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  Chapter 657 Demolition and Relocation (see monthly ticket)   Daxi people worry about the Spirit Race Planetary that was evacuated before Grade powerhouse stabs them back during their battle with the Blue Star Human Race.

Similarly, Bluestar Human Race is also worried about this.

I am afraid that the Planetary Grade powerhouse that Spirit Race evacuated before will kill a sudden thrust.

Therefore, this time the raid on the Daxi clan started very suddenly and ended very quickly.

Two minutes before and after.

The Daxi tribe lost a Planetary Grade powerhouse and then quickly collapsed. Li Qingping, Heidolph, Asid and the others did not chase them, and they returned to the Fuqiang asteroid very steadily.

In fact, although the previous battle was only two minutes, the four Planetary Grade powerhouses were not intact.

All four of them were injured, but the injuries were invisible on the surface, and their strength was consumed to a certain extent.

Now that the four Planetary Grade powerhouses have arrived, the next step is to listen to the opinions of these four Planetary Grade powerhouses.

This is currently the most real situation.

Xu Tui also realized at this moment that after Blue Star Human Race stepped out of the circle of earth, moon, and fire, to some extent, Planetary Grade powerhouse’s right to speak has been further strengthened. !   The authority of various genetic committees has been weakened.

For example, in the asteroid belt, a Planetary Grade powerhouse is like a nuclear powerhouse a hundred years ago. No one dares to ignore where it appears.

There are many reasons, but the most classic is only one-their survivability, endurance combat capability, deterrence, and recovery capabilities are the strongest.

For example, the highest-level three-phase thermal bombs for thermal weapons that Bluestar currently discloses are all one-time transactions.

It also depends on whether there is a chance to launch a detonation or even hit the enemy.

Before the Blue Star human beings walked out of the earth, moon, and fire circles, the anti-thief Old Xia did a similar test, and then was forcefully pressed against the ground by the major genetic committees and rubbed against it. OVER.

What about the asteroid belt now?

There are really many contradictions within Bluestar Human RaceThe   four Planetary Grade powerhouses, Li Qingping, took the shortest time to understand the situation, especially the possible reinforcements of the Daxi ethnic group.

There is still a powerful executive Jinte left in the Daxi tribe, Bram, who has only weak battle strength, and digital quasi-planets.

Twenty minutes later, they will be able to start the next transition. The next transition, it is very likely that they will have another Planetary Grade!

According to Lavis’s explanation, the average length of a thousand leaps cannot be carried on a long-distance jump with the Planetary Grade powerhouse.

In this situation, after twenty minutes, the Great Western tribe will add one Planetary Grade and two to four quasi-planets.

This amount can already threaten the Bluestar Human Race, but it is still within the acceptable range.

However, if the Daxi people make another leap and come again to the Planetary Grade powerhouse, it is not what Li Qingping and the four of them can support.

So, after comprehensive consideration, Li Qingping and the four made a decision-evacuate as soon as possible!   But half an hour before the evacuation, some things that can be taken away by this ancient Daxi base should be taken away.

Regardless of material or energy transmission, as long as it can make a little progress in Bluestar's technology, it is worth it! In   this way, it's not in vain to come to all major alliances this time.

Although the entrance to the ancient Daxi base is almost destroyed, Xu Tui can still enter the alternate safe passage that Xu Tui and the others evacuated.

Xu Tui emphasized that this ancient Daxi base was the first to discover and occupy the flag, and reported the Unut asteroid, and gave it a name-Fuqiang asteroid!   Unfortunately, according to normal circumstances, up to fifty minutes, before the arrival of the reinforcements of the two leap-forwards of the Daxi people, everyone, including Li Qingping and the others, had to retreat.

In other words, the Fuqiang asteroid is about to fall into the hands of the Daxi people.

This is a helpless thing.

At this time, there is no point in emphasizing occupation.

What this will do is to maximize the benefits of Bluestar.

Each develops special combat groups, organizes capable personnel and powerful machinery, enters the ancient base of the Daxi nationality, and then just one word—demolition!

Remove all that can be removed and take away.

Take it back to study.

The Heavenspan Special Operations Group, as the first special operations group to arrive on the Fuqiang asteroid, can be entered first.

With that, the Haotian Special Battle Group in the Huaxia District is also the first order to enter.

In this regard, Planetary Grade powerhouse Asid of the Union of India expressed some opinions.

"Which head of your family ran the Planetary Grade powerhouse with a three-phase nuclear bomb?   Don't say Planetary Grade, there are no quasi-planets?   No Just shut up!"

Li Qingping choked, and directly pointed out the crazy scene of Xu Tui chasing after them with the three-phase thermal explosive bomb when they first arrived.

There are also videos.

Planetary Grade powerhouse in Union District, Asid closed his mouth wisely! I can't   beat it, I can't fight it!

Then there is the Slavic Wars.

In the words of Planetary Grade powerhouse Anlevich of the Russian Union District, the Slavic battle group formed a temporary alliance with Heavenspan and Haotian special battle group at a critical moment to fight against Spirit. Race three Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Must be the third person to enter!

Whoever doesn't make sense of this truth, he will look for someone desperately!

Asid and Heidolph wisely avoided, they could only stare fiercely at their special forces.

Who made the previous battles not enough!

The fourth entry is the Freedom Special Forces.

The reason, the Planetary Grade powerhouse in Milian District, Heidolph, in the battle just now, desperately killed the enemy! The   fifth place to enter is the Indra Battle Group from the Union of India. The reason is the same as above! .

The Apollo team of the European Union zone entered the sixth without any suspense.

As for the last one, naturally it is the Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group in Huaya Seventh District.

The Heavenly Dao Special Forces team itself is a bit like a girl, and did not come to the Planetary Grade powerhouse. In the previous battles, they were very strong. They were not the last to enter, who was the last to enter?

This order is very reasonable!

Originally, Xu Tui's Heavenspan Special Forces didn't want to enter.

I have searched a lot before, and all the aircraft are basically fully loaded. If you get some more, there is no place to install it.

But Xu Tui considers that other special warfare groups have entered. If he finds that he has been raided for a while, it may cause unnecessary trouble. If he enters, he has to pretend.

Anyway, according to the rules set by Li Qingping and the four people, this will go in. In addition to the order, whoever will get it first, and whoever counts, the special forces must not conflict, just look at the order.

Evacuation early is even impossible.

Must be evacuated under the support of four Planetary Grade powerhouses.

In space, the expert of the Daxi ethnic group, but there, heaven knows whether there will be another raid.

Let Xu Tui ask Cui Xi to spot some people and enter the ancient base of the Daxi people to start the demolition work.

Especially for the key locations of the core, first walk around, no matter what to bring back to China in the future, the other districts have nothing to say, let alone reach out.

That was the seizure of Huaxia District.


Four Planetary Grade powerhouse endorsed by Li Qingping, Heidolph, Asid and Anlevich!

If you want to overthrow, just hit them with a face, and play with them first!   "The countdown is 30 minutes. After forty minutes, all special combat teams must be launched!"

Li Qingping and the others gave orders, and Xu Tui began to quickly deal with the injuries of the team members.

In this battle, the Heavenspan Special Forces lost a lot, with four serious injuries.

Fortunately, Mu Xingluan and her classmates are both extraordinary Wood Element, and they are considered to be a milky element. In the previous battle, they mainly played support in the rear. Someone was seriously injured, so they hanged first.

Otherwise, Xu Tui might not be the same corpse that I will see!

Heavenspan special combat team, one person died in battle!   New member.

I have tried to kill people deliberately with the encouragement of Xu Tui, Cui Xi and the others, Wang Xiaozhi!   The fission family Planetary Grade powerhouse, who was chased by Xu Tui and then driven around by Xu Tui holding the three-phase thermal explosive bomb, waved a claw at will and all split up and in pieces.   How do you say it? It was also because of Wang Xiaozhi's death that Xu Tui held the three-phase thermal bomb madly.

The name of this fission clan Planetary Grade powerhouse, Xu Tui remembers, it is the sixth gravel! On the   battlefield, people are always dead!   at first In the fight between the Freedom Special Forces and the Indra Special Forces, they killed many people at each other!

At that time, unemotional, only stand! At   this time, seeing his comrade-in-arms corpse divided into five pieces, Xu Tui has been accustomed to seeing life and death recently, and Xu Tui's heart is full of sadness.

It was his group leader who brought him out. Now, he can only bring his body back.   " Bring the first aid kit." Xu Tui said suddenly.

Yan Lie body flashed and silently sent a first aid kit to Xu Tui.


In the next moment, Xu Tui began to cut the combat uniform with scissors to clean Wang Xiaozhi's wounds.

"Head, Xiaozhi, he has died in battle!" Luo Murong couldn't bear it.

"I know."

"Then you."

"Take him home completely, I can only do so much "

Under everyone's gaze, Xu Tui sutured Wang Xiaozhi's beheaded body into five pieces with stitches and stitches, and filled the internal organs back into the broken abdomen.

In silence, Yan Lie also joined the ranks.

Luo Murong hesitated for a few breaths, picked up the golden blade on his back, and also lifted the surgical thread in the first aid kit, sutured the dead Wang Xiaozhi, and his hands were instantly stained with blood.

At this moment, Luo Murong's obsession with cleanliness did not occur!

The blood of comrades-in-arms is the purest.In the   distance, Li Qingping looked at this scene and sighed lightly.

All special combat teams suffered casualties.

In fact, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group had the least number of deaths, only one person was killed.

Other special warfare groups, ranging from more than ten people to as many as thirty or fifty people, are piled in body bags, whether they are intact or broken.

Only the Heavenspan Special Forces is different.

Li Qingping still remembers that the Pangu Special War Group had a similar situation.

In order to snatch the body of his comrade-in-arms back, Vulcan Gevro once rushed to kill him again!   This behavior, some people say it's worth it!   Some people say it's not worth it. If you really want to fight to death, the loss will be even greater!

But is it worth it?

Li Qingping, a former member of the Pangu special battle group, thinks-worth it!   Twenty minutes later, Wang Xiaozhi was broken into five corpses and stitched together again. Xu Tui and Luo Murong worked together to remove and install his broken combat uniform, and then took out a spare set of combat uniforms. Dress him again.

"After a while, come home with us!" Xu Tui personally sent Wang Xiaozhi's body to the air-to-sky fighter!   The demolition and relocation of the various pioneering special forces are also carrying out all kinds of strange things. There are all kinds of demolition, even the bathroom facilities of the dormitory.

But no matter what you disassemble, it will all be installed after half an hour.

Forty minutes later, all the seven special forces took off.

It is worth mentioning that during this period, the Milian District Participating Group with a number of up to 500 people arrived and hurried to carry out the last wave of demolition.

But after only ten minutes, the demolition and relocation was over.

They can only evacuate.

Basically just smell a bit! The   Daxi people are ready to go in outer space. Without the protection of Planetary Grade powerhouse, no one dares to explore more.

After that, the temporary space fleet sailed into the depths of space under the support of four Planetary Grade powerhouses, and Jinte of the Daxi tribe could only watch them leave from a distance.

Ten minutes later, another thousand leaps and bounds arrived from the Daxi tribe. Unfortunately, the Blue Star Human Race fleet has lost its trace.

All pioneering special forces, return home!   But in the process of returning home, Xu Tui constantly replenishes Mitsubishi Tripod with energy.

****   Zhu San needs monthly energy support!   Zhu San needs monthly energy support!   Seeking support from the big guys!

(End of this chapter)

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