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  Chapter 660 The relationship between the main room and the third (see monthly ticket)

At his age, he received a chrysanthemum presented by Cai Shaochu.

This sentence is probably Cai Shaochu's deepest condolences for these young students who died in the asteroid belt.

Yes, it's a student!

All members of the special warfare group, especially those in the Huaxia District, must go to an extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution University before participating in the war.

Every member of the Huaxia Special Operations Group is a student of Cai Shaochu.

"Xu Tui, cultivation, improve your strength, be smart, and in battle, try to be as shameless as on the Fuqiang asteroid.

To survive, you must live enough Long!   I can’t give you roses.

But I don’t want you to receive the chrysanthemums I gave you one day."

Gently brush your sleeves, A magnificent breath instantly enveloped Xu Tui, and another flash, Cai Shaochu had already appeared with Xu Tui in a new quiet room built at the Unut Asteroid Huaxia Comprehensive Base.

Xu Tui was wrapped in this way by Old Cai before.

I was wrapped up again today, Xu Tui suddenly felt that Old Cai's breath seemed to be stronger?

"Principal, did you break through again?" Xu Tui suddenly said.

"en? Can you feel it?"

"I feel your breath is strong again?"

"Well, it has improved, with my own The road is related to the asteroid belt. Come on, you have contacted me several times, what is the matter?"

While talking, Cai Shaochu glanced at the tea set aside.

Xu Tui understood in a second, and immediately went to make tea for Cai Shaochu. At this time, he had to lick it.

The first question Xu Tui asks is naturally related to cultivation, and how to quickly break through from the evolutionary peak to the genetic transformation.

We must improve our strength, which is the key.

Xu Tui's current physique can barely carry a quasi-planet, but if he encounters Planetary Grade, he is basically slapped to death.

If you are unlucky, you will not even have the chance to escape.

Therefore, Xu Tui wants to quickly break through to genetic transformation!

"There is no shortcut, and there is no quick breakthrough method."

Cai Shaochu's answer made Xu Tui a little disappointed.

At present, if the genetic evolutionary state wants to break through to the transmutation state, there are only two points, relying on accumulation and luck.

Accumulation can greatly increase the chance of luck.

Zhou Chuan is the proof.

There are very few people who can break through to the transition in a short period of time, but more people who want to break through to the transition in a short period of time are abandoned.

"Principal, how could this happen?"

"How could this happen, this is a very normal thing. I ask you, our Blue Star Great Genetic Era has been opened up to now, How many years has it been?"

"It's only 101 years."

"Yes, it's only 101 years. Many things are still on the verge of exploration. In the large sample data Under the research, the genetic liberation environment, genetic mutation environment, and genetic evolution environment have all been studied bits and pieces.

There are even relevant cultivation agents and cultivation skills, and the cultivation system is basically complete.


But the transition, even the quasi-planets, are still in the process of exploring.

The most common thing at present is persistent cultivation, constant cultivation, and then a breakthrough to the transition." Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui frowned, "Principal, after so many years, haven’t you found other rapid breakthrough methods?"

"Of course there are, and many, but all They are some unique paths.

Compared to the path of cultivation that I have realized myself, as long as I have realized it, I can go directly to the transformation realm in a very short time. Once I understand a certain word, the cultivation base can reach it directly. Quasi-planets are also possible.

But after so many years"

Cai Shaochu was a little helpless in sigh.

"The same is true for everyone else, the Shang Taki who detains your genetic miracle, such as Cheng Fengxi, or Vulcan Gevro, or Itivi.

These people, All have their own unique path, but very few of their students can reproduce their path!

Even if it can be reproduced, it is not complete.

Over the years, we have been trying to create and explore a set of cultivation system and skills suitable for the transformation of the Blue Star human beings, but it has not been achieved." Cai Shaochu said.

Suddenly Xu Tui understood something, "Principal, so you let me go my own way?"

"The experience of the predecessors is the most suitable for the predecessors. Persist in cultivation, there will be results, but it is definitely not the best for you.

Whether it is cultivation speed or strength.

So, I hope you can have your own way.


Everything in cultivation is actually a change in the essence of power.

Of course, you have to remember another thing, I say, It's not pure innovation! Pure innovation is too difficult.

Your path must have your own characteristics!"

Hearing this, Xu Tui seems to understand but not understand Nodded.

Then, Xu Tui asked Cai Shaochu many questions.

For example, the difference between Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade, and the black silver glazed body. Cai Shaochu will answer these questions one after another.

Including part of the situation behind the absolute security gate of the ancient Daxi base, Xu Tui has said everything except the scarlet fire slip.

"This is a good thing. It can basically be regarded as one of the highest materials that our Bluestar Human Race has been exposed to in the past 100 years.

Both of your ideas are okay. It may It's another kind of exploratory research. After implementation, remember to record it." Cai Shaochu said after studying the mysterious silver glazed body for a while.

"Principal, do you mean Ah Huang?"

"Yes, high level artificial intelligence, after all, you have to add the word artificial, but the Ah Huang you carry is Feelings and spirits are formed.

Now if you re-emerge into this mysterious silver glazed body, maybe you will unintentionally create a new kind of life, new species?"

Xu Tui was stunned as soon as he said this.

To create a new life, a new race, this   "Principal, is this impossible?"

"There is nothing impossible! The Spirit Race is said to be Spirit The alloy life created by Race.

What Spirit Race can do, I believe that our Bluestar Human Race can also do it." Cai Shaochu said.

"What about Mitsubishi Ding's plan?"


"Feasible?" Xu Tui brows slightly wrinkle, "But in terms of safety, I I'm a little worried. It can't kill, and I basically don't have a way to control it."

"There was no way to control it before. If it is integrated into this black silver glass body, it will be there.

In fact, it's not just it. Your third plan that you dare not implement is also available." Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui stayed again, "Principal, do you mean Ravis, the captive of the Daxi tribe?"

"Of course! Come, I will teach you the method, in fact, you can also do it yourself. I found it out."

According to Cai Shaochu's statement, the black silver glazed body is the result of the Star Core power essence in the body after the fall of the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Daxi tribe.

The path taken by the Daxi people is very weird, a bit like the soul and the body, and a bit like the separation of the soul and the body.

In fact, the Daxi people essentially materialize the spirit, that is, the Spiritual Body, and their power. The fleshy body is just a carrier suitable for exerting their power.

This kind of materialized thing is the black silver glazed body.

Originally, the black silver colored glaze was filled with the spirit willpower of the Great Western Planetary Grade powerhouse.

But fell, this spirit willpower collapsed.

This thing is blank.

And to some extent, this mysterious silver glazed body may be the most suitable carrier for spirit strength in this world now.

As for the things that are suitable for spirit strength to settle in, you can play some tricks.

And the black silver glazed body also has a very important characteristic-preconceived!   After the blank, whose spirit strength enters the shock first, the profound silver glazed body can be contaminated with the breath of whose spirit first.

It's like supplementing as the second master.

In the future, no matter who gets this black silver glazed body again, the second owner's immortal spirit strength will not dissipate, then the third owner will always be obtained later.

As a second host, there are many tricks you can play.

Under Cai Shaochu's guidance, Xu Tui began to take out two of the black silver glazed bodies and began to use his spirit strength to penetrate the shock. This is a scientific view.

Xuanxuexiang’s statement is to let this black silver colored glaze recognize Xu Tui as the master, and at the core of the black silver colored glaze, he will make a brand of explosive character art!

If Xu Tui gives Lavis a black silver glazed body to restore Lavis to a certain strength, then Lavis will have a second heart.

Xu Tui can detonate the core brand of explosive words.

The brand of this explosive word formula cannot kill the two-hearted Ravis, but it can instantly resonate with the spirit strength of Xu Tui remaining in the black silver glaze, and it can instantly destroy Ravis. His Spiritual Body pops up!

In a nutshell: the palace is not dead, the junior will never want to be on top! The   same goes for Mitsubishi Ding.

But this move can only take back the black silver glazed body that has been integrated into the Mitsubishi Cauldron.

The image is that the previous owner went online, and the thief was kicked offline.

This method is quite restrictive to Lavis.

Because as long as Lavis didn't have Fleshy body, his strength would be a lot weaker when he was hammered by Xu Tui. The restriction on Mitsubishi Tripod was not too great.

"Principal, this thing is so precious, do you keep two?" Xu Tui got a total of five black silver glazed bodies, and planned to use three, so this time he generously gave two to Cai Shaochu .

Cai Shaochu waved his hand and refused, "I am useless for the time being. Besides, this item is not a consumable item. As long as you have it in your hand, you can take a part when you want to use it.

However, When will you see your Ancestor Master, Shang Taki, you can mention this thing. This thing may be of great help to his spirit strength research that has been devoted to him."

" Hmm, I got it."

"By the way, Principal, the wasteland reclamation team, and Teacher An and Teacher Qu, are there any updates?" Xu Tui asked.

"Yes, the news came twelve days ago. They are in a pretty good situation. Qu Qingshan has successfully passed through to the Transmutation.

But they found the Spirit Race scouts There is a trace, so I am a little nervous at the moment." Cai Shaochu said.

"Can you determine the specific location of the wasteland reclamation team?"

Upon hearing that the land reclamation planet where An Xiaoxue was located, the scouts of Spirit Race appeared, and Xu Tui was anxious.

Just as Cai Shaochu was about to answer the call, suddenly his personal communication device rang. Cai Shaochu did not shy away from Xu Tui, so he picked it up in front of Xu Tui.

"Principal Cai, there is news from the moon that there is an emergency meeting organized by seven regions and one organization. Lieutenant General Wei said that you'd better attend it. If you confirm to participate, we will shut down Quantum immediately. Any gate, and transfer real-time signals to you through the quantum arbitrary gate.” This is the voice of Cheng Daxing, commander of the asteroid belt.

"Wei Bin said that I need to participate?"

"Yes, Cai Principal."

"Did he say anything?"

"He said that it was about the specific qualitative development of the Fuqiang asteroid belt. Indo-Union Zone and Mi Lian-zone were reported to the Blue Star Genetic Committee.

In view of the current development of the asteroid belt In this situation, an emergency meeting was held. Basically, a Chief-In-Charge and a Planetary Grade powerhouse attended the meeting.

The conflict in the asteroid belt will be re-examined at the meeting, and Make the final qualitative." Cheng Daxing said.

"Shameless stuff!"

Cai Shaochu cursed, "Give me the signal of the quantum arbitrary gate, and I will use the virtual projection to participate in the conference."

The communication enhancement of Quantum Arbitrary Gate is the latest technological improvement of Bluestar.

This is one of the results of the last time I watched Spirit Race solidify and strengthen the quantum arbitrary gate and build the quantum arbitrary gate.

The signal of the quantum communication tower is transferred to the quantum arbitrary gate by adjusting the frequency to amplify the signal, which can realize real-time communication across the planet.

But there are disadvantages.

The disadvantage is that during communication, the quantum arbitrary gate cannot be transmitted due to the signal of the quantum communication tower.

So it cannot be maintained for a long time, but urgent real-time communication is possible.

In fact, this is also a communication technology that has been urgently tackled before.

As the Blue Star humans step out of the circle of earth, moon and fire, if a certain degree of instant communication cannot be achieved, there will be many hidden dangers.

Aside, Xu Tui frowned.

The thing about the former asteroid Fuqiang.

In the first conflict, Xu Tui and the Heavenspan Special Forces killed many members of the Free Special Forces. Later, they killed the Indra Special Forces in the Union of India. Up.

Although a presupposition was made at the time, some evidence was left.

However, at the time of the incident, the Heavenspan Special Forces did not inform the Unut asteroid about the occupation of the Fuqiang asteroid.

This is one of the key points in the disturbances between the two areas of the United States and India to the genetic committee.

Cai Shaochu glanced at Xu Tui who was frowning, and suddenly smiled.

"Don't worry! Isn't it just a fight of saliva? Whether it is squirting or killing, I have never counseled Old Cai! I have never lost!

One will let you Let’s see how I sprayed people in Old Cai!"

A few minutes later, the signal from the quantum signal tower of the quantum arbitrary gate of the Unut asteroid came in, and Old Cai took Xu with him. Tui, participated in the virtual projection meeting.

Spirit Race marched forward to the base, Lei Qian, who had been busy for several days, finally got up from the command center, sighed in relief, "My lord, all the combat information has been passed to the church, and at the same time, the turn of the become Saint church is completed. Inquiries from the saints.

The temple has confirmed our current situation and situation.

It is estimated that at least five Planetary Grade powerhouses and 20 quasi-planets will be sent to us. "

Lei Shu stepped forward and lightly hugged Lei Qian's lower abdomen, "Thanks. What about our Lei Department? How much power can I mobilize?"

"Lei The headquarters can only mobilize a small part of the power, and if there are more, there will be opinions on the temple side." Lei Qian said.

"In this case, there are too few people we can absolutely trust. There are even fewer people who can absolutely trust and stand alone."

Lei Shu sighed , "That step must be put on the agenda. Otherwise, when the reinforcements of the temple come over, our strength will be divided as far as possible.

We must let our own human strength occupy Important position."

"Swap captives?"

"Yes, whether it is the Thunder Elephant or the person captured last time in the Fire Star battle, it is ours Faithful and trustworthy people, this time, must find a way to change it back." Lei Shu said.

"My lord, if the captives are exchanged back, you are not afraid."

Lei Shu smiled and rubbed Lei Qian's bulging belly, "This is what you don't understand, right? Even if they Spit, confess! That is also due to torture or other technical reasons!   As long as we are rescued, we will still be our most loyal and trustworthy clansman!   This is not determined by position, but by their race. Yes!


Hearing this Lei Qian fell into Lei Shu's arms and spoiled, "If I understand, I won't be the adjutant of the commander-in-chief." "

In Lei Shu’s laughed heartily, Lei Qian said again, "But last time, Lord Leihong and the others, they didn’t catch any prisoners worthy of exchange. Did you send Lord Leihong and them again yesterday? Is it sent out for this?"

"Yes, there are always some people who are valuable, Dawn, or some use!" Lei Shu said with a smile.

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