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  Chapter 654 On-the-spot water reversal   Four subductions into the atmosphere of Planetary Grade of the asteroid Fuqiang, The leader is Li Qingping, the guardian of the Unut asteroid in the China Region.

At this time, the long sword is held upside down, like a meteor, rushing directly to the place where the energy fluctuations of the Fuqiang asteroid are most severe.

Planetary Grade powerhouse, even if you have not deliberately cultivated the genetic basis of vision, your eyesight is amazing.

From a distance, Li Qingping saw Xu Tui chasing a Planetary Grade powerhouse and fleeing all over the scene, and was stunned for a moment.

Not only Li Qingping, but also the Planetary Grade powerhouse Asid in the Indian Union District, the Planetary Grade powerhouse in the Mi Union District Heidolf, and the Planetary Grade powerhouse in the Russian Union District, Anlevich, were all stunned.

The intelligence of Xu Tui, the commander of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group in the Huaxia District, and the internal agencies of the various alliance districts, have been focused on them for a long time, and they all understand it.

Strong strength, can evolve and cut change!

Have this strength!   There has even been a record of joining forces with several battle strengths and using the source crystal ability to seal cards against the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse.

However, if the Planetary Grade powerhouse runs around, what the hell is that?

Not only is this unscientific, it also doesn't make sense to metaphysics!   Theoretically speaking, Planetary Grade powerhouse has a high probability of killing Xu Tui in one slap!

Because it was a rescue, these four Planetary Grade powerhouses dived down extremely fast, and immediately saw the stuff Xu Tui was holding under his armpit!   Two three-phase thermal bombs!   No wonder! When   seeing the truth clearly, Li Qingping's expression became inexplicably complicated, and he clicked on a video on his personal communication device, and was deeply moved! At   this moment, the image that had been silent for a long time in my mind suddenly spewed out.

The corner of the eye is so moist!

Such a scene is so familiar!

Back then, when he was mixing in the Panguite battle group, he had seen such scenes many times!   This gameplay is called a hooligan by Old Cai!   Someone succeeded.

And someone, it's off!   There is one, because he is playing off.   Old friends who have played off . So far, they take time every year to sprinkle a glass of wine on their graves, and occasionally, they also bring a beautiful printed beauty in the past. ! In   this world, science can no longer explain it.

If you burn it, no one knows if you can receive it, but if you burn it, let’s talk about it!

"Young man, good job, leave it to me!"

With a loud roar, the sword light has already been cut off before the person arrives.

But this sword is split between the fission clan Planetary Grade powerhouse and Xu Tui. It is intended to attack more than to protect Xu Tui.

Whatever the reason, there are not many people who can desperately drive the enemy's Planetary Grade powerhouse into the crowd!   Really few!

But everyone deserves protection or commemoration!

Asid from the Indian Union District, Heidolph from the Milian District, and Anlevich from the Russian Union District also have complex expressions. At this point, the Huaxia District is really strong!

Especially in the two joint districts of Mi and India, it is almost meaningless.

As for the battle on the Fuqiang, Asid and Heidolf glanced at them, and they were slightly dull.

How to put it, just by looking at the battle situation, you can see that the Free Special Forces in the Milian District and the Indra Special Forces in the Indian Union are playing very conservatively! It's   just a bit more ugly!   But depending on the number of people, there is still a lot of staff reduction!

Seeing Li Qingping cut into the battle, Xu Tui sighed in relief, and immediately squeezed two three-phase thermal bombs back into the quantum dimensional chain. This was sighed in relief.

It was only at this time that Xu Tui was fully aware of him. He was holding his head in circles just now, and he was in danger of being crushed at any time.

But I didn’t think about that many! I just   want to contain this fission race Planetary Grade powerhouse. Otherwise, even if the Heavenspan Special Combat Team is not destroyed, it will have more than half of its casualties.

This will be when Li Qingping takes it, and Xu Tui will feel the feeling of softness in his arms. His whole body is sweating like syrup in a moment, and he is gasping for breath!

However, his eyes are very clear!   The direction of the incident is in full compliance with his previous guess!

To tell the truth, when it comes to playing crafty plots and machinations, the six blue star alliances have fought back and forth over the years, and this skill has almost reached MAX999.

Excluding the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, the six pioneering Special Operations Groups belonging to different organizations have accurately reached the Fuqiang asteroid. If the Chief-In-Charge of the Blue Star's six major alliances is just stupid Put their respective pioneering special forces over here.

Then Xu Tui will despise them!

It's still the kind of contempt through circles!   There should be a back hand.

No, there's a newcomer!   Lei Hong and Regen are completely depressed!   End right?

Just before, they have contacted commander Lei Shu and confirmed that Blue Star’s Planetary Grade guards are all on the Unut asteroid.

How could this four pop up?

Suddenly, Leihong and Lei Gen flashed three words in their minds.

"You got fooled!"

Commander Lei Shu may have been fooled, there may be a problem on the Unut asteroid side.

The commander-in-chief Lei Shu must be notified immediately.

With the participation of the four blue stars Planetary Grade powerhouse, the battle situation is one-sided. Reagan decisively issued the order to retreat and made an order in a very short time. He is very proud of the strategic communication!   Communicate with the Qianyue Chang Buram of the Daxi ethnic group.

In this kind of battle involving Peak powerhouse, one-on-two is still alive, but one-on-three or even one against four, the probability of escape alive, becomes very small.

Spirit Race also wants to withdraw more power.

Otherwise, after the four Planetary Grade powerhouses were chased by the tail, the Transmutation Powerhouse had to be all killed, and the quasi-planet didn't know how many could escape!

Another seriously injured Planetary Grade may also fall on the spot!

"Mr. Bram, what do you think the four Planetary Grades of Blue Star will do to you when we are defeated and escaped?   Would you please go for refreshment?" Regan said Then, Bram was frightened!

The four Planetary Grades of Blue Star may invite Bram to drink tea, but it is hard to say what kind of tea to drink!   In the race wars in the universe, in many cases, there is not much room for change.

After the captives, in order to extract valuable information, he did everything he could!

There is no bottom line between different races!   Just like the Blue Star human beings don’t talk about the bottom line to mice, they don’t talk about the bottom line to the Daxi people either.

So, in just an instant, Xu Tui’s plastic comrade Bram turned back!

He abandoned Xu Tui, his plastic comrade, and replaced his plastic comrade with Lei Hong from Spirit Race!

"Brahm, how can you do this?" Xu Tui looked sad when he saw Bram who had turned to the enemy camp to fight alongside Leihong in an instant.

"Dear Xu Tui, we are still comrades-in-arms. I will only be forced by the situation. However, I think we should still have a chance to cooperate.

Before I was not Have you given you contact information?" Bram explained to Xu Tui while fighting against Heidolph.

On the side, Leihong's nose is almost crooked.

Even if you are a plastic comrade, you can't directly start hooking up future things in front of a plastic comrade.

Bram is planning to have a deeper cooperation with the Blue Star humans!

Sure enough, the Daxi people are unreliable!   Leihong originally had a bit of extravagance. He hoped that the quark particle jumper of the Daxi people would send a Planetary Grade of the Daxi clan and several quasi-planets. In this way, under their cooperation with the Daxi clan, there would be a big defeat or even kill here. The probability of the Bluestar Human Race!   But now, Bram’s on-site Gota has shattered his last hope!

Plastic comrades are unreliable!

What if this secretly reaches an agreement and stabs him in the back? We   still have to retreat safely!

A battle involving seven Planetary Grade powerhouses is going on in such an intriguing environment.

The four Planetary Grade powerhouses of Blue Star are fortunate, one by one is full of firepower!

Although Blue Star is intriguing internally, most of Blue Star’s Planetary Grade powerhouse will not dare to be scornful when fighting.

Planetary Grade powerhouse, just a handful of people.

In other words, there are only a handful of comrades you can fight side by side. Everyone is Planetary Grade, and that's all. When you dare to fight, there is only one result-no Comrades!

The battle situation has begun to turn around, but because of the Daxi tribe’s immediate defection, the expected Spirit Race defeat did not appear.

The coalition forces of the Daxi tribe and Spirit Race gradually lost ground, and the pressure on the major special warfare groups also decreased instantaneously.

Although there were casualties during the battle, the proportion of deaths in battle was not as high as before.

Spirit Race's willingness to retreat is still very strong!   "Professor Li, can you create a chance for me to intervene." Seeing the war, Xu Tui took out the three-phase thermal bomb that was thrown back into the quantum dimensional chain.

Xu Tui doesn't know how to call it, but Planetary Grade powerhouse basically has the title of professor from various universities, so Professor Li is right.

"Have you fought side by side with Shihua? Call my uncle from now on!" Li Qingping, who was fighting Leihong, said with a smile.

"Good Uncle Li! If there is a chance to limit the enemy, tell me, my three-phase thermal bomb, I have been hungry for a long time!"

Li Qingping hearing This is a joy, laughed heartily, "Okay!"

Leihong is even more anxious!   Although this probability is very small, it really has to be limited by coincidence, and then it will be fired by a three-phase thermal bomb. The probability of falling is too great! In   this way, the withdrawal will be faster!   One minute later, the quark particle jumper of the Daxi people flashed a dazzling brilliance, and a large illusory shadow appeared and began to become solid.

Leihong just glanced at it, and roughly judged that this time the Daxi people had jumped into two Planetary Grade powerhouses at once, and one of them was extremely strong in an imposing manner!

According to the energy fluctuations emitted, even if it is not as good as the commander-in-chief Lei Shu, it is not much worse!

It is estimated to be a Planetary Grade powerhouse with seven or eight bathrooms!   Executive officer!   Definitely a Level 1 executive officer of the Daxi ethnic group.

"Is it possible to cooperate with the Daxi people to eliminate the possibility of the Bluestar Human Race sharing the benefits?" Leihong asked Regen, who is good at strategy!   "Yes, but to destroy the Blue Star Human Race here, with the urine of Blue Star Human Race, I am afraid that the price is not small! When the time comes, if one is not careful, the Daxi people will in turn destroy us." Lei Root said.

"What about combining with Blue Star Human Race and destroying the Daxi tribe?" Leihong asked.

"It is possible, but it is more likely that Bluestar Human Race cooperated with the Daxi people and completely destroyed us." Regan inferred.

Leihong was depressed.

In this case, the best choice is undoubtedly, there is only one word-withdraw!

And also have to withdraw before the executive officer of the Daxi tribe can completely jump over!

"The reinforcements of the Daxi people are coming!"

Without Leihong's provocation, the Blue Star’s four Planetary Grade powerhouses have stepped up their attacks on Bram, and Heidolf’s raid on Daxi Quasi-planet!

Hidden the sky and covering the earth's ice wheel and ice thorns, Heidolf killed a Daxi quasi-planet in a very short time, and seriously injured two!

Anlevich wanted to attack the quark particle jumper and interrupt the transition, but he was desperately stopped by Bram and two other quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses! In the   quark particle transition device, Jinte’s illusory shadow gradually becomes real!

Suddenly, a blue glare of mysterious energy blasted straight out and hit Anlevich.

Anlevich’s whole body was shining, and he took it, but his figure couldn’t stop back one hundred meters, and the corners of his mouth were faintly overflowing with blood!

"Li, this person, you have to deal with it!" Anlevich wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth, and quickly exchanged positions with Li Qingping.

Leihong, Leigen and the others also took the opportunity to evacuate with the remaining troops in embarrassment.

At the same moment, above the Unut asteroid, Lei Shu, who was confronting another'Li Qingping', suddenly looked ugly after receiving an urgent message from Leigen. pole!   ***   Does the monthly pass also have to have two Li Qingping? One becomes two!

(End of this chapter)

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