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  Chapter 662 Spirit strength sandbox and Cai Shaochu’s jealousy (subscription required)

Unut Asteroid In the comprehensive base of Huaxia District, until the virtual projection in front of him dissipated, Xu Tui still has several points of unfinished.

Old Cai is too bad!

He slapped Nilab in public directly, and trained them for nothing, ending with'Heavenspan Special Forces Killed Right'!

This is no longer what a purely powerful military force can do.

Courageous and strategic, step by step!   Pulling Nilab's face can also make Mai Pengao and the others take it orally. In addition to the two words for cheating, Xu Tui feels that he can no longer find other words to describe Cai Shaochu.

Under normal circumstances, this behavior is intended to provoke revenge.

But in the end, Liberty and Indra did not delve into it, because further investigation, Heavenspan special forces would ask them for an explanation.

This is what Cai Shaochu has done with confidence.

The Heavenspan Special Forces is doing the right thing!

Think about it, Xu Tui is actually quite cheating.

However, Old Cai's fraud is not only these.

The slap of Nilabo just now brought a new height, not just for fun.

As everyone knows, this kind of virtual projection conference is actually a pure technology category, that is, the ability of the science and technology department.

Cai Shaoshao sitting in the venue is just a collection of projection and sound, just a piece of data.

But have you ever seen data slap people?

Or the kind of bleeding?   This is scary.

The data is absolutely impossible. There is only one explanation. Cai Shaochu has a breakthrough.

This is not only a breakthrough, Cai Shaochu's breakthrough ability may be cross-border!

What is crossover!

The technology of the science and technology department is science and technology, and the ability of the extraordinary department is extraordinary!   The ability that Cai Shaochu just demonstrated is to integrate extraordinary ability into technological ability!

Refining the characteristics of this ability: Cai Shaochu is very likely to slap you along the Internet!   Just ask if you are afraid!   Where there is a net, you can be drawn by Old Cai!

Is it just a slap now?

After that, will Old Cai silently beheaded wherever there is internet?

Even if the Internet is disconnected before going to bed, and someone is holding a wireless signal passing by your bedroom, Old Cai’s abilities will appear along the Internet.

Are you afraid?   Can you get a good night's sleep?

Of course, this is only the most probable guess of the ability that Old Cai just demonstrated, and it is also the real reason why Chief-In-Charge and Planetary Grade powerhouse in the major joint districts are stunned.

The ability of the Science Department and the Transcendence Department to cross-border integration, if.   "Not as exaggerated as you think, I can only draw people along the quantum wave, but I can’t draw people along the Internet. "

Looking at Xu Tui, Cai Shaochu, who withdrew from the venue, explained.

Xu Tui was in a daze, but Old Cai could see through his thoughts again?

He has already condensed the Spiritual Body Star Core, and because of the absorption of the colored spiritual power in the shadow sword jade slip last time, his Spiritual Body Star Core has been advanced to a silver person, his inner thoughts , Can still be seen through by Old Cai?

This is unscientific!   Xu Tui has consulted Old Cai before, and has confirmed that the core of Spiritual Body is the main star's advancement to silver, which is one of the characteristics of the power to Planetary Grade powerhouse.

However, Xu Tui's current situation is rather strange.

The Spiritual Body core of Planetary Grade powerhouse is generally integrated with the main genetic capability chain.

But Xu Tui, the core of the Spiritual Body, is currently a pure Spiritual Body.

It is not integrated into the genetic capability chain.

This is also the reason why Xu Tui's Spiritual Body has a feature of Planetary Grade powerhouse, but has no corresponding strength.

"You scattered by yourself, blame me?"

Cai Shaochu looked at Xu Tui with a speechless expression.

Xu Tui quickly looked inside, only to realize that the core of his Spiritual Body was scattered by him.

The kind that is spread out, like a huge cyclone.

Thoughts move, Spiritual Body gathers together, and in an instant it gathers into a silver egg-sized sphere.

This is the Spiritual Body Star Core.

At the moment of gathering, guided by Xu Tui spirit strength, the breath is restrained, and there is no Planetary Grade fluctuation.

This is also the convergence method Old Cai taught Xu Tui.

"So nervous, you brat this is a secret." Cai Shaochu leisurely said.

Xu Tui is silent, a little nervous.

It’s really a little secret.

Seeing this, Cai Shaochu burst into laughter, and slapped Xu Tui's head directly, "Tension! No one has any secrets. There are some secrets that even my father and wife can't tell. "


"Speaking of business, I was able to slap Nirabu across virtual data just now, the main reason is that the data link at this time is through quantum The arbitrary gate is switched, understand?"

Cai Shaochu looked at Xu Tui and Xu Tui frowned with a heuristic look, and suddenly said, "Principal, you mean. You are talking about quantum arbitrary gates." Has progressed in the research of the Unut?"

"Not too stupid!"

"Lei Shu and the others helped us solidify and merge, including the creation of the Unut asteroid Quantum Arbitrary Gate , I followed the whole process.

In addition to the quantum array core you gave me, it provided me with the basis for research.

I have a quantum arbitrary gate.

A new understanding. It has been able to completely resonate with the quantum array core." Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui was shocked.

This is a huge leap forward.

Does this mean that quantum array cores can be manufactured.

As long as the Huaxia District can manufacture quantum array cores, it means that the Huaxia District can be in the asteroid belt and can open quantum gates at will on the planet they occupy!   As long as the transportation system of Quantum Arbitrary Gate is established, the biggest problem of interstellar development will be solved!

This is really a huge surprise!

"It's not as simple as you think. I can resonate with the quantum array core, but if I want to make a quantum array core by myself, I need a carrier."

"Carrier? "

"It's the jade core of the quantum array core, which is a very pure room temperature superconducting and energy storage material using scientific and technological research methods.

The energy storage performance is far beyond all our known materials.

At present, we have compared all the materials that have been discovered by the blue star. The highest similarity is a seven-star pile of jade slip unearthed four thousand years ago, which is similar. The degree is as high as 97%.

We highly suspect that this kind of jade slip for making quantum array cores may be artificially processed on a natural basis.

So, if No effective progress can be made in this aspect of materials. In a short period of time, it is still impossible to try out quantum array cores."

Cai Shaochu's words made Xu Tui a little disappointed, but he immediately became happy again.

Quantum array cores can already resonate, which is already a great improvement.

In the next step, breakthrough the material problem, and energy is produced!   Just around the corner.

"This research result is currently top secret! But for the sake of inheritance, I have discussed with Wei Bin and reported it to the China Genetic Committee to secretly select candidates for the study of the quantum array core resonance secret technique.

At present, through layers of screening, through layers of loyalty, strength, temperament, spirit strength, etc., three people have been selected as candidates for the cultivation of the quantum array core resonance secret technique.

To prepare for mass production of quantum array cores in the future.

At the same time, it is also for inheritance!"

What Cai Shaochu said suddenly made Xu Tui’s throat involuntarily sensational, Old Cai's words made Xu Tui's heart move.

"And you, are the only candidate I recommend and guarantee!" Cai Shaochu looked at Xu Tui and said.

Xu Tui just thought of this.

"Principal, I have resonated before and can resonate, but the spirit strength is not enough."

"If you have the trick, I will personally guide you later, and you have the foundation, so learn It should be fast! But you have to remember a little." Cai Shaochu said seriously.

"Principal, you say?"

"Without my consent, you can't tell anyone that you have learned the mystery of the quantum array core resonance that I invented.

The three people who learn the secret of quantum array core resonance do not know each other!

This is the top secret concerning the life and death of Huaxia District!" Cai Shaochu said.

hearing this, Xu Tui was heavily nodded.

Old Cai said it was a hand-to-hand teaching, but it is really a hand-to-hand teaching.

How can I say, Old Cai is really bad.

Xu Tui used spirit strength to resonate hundreds of points on the sub-array core and directly stunned himself.

Xu Tui used his own spirit strength plus genetic base points to resonate with the quantum array core.

But now, Old Cai has taught Xu Tui a trick.

First in your own body, use spirit strength to separate a piece of spirit strength sandbox.

Then use the will to control the spirit strength sandbox isolated from the Spiritual Body to resonate with the quantum array core.

Kind of like that sandbox game!

Dead, just start another game.

The same is true of spirit strength sandboxes. When resonating with the quantum array core, they will continue to collapse due to the imbalance of resonance amplitude and power.

But it doesn't matter, just reconsolidate a spirit strength sandbox.

The key is that this spirit strength sandbox is constantly collapsing and continuously recondensing and dividing, and the progress of the resonance of the quantum array core is constantly improving.

It is purely to win by the number of times.

But for the Spiritual Body, there is no harm.

To put it simply, Xu Tui directly uses the Spiritual Body to resonate the quantum array core once, and he will vomit blood on the spot. Then he will sleep for a day and a half, recuperate and recuperate before the next resonance attempt.

This also has to ensure that the amplitude is controlled, so that the resonance amplitude is not too strong, and you can directly play GameOver.

The more resonance, the bigger the shadow.

According to normal estimates, it is not bad to be able to resonate thirty to fifty times in a year.

The kind that has great perseverance and masochistic tendencies.

But Old Cai’s spirit strength sandbox split method allowed Xu Tui to resonate the quantum array core fifty times in just one afternoon.

This is the reason why Xu Tui's spirit strength has been consumed 60%, and this has stopped.

The resonance progress of the quantum array core is almost 6% like this.

According to Old Cai, at first is slower, and the later, the faster the progress.

This kind of spirit strength sandbox resonance method has more than a dozen rounds and it is enough.

When the time comes, save the resonance spirit strength sandbox intact.

Xu Tui's progress is fast, but he didn't notice, but the corner of Old Cai's mouth on the side twitched slightly from time to time.

"Principal, so I have at most seven or eight days or ten days to complete the resonance of the quantum array core, and master the resonance technology of the quantum array core.

It's not difficult!According to   what Lei Xiang said, it is very, very difficult for them to master the resonance technology of the quantum array core on the Spirit Race side?" Xu Tui was a little bit puzzled besides his joy.

"Is it easy?"

"My progress, haven't you seen it?" Xu Tui was stunned.

"Maybe you are a little different."

"Different?" Xu Tui didn't understand.

"The other two candidates who were selected for the cultivation of the Quantum Array Core Resonance Secret Technique have been cultivated half a month ago. Only now have they barely managed to divide the spirit strength into the sandbox." Cai Shaochu was speechless.

"It's half a month, and the spirit strength splitting sandbox is just getting started. Isn't it possible?"

Xu Tui was stunned, "I feel that you can do it casually. . Nuo, I have separated two groups of spirit strength and created two spirit strength sandboxes. It only takes two seconds. What's the problem?"

Xu Tui is puzzled. .

"Principal, is the spirit strength of those two people average?"

"Quasi-planet, the spirit strength of a single person is double yours, no problem!"

Xu Tui: "Then why is it like this, I think it's easy."

"Well, it's not difficult, but the speed at which you can divide and construct the spirit strength sandbox is faster than me. I divided and constructed one, and it took fifteen minutes. This is the reason why I practiced for many years."

This time, it is Xu Tui's turn to twitch the corners of his mouth, "Principal, isn't it? How could this happen to me? It feels very easy."

"I am analyzing the reasons, and I have analyzed two directions at present."

"Principal, you say?"

"First One, it is related to your current unique spiritual body core condition. Your spiritual body core is not integrated into the main genetic ability chain like the rest of us. It is very pure!

Only Spiritual Body.

So the control of spirit strength is very pure and powerful!   So, I suggest you explore this direction." Cai Shaochu said.

I have to say that Cai Shaochu's analysis is still very reasonable.

This is the biggest difference between Xu Tui's Spiritual Body and other people at present, only the pure Spiritual Body, without incorporating other powers.

This may really be the reason.

"What about the second one?"

"The second one is the exercise you did before. Spread your Spiritual Body to reduce the breath of the cultivation base, and then you The spirit strength of is condensed into a Spiritual Body Star Core that can radiate quasi-planets and even Planetary Grade powerhouse aura.

I think you have now practiced to shrink freely.

It is very likely, yes This ability greatly improves your control over your spirit strength and makes it extremely easy for you to build a spirit strength sandbox!" Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui nodded, this reason is also extremely possible.

"But no matter what the reason is, we people have already integrated the genetic ability chain into the spiritual body and turned it into the main planet. We can't learn it.

However, You can't waste this innate talent."

"Waste, innate talent?" Now, Xu Tui couldn't understand it.


Cai Shaochu suddenly slapped Xu Tui on the back of his head. "Did you not find out? The spirit strength sandbox is extremely suitable for deducing new abilities and cultivation. Method?"

Touching Xu Tui on the back of his head, nodded in hindsight, he feels jealous!   Old Cai just smoked him this slap, she was purely jealous of his innate talent!

"Well, and because of this, in the past few days, I have a task to give to you. You can help me complete it first, and then participate in the development of the asteroid belt." Cai Shaochu Said.

*****   Jusan’s head is almost swollen by Old Cai!

He said that Zhu San did not have a monthly pass because he could not lick the boss!   Big brothers, come here for a thigh, as long as you give it a monthly pass, I can lick it and break it!

(End of this chapter)

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