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  Chapter 658 The needs of Mitsubishi Ding (for monthly ticket)   "How about it, is there any direction?"

"Boss, there is no specific direction yet."

This is the most frequent dialogue between Mitsubishi Ding and Xu Tui during the return journey.

I filled the Mitsubishi Cauldron with hundreds of grams of source crystal, but got dozens of the same answer, Xu Tui was a little annoyed.

"Fuck, Mitsubishi Tripod, why do you play Lao Tzu as a fool? Still feel very happy to deceive Yuanjing from me!"

In the next moment, an angry Xu Tui watched The larger Mitsubishi tripod directly detonated the Spiritual Imprint, which was planted in the body of the Mitsubishi tripod.

"Boss, no"

The explosion of bang bang rang in the body of the Mitsubishi tripod. The explosion inside even made the body of the Mitsubishi tripod shake.

The aura filled with Mitsubishi Tripod was fading rapidly. In just one second, the energy fluctuation of Mitsubishi Tripod became extremely weak, and even the voice became weak.

"Boss, I really tried my best, but I just couldn't sense the specific location of that low-grade melon breath. It was too far away."

Mitsubishi tripod was wronged. The pitiful state of the lost child.

If this is Xu Tui before, I believe it.

But now Xu Tui does not believe it at all.

Spiritual Imprint's explosive word tactics detonated only the energy accumulated in the Mitsubishi Cauldron. The energy that had been completely converted by him was there.

Xu Tui does not understand the energy conversion mode of the Mitsubishi Tripod, but it can be seen from the body shape.

In the earliest days, Mitsubishi Tripod was the size of a thumb.

But now, the body size has skyrocketed more than ten times, bigger than an adult's fist.

Although it can shrink its body again, the weight is still there.

It must not be said that the defensive power and life force of the Ling clan are really very powerful.

All the energy exploded under the explosive character formula is gone, but the body is intact.

If this move were to be replaced with Xu Tui, it would basically be a pulpy internal burst, and it would be over.

"Boss, I really tried my best."

Xu Tui is also wondering, is Mitsubishi Ding really doing my best?   An Xiaoxue Their land reclamation group is also in the asteroid belt, but the exact location is unknown.

Cai Shaochu said that the Blue Star Genetic Committee has already deployed a cosmic lighthouse with a unique frequency to the wasteland reclamation group, but because of the relatively severe communication delay, there is no result yet.

However, after coming to the asteroid belt, Xu Tui was really worried.

Spirit Race does not appear frequently in the earth, moon and fire circles, but in the asteroid belt, it feels like Spirit Race enters and exits as usual, coming and going freely.

So, has Spirit Race discovered the location of An Xiaoxue and their land reclamation team? The   last time during the fire star negotiation, Spirit Race Lei Shu said that he only knew that there was such a thing, and he knew a rough position.

Will Spirit Race take further action?

You know, in the asteroid belt, Spirit Race can dispatch the Planetary Grade powerhouse at any time.

As for An Xiaoxue and their land reclamation team, due to the limitation of quantum arbitrary gate when they set out, the highest cultivation base is only the genetic evolutionary state, not even a transmutation state.

The only reliance is the three-phase thermal bomb.

But the situation is definitely worse than the previous Heavenspan special forces on the Fuqiang asteroid.

Xu Tui and the others, how come they still have the Unut asteroid as backup, but An Xiaoxue and the others, except for the material support of the fire star, they have nothing.

Especially on the Fuqiang asteroid, not to mention the appearance of the Daxi tribe, there are also four or five Planetary Grade powerhouses.

Xu Tui was originally worried about An Xiaoxue and their safety, but now, they are a little furious!

Must try to find the position of the land reclamation group as soon as possible.

Contact or rescue them.

On Xu Tui's side, the contact method that can be used is the meristem of the rhombus.

When Xu Tui participated in the space raid war, he had already obtained the Mitsubishi tripod at that time and knew the role of the Mitsubishi tripod. Before participating in the war, I had a special opinion of An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan.

Let the two of you have to bring the energy detector that can sense the fluctuations of the enemy's basic power, which is distributed by the moon base, and it is actually the clot of the rhombus.

At that time, Xu Tui also asked Mitsubishi Ding to specially mark the mites of the rhododendron family held by the two.

Xu Tui had also made Mitsubishi Ding sense several times before, but he could not sense the specific direction.

This time Xu Tui, who realized the danger in the battle of the Fuqiang asteroid, was completely impatient.

On the way back to the voyage, Mitsubishi Tripod was constantly inducing the position of the clone carried by An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan.

It's just that Mitsubishi Tripod is constantly asking Xu Tui to replenish his source crystals, but after dozens of detections, the results are all the same.

These two low-level mites can be sensed, and they may be in the asteroid belt, but not to mention the specific location, even the approximate direction can not be sensed.

This makes Xu Tui highly suspicious that this man can't work hard. Taking the opportunity to blackmail the source crystal from him to strengthen himself, there will be a scene where Xu Tui is extremely angry just before triggering the explosion of the word tactics.

Xu Tui doesn't need the Mitsubishi Tripod to sense the specific location, as long as he gives an approximate direction, then in theory, as long as he keeps searching in this approximate direction, he will eventually find An Xiaoxue them!

However, I can't even sense an approximate direction.

The tripped Mitsubishi tripod, this will be pitiful, so Xu Tui feels wronged?   No!

Xu Tui suddenly remembered something.

During the fire star battle, Mitsubishi Cauldron was so far away, it sensed the other chrysomorphs of Spirit Race commander Lei Shu who used to communicate, and the location was very precise!   That's a clone of other water chestnuts.

What this will make Mitsubishi tripod sense is the clones that colonize itself.

This fellow knows that An Xiaoxue is extremely important to Xu Tui, so I took the opportunity to blackmail the source energy from Xu Tui to strengthen myself! As   soon as I thought of this, Xu Tui was furious!   Mitsubishi tripod cried out to hit the sky!

"Boss, it's different, the life level is completely different! One is a high-level clone and the other is a low-level clone. It's completely different. I really did my best."

"But which one is from the other rhododendrons. These two low-grade melons are colonized from you?"

"Boss, you have the least tadpoles in your body?"

A few hundred million, right? You said that if you spray the tadpoles in your body to a mosquito 10,000 meters away, do you say that the mosquitoes are eye-catching, or your tadpoles are eye-catching?" Mitsubishi Ding wanted to break his head. Taking Xu Tui as a human being, he made a metaphor.

"Of course it is my little tadpole!"

Mitsubishi Ding: "."

Xu Tui's answer directly caused Mitsubishi Ding to close itself!   "Boss, I am really"

"Do you mean that the Life Level of the clot itself is too low?" Xu Tui actually understands what Mitsubishi Tripod means.

"Yes, the boss!"

Mitsubishi tripod is sighed in relief, "Even if the mites are not Life Level at all, they are better than your human tadpoles. Be stronger, otherwise, I wouldn’t have that many colonies.

Low-level clones, and high-level clones, have a worlds apart."

"This is The root cause of not being able to sense the specific direction, of course, if my strength is greatly improved, maybe I can sense the approximate location of these low-level clones." Mitsubishi Tripod said.

Xu Tui stared at the Mitsubishi tripod, and suddenly made up his mind, "Say, how many grams of source crystal can sense the specific location of the two low-level meristems?"

Mitsubishi Kanae thought carefully?   "Is five hundred grams of Yuanjing enough?"

Mitsubishi Ding did not dare to answer.

"Five hundred grams is not enough, how about a kilogram of Yuanjing?"

Still no sound.

"Five kilograms?"

"Ten thousand grams? Ten thousand grams is enough?"

The Mitsubishi tripod still has no sound, but Xu Tui is very big Anger, "Fuck, I'm really greedy, I have all my wealth for you, but you still can't sense an approximate direction,   believing or not, now I will throw it into the spirit strength shielding box, and find an unmanned planet Are you buried?"

Xu Tui is angry!

"It’s not the boss, I’m not greedy, I don’t dare to be greedy at all! The   reason why I didn’t answer is that I’m not sure!   You give me 500 grams of source crystal, after I absorb it , It may be sensed, or it may not be sensed!

The same is true for one kilogram, and the same is true for ten thousand grams!The   main reason is that I am not sure, not sure, so I dare not say." .

This statement made Xu Tui's anger abate, but he was even more helpless!   "According to you, what's the use of this iron knot I want you? It's   better to bury it!"

"Boss, in fact, if you give me a black silver glass Body, give me a few hundred grams of source crystal, I have 80% certainty that I can sense the direction of these two low-level mites." Mitsubishi Cauldron said abruptly.


"The fox's tail is showing? After a long time, you are greedy for the black silver glaze body? Are you pinching me for the black silver glaze body?"

"Boss, I really don't! I am a greedy black silver glazed body, but I really can't sense the direction of the two low-level melons, and I dare not pinch you.

To be honest, if you are stuffed into a spirit strength shielding box and buried in an unknown planet, the eternal loneliness and darkness will be a hundred times more uncomfortable than killing me!The   reason I say this is because of the Daxi people. The black silver glazed body of Planetary Grade powerhouse is very shapeable.

After I get it, I can make myself an organ like an antenna for signal amplification and enhancement.

At that time, my ability to perceive information from low-level mites will be doubled.

With a little source energy, I said I have 80% certainty!" Mitsubishi Ding explained to Xu Tui carefully.


"It's true!"

"Are you sure you are 80% sure?"

"I'm sure ! It may be more certain, but I dare not say too much. In many cases, there is not much difference between 99% and 50%." Mitsubishi Tripod said.

After a few breaths of silence, Xu Tui slowly nodded, "Okay."

"Boss, when will you give me the black silver glazed body?" Mitsubishi Kanae tentatively asked Tao.

"No hurry."

Xu Tui is very anxious about An Xiaoxue's whereabouts, but the Mitsubishi tripod itself is also an alien species, it still belongs to how many years it has lived. The kind of alien species of old coins.

As for the black silver glazed body, Xu Tui doesn't know much about it.

Wait after turning around the Unut asteroid before making a decision.

No matter which direction to explore next, you must return to the Unut asteroid, and hand over the key materials from the Daxi ancient base full of fighters and supply ships to the Huaxia District before proceeding. Next step.

We have to contact the fire star crater base through the Unut asteroid. How about their contact with the land reclamation team.

If there is no progress, consider this again.

However, you must be cautious when using the black silver glaze body.

Even Ahuang Xu Tui hasn't given it yet.

According to Li Qingping, Old Cai is currently on the Unut asteroid.

This time the Daxi ancient base incident, after an organization in the Seventh District of Blue Star found an abnormality and caused alarm, it was handed over to Old Cai for handling.

Because Old Cai arrived at Fire Star from the Moon last time, he has not left Fire Star.

It happens to be able to quickly reach the Unu asteroid through the quantum arbitrary gate of the fire star.

Of course, there is a price.

The next time you pass the Planetary Grade powerhouse, it will be thirteen days later.

The quantum arbitrary gate between the fire star and the Unut asteroid, the cooldown time of a Planetary Grade powerhouse passes through. Depending on the strength, the cooldown time is ten to fifteen days.

It just so happens that Xu Tui has a lot of doubts and would like to ask Old Cai in person.

With Li Qingping's four Planetary Grade powerhouse supporters, it was very safe along the way, without any accidents.

However, on the way back, the pioneering special forces continue to leave.

For example, the participating regiment in the Milian District, the Heavenly Dao Special Operations Group in the Huaya 7th District, and the Apollo Special Operations Group in the European Union District.

The characteristic of these special warfare groups is that they have little loss, but basically no gain. It would be a waste of time to return to the Unut asteroid in this way.

In the middle of the road, when I found a suitable node, I left the returning fleet first and went in to explore and explore.

Of course, the fully loaded Heavenspan Special Forces is different! After a   day and a half of space voyage, the returning fleet finally arrived at the Unut asteroid.

Among the welcoming crowd, Xu Tui saw Cai Shaochu standing with his hands, Cheng Daxing in military uniform, and the welcome queue of the Unut Asteroid Garrison in Huaxia District!

Suddenly, the eyes are hot!   "Old Cui, take Xiaozhi first, and take him home!"

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