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  Chapter 659 You guys, you should receive roses (please guarantee monthly pass)   Huaxia District Military The efficiency of work is still very high.

Wang Xiaozhi, the sacrificed member of the Heavenspan Special Forces Group, including the sacrificed members of the Haotian Special Forces Group, are all identified as martyrs, and the Huaxia District will issue official pensions.

In terms of pensions, Xu Tui notified Zhuang Ziqiang of the Heavenspan Special Forces Charity Pension Foundation through the moon relay contact, and included Wang Xiaozhi and the members of Haotian who died in the battle into the pensioners.

After more than two months of operation, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group Charity Compensation Foundation has gradually been on the right track. His father Xu Jianguo, who is idle, has also taken up the post of inspector.

The internal pension mechanism is also more scientific and rational, and long-term pensions are divided into several levels.

All members of the Heavenspan Special Forces, once sacrificed, their immediate family members enjoy the highest level of pensions.

Apart from this, all the martyrs who died because of the development of the asteroid belt have their personal authority level increased by two levels, which can basically benefit their families.

Wang Xiaozhi’s personal authority level has been raised to Level 3 and directly promoted to the upper level of D-Rank.

The reason why Level 3 was raised is also because of the merits of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group this time.

The Heavenspan Special Operations Group brought back a large number of precious materials from the ancient Daxi base this time, which is of great research value.

If nothing else, just the normal temperature superconducting materials and technology, the value is unimaginable.

And less than three days before some energy shunt materials were transported to the moon base, preliminary results have been obtained.

It is mainly a discovery on an alloy material production line in the ancient base of the Daxi nationality, which was discovered by researcher Jiang Nan before.

A refining technology on this alloy material production line can purify and extract deuterium from metals. The refining speed is twice that of the existing process and the purity is higher.

Deuterium (dao) is an important raw material for nuclear fusion. Bluestar's seawater reserves are very large, but due to the process, the output has been very limited.

And because it is a mature production line, from improvement to practicality, it may be very fast!

The normal temperature superconducting technology will increase the energy efficiency of energy weapons such as electromagnetic cannons, laser cannons, and heavy particle cannons by a percentage! The   most important thing is the brand-new alloy that is stronger than the mechanical spirit alloy discovered in the ancient base of the Daxi nationality.

This alloy is called Xuan Liu alloy and has a darker color.

However, the tolerance of spirit strength and energy is 10% higher than that of mechanical spirit alloy. More importantly, it is 20% lighter with the same volume, and the strength is still It's 15% higher than Mechanical Spirit Alloy!

Other properties of corrosion resistance, magnetization resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, etc., are all ten to twenty percentage points higher than that of Xie Ling alloy.

Using this alloy to make aerospace fighters and combat uniforms, the performance and defensive power may be improved by more than 20%.

Within a few years, as long as these technologies are put into mass production and the Huaxia District’s armed forces are replaced, then the military technology strength of the Huaxia District, not to mention the promotion of one generation, on the current basis, the promotion of half a generation. any problem!

This time, the Heavenspan Special Forces made a great contribution to the asteroid trip of the Fuqiang.

However, because of the huge contribution, it cannot be publicly commended, and the Heavenspan Special Forces can only be rewarded through other channels.

Wang Xiaozhi's martyrs treatment has also been improved.

At the same time, there are also a lot of cash and source crystals as well as prizes for cherished materials. Early-Stage will tentatively award 500 grams of source crystals for each person. It is only temporary, and the others have not been decided yet.

It is worth mentioning that after contacting Wang Xiaozhi's family and obtaining their consent, the Huaxia District military decided to bury Wang Xiaozhi's body on the Unut asteroid.

The Huaxia District will build a cemetery of martyrs on the Unut asteroid and a monument to the pioneering heroes of the asteroid belt to commemorate.

Wang Xiaozhi and the members of the Haotian Special Combat Team were the first batch, but definitely not the last batch.

Back to the Unut asteroid, Xu Tui had a lot of questions and asked Cai Shaochu face-to-face. Unfortunately, I don’t know if Xu Tui brought back too many things, or what happened, Old Cai the past few The thieves are busy.

Xu Tui sent several messages in a row, and he always asked Xu Tui to wait.

Xu Tui can only take a break like the other members.

Said it is a rest, in fact, it is full cultivation.

this can be considered a tradition of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group.

I was taken by Cui Xi along the way, and he opened a few nasty jokes. Yan Lie’s servant occasionally played a trick, and made a strange thing about himself with Lao Cui and the cold-faced people like Yanghuai, brought by the war. The pressure disappeared invisibly.

After the old members came back, they couldn't wait to start the cultivation. In the words of group leader Xu Tui, the source crystal must be immediately transformed into strength! If   Yuan Jing Zang doesn't use it, it is pure waste!   In fact, the road began to be cultivated.

Under the influence of this style of work, the new members don’t cultivate feeling sorry, and the atmosphere of penance is very strong!

Xu Tui found Zhou Chuan.

"Brother Zhou, let's have a discussion."

As soon as Xu Tui spoke, Zhou Chuan got rid of the hair first, "Don’t, you brat don’t cheat me. Old Zhou Old Zhou’s.

This will call me Brother Zhou, it’s nothing good."

"I will never pit you, Brother Zhou, I just want to see your body "

As soon as this remark came out, Zhou Chuan immediately felt like have one's hair stand on end. Looking at Xu Tui's gaze, it became extremely strange.

"Fuck, no wonder Li Zhen confessed to you, you didn't respond! So you like men?   But I like women, not men!

Don’t find me, I’ll introduce you."

Xu Tui's face turned dark, "Brother Zhou, let’s be steady, don’t you go crazy? Don’t say my hobby is a young lady, even if it’s not. I won’t look for you.

You can take a look at yourself!"

"I am such a tough guy, so attractive. Oh, I was crooked by you! No, what do you think of my body?" Zhou Chuan said curiously.

"You are the Transmutation Powerhouse, I want to see the status of the genetic chain in your body! Because this requires absolute trust and letting go, you need to trust me completely, and allow my spirit strength to enter your body .

So I came to you.

In the powerhouse of Transmutation, there is no one else who can trust me absolutely." Xu Tui said.

"It turns out that this is the case, but I still suffer a bit. Not only the body is seen by you, but the spirit is also invaded by you." Zhou Chuan played said with a smile.

At this moment, Xu Tui is begging for someone to do something, and a little serious, "If Brother Zhou finds it inconvenient, then forget it."

Xu Tui is leaving, Zhou Chuan directly Stopped, "I'm kidding with you, don't say it's just looking at the friendship between our brothers, if you have a legitimate reason to need this to sleep me, I will immediately contribute to you!   Come on, what do you want me to do? Cooperate with you and come as you like."

"Sleep you, don't disgust me."

After 3 minutes, Xu Tui's spirit strength smoothly followed Zhou Chuan's body surface Entered his body and began to mentally sense Zhou Chuan's body.

It is worth mentioning that this was done in one go. Xu Tui's spirit strength entered Zhou Chuan's body without any hindrance.

What does this mean?   This shows that Zhou Chuan absolutely trusts Xu Tui from the inside out!   Previously when Xu Tui watched Cui Xi, Yan Lie, Zhao Hailong and the others, they also needed Xu Tui to use a little mental hypnosis to let go of the bottom line of instinctive self-protection and let Xu Tui’s spirit strength enter !

It’s not that Cui Xi and Yan Lie and the others don’t absolutely trust Xu Tui. It can only be said that Xu Tui and Zhou Chuan have had several life-and-death interactions. The most instinctive self-protection has also let Xu Tui go .

Seeing Xu Tui, who is the main genetic chain in Zhou Chuan's body, is shocked.

Different!   The genetic ability chain of Powerhouse in Transmutation is completely different from the genetic ability chain in Evolution.

The color is still Level 3 golden.

Zhou Chuan is a Transmutation Powerhouse, and the real ability rating is C-Rank Transmutation Powerhouse, there are seven genetic ability chains in his body, and it is golden at the moment.

But compared to the genetic ability chain in the evolutionary realm, Zhouchuan’s main genetic ability chain has genetic basis points close to 2/3/2021, all of which are Level 3 golden.

In the main genetic ability chain, there is only one genetic base point, which has been strengthened to the level 3 golden state of full progress.

Compared with himself, Xu Tui can see this very clearly.

If it is purely on the degree of strengthening and development of the genetic capability chain and genetic base point, Zhou Chuan's powerhouse in a transmutation state is much worse than Xu Tui.

For example, Xu Tui’s spirit strength lashes out the genetic ability chain, among which the genetic base point also has the genetic ability chain, all Level 3 full status.

But it is unable to strengthen the development to the level 4 Xu Tui thinks.

However, at this time Zhou Chuan was psychopathic, but the reason was found.

The biggest difference between the powerhouse genetic ability chain of Zhou Chuan and the genetic ability chain of Xu Tui is the internal branch line!   Or it is the internal loop branch chain.

Xu Tui includes the genetic ability chain of Zhao Hailong, Yan Lie and the others that I have seen before. The genetic base point of a genetic ability chain is strung by a genetic chain, just like a string. Like a string of beads, it finally forms a closed chain.

However, the genetic capability chain of Powerhouse in Transmutation has opened many internal circular chains within this closed chain.

Visually speaking, a genetic capability chain has 12 genetic base points, which are marked as genetic base points No. 1 to No. 12. There is a chain that passes through the middle and connects them together.

This is the genetic ability chain of the genetic evolutionary environment.

Transmutation is different.

What has changed is that inside this closed chain, a large number of branches have been opened.

For example, No. 3 genetic base point and No. 5 genetic base point are connected by a short chain, and No. 6 and No. 8 are connected by a short chain.

From No. 4, No. 5, and No. 7 are connected by two short chains.

Prior to this, the energy of the genetic capability chain could only operate through this large closed chain.

It's like a big traffic circle.

But now, the short chain within the genetic capability chain of Transmutation has added many interoperable routes in this big loop.

The passing speed and intensity of energy are higher, and the structure of the entire genetic capability chain is more stable!

Observing the genetic ability chain in Zhou Chuan, Xu Tui suddenly understood.

Understand the gap between Transmutation and Evolution!

The internal structure of genetic capability chain is further stabilized, and energy operation efficiency is further improved.

Think about it, the genetic ability chain is like a bracelet. When held in your hand, its shape is very easy to change.

But if several branches are added in the middle, the shape and structure will become more stable.

This time, I understand!   Know the difference.

But, what is the point of cultivation?   "Brother Zhou, I want to ask, how did you go from Peak breakthrough to Transmutation?" Xu Tui asked.

"About eleven years after I reached the Peak of Evolution, there has been no breakthrough. Anyway, according to the guidance of the senior in the military, I have unswervingly fixed several genetic ability chains every day in the cultivation.

I have persisted in this cultivation for eleven years, and one day when I was fighting, I suddenly had a breakthrough.

Persistent cultivation, coupled with battle training, the probability of breakthrough to a transitional state It's very big!" Zhou Chuan was a little proud of his cultivation experience.

Xu Tui sounded a little confused.

Is this cultivation experience?

This is the effect of grinding iron rods into needles. After 11 years of hard work, the water will become natural.   Is there a cultivation method?   There are also penances!   But in fact, there is no cultivation method, just asceticism!

"Of course, I'm the kind of stupid bird who flies first, my innate talent is average, but slow, you are different! I guess you don't need eleven years, as long as you insist on cultivation, maybe three or four years It's time to break through to the state of change."

Zhou Chuan thought Xu Tui was worrying about time and was still comforting Xu Tui.

Xu Tui: "."

I found the direction, but there is no way.

Just as Xu Tui frowned, Xu Tui received the message.

It's Old Cai's.

"I have to be free. I have something to discuss, right?" Cai Shaochu sent a message to Xu Tui.

"Yes, Principal, I have a few questions to ask you."

"Come on, I am waiting for you at the newly completed Martyrs Cemetery."

The speed of infrastructure construction in Huaxia District, whether it is Bluestar or extraterrestrial, can be called unparalleled speed.

In this regard, the current seven districts and one organization are unmatched.

Infrastructure madness, the name of that is a real.

When construction is started, start.

The first phase of a martyrs cemetery was completed in four days.

Of course, most of the extraterrestrial projects have been fully automated. As long as there are enough materials and design schemes, the construction speed is very fast.

When Xu Tui rushed to the asteroid belt martyrs cemetery, Old Cai was in front of the asteroid belt pioneering the hero monument and presented a large bouquet of chrysanthemums.

"Give me a hug."

Seeing Xu Tui's arrival, Cai Shaochu casually pointed, Xu Tui hugged the flowers and followed with the wine bottle, Cai Shaochu took bunches The chrysanthemums packaged in transparent materials were presented one by one in front of the gravestone of the fierce soil, with a solemn expression!

While offering flowers, while offering a drink.

Xu Tui silently followed Cai Shaochu and handed the flowers. When Cai Shaochu leaned over and presented the last bunch of chrysanthemums to Wang Xiaozhi’s tombstone with both hands, Xu Tui saw that Old Cai’s eyes suddenly burst into tears Light flashed.

"Principal ."

At this moment, Xu Tui doesn't know what to say.

Cai Shaochu handed over the bowl, Xu Tui filled the wine, Cai Shaochu offered Wang Xiaozhi a bowl of wine, and then handed it over again, and Xu Tui filled it again.

This time, Cai Shaochu will pick up the bowl of wine and take a sip.

"You are all my students, I am Old Cai here today to respect you, and I also present flowers to you!

Unfortunately, your age should not receive me Old Cai The chrysanthemums from Cai, you guys, you should have received roses."

Xu Tui shook all over and froze.   *****I would like to   ask for a guaranteed monthly pass in the hands of the big guys. Well, after writing this chapter, I feel a little sad.

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