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  Chapter 661 God assists and kills right ( 9K words for monthly ticket)

The moon, rebuild In the good ground base conference hall, Cai Shaochu's seat was empty, and Wei Bin put a small card on Cai Shaochu's seat.

That is a projection card, which is a terminal.

"Wait a minute, everyone, Principal Cai is on the distant Unut asteroid, and he will be there soon."

Wei Bin’s tone barely fell, Guanghua fell to what Wei Bin called On the projection card, a silhouette exactly like Cai Shaochu appeared in the Conference Hall.

In Cai Shaochu's quiet chamber inside the Unut asteroid, there is also a projection of the venue, but it is more imaginary.

Xu Tui, who participated in this kind of virtual projection meeting for the first time, was a little curious. He was at Cai Shaochu's position at this time, but he could only participate in this meeting from the perspective of a bystander.

It’s amazing. It stands to reason that this kind of technology-based virtual projection meeting, without meeting permissions, cannot be accessed by outsiders.

Old Cai was able to pull him in, making him a little fascinating.

Old Cai took his seat, the meeting began immediately, and entered the subject in the shortest time.

In addition to matters related to the development of the asteroid belt, namely the influence of the emergence of the Daxi tribe, the discussion was successfully completed all the way, and then the most important part of this meeting was entered.

Be fair.

"Lieutenant General Wei, on an unknown asteroid."

"Mr. Maiponao, I will correct it. It is not an unknown asteroid, but a Fuqiang asteroid. Please pay attention to the place name. "Wei Bin said politely.

"I'm just narrating"

"Regardless of the time, this is something that was later recognized by all the districts. It is undeniable that the Heavenspan Special Operations Group was the first to arrive. They have the right to naming, the Fuqiang asteroid, there is no problem!

If you don’t recognize this naming, then I think you have violated the asteroid belt development regulations first, and I will leave the meeting directly and report to genetic The committee complained and sanctioned you!"

Wei Bin’s words were justified and well-founded, and Mai Pengao, who opened the complaint, looked depressed and helpless, so he had to admit it.

Because logically, if he violated the asteroid belt development regulations here first, he would not be qualified to talk about the following questions.

"On the Fuqiang asteroid, the Heavenspan Special Forces maliciously attacked our members of the Freedom Special Forces, resulting in the death of 21 people from our Freedom Special Forces on the spot, high level military advisors, and Transmutation. Powerhouse Bert’s limbs were crippled and almost disabled!

If you want to recover, you will not be able to recover without one or two years."

While complaining, Maiponao also showed A lot of pictures and time.

"What I want to say is that although the Heavenspan Special Combat Group first arrived on the Fuqiang asteroid, they did not immediately inform and declare to the Unut asteroid, that they did not form an effective occupation!   I think that this kind of deliberate killing of friendly forces in order to compete for supplies must be severely punished!"

Maiponao said, he glanced at Nirabu, and Nirabu immediately connected it. .

"Our encounter with the Indra Trot is the same as the Free Special Troop, but it’s even worse!

In order to prevent our Indra Trot from fighting the Daxi clan In the exploration of the ancient base, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group was frantically using the strategic deterrent weapon three-phase thermal bomb!

A total of 51 members were vaporized on the spot, skeleton doesn't exist!   I can’t even find a little relic!"

In this scene, with the picture, Nilab said that it was quite moved. The Chief-In-Charge and representatives of the participating districts also Somewhat shocking.

To tell the truth, it is very common to fight in various alliances.

But most of them are confined to fighting, dead people, occasionally appear.

The direct use of strategic deterrent three-phase thermal bomb is really the first time in Blue Star's history!   However, what Nirabu said, he reminded the Chief-In-Charge and Planetary Grade powerhouse of the seven districts and one organization participating in the conference.

After you go back, you should give your own pioneering group a reminder. If you are not absolutely sure, don't easily provoke the Heavenspan Special Forces.

This is a lunatic who will directly explode a three-phase thermal bomb!

"Mr. Remont, I think that the actions of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group have a very bad impact, and must be severely punished to warn other Special Operations Groups.

The necessary measures to prevent our Blue Star's pioneering special forces in the asteroid belt from falling into infighting." Nilabo looked angry.

On the side, Mai Pengao, deputy director of the Genetic Committee of Milian District, immediately began to take over the show, "I think so too. I think that in this matter, we have to follow the rules of the Blue Star Highest Genetic Committee. Vote"

"Oh, then you can vote, I'm leaving!" Wei Bin stood up suddenly, you are playing so neatly, then you play by yourself.

Wei Bin is together, and the people in the related districts also have the intention of getting up.

Raymond, the director of the mud-like wood-plastic genetic committee, hurriedly got in touch with the mud, "Lieutenant General Wei, their accusations are accusations, although they have formed a complete chain of evidence.

But According to regulations, the accused party can also appeal."

Wei Bin glanced at Raymond, his eyes a little sharp, this half puppet talked a lot today.

"Yes, the plaintiff said, the defendant has to say something no matter what." The virtual projection of the master of the myth of the seven districts and one organization suddenly said.

Everyone was a little surprised.

Is this mythical master mindless or deliberate?

The contradiction between these companies, even the European Union region did not dare to express their opinions easily, why did the lord of the myth jump out first? The   reason that other leagues did not dare to express their opinions lightly was because the team had been cleaned up several times before, and they had suffered a lot and had a long memory.

However, in today's situation, Dog Ansius's eyes moved, the situation is not right.

In the usual six major joint districts, Raymond, the director of the highest genetic committee, is a decoration, evenly matched.

But today, the situation is not right.

Raymond's rare intervention, on the surface, just stopped Wei Bin, wanting to continue the meeting, but in reality, it means that Raymond is on the side of Mi and Yin.

As soon as Wei Bin lifted the table, this matter had to be shelved indefinitely, and then wrangling.

Well, this skin is gone.

But this will stop Wei Bin, and this matter must continue.

The most important thing is that the Lord of Mythology who has just gotten a seat at the conference also has a faint meaning to stand there.

Ask Wei Bin to stay and not lift the table. If a show of hands voted, it would be detrimental to Huaxia District.

Because of the newly added Huaya Seven Districts, we will definitely support the Free Special Forces.

In this case, a show of hands is five to three!

The Heavenspan Special Forces team is defeated! I   was stopped by Raymond and the Lord of Myths one after another. It seemed that he still gave him a step. Wei Bin couldn't just lift the table blindly. He could only sit down slowly, and glanced at Raymond and the others with a grim look. .

The intervention of the Lord of Mythology and the usual Mudborn Raymond made Wei Bin smell a trace of conspiracy.

"What the two of Maiponao and Nilabo said is just a one-sided remark, and we also have a chain of evidence."

"Old guard, let me do it, I am more familiar with it."

Situation." Cai Shaochu said with a smile suddenly.

Wei Bin looked at Cai Shaochu, and then gently nodded.

Cai Shaochu got up, then suddenly looked towards Nilab, "Mr. Nilab, please tell me your complaint again.

Also, let me remind you, Heavenspan The commander of the special warfare regiment Xu Tui and all his members are my students.

What kind of temper do you have, you can come at me!"

Nilab was startled. .

Today’s Old Cai is so easy to talk about?

So soft?   How does he feel pitted?

Looking at the Planetary Grade powerhouse Knott sitting next to him, he got the affirmation of Maiponao's eyes, and Nilab got up again, accusing the Heavenspan Special Forces again with eloquence.

Maybe it was because of excitement. The file in his hand pointed to Cai Shaochu for his accusation this time.

"Mr. Nilab, don't point your finger at me!" Cai Shaochu emphasized suddenly, has several points of warning.

Nilab quickly adjusted the direction of his finger, and it was really pointing at Cai Shaochu just now.

But after he adjusted his direction, Cai Shaochu said again, "Mr. Nilab, let me talk about second time, don’t use your finger to talk to me!"

Nilab was shocked. He has moved away, but there seems to be something interesting. This time, Nilab directly pointed his finger to the side, at right angles to Cai Shaochu's direction. This time, he couldn't point to Cai Shaochu.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Cai Shaochu spoke again, "Mr. Nilab, I warned for the third time, don’t use your finger to speak to me!"

Nilab Incomparably wronged, "This. Cai Principal, I really don’t."

While Nilabu was arguing, Cai Shaochu’s virtual projection suddenly violent, and when his breath moved, he slapped Nila fiercely. Bu's face directly staggered Nilab, and the blood from the corners of his mouth came out.

At this time, Knott from Planetary Grade powerhouse in the Federation of India reacted and slammed to the side of Nilab, and shouted, "Cai Shaochu, what are you going to do?"

Nilabo was a little dazed, and Nott was nervous, but the Chief-In-Charge and Planetary Grade powerhouse of the other districts present, including Raymond and the Lord of Myths, all looked at Cai Shaochu in shock!   This is a virtual projection! To   put it simply, it is just a beam of light, with a video conference with a virtual presentation.

How did Cai Shaochu’s virtual projection become an adult?   Don't tell me the truth, also drew blood from the corner of Nilab's mouth?

Completely unscientific, but a bit mysterious!

The meaning behind this shocked everyone.

Nilab, who was shaved in public, was strangely angry.

This is an insult!

This is trampling!

Trampling and insulting his Nilab personality!   Cai Shaochu dare to smoke him in public!

This is absolutely unbearable!

This is a provocation!

"Director Raymond, Chief-In-Charge of the districts, I think that this is a serious violation by Cai Shaochu of Planetary Grade powerhouse in Huaxia District."

After Bu finished speaking, Cai Shaochu's virtual projection shook slightly and looked towards Nirabu. He was so scared that Nirabu stopped and retreated behind Note.

If Cai Shaochu slaps this again, his face will be completely gone!

No, it's almost gone!   "You guys don't want to hear the reason why I drew Nilab's deputy director?" Cai Shaochu asked. The Chief-In-Charge and Planetary Grade powerhouses in the districts here are all nodded.

This step, they have to go down!   Otherwise, can you really send the Planetary Grade powerhouse to smash Cai Shaochu for Nilab's slap?   Impossible thing!   So, Nilabu’s this slap is basically.   Aware of this, Nilabu is aggrieved like a little daughter-in-law.   However, Cai Shaochu explained that they still Would like to listen to a wave.

"Mr. Maiponao, I want to ask you something." Cai Shaochu said.

"Mr. Cai, please."

"When the police in the Milian District face dangerous men with guns, they usually warn them to put down their guns first, right?"

"Yes." Maiponao nodded.

"The first warning is to put down the gun, what happens when the opponent does not let it go?"

Maiponao thought for a while, "the second warning."

"Will not put down the gun for the second warning?"

"The third warning." Maiponao said.

"Then the third time you warn the dangerous elements and still don't put down their guns? Come the fourth warning?"

"No, our police will stop the guns and kill the dangerous elements. !"

"Very good!"

Cai Shaochu was nodded satisfied, "Ask another question, you are at home, a stranger broke into your home without permission. You will How to do it?"

"Warn first!"

"Will you insist on breaking in after the warning, you are warning second time?"

"I Will choose to shoot or call the police!" Mai Pengao already understands what Cai Shaochu means, but understands that this pit, at this moment, he has no choice but to jump!

"Perfect answer! Then I invite you all to watch a video. After watching it, I will talk about other questions."

In the conference hall, the Heavenspan special battle was immediately lit up. The regiment’s previous combat video recordings.

When Liberty and Indra landed on the Fuqiang asteroid, the Heavenspan special combat group broadcast reminders and warnings.

When the Freedom Special Operation Group and the Indra Special Operation Group intend to forcibly break into the ancient Daxi base, the Heavenspan Special Operation Group issued a loud warning.

The number of warnings is definitely more than three!   However, whether it is the Freedom Special Forces or the Indra Special Forces, they still insist on breaking through!

"Even if the Fuqiang asteroid is not announced in the Unut Asteroid Combat Command Department, but the ancient Daxi base, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group has taken the lead?

Electronic flag , I don’t talk about these preliminary surveys.

As far as the ancient Daxi base is concerned, there is always a first come first, right?

Under continuous warning, the Freedom Special Forces and Indra The special forces are still going to attack by force. Let’s talk about it. If the Heavenspan special forces don’t fight back, is it going to disarm and surrender?"

Cai Shaochu's gaze swept across everyone in the Conference Hall, "Who makes a difference? Opinion, I’ll talk about it!

If anyone really disagrees, then next time, I will call the Heavenspan Special Forces to follow their ass. As soon as they discover a valuable planet, I’ll be called The Heavenspan Special Forces reenact this scene!   Is there any?"

"Is there any? Just say it if you have!"

No one said anything!

Cai Shaochu’s threat is second, mainly because of today’s matter. Cai Shaochu’s presentation is justified, and Mai Pengao’s answer is even more of a godly assist!

Can’t refute!

"Then there is no disagreement, do you? That means that the Heavenspan Special Forces killed it right!

This matter, let's do it!"

"The meeting is over!"

Cai Shaochu looked contemptuous, just when everyone was helpless to accept, Cai Shaochu suddenly said, "Mr. Maiponao, in fact, I wanted to smoke you at first today, and finally changed my mind. Let’s take that one."

Maiponao: "."

Nilab: "."

*****   Everyone, welcome to use the monthly pass to draw the face of Zhu San!

Take a smoke, Zhu San will definitely give a bow!   (End of this chapter)

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