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  Chapter 655: Lei Shu and Shameless (see monthly pass) for completing the basic strategyLegen urgently calls   , Li Qingping, the guard of Planetary Grade in Huaxia District, and three Planetary Grade powerhouses suddenly appeared on the asteroid where the Daxi ancient base was located. They had to be forced to evacuate under the cooperation of the Daxi nationality.

A few kilometers in front of Lei Shu, there is also Li Qingping, standing with a sword, looking at him with a smile!   Just so angry! You   got fooled! In the   next instant, thunder suddenly turned into a lightning flash, like a spinning yo-yo, hundreds of lightning exploded at the same time.

Blasted to the eight Planetary Grade powerhouses on the opposite side.

The power of every lightning is not too strong, but this amount is terrible!

The "Li Qingping" at the top started the sword light first, and then the sword light suddenly disappeared, and its appearance changed drastically.

The guards of the other seven Unut planets also have their own conditions.

There are four people who are stubbornly resisting Thunder's lightning strikes, but there are three silhouettes of Planetary Grade powerhouse who collapsed into nothingness on the spot under one after another lightning strikes!

No more!

But it is not the Planetary Grade powerhouse that has fallen.

But the phantom was penetrated.

Standing at the forefront,'Li Qingping' has become the appearance of Lei Shu's most annoying person-Cai Shaochu!

Seeing the appearance of Lei Shu’s gnashing teeth, Cai Shaochu stood with his hands behind his hands, laughed heartily, and said, "I was finally seen through by you, not stupid!"

Lei Shu was angry. The gnashing teeth have been toyed with.

The five Planetary Grade and three Cai Shaochu phantoms showed off for more than half an hour. If he had known this, he would attack the Unut asteroid from the very beginning with all his strength. Maybe he could build it. The result!   "Commander Lei, meet again, I have a good tea pot, do you want to sit down and have a drink?" Cai Shaochu said with a smile.

In Lei Shu's anger, he waved his hand and shouted, "Kill!"

In the next moment, Lei Shu and the seven Planetary Grade powerhouses behind him rushed towards Cai Shaochu’s entire group. past.

Lei Shu wants to give it a try, is there any moisture!

If there is really water, there may be a probability of re-capturing the Unut asteroid.

Even if there is no moisture, in fact, according to the comparison of strength, there is a probability of victory!   Cai Shaochu and the others, more cautious than Lei Shu imagined.

Seeing Lei Shu and the others rushing forward, he immediately retreated to the Unut asteroid defensive circle. At the same time as various thermal weapons were activated, the thirty-two quasiplanets also rose in a team situation. Empty, against Lei Shu and the others.

Less than ten seconds into the battle. Before the two sides were glued together, Lei Shu had no choice but to retreat, and he personally took cover!   Not enough preparation!

He came here, his intention was to contain the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Unut asteroid to support it at a critical moment.

Many Planetary Grade powerhouses and quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses may have some powerful and extraordinary abilities.

He appeared here to ensure that Leihong and Regan are safe! What   made him didn't expect is that he was still fooled! When   retreating, Lei Shu even doubted Dawn, whether Dawn's reflection of reselling intelligence had messed up this matter.

I immediately contacted Shuguang to ask, and then I got a very depressing answer.

Suguang sold eight copies of this information!

Blue Star stationed in the seven regions and one organization of the Unut asteroid, everyone has a share.

Really. Dedicated enough!   Lei Shu is also depressed, and he can't blame Shu Guang on his head. In fact, he just dropped a bait that the Blue Star Human Race couldn't refuse!

It's just that the Blue Star group is so thief, they actually played tricks under his nose!

Fortunately, Leihong and Regan did not lose much.

Three Planetary Grade powerhouses, one was seriously injured, then withdrew, three were killed in the Quasi-Planetary War, and one third died in the Transmutation War.

I went to one hundred and twenty, and came back to seventy.

Great loss!

Lei Shu is very depressed. The recent war against Blue Star has been very unsuccessful, and never went smoothly.

Still, Reagan reported to him good news!

The battle video and evidence chain of the battle against the Blue Star Human Race and the Daxi people breaking into the asteroid belt is basically complete.

The only thing that is not perfect is that there are still some more real post-war evidence chains, such as the large number of corpses of the Blue Star Human Race, the corpses of the Daxi people and so on.

Leihong, Leigen and the others had no choice but to withdraw, and this last step could not be completed.

But it is also easy to explain that the Daxi executive officers led the elite to participate in the war. They couldn't stand it. After making huge sacrifices, they could only retreat temporarily after severely injuring the Daxi executive officers.

In this case, you can give the temple a good account.

In a short period of time, the sanctuary will even draw him elite power from the nearest planet to supplement the power of his forward base!

Dealing with Bluestar Human Race is like catching insects and mice in your own yard from the perspective of Spirit Race Temple.

It doesn't matter if you can't catch it, it doesn't matter if you catch it slowly, anyway, you will catch it in your own yard anyway, it doesn't matter if the mouse gets fat and bites someone!

This is Spirit Race's positioning of Bluestar Human Race.

But what about the Daxi people?

That's the robbers and thieves who broke into their yard. They must be wiped out!   Otherwise, the wealth in the mouse den may be taken away by robbers and thieves!   So the robber must die!   From this point of view, Lei Shu’s strategic plan this time was generally successful. Although he failed to retaliate against the massive destruction of the Blue Star Human Race, the things he needed most had already been obtained and he could report it confidently. The sanctuary.

Except that the results are slightly different.

Of course, he wouldn't tell the temple about this!   He also knows the art of language.

It's just a little regretful.

Lei Shu, the commander-in-chief of the Spirit Race forward base, left the Unut asteroid with a bit of regret.

Cai Shaochu, who temporarily came to implement this plan, was also sighed in relief.

This plan still has certain risks.

Lei Shu's strength is really strong, if Lei Shu's desperate attack, there will definitely be a huge loss here.

How to say, Spirit Race has a big business, it’s nothing to lose a few Planetary Grade powerhouses, but on the Blue Star’s side, if a few Planetary Grade powerhouses fall, it’s really going to hurt your muscles and bones. .

"Strengthen the defense, continue with the Level 1 alert, be careful of thunder and kill a sudden thrust!"

"Let’s get in touch with the special forces team there to see what’s going on. Adjust strategy."

Cai Shaochu issued a series of orders.

This makes the Chief-In-Charge who are in charge of the affairs of the asteroid belt in the various alliances in the rear, a little helpless!

Here, Planetary Grade powerhouse has a stronger voice, much stronger than the moon and fire star.

Fuqiang asteroid.

Leihong and Leigen retreated quickly with the Battallion troops on the occasion of the arrival of the Daxi executive officer.

The entire Fuqiang asteroid immediately turned into a confrontation between the Daxi tribe and the Blue Star Human Race.

The Blue Star Human Race consists of four Planetary Grades headed by Li Qingping, seven pioneering special battle groups with more than 1,000 people, and a total of nineteen Transmutation Powerhouses.

The Daxi people, headed by an executive named Jinte, Bram and another Planetary Grade, have eight quasi-planets, and one hundred Transmutation Realms.

However, Bram himself was severely injured, and he was able to support Executive Gint to come over. It was already very good. There were three other quasiplanets with Bram before, but there was not much battle strength. Now, the fifty Transmutation Realm who came with Bram before, in the previous battle with Spirit Race, the consumption was relatively large.

The situation has fallen into a strange state of confrontation.

The Daxi people did not rush to do it, and the Blue Star Human Race did not rush to do it.

But Xu Tui discovered that they started charging the quark particle transition device again!

There are still people from the Daxi people!

After a few breaths of internal communication with the opponent, the injured Bram took the initiative to speak, "This. I think we have a common enemy Spirit Race, we may be able to alliance!"

Xu Tui, Cui Xi, Luo Murong and the others were speechless. Whoever turned back on the battle just now will come again.

Besides, if we talk about it like this, I'm afraid it will delay time, right?

That quark particle transition device can be charged in about half an hour!

In the current situation, the Daxi people basically have no advantage, but it is hard to say if there is another wave of reinforcements.

Li Qingping and the four communicated with each other, and suddenly looked towards Xu Tui, "What do you think?"

It’s not that they couldn’t make a decision, but because of the previous Xu Tui has communicated and cooperated with the Daxi people. Xu Tui also knows the situation on the battlefield best. Xu Tui has a better say in how to deal with this matter.

Xu Tui directly used the exchange of consciousness to tell Li Qingping the purpose of the Daxi people's delay in waiting for reinforcements.

"What do you think?"

"My idea is to intimidate a wave, and then play shameless." Xu Tui said.

"How to play?"

After one minute, Li Qingping, who listened to Xu Tui's plan, quickly communicated with the other three people, and immediately gave Xu the decision-making power. Tui.

"Mr. Bram, we also have the opinion of the alliance, but your anti-water actions just now disappointed me."

"no no no, dear Xu, You know, I was just to protect myself. You understand my situation.

Now, I really want to cooperate with you, and I have obtained the approval of our adults." Bram said .

"I have lost confidence in you. I have already contacted Spirit Race. I think it might be a better choice to join forces with Spirit Race!"

Xu Tui As soon as this remark came out, Bram immediately became nervous, even Gint was also frowned, "We are really sincere in cooperation! We have a common enemy Spirit Race, don't we?"

"But your sincerity Where is it?" Xu Tui pointed to the quark particle transition device being charged.

Bram smiled awkwardly, and quickly suspended the charging of the quark particle transition device, "Habitual action, habitual action."

"No, we need some sincerity!" Xu Tui shook his head.

"What is your sincerity?"

Xu Tui glanced at Bram and said, "We have a lot of wounded and need to be treated and transferred, but you are here and we feel uncomfortable. I need you to leave this planet temporarily, and then talk about cooperation!"

Bram had a brief exchange with executive Gint, "Well, then we will show our sincerity first!"


After one minute, the powerhouse of the Daxi people began to evacuate in batches!   Xu Tui looked towards Li Qingping and the four of them, "Next, I'll leave the shameless thing to you!"

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