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  Chapter 656 Executive Officer Jinte’s grievances (see monthly pass)

Shameless things are actually done It's cool, especially when doing shameless things to your enemies.

He looks angry but helpless when he looks at you shameless, and he looks so happy!   However, this kind of thing has a slightly higher degree of difficulty, and Xu Tui did not participate.

The Daxi people agreed to temporarily evacuate the Fuqiang asteroid. This was actually a mistake.

Of course, in their opinion, it is not a mistake.

They only need a little bit of time, for example, after more than 20 minutes, they will be able to fully charge the quark particle jumper, and after reactivation, they will be able to have another thousand hops in length.

Come one more thousand leaps, at least one Planetary Grade powerhouse, two to four quasi-planets, and about fifty transmutation states.

As long as there is such a force to join, the power advantage of the Daxi clan on the asteroid Fuqiang will come out.

Even though Spirit Race is hidden in the depths of space like a poisonous snake, they dare to attack the Blue Star Human Race outrageously.

There is no need for complete annihilation. As long as ten and eight live captives are captured, the goal will be achieved.

Therefore, Gint and Bram believe that they are retreating to advance, buying time for themselves.

However, the retreat is often technical.

Especially when a large number of wounded are involved, the strength of the retreat formation of the Daxi people is inevitably scattered.

Especially they have to guard Spirit Race when they retreat.

Spirit Race has been withdrawn, but no one can be sure whether Spirit Race has been completely withdrawn or whether it is hidden in the deep and dark space and turned into a hungry wolf that will rush out at any time, waiting opportunity?   So, to withdraw, you must guard against Spirit Race's raids!   This is also the price of time!

Moreover, Spirit Race and the Daxi race are mortal enemies, especially when it comes to Bluestar Human Race.

You must guard against the Spirit Race that has just been withdrawn.

But Bluestar Human Race also has to be guarded.

For this reason, the Daxi people still have the elite strength of battle strength, so they divided into two, protecting the head and the tail, but the span is not large.

Jinte, the executive officer, led two quasi-planetary heads to open the way, and another Planetary Grade powerhouse from the Great Western tribe, with three quasi-planetary tigers looking at the Blue Star Human Race.

Bram, the seriously wounded man, and other wounded men, are in the middle of the retreating team.

During the retreat, Li Qingping, Heidolph, Asid, and Anlevich followed the Daxi ethnic group kilometers away, which was regarded as a gift to leave the country.

As the executor of the shameless plan, Xu Tui dare not go deep into the front line, but he still follows Li Qingping and the others and prepares to become a shameless Number One Person!   In fact, there is no shameless.

The friendship with the Daxi ethnic group is itself a plastic comrade-in-arms ally. This will be turned over, and it will be renewed after it melts for a while.

A group of warriors of the Daxi tribe took off little by little, flew slowly, and gradually entered space.

However, just before they were about to enter space, Xu Tui suddenly pointed in a direction and shouted in surprise, "Spirit Race, watch out for Spirit Race!"

This is a Very old-fashioned routine.

Sometimes it doesn't work well, but many times, it still works.

Anything you care about will work.

For Xu Tui, all they need is a little time.

Half a second is enough! While   Xu Tui exclaimed, all the Daxi people subconsciously looked towards all directions, and at the same moment, Li Qingping moved.

Li Qingping shakes his hand to threw away a three-phase thermal bomb, like throwing a stone.

I have to say that the throwing power of Planetary Grade powerhouse is too powerful!

This three-phase thermal bomb blasted towards the center of the Daxi team at a speed faster than the launch speed.

The angle of throwing is also very tricky, avoiding the Planetary Grade powerhouse guarding the front.

The response of the Daxi people was also extremely fast. There was a quasi-planet attacking from a distance, but its attack failed.

I was shocked by Xu Tui's spirit strength, and went empty.

Almost at the same time, Xu Tui attached to the spirit strength of the three-phase thermal bomb, and instantly detonated the three-phase thermal bomb!

Not the most ideal detonation zone, there are still six to seven hundred meters away from Bram.

But if you don’t detonate, there will be no chance.

The three-phase thermal bomb exploded, and a series of 3rd-layer energy waves directly turned a large number of Daxi people's transmutation realm into ashes. At the same time, the quasi-planet that rushed over was also ashes on the spot.

But this is not the most important role.

The most important role of this three-phase thermal explosive is to intercept!

Xu Tui's roar distracted them.

Jinte, the executive officer of the Daxi ethnic group at the forefront of the evacuation team, will definitely come back immediately.

This is the time for the three-phase thermal bomb.

There is also confusion.

The ability of the Daxi people to complement each other's energy is very powerful!   Just give him a little time, their Planetary Grade and quasi-planet will be extremely difficult to kill.

The three-phase thermal bomb is to create chaos and buy time.

In a heavy energy shock wave, Li Qingping and Haidolfu braced the energy shock wave, and directly carried the attack of the three quasi-planetary grades after the Daxi clan broke, and the four stormed the planetary after the Daxi clan broke. Grade powerhouse.

Daxi executive officer Jin Te wanted to come back, but was stopped by the shock wave of the three-phase thermal bomb.

In the roar room, only one person can save one person within the scope of his ability! In   this wave of surprise attacks by the Blue Stars, their casualties are too great!   Almost at the same time, Xu Tui without the slightest hesitation released the second three-phase thermal explosive. This one was shot out with Flying Sword.

The 3rd-layer energy shock wave of the previous three-phase thermal bomb was not flat, and this one blasted past.

Jinte, the executive officer of the Daxi clan, was really anxious when he saw this. If the three-phase thermal bomb exploded again, the damage might not be too great, but it would once again postpone the distance of his return.

A short distance of one kilometer, usually in a flash, this will be as bright as the sky!

The energy brilliance of the thickness of a bucket spouted from the palm of the palm, and Executive Gint made a full shot.

The energy brilliance of the thickness of this water-blue bucket directly broke the energy wave of the first three-phase thermal explosive bomb, and blasted it straight towards the second three-phase thermal explosive bomb.

Obviously he is trying his best to destroy this three-phase thermal bomb! It's   just that the spirit strength of Xu Tui is attached to this three-phase thermal explosive.

Before Jinte’s strikes arrived, Xu Tui once again detonated this three-phase thermal explosive!

Still did not fly to the predetermined range, but as long as it is detonated, it will be able to play a certain role!   In an open environment, the maximum lethality of the three-phase thermal bomb is 100 meters, the second level 1 is within 500 meters, and the second level 1 is kilometers, and the energy wave exploded is the largest The range of influence can be as high as five kilometers!   Although the explosive power of five kilometers can withstand the general genetic evolutionary state, it is enough to delay time!   At this moment, time has become extremely long again! The   first three-phase thermal explosion bomb flashed once, flashed the second time, and exploded at high temperature for the third time. Although it only took more than a second, Jinte's heart was pulled down!

Around three seconds have passed.

The brilliance shines into one, even if it is Planetary Grade powerhouse, you can’t look directly at it!   Another second later, the energy shock wave of the three-phase thermal bomb began to decay rapidly, but at the same instant, another dazzling brilliance suddenly exploded, and then all split up and in pieces! On the   Fuqiang asteroid, it was like a meteor shower!   That is the scene when the satellite and main star in Planetary Grade powerhouse are crushed.

The Planetary Grade powerhouse after the breakup of the Daxi tribe has fallen!

"Asshole, damn it, Blue Star Human Race damn it!"

Jinte roared angrily, right now, he has the opportunity to pass through the three-phase thermal explosion bomb The aftermath of the opening, participated in the war.

However, when he saw the fall of this Planetary Grade powerhouse, the angry executive Jinte suddenly turned a corner.

Instead of rushing to Li Qingping and the four, he rushed to Xu Tui!

He can see that it's all the ghost of this kid, or this kid is doing the command!   He must kill Xu Tui first!

In the rear, Bram of the Daxi tribe, who was lucky enough to escape, commanded, and silently mourned, "My temporary comrade in arms, goodbye forever."

Xu Tui is a dead soul. Take a big risk!

This is a play off, and it was spotted by Jinte, the executive officer of the Daxi ethnic group.

According to Li Qingping, the executive officer of the Daxi tribe is most likely the Seven Guard Planetary Grade powerhouse, only slightly weaker than Lei Shu or Erila.

Old Cai is just a five-guard Planetary Grade powerhouse!

Without the slightest hesitation, Xu Tui turned around and fled, the space folded the source crystal ability defense card, Old Cai gave the word escape, already in his hand, ready to save his life!

a sword light slashed down and blocked Jinte, but it was Li Qingping who was paying attention to Xu Tui!

A teenager who can spare his life to drive the Planetary Grade powerhouse with the three-phase thermal bomb, but the treasure boy, he doesn't pay much attention.

Seeing Li Qingping blocking Jinte, Xu Tui sighed in relief.

However, the strength of Jinte’s battle strength is beyond everyone’s expectations.

Li Qingping is a planetary grade powerhouse with four guards, and his strength is not too strong.

But if it is able to carry and fight a protracted battle, Old Cai can't keep up with Li Qingping.

Li Qingping is a typical thick-skinned blood bar long!

Claimed to be unkillable!   But in front of Jinte, he was beaten back again and again.

Can barely block Executive Gint.

The Planetary Grade powerhouse in Milian District, Heidolph, joined the battle group, and the two teamed up and barely blocked it.

After that, the surviving Transmutation elites in the Greater Western Region suddenly gathered energy and sent them into Jinte's body. Jinte was even more brave. Sea Astoria and Li Qingping joined forces, and it became very difficult.

Anlevich joins the battle team, three against one!

It can be blocked! There is   only one Asid left to deal with the three quasi-planets alone. Although it is not difficult, it will take some time to build meritorious service! When you   see this, Xu Tui laughed, the opportunity to play shameless is here again!

When he fought side by side with Bram of the Daxi tribe against Spirit Race before, Xu Tui discovered a small combat state of the Daxi tribe.

The Transmutation Elites who remotely output energy to the powerhouse of the same family are blessed. Once they gather their energy into the powerhouse and establish an energy support channel, their actions will be limited!

For example, a group of ten energy support groups can only move collectively within a limited range and can barely carry out a certain defense, but their mobility and initiative will be greatly reduced.

In short, the Transmutation Powerhouse at the rear will become a living target once it establishes an energy support channel with the powerhouse at the front!

Such a collective unit, the three-phase thermal bomb is my favorite!   Shaking his hands, Xu Tui uncovered another three-phase thermal bomb!

He doesn't have too many of these things, but he still has plenty of money.

A one-time Flying Sword flies out, tied with spirit strength, and fires instantly!   At the same moment, Blue Star’s Transmutation Realm units on the ground, namely individual genetic evolution realms that can fly in Fleshy body combat, soar into the sky at the same time!   "Come again!"

Seeing Xu Tui shooting a three-phase thermal bomb, Jinte's heart is indescribable. Their most unsatisfied thermal weapon with the worst energy effect, today But he taught them again and again!


Jinte roared, and dozens of Daxi people who supported him in the Transmutation Realm suddenly dispersed, but he broke out directly at this moment, bursting out all over his body. Groups of extremely dazzling electromagnetic brilliance.

Masses of electromagnetic brilliance piled up, making him swell up like a celestial body!

Unspeakable heart palpitations surfaced in my heart.

The scarlet Huo Jane in Xu Tui's mind flashed suddenly, sending a dangerous signal to Xu Tui.

At this moment, Xu Tui's spirit felt that a large part of the electromagnetic brilliance seemed to be locked in him.

Xu Tui screams damn!

How much hatred, how much hatred.

This Daxi executive officer did not forget to take care of him when the fierce battle with the three Planetary Grade broke out!   Without the slightest hesitation, Xu Tui used spirit strength to squeeze the escape card that Old Cai gave him!

Under the control of psychic induction, Xu Tui appeared on the ground of the Fuqiang asteroid tens of kilometers away.

Almost the moment Xu Tui disappeared, the electromagnetic light around Jinte suddenly exploded, as if the smallpox scattered flowers, exploding hundreds of electromagnetic arcs.

At least fifty electromagnetic arcs hit Xu Tui's position!   The position where Xu Tui stood before was instantly sparkled by electromagnetic arcs.

Li Qingping, who had just received a large electromagnetic arc, saw this scene, his brain buzzed, almost lost his mind!

No blood!   There is no breath to dissipate.


When Li Qingping turned around, he saw Xu Tui, who had just landed on the Fuqiang asteroid, from high in the sky.

"Good boy!"

Li Qingping is considered sighed in relief.

The Planetary Grade powerhouse in Milian District Heidolph and the other Asid in Planetary Grade in Indo-Union District who also saw this scene, the rays of light in their eyes are slightly complicated! If there is   no doubt, in the scene just now, they even hope that Jinte will succeed! It   's one thing for them to fight side by side with Li Qingping and the others. It's one thing to fight to the death with all their strength, and it's another thing to kill Xu Tui, the elite of the talents in China, by the enemy.

One code is one code!   It's a pity.   At the moment when Jinte's ultimate move broke out, the other warriors of the Daxi tribe, under the command of the surviving Planetary Grade powerhouse Bram, quickly retreated.

Executive Officer Jinte's big move is not a waste, at least it can safely retreat.

But the loss is really big!

In this short one minute match time, I lost one Planetary Grade, one quasi-planet, and eighteen Transmutation Realms. They were killed on the spot.

There are dozens of minor and serious injuries!

This comrade-in-arms, too special plastic, turned around and became an enemy!

In the depths of space, Leihong, who was observing this scene from afar, began to stir, but was persuaded by Leigen.

"My lord, Gint is not easy to deal with, and Blue Star Human Race is not a good ally. Let's withdraw!"

After hesitating for three seconds, Leihong was nodded.

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