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  Chapter 653 is crazy (seeking a monthly ticket)   From the moment the three special warfare groups participated in the battle, this A battle becomes a bloody battle.

Fully attack the Transmutation Powerhouse on the Spirit Race side.

The genetic evolutionary members of the three special warfare groups, in groups of three, lock a powerhouse of transformation to attack.

It looks like three to one, and it's fairly balanced.

Actually it is not.

The evolutionary warrior on the Blue Star Human Race side, even if the attack is implemented on the opponent's Transmutation Realm, the opponent will at most be injured.

However, as long as the attack of the Spirit Race Transmutation Powerhouse is implemented once, the warrior on the special warfare team will be either seriously injured or dead!   So, from the very beginning, fighting this time, it smells of blood.

Xu Tui, Zhao Hailong, Yan Lie, Luo Murong and the others made their best effort, especially Xu Tui, no longer holding hands.

The Spirit Hammer unabashedly blasted out to cooperate with the attack.

Wherever the Spirit Hammer goes, every time it hits, there is a Transmutation Powerhouse that is affected, and is seriously injured or even killed on the spot under the attack of other people!

However, the powerhouse of Transmutation is not so easy to kill.

Xu Tui's mental hammer can affect them. If you switch to Xu Tui, you can get results with one sword, and other members of the team may have that ability.

There are casualties from time to time!

Fortunately for the Heavenspan special battle group, Xu Tui and Yan Lie took care of it. Haotian and the Slavic battle group had less than five minutes to go to the battle, and the number of troops was reduced by more than ten people. Five of them were on the spot. dead!

Fortunately, the effort is rewarded.

The Brahm of the Great Western tribe also has five other quasi-planets. Relying on the energy support of the fifty Transmutation Powerhouses in the distance, they even stubbornly carried the two Planetary Grades and six of Spirit Race. Quasi-planetary attack!   Although Bram is at a disadvantage of being beaten, but between the two quasi-planets, the Daxi tribe is still relatively dominant!

If it lasts ten minutes, maybe a quasiplanet can be freed up, and the victory can be sealed!

"Contact us and let the Freedom Special Forces, Indra Special Forces, Apollo Special Forces and Heavenly Dao Special Forces counterattack at this time.

This is us The only chance to turn defeat into victory!" Xu Tui said while fighting.

Soon, Orona and Nguyen Da contacted each other while fighting, and it was not convenient for the Heavenspan Special Forces to contact them.

The response from the other side was also very positive, promising to counterattack immediately and strive for victory!   Xu Tui is very happy.

But in less than 3 minutes, Xu Tui was almost blown up!

Xu Tui feels that he has killed less before!

The four houses in the seven districts of China, Europe, India, and Huaya promised to counterattack, but they only acted as if they didn't make any substantive actions at all.

Not only that, because there was no pressure, Reagan also drew a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse from there, joined the battle group here, and the pressure on this side increased instantly!

The number of quasiplanets in the seven regions of Mi, Europe, India, and Huaya has been reduced to only two, and the pressure has dropped drastically.

At this time, the four companies began to counterattack with all their strength!   Dan Rick and Larry Wang also shamelessly contacted Ruan Da and Orona, indicating that they have begun a full counterattack!   Nan Da and Orona's noses are almost crooked.

But there is nothing to say!   Because he really counterattacked, it was 3 minutes slower!   Actually, I didn't expect them to share the pressure before. I just hoped not to increase the pressure. But it's better over there, and the pressure sharing is here!

Near the ancient base of the Daxi nationality, Leihong looked cold, and Lei Gen, who commanded the battle, looked ugly.

I wonder why it was a crushing massacre, so why did it make the battle so difficult?

How can the Daxi people and the Blue Star Human Race unite together and cooperate in close combat?   Leihong can't sit still.

Their transmutation powerhouse here has suffered a lot of casualties. If this continues, they will really lose, and they must do their best!   Lei Hong squinted quietly.

Xu Tui is so angry!   Regan recruited a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse from the position personnel who dealt with the Mi and Indo-Union districts.

However, this quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse did not join the quasi-Planetary Grade battle group, but directly locked Xu Tui and wanted to take the opportunity to kill Xu Tui!

A surprise attack caused Xu Tui to vomit blood and wound it, and completely disrupted the rhythm of the Heavenspan Special Forces!

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hailong, Zhou Chuan, Luo Murong, and Yanghuai gathered at the same time to fight this alienated quasi-planet with Xu Tui!

The advantage that the Heavenspan Special Operations Group had just gained was lost in an instant. Without Xu Tui's care, the battle of the other members became tense!   "Old Zhou, I need you to create a chance for me, I want to kill this guy!" Xu Tui roared, who was beaten up.

In only ten seconds, Zhou Chuan, Zhao Hailong, Luo Murong, and Yanghuai were all injured. If it weren’t for Mu Xingluan’s vines and a thousand twisted armors, I would be afraid that someone would be there. Lost battle strength!   "You say, let's do it!"

"At the beginning of a while, limit him to a certain range. If someone rescues him, stop him."

"Give it to me from the rear side!" Luo Murong's clothes were bloodied, but his posture was calm!   Three seconds later, Xu Tui spirit strength was instantly injected into the scarlet fire slip, and the fire light instantly poured into the spirit strength whip genetic ability chain.

In an instant, the moment the Spirit Hammer was multiplied, it blasted towards this alienated quasi-planet!

At the same moment, Leihong suddenly added a thunderball to the ground.

The lightning in the thunderball overflowed, giving off a breath that made Leihongdu's heart palpitating.

This was given to him by Commander Lei Shu before he came. It was used to lock the battle at the critical moment!   Similar to Blue Star's source crystal ability seal card.

If it is used by ordinary people, this thunderball will also burst out a powerful quasi-Planetary Grade battle strength, but Leihong uses it, but it is different.

In the next instant, a kilometer-long lightning unfolded instantly, like a flood dragon-like twisting towards Bram!

Bram's face changed drastically, Leihong and another Planetary Grade, desperately tried their best!   Behind, fifty Daxi people in the Transmutation Realm also output energy with all their strength, and the two teams supporting the quasi-planet also put their energy on Bram at this moment!   However, at this moment, the enemy Bram encountered was too strong.

The equivalent to the encirclement and annihilation of three Planetary Grades! In   just one second, Bram was blasted backwards again and again. The fifty clansman of Transmutation behind him used energy to buy time for Bram, but they were blasted by Leihong!

Fifty Daxi people in the Transmutation Realm also spurted blood in an instant, and they turned their backs on their backs.

At this time, a powerful and incomparable atmosphere of Planetary Grade faintly rose from behind him, directly scaring Leihong into a shiver!

I saw a scarlet ray blasting straight towards the alienated quasi-planet that attacked and killed Xu Tui!   This scarlet ray directly shocked Leihong!

Erica!   That's the Peak powerhouse that can fight inextricably with Commander Lei Shu!   But in just an instant, Leihong reacted, it was the source crystal ability seal card.

When this alienated quasi-planet regained consciousness, the scarlet ray had hit his chest and pierced his chest.

But he did not give up escape, his body flickered for a moment, but just now, the huge golden blade smashed down, directly changing his body from virtual to real!

Zhou Chuan roared a tiger and directly blocked the two Spirit Races who were coming to rescue nearby from the Transmutation Realm!

In an instant, the scarlet ray moved upward, like a sharp weapon exuding ten thousand degrees of high temperature, directly melting the chest of the alienated quasi-Planetary Grade into a big hole, and then all the way up, neck, head unit!   Meteor!   This is the scarlet ray source crystal ability seal card that Xu Tui exchanged for licking Erila with the weird name of Ancestor Master. Of course, there may also be Old Cai's face and favor in this.

This will be used, power is indeed extraordinary!

It’s just that the battle has changed again!   Bram was severely injured and supported. Because of Xu Tui's performance, another Planetary Grade powerhouse from the fission race instantly rushed towards Xu Tui!

It turned out to be to kill Xu Tui first!

Obviously, they think Xu Tui is the most threatening!   Zhou Chuan, Yanghuai, Luo Murong, Zhao Hailong and the others all face tragic changes!

It is still possible for them to work together to block the quasi-planet, but to block Planetary Grade, there's no possibility!

Only one strike certain kill!

"I'm here! How to fight, you decide, I don't know!"

Zhou Chuanhu roared and rushed out first!   Planetary Grade powerhouse is coming, Xu Tui is also a headache.

This is so special, it's totally unstoppable!   Just after thinking about it for a moment, Xu Tui suddenly got the idea!   There is a sentence to say, horizontally afraid of death, fearless of madman! If   this is the case, let him be a lunatic!   "Tell me, let me get out of here!"

While speaking, Xu Tui flashes and rushes to the Planetary Grade powerhouse of this fission race, and the distance is shortened in a short time. To less than a hundred meters.

At the same moment, two three-phase thermal bombs suddenly appeared under Xu Tui's armpit!   Fuck!

The Planetary Grade powerhouse complexion of the fission clan facing Xu Tui greatly changed, a sharp turn, avoided!   Perish together with a small genetic evolutionary environment, not worth it!   Very worthless!   However, this Xu Tui cannot be killed, others can kill!   Other people, he rushed over and just one! As   soon as the claw shadow flashes, an evolutionary warrior will all split up and in pieces, it's easy.

Xu Tui is about to split his eyes, and it is the warrior of the Heavenspan Special Forces that was killed!

At this moment, Xu Tui also reacted. The Planetary Grade of this fission clan is the only variable in this battlefield. If he is allowed to go around, Heaven knows how many people will die in the Heavenspan Special Forces!

heaven knows how many people will die in the three special warfare groups!   Fear of lunatics, let’s go crazy! In the   next moment, Xu Tui rose directly with his sword, holding two three-phase thermal bombs, and chased this Planetary Grade powerhouse like lightning!   "Fuck fuck, I fight with you!"

Xu Tui roared!

Seeing the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the fission race who is catching up with two three-phase thermal bombs, I am stunned!

What kind of magical operation is this!

Do you want to perish together with him?

Is it possible?   He is a Planetary Grade, perish together with you in a small evolutionary realm, that's to die for!

But the problem is that their fission clan is better at close attack and not good at long attack.

I blasted Xu Tui from a long distance, and Xu Tui, who was flying with the sword, escaped extremely intelligently. The Planetary Grade of this fission race, his head buzzed, and he made it. An extremely shameful action!

Escape!   Can't be perish together!

So fast!   Xu Tui, who was carried by two three-phase thermal explosive bombs, chased him all over the field!   Lei Hong was so angry that he assigned other quasi-planets to help stop him, but no one dared to do his best!   Bluestar Human Race launched this kind of suicide attack, there is a tradition!   Several Planetary Grade powerhouses from Spirit Race were killed in the last lunar battle!

Under this kind of warrior's suicidal charge, who will stop and die! Is   Xu Tui ambition to die? I   don't know!   But whether it is Ruan Da or Orona, or Danrik, Lariwang, Huang Tong, Ge Ning and the others who fought in the distance, including Planetary Grade powerhouse Bram of the Daxi people, they also silently Xu Tui gave a thumbs up!


What a hero! The   members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group were even more excited at this time, and tears filled their eyes. They only hated that they didn't have a three-phase thermal bomb in their hands. Otherwise, they would also charge one with a three-phase thermal bomb!   However, under the turmoil of the crowd, the imposing manner was played out.

One after another, they used desperate moves to exchange injuries for injuries, and one after another severe injuries beheaded the transformation of Spirit Race!

Just when Xu Tui drove the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the fission clan into the air, cold sweat broke out on Xu Tui's head.

The blood was on the top just now.

This will calm down, Xu Tui discovered that he is sitting on the volcanic crater!   Catch up, as long as you burst open, absolutely gray!   If you turn your head and stop chasing, then this Planetary Grade powerhouse will come back and kill him, and he will die on the spot!

Suddenly, Xu Tui was enlightened!   Can't counsel! You   must die!   First hold the three-phase thermal explosive to chase, and from time to time you have to avoid or defend against some Spirit Race's cold attacks!   But desperate! If   this goes on, you have to play off after all!

There is another Crimson Ray from Erela, use it again?   However, the balance of victory and defeat cannot be broken!   Suddenly, Xu Tui caught a glimpse of the quark particle jumper behind Bram and the others, unexpectedly shining again.

The charge is complete!   Bram is holding on to protect the quark particle transition device, Leihong is also anxious!

This Daxi tribe can have another wave of support!   But it's the enemy!

What is good?

Even if the Spirit Race is driven away, the wolf is gone, and there are tigers   when Mad Xu Tui is desperately searching for a way to survive, he burst into flames and suddenly exploded over the asteroid Fuqiang. open!


But among the meteors, four extremely powerful Planetary Grade powerhouse aura rushed straight forward, making everyone's expressions look weird.

Which one is it from?   *****   Big brothers, it's the end of the month, the monthly pass should be rewarded to Zhu San, don't go to other people's houses!

(End of this chapter)

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