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  Chapter 668 Blue Star’s Past and Painted Skin’s Top Secret Information   Phobos Quantum Transmission Passage Suddenly The quantum storm took five and a half days to calm down.

During the five and a half days, Xu Tui had a very fulfilling life.

Every day is not cultivation, it is to use spirit strength sandbox to try to imitate the sword of dimension, and by the way, I will deduced the method of rapid transformation from the evolutionary state.

This deduction is more strenuous.

The spirit strength sandbox is almost blank. Xu Tui wants to try to change a genetic ability chain from a large chain to a densely cross-structured large chain. You must first simulate it in the spirit strength sandbox. A genetic capability chain.

This kind of simulation is very difficult and very slow.

After all, it must be simulated to the degree of reality, otherwise, this kind of deduction is meaningless.

However, it is extremely difficult to simulate the genetic capability chain to a real degree with the spirit strength sandbox.

Xu Tui tried various methods, and the genetic ability chain simulated in the spirit strength sandbox was only 70% real at most.

After all, up to now, humans have not fully understood the genetic ability chain. Whenever the Blue Star humans think they have understood the genetic ability chain, new discoveries will be made soon.

The authenticity of 70% is not bad.

In fact, Xu Tui did a 70% screening first.

The removal method tested in this simulated spirit strength sandbox basically eliminates most of the danger, but the rest requires personal testing by Xu Tui.

But even so, progress is still slow.

Two or three methods are simulated and deduced in one day.

Immediately after Phobos quantum channel quantum storm subsided, Phobos base accuser Chedamović contacted Xu Tui.

After passing a batch of goods and a dozen people waiting to pass through the mutation environment, Xu Tui's pass sequence is still ranked first.

This has to do with his task.

Cai Shaochu's reputation and strength are placed there, as well as the endorsement of Huaxia District. Therefore, his event is of great priority.

When Xu Tui arrived at Phobos Quantum Transmission Passage, he unexpectedly saw that Ruan Tianzuo was there.

Since Xu Tui appeared, Ruan Tianzuo has been looking at Xu Tui. When passing by Ruan Tianzuo, Xu Tui greeted slightly nodded, Ruan Tianzuo's face sank instantly.

This is his last effort.

But this is also Xu Tui's most resolute rejection.

Xu Tui not only rejected the sky-high price he offered, but also rejected their Ruan Family friendship.

Anger is emerging.

Xu Tui ignored him and walked into Phobos Quantum Transmission Passage.

At the same moment, Old Cai in Unut suddenly laughed!

In my mind, the Spiritual Body Star Core is scattered into a silver mist, maintaining the level of genetic evolution.

Xu Tui is a little nervous.

If he is repelled by the Quantum Transmission Passage again, triggering a quantum storm and paralyzing the Quantum Transmission Passage, it will be difficult to be believed without excuses.

I am afraid that the passers-by who have lined up for several days in the rear have torn Xu Tui's heart.

After waiting for the past few days, the pass sequence has been scheduled for more than ten days.

With the development of the Blue Star humans towards the asteroid belt and the defeat of Spirit Race in the battle of the fire star, many people boldly predict that during the fire star energy tide this year, Spirit Race will probably not send a large number of The elite come to fire star to join the battle.

Blue Star Human Race has continued to harvest this year, and the number of combatants in outer space has increased exponentially. The strength of fire star and various military facilities have exploded.

Sending elites again is no different from sending resources.

If Spirit Race does not come during this year's fire star energy tide, does that mean that the future fire star will have a more stable environment?   Does that mean that the fire star development is about to begin?   With sense of smell and organization and commercial consortium, it has begun to lay out fire star.

This is also the reason why there are so many people here.

With a bit of anxiety, Xu Tui stepped into Phobos Quantum Transmission Passage.

The moment Xu Tui was enveloped in the familiar quantum fluctuations, Xu Tui felt relieved.

There is no repulsive force.

It's okay.

The heart of ecstasy appeared, and Old Cai's test purpose was achieved!   The transmission limitation of Quantum Transmission Passage is mainly aimed at the power of Star Core, not energy fluctuations!   This also explains why a large number of source crystals can pass through the Quantum Transmission Passage at will, but the Transmutation Powerhouse cannot.

The core of the Spiritual Body.

The transmission of Quantum Transmission Passage is related to this key point.

This time transmission gave Xu Tui a little new understanding of the quantum array core. This is also the result of Xu Tui's resonant quantum array core in the past few days.

It's almost done.

And this is an exploitable loophole in Quantum Transmission Passage.

But at present, the only person who can gather the core of Spiritual Body and then disperse is Xu Tui alone. Old Cai tried many times on his own, but it didn't work.

Once it is forced to disperse, it is no different from San Gong.

Old Cai's analysis is that the dispersion and aggregation of the Spiritual Body core should be completed before the Spiritual Body core is integrated into the main genetic ability chain.

Pure Spiritual Body Star Core, after practice, it can be dispersed and condensed, which is determined by the characteristics of the Spiritual Body.

Once the Spiritual Body Star Core is integrated into the main genetic ability chain, it is different, and its characteristics are completely changed.

In the future, Old Cai will have one more research task.

Turning the moon, Xu Tui first reported his work to Chief Wei Binwei, and then began to take over the inspection of the relocation of the Galaxy Spirit Institute.

At night, Xu Tui immediately made a video call to Blue Star’s parents on the moon.

The signal delay in Fire Star and Unut is too severe.

This video call lasted more than two hours. Anyway, I said a lot, but after hanging up, Xu Tui didn't seem to say anything.

The only thing to remember is that mother told me that they are very good at Blue Star now, don’t remember them, you must pay attention to safety, eat enough, and dress warm.   While you are on the moon, talk to Blue Star. My friends contacted, and the news that Xu Tui could be contacted spread instantly.

"Brother, wait for me, I will go to the moon early next year, when the time comes, remember to take me to fly"

This is Chai Xiao.

"How are you doing?" Xu Tui called Cheng Mo.

"Fortunately, I have been selected for the extraterrestrial study at the end of this year. See you when the time comes, I will definitely give you a big surprise!" Cheng Mo said with a smile.

"Genetic mutation?"

"It's been several months."

"That's it?"

"I got off I got the order. Not only did I drop the order, but I also got the female ticket to help me solve the problem. From now on, I don't need the five girls!"

"Fuck! Is there any reason!" Xu Tui laughed.

"get lost! You are jealous! I can guarantee that you are absolutely still right now! And I am already a wolf four times a night!"

"I am a night Once, do you believe it?"

"You only once a night, so weak, I am four times a night, four times yours!"

"It's different, I’m one night at a time, you’re four times a night, you count the time, who is better?"

Cheng Mo: "."

"Fuck you, you are a virgin, and tell me Once a night, don’t think I don’t know the whereabouts of Teacher An. Teacher An has gone to open up wasteland and has not yet returned. Who am I looking for to go once a night?"

After that, Cheng Mo suddenly howled like a wolf. Yelled, "Okay, I see, you have a new love, I found it!   Three meals, three meals are necessary for me to keep this secret!"

You!" Xu Tui cursed irritably, "Heizi, I haven't contacted the hall for a long time. I just contacted but didn't get through. Have you seen him?"

"The hall, I’ve gone to the moon or fire star, don’t you know?"

"When did it happen?"

"A month ago, the major military forces in China have evolved genetically University students, sophomores and above, all those who have passed the assessment will enter the field in advance for actual cultivation." Cheng Mo said.

Actually, this matter is also related to Xu Tui.

Xu Tui bought a large number of mechanical spirit alloys from the Extreme Wind VII resource star last time, and the production line obtained has improved the processing capacity, and the Huaxia District has begun to explode the interstellar warrior on a large scale. .

The students of the Military Genetic Evolution University who have been trained for two years are naturally the best interstellar warrior.

After having a chat with Cheng Mo, Xu Tui received another video call when he was about to do cultivation before going to bed.

It's Gong Ling's.

"Brother calf, have you returned to the moon from fire star?"

The students of Huaxia Genetic Evolution University have much more knowledge about extraterrestrial affairs than ordinary people. of.

"Well, I just came back today."

"You don't contact me either. Cheng Mo said you called him." In the video, Gong Ling pouted slightly, cute Cute.

Cheng Mo is fatty!   Xu Tui thought of Gong Ling before, but didn't know how to say it.

The outside world is really cruel.

Don’t look at the Heavenspan special warfare group battle loss is very low, but other special warfare groups, such as Haotian, such as Taiyi special warfare group, each time the battle death rate is about 10%. .

This means that if you play four or five times, half of the members will have to change blood.   "How about you, did you have a breakthrough to the genetic mutation realm?" Xu Tui began to talk awkwardly.

"I'm just about to tell you that, not only did I have a breakthrough in genetic mutation, but I was also selected for the place of foreign research this year. You are waiting for me outside the ground."


Within a few words, Xu Tui talked about the sky to death. Even if Gong Ling forced his life to continue, he would not survive and died.

Sometimes, there is really a big gap in strength.

After thinking about it, Xu Tui shouted, "Ahuang, send me a courier."


"Blue Star "


Xu Tui sent 100 grams of source crystal to Cheng Mo and Gong Ling, and each of them sent three bottles of source energy body tempering potions. .

These things are insignificant for Xu Tui now, but for Cheng Mo and Gong Ling, they can greatly improve their strength. In the future, it will be more important to the moon. Easy to survive.

As for the fellow Chai Xiao, there is no need, the second generation of the rich fellow.

"If there is another communication coming in, you can hang up for me." Xu Tui confessed to Ah Huangdao.

"Okay, but I have one thing, I think you should know." Ahuang said suddenly.

"What's the matter?"

Ah Huang, who turned into a wristwatch, suddenly fell off Xu Tui's wrist and turned into a Q version of anime in a flash Beautiful girl.

Bounced in front of Xu Tui and directly gave a piece of data to Xu Tui projection.

"Top-secret information about Painted Skin!"

Xu Tui, who was staring at the cute and stupid little Ahuang, immediately sat upright.

*****   Today is 666, I wish you 666 forever, please ask for a monthly pass.

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