave field, the general defense method, whether it is a combat uniform or a Vajra Barrier, has a certain defensive effect, but the defensive effect is very weak.

"We retreat together, but after we go out, we have to face Spirit Race's full attack. Will you resist?" Xu Tui looked towards Bram and said.

"Do you think Spirit Race will let us go?" Bram sneered.



Xu Tui turned heartily and ran to another channel deep in the ancient base of the Daxi people.

As for Cui Xi and others, before one minute, they had already rushed to the safety exit of the ancient Daxi base.

I have to say that this time the sonic wave field looks boring, but the stamina is getting bigger and bigger. It's a bit like red wine. It's refreshing to drink, and it will be up in a while!

In this one minute effort, among the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces and the Haotian Special Forces, some of them vomited blood one after another under the invisible attack of the infrasonic ripple field!

Xu Tui is also uncomfortable.

After putting a layer of mental shield directly on the outside of Vajra Barrier, it was a little better.

In the ancient base, the place where the three-phase thermal bomb was detonated before has begun to collapse, and the alloy walls in the base have also begun to slowly twist and deform.

If it lasts for a long time, the base will be destroyed!

The security exit of the ancient base of the Daxi nationality is highly concealed. On the wall of a passage, after opening, there is an invisible mechanical library. When the mechanical library opens a wall, a long line appears. aisle.

However, this safe passage is designed to be very wide and should be used as the main evacuation passage.

Not to mention fighters, even supply ships can pass.

And a few hours ago, after Xu Tui got the safe passage information from Lavis and found it, he transported the fighter plane and the supply ship into the passage.

Therefore, the speed of evacuation is very fast.

The security doors of the passageways are closed, and the influence of the infrasonic ripple field is much smaller. Unfortunately, there is no control over the base.

If you have control of this base and operate normally, lowering a dozen safety isolation doors in the middle can reduce at least half or even most of the power of this sonic wave field!   There will be no threat in a short time!   "You go out first!"

Xu Tui politely asked Bram to withdraw outside the passage first. Xu Tui himself, Ruan Da, and Orona each supported the greatest defense , Holding a three-phase thermal bomb in his arms, closely following Bram.

In his hands, they still hold their life-saving cards tightly.

In this scene, the members of the three special warfare regiments burst into tears and excited.

This is a safe evacuation channel that the group leaders spelled out for them with their lives!   Ruan Da and Orona are having unspeakable bitter suffering. In doing so, they are not unwilling, but also not too willing.

Bram looked depressed.

This is the plastic war friendship between him and Xu Tui.   Xu Tui can't help it. If an alien species believes Xu Tui completely, he is a fool.

People rushed out of the safe passage, and then sent a letter from the safe passage to completely simmer Xu Tui and the others in the ancient Daxi base. What should I do? When   the time comes Xu Tui Talk about comrades-in-arms again?


This method is still the best.

No matter how strong the Bram of Planetary Grade is, it will not be able to destroy the three of them in an instant, so this deterrence can still be established.

However, whether it is Xu Tui or Ruan Da or Orona, they never expected that one day they would act as human-shaped detonators.

It is very exciting, very heartbeat!

At this moment, Bram can only accept it!   The little Jiujiu that was in my heart before is completely gone.

This plastic comrade Xu Tui is a thief.

When passing the supply ship in the passage in the middle, Bram, who was spreading out with energy perception, was even more speechless.

What a special one.

Fully loaded!

All of these supply ships are full of various equipment and materials removed from the ancient Daxi base!   Including some fighters, they are all full!   Bram even saw a certain amount-controlled opener, all of which were more than a dozen.

At this moment, Bram doubted whether the team in front of him was an army or a moving company?   "Mr. Bram, do you think we have missed anything really valuable?" Xu Tui asked politely.

Bram: "."

I feel offended.

It's as if a thief entered his home, and asked him after stealing, do you see if there is anything valuable in your home that I haven't found?   "Ready to fight."

Bram confessed to his subordinates.

Spirit Race should be very clear about the situation of the ancient Daxi base, so it will never be naive to think that it can stew everyone to death in the base. Their purpose is to remove everyone from the ancient Daxi base. Force it out.

Change a battlefield that suits them.

Just after Bram and the others stepped out of the long passage, although it was more than ten kilometers away from the entrance, the Spirit Race, which had been prepared for a long time, was immediately discovered.

"You guard, others will come with me!"

Leihong confessed to the fission clan Planetary Grade powerhouse, who was seriously injured but did not completely lose the battle strength. He led people to the exit.

Bram and the others can only go head-on!

Escape?   That will only collapse faster!

"My dear comrade-in-arms Xu, I hope you can also join the battle!" Before taking off to join the battle, Bram looked towards his plastic comrade Xu Tui!

"No problem! Give you their Planetary Grade and quasi-planets, and give us the Transmutation Realm!" Xu Tui said.

Bram is hearing this overjoyed, "As long as you can contain their transformation and enable our transformation to fully support our operations, then I am sure to deal with their Planetary Grade and quasi-planets!"

"Don't worry!"

At this point, Xu Tui is not joking.

Although it is a friendship between plastic warfare, strategy is not plastic.

The strategy of cooperation between the two parties is a real battlefield need! On the   Daxi side, there is only one Planetary Grade powerhouse. These people can barely contain it and cooperate with each other.

But for Spirit Race, there is no basis for cooperation. Secondly, even if there are two Planetary Grades left, they can't deal with it.

As long as a Planetary Grade of Spirit Race comes in, you can kill a large piece of it!

Therefore, we must cooperate!

As for the rest, after repelling Spirit Race, discuss the level with Bram of the Daxi clan!   Xu Tui's idea is simple!   After the battle between Bram and the Planetary Grade powerhouse of Spirit Race, it will definitely consume a lot of money and even get injured. This is their chance!

And Bram's idea is also very simple, he needs time! When   the quark particle jumper in his hand is fully charged, it only takes a few minutes to jump over to a thousand hops again!

At that time, not only could Spirit Race be destroyed, but Xu Tui, his plastic comrade, could also be captured on the spot!   As long as you can capture the Blue Star Human Race, you can use this as an opportunity to fully know the home position of Blue Star. When the time comes, as long as one or two people pass by, bring one or two quark particle translators with them. Clan, you can successfully jump and invade the Blue Star homeland, and get what the Archon needs!

This plan is perfect!   So, Bram fought very hard!

In order to survive, the people from the three special warfare groups Heavenspan, Haotian, and Slav immediately organized manpower, especially the evolutionary realm, and rushed into the powerhouse of Spirit Race's transformation realm into a squad! We   must contain them and give Bram a chance!

The bloody battle begins!   *****   Zhu San pleases everyone, and please give Zhu San a chance to fight for monthly tickets!   (End of this chapter)

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