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  Chapter 666 Ruan Tianzuo’s Remuneration (see monthly pass)

On-site guard in front of Phobos Quantum Transmission Passage One of the quasi-planets and four of the Transmutation Realm is that they rushed over immediately and looked at the Quantum Transmission Passage where the quantum storm appeared inexplicably, with a dazed expression.

Quasi-planet is a quasi-planetary guard in the European Union zone. The first moment the problem was discovered, he carefully sensed the breath of Xu Tui.

It's no problem with genetic evolution.

But why did it trigger the quantum storm of quantum Transmission Passage?

Immediately repelled by the Quantum Transmission Passage, the Spiritual Body Star Core that came up in Xu Tui's mind was scattered from the silver Planetary Grade into a fog.

This is what Cai Shaochu confessed.

After all, Blue Star is now in charge of the six major alliances, and Old Cai is a relatively pure Chinese nationalist, who always likes to keep a few behind.

Xu Tui feels that he has been affected by Old Cai.

Although Xu Tui’s cultivation base breath is fine, Phobos’ Quantum Transmission Passage caused a quantum storm due to Xu Tui’s passage. Then this time issue must be related to Xu Tui.

However, Xu Tui's identity is rather special.

Xu Tui himself is a B-level intermediate personal authority, he is also a Blue Star Guardian Medal winner, and now he is also the commander of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group in the Huaxia District. This time, Cai Shaochu facilitated the relocation of the Galaxy for Xu Tui. In matters of the Spirit Research Institute, Xu Tui was given the title of Deputy Director of the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute.

Of course, things that lead to quantum Transmission Passage are impossible because of Xu Tui's identity.

In this regard, Cai Shaochu had already prepared excuses for Xu Tui.

"A quantum dimensional chain card of Cai Shaochu Cai Principal?"

Facing Xu Tui's remarks, Phobos base commander Chedamović and Phobos The Guardian of Planetary Grade is all at a loss.

They see a lot of the source crystal ability to seal cards. There is no precedent for a quantum storm caused by the source crystal ability to seal the card through the quantum Transmission Passage.

But in the same way, there is no precedent in Bluestar for the ability of the source crystal of the quantum dimension chain to seal the card. No one has ever created it before.

Cai Shaochu is the first case.

Looking at the source crystal ability seal card Xu Tui took out, the Union District guarding Hunis in Fire Star’s Planetary Grade looked confused, and the spirit strength went directly to the source crystal that Xu Tui took out. Ability to seal the card.

There are only a small number of Planetary Grade and quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses for the quantum dimensional chain, and most of them don't.

If this ability can appear in the form of a source crystal ability seal card, the significance is also extraordinary.

pa!   The confrontation of spirit strength directly affects reality, causing a wave of shocks.

The spirit strength of Huaxia District guarding Ruan Tianzuo in the Planetary Grade of fire star broke out, directly blocking the spirit strength of Hunis.

"Since it is Cai Principal's thing, you still don't touch it randomly." Ruan Tianzuo lightly saying.

"We have to verify the truth?" Hunis said anxiously.

"Principal Cai has sent a confirmation letter, it is indeed caused by his misconsideration, but he is also to relocate the Galaxy Spirit Institute to the frontline Unut asteroid.

This was approved by the Bluestar Genetic Committee and the genetic committees of the districts.

If you are dissatisfied, you can report it to the top." Ruan Tianzuo lightly saying.

Ruan Tianzuo is very strong, which is also the style of Planetary Grade powerhouse in Huaxia District.

The powerhouse of Planetary Grade in Huaxia District has been very strong these years.

Especially when it comes to the outside world, if you don’t agree with each other, you can tear it apart.   Old Cai, the leader, is still very qualified.

In this regard, Husis wanted to take the opportunity to spy on the Quantum Dimensional Chain Source Crystal's ability to seal the card, which completely fell through.

Xu Tui is naturally also a researcher with a mission, no one dares to embarrass it.

To be honest, this is the second time that Xu Tui has seen Ruan Tianzuo. If there hadn’t been Lu Guanqing’s incident before, today’s incident would have greatly increased Xu Tui’s affection for Ruan Tianzuo.

But now, even if Xu Tui has a good impression, he is full of vigilance in the good impression.

Ten minutes later, Xu Tui, who had completed the transcript, arrived at Phobos’s station in the Huaxia District, and was about to find a place to rest.

According to the judgment of several fire star Planetary Grade guards, the quantum storm of Phobos Quantum Transmission Passage takes about four to six days to recover.

So Xu Tui can only stay at Phobos High Level for a few days.

Fortunately, Zhou Chuan has left the Unut asteroid with the Mitsubishi tripod with a long antenna and went to space exploration to find the location of the wasteland group.

Otherwise, Xu Tui would die here if he stayed here!

As soon as he entered the arranged room, Xu Tui moved mentally. Someone came and at the same time there was a knock on the door.

It is Ruan Tianzuo.

After thinking for a few seconds, Xu Tui opened the door, "Mr. Ruan, are you?"

Generally speaking, the cultivator in China will call Planetary Grade powerhouse the teacher, which is more relevant Get closer. Xu Tui refers to Ruan Tianzuo as Mr. Ruan. The meaning of alienation is very obvious.

Ruan Tianzuo, with all white beard and eyebrows but with black hair, slightly smiled, walked directly into the quiet room of Xu Tui.

As I entered, said with a smile, "Xu Xu, I’m born. You have fought side by side with my grandson Ruan Da several times. You are also a comrade-in-arms of Life and Death Together. Great, how about you call me Ruan grandfather?"

Xu Tui looked at Ruan Tianzuo, who was no one to enter, and felt disgust in his heart, especially the appearance that as it should be by rights Xu Tui would agree.

"I and Ruan Da are indeed comrades-in-arms, but I'll call you Mr. Ruan, otherwise, Principal Cai is still my season teacher and He teacher, it is too bad."

This soft nail made Ruan Tianzuo slightly startled and looked towards Xu Tui, slightly strange.

Planetary Grade powerhouse.

This is the first time he has seen a young man reject the kindness of Planetary Grade powerhouse so directly.

Before, even if people with different stances rejected him, most of them just confessed and rejected that's all in their hearts.

But Xu Tui is somewhat direct.

"Yes, otherwise I would be embarrassed when I was face to face with Brother Cai. Oh, yes, can I take a look at Cai Principal's Sealing Card of Quantum Dimensional Chain Source Crystal Ability?" Ruan Tianzuo Asked.

"You have to ask Cai Principal about this."

Xu Tui's refusal again made Ruan Tianzuo look cold, and the invisible pressure instantly piled on Xu Tui, this is Planetary Grade powerhouse strong spirit strength caused by the fine divine might pressure.

Xu Tui is determined not to be afraid.

There is pressure on him, but it has little effect on him!   This also confirms once again that Xu Tui's Spiritual Body core has indeed reached Planetary Grade.

Otherwise, Xu Tui would be sweating like a slurry or even sieving chaff.

"On this card, there is a seal formed by Cai Principal's spirit strength. I really don't have this power."

I don't want to be too stiff with Ruan Tianzuo, Xu Tui explained One sentence.

"Oh, yes, I forgot about it."

Ruan Tianzuo smiled dryly and said in a joke, "By the way, I have one more thing, little Maybe you It shouldn't be rejected? I was rejected by you several times today."

"It is my honor to be able to do something for Mr. Ruan. As long as I can do it, I will not refuse." Xu Tui said with a smile.

"Hey, I have to tell you something. During the last fire star battle, the former vice president of the China Genetics Research Institute who was sentenced to fire star to perform hard labor in Blue Star during the last fire star battle Lu Guanqing was attacked by an alien invader passing by, and died unexpectedly.

Recently, all the statistics were counted before it was reported." Ruan Tianzuo laughed.

Xu Tui thoughts are revolving.

Ruan Tianzuo said so because he was showing his favor to him!

But at this time, it is hard to say the real cause of Lu Guanqing's death.

Maybe it was Ruan Tianzuo who killed Lu Guanqing just recently in order to show his favor to Xu Tui.

At this moment, Xu Tui mourned for Lu Guanqing for three seconds.

Poor Lu Guanqing, he couldn't even think of his life and death. In the end, it became Ruan Tianzuo's tool for showing good Xu Tui.

"Unfortunately, Lu Guanqing was once a rare scientific research talent. After he finishes his service, he might still be able to contribute to the country, didn't expect."

" It’s a pity.”

Next, Ruan Tianzuo pulled Xu Tui and withdrew a lot of unnutritious words, but the most talked about was his grandson Ruan Da, and the future Heavenspan Special Forces. The prospect of cooperation with the Haotian Special Forces.

If Heavenspan special forces group cooperates fully with Haotian special forces group, it will be the strongest special forces group in the asteroid belt.

At the same time, Ruan Family is very concerned about Ruan Da's safety, and will spontaneously deploy a digital planetary grade powerhouse for the Haotian special combat group in the future. If necessary, a planetary grade powerhouse may also appear.

This hint shocked Xu Tui!   Ruan Tianzuo is showing Xu Tui the strength of Ruan Family? Is   still suggesting to Xu Tui that Ruan Family might have a second Planetary Grade powerhouse?   But the question is, when Ruan Tianzuo came to Xu Tui, he showed good intentions and hinted, what exactly does he want to do? The   answer was announced one minute later.

"Xiao Xu, I heard Ruan Da say that your Heavenspan Special Forces has captured a powerhouse of the Great Western tribe? Can you let me see it.

To be honest, we Planetary Grade powerhouse, the path of cultivation is full of thorns, and all need to be explored by yourself.

I want to meet this captive of the Daxi tribe, I want to ask some questions, see if I can get something, and give me a little cultivation. References or tips on the Internet.” Ruan Tianzuo seemed to be sincere in saying this sentence.

Xu Tui's passive mental resonance does not sense any malice, only sincerity.

Therefore, Xu Tui's answer is also very sincere.

"Mr. Ruan, this is the case. There is indeed a prisoner of the Daxi ethnic group, but before coming, I have already handed this captive of the Daxi ethnic group to Cai Principal for interrogation.

If you want to know what Mr. Ruan needs, you can contact Principal Cai." Xu Tui answered honestly.

hearing this, Ruan Tianzuo face sank, "Xiao Xu, you know, there are some things that I need to ask or even discuss in person, and I cannot go to the Unut asteroid in a short time.

You give me this captive of the Daxi ethnic group, lend me a day, I will have a good return."

"Mr. Ruan, I really give the captive Principal Cai is here."

Xu Tui's passive telepathy has already sensed a wisp of malice.

"Xu Tui, I am very sincere." Ruan Tianzuo got up, "Or you can go to Cai Shaochu to come, give me a long time, I will have a big report.

It’s a huge report, starting with 10,000 grams of Origin Crystal, plus three additional Origin Crystal Ability Seal Cards that I made myself.” Ruan Tianzuo directly offered the conditions.

To tell you the truth, Xu Tui's heart was moved by this generous report.

It can be called a windfall, whether it is 10,000 grams of source crystal or three source crystal ability seal cards made by Ruan Tianzuo himself, it can be called a great value.

However, this Daxi captive is really not here in Xu Tui.

"Xu Tui, my promise is valid until you leave Phobos. In these four or five days, if you get back the Daxi prisoners from Cai Shaochu, you can come and find them right away. Me.

Of course, in addition to this reward, I can also get the friendship between Ruan Tianzuo and our Ruan family!"

The tone of Ruan Tianzuo who left was threatening.

The implication is that if it doesn't, it won't be the friendship of Ruan Family.

After Ruan Tianzuo left, Xu Tui analyzed for a while and felt that Ruan Tianzuo didn't seem to get the key things from the Daxi prisoners.

Anyway, he didn't get anything crucial from Lavis.

Well, the real reason is that Xu Tui is a little greedy for the ten thousand grams of source crystal and three Planetary Grade powerhouse source crystal ability seal cards!   So, Xu Tui contacted Cai Shaochu.

*****   As far as Zhu San is concerned, what billions of property is not as good as the monthly ticket in the hands of the boss!   Seeking monthly pass!   Well, it's a little busy on weekends.

(End of this chapter)

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