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  Chapter 669 Takes the initiative (seeking a monthly pass)

Luo Shifeng’s death can be said to be Xu Tui Eternal pain in my heart.

While painting the skin, it is a thorn in Xu Tui's heart!

If you don’t get rid of it!

It's just that after the last time the Purifier of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization was traced, the clue was broken.

Painting skin is not unique to the dawn of salvation.

For the clues from the special intelligence bureau, Painted Skin is a code name, a code name that has the genetic ability to change appearance.

It seems a lot.

The clue is interrupted.

Xu Tui's original plan was that when the strength is almost the same, he will directly engage in the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization. This is the only way for Xu Tui at present.

But at this meeting, Ah Huang suddenly said that he had found a clue to paint the skin, which really surprised Xu Tui.

Ignoring Ah Huang's appearance that makes people dare not look for a long time, Ah Huang showed Xu Tui a section of emotion.

There are three paint skins in the entire Blue Star.

Two women and one man! In the   information, the male is not recorded, and the two females, one belongs to Dawn Redemption, and the other belongs to the myth.

Basically, this information is useless.

Tian Suqing and Xu Tui have done research in this area before. The attribution of Painted Skin is most likely to belong to Dawn Redemption, and mythology and even other associations are not ruled out.

Painted skin, a professional spy, is extremely valuable, and is usually the top secret in these organizations, and it is not easy to find out.

This is also the reason why Xu Tui planned to wait for the strength to be high before engaging in Dawning Redemption.

But at this meeting, I saw this kind of information.

This kind of intelligence itself has no value. What is valuable is that it is the source of intelligence.

"Where did you get this piece of data?"

"It was found during a search of the key data I set from an independent database of a company." Ahuang said.

Xu Tui was startled, stunned.

"You hacked an independent database of a commercial company? How did you do it? An independent database, normally speaking, is extremely difficult to hack, right?"

"This is not trying my New capabilities! The data centers of the major joint areas on the moon are heavily secured. If they move, they may trigger an alarm. I found a commercial company to try it out." Ahuang said.

Now, it's Xu Tui's turn to be astonished. Ah Huang has new abilities, but he doesn't know?

"It's simulation."

"Basically most of the things that are technologically oriented, whether it is chips, various controllers, or electronic components, etc., my new body , You can simulate it, 100% one to one.

I can simulate their hardware, and it’s too easy to enter their independent data center.

Also, each genetic committee is in the data center of the moon. If you can bring me into their data center, I promise to break it in seconds." Ahuang said.

Xu Tui: "."

The commercial company that Ahuang said is a commercial company engaged in the disposal and recycling of extraterrestrial garbage and the supply of Bluestar materials.

It mainly handles garbage and supplies common materials to the Milian District, the European Union District, and the Indian Union District, including but not limited to food, alcohol, tobacco, etc. The business coverage is very wide. It is called Guangying Group. Started as a technology hardware.

Nowadays, it is also a relatively powerful Bluestar commercial company. It can be ranked at least among the top 100 Bluestar companies. Now it is already developing the fire star business.

The source of Ahuangcha's data is that it was a piece of communication that was sealed in the independent server of the Guangying Group, and the device automatically recorded it and then uploaded it to the independent server, where it was kept.

It was retrieved by Ah Huang before.

This sound, without processing, is the original sound.

Although there is no source, Ah Huang's powerful computing power is used to directly compare with big data.

The source is locked.

Lugman, the former vice president of Guangying Group, but this person is dead. He died more than a year ago. At the time of his death, he was responsible for the moon business of Guangying Group. The cause of death was sudden death! In the   first sense, Xu Tui felt that there was a problem with this Laugman's death.

Since Great Genetic Era, medical technology has developed rapidly, and sudden deaths have occurred from time to time, but they generally do not happen to top elites like Laugman.

Such top elites will have regular physical examinations, emergency medicines, and even personal doctors and assistants.

It’s a bit difficult to fall to the ground suddenly!   "Check the relevant person."

"After Laugerman's sudden death, it was Kalani, the CEO of the Light and Shadow Group, who took over the moon business of the Light and Shadow Group, and he was also the one who dealt with him. "

"This is the date of Laugman's sudden death?" Xu Tui suddenly discovered the problem.

"It was two days after you captured the Purification Officer of Dawn Rescue." Ahuang added.

Xu Tui's head started to spin at high speed.

Xu Tui still seems to have underestimated the impact of the capture of Dawn's Redemption Purifier.

Perhaps, they didn't get much useful information from the prisoner's purification officer, but only got some information about offline and Lu Guanqing from the side.

But in fact, the capture of this purification officer should have caused the dawn to redeem the internal earthquake! The   Purification Officer is already a high-level person within Dawn Redemption.

When the Purification Officer was captured, no matter whether he confided or not, the Dawn of Redemption would definitely eliminate hidden dangers first.

Does the gambling purification officer spit?   No one dares to bet!

Especially some high-level personnel who have met with captured decontamination officers, especially those who have been in public, should be within the processing range.

If this analysis is used, Laugman should have been killed suddenly!   Because of the incident of the purification officer.

Then if we use this as an inference, Kalani, the current CEO of the Light and Shadow Group, is 100% problematic.

"Can I find the information about Kalani?"

"Little thing."

After one minute, Ah Huang will take Kalani’s All relevant information was sent to Xu Tui, not to mention, even the current position of Kalani was displayed.

In a private pool with luxurious interior decoration on the moon, four hot girls with hot bodies accompany him to play.

The most important thing is that these four hot girls have four skin tones and four hair colors.

I can only say that this guy is really good at playing.

The style of the moon has been entertained to such an extent, right?

"This is a private house surveillance, how did you get it?" Xu Tui was stunned.

"It is too easy to simulate their hardware characteristics and make them think they are similar! As for other security measures, do you think that with my current computing power, it is simply not too easy.

Except for the difficulty of the core data centers in several major joint districts, I broke them in seconds." Ahuang was a little proud.

Xu Tui is not only accidental, but also clear.

In fact, this is also what it should be.

In the past two years, only Xu Tui knows how much material Xu Tui has piled on Ah Huang.

Don’t say anything else, just say that the dozens of next-generation quantum chips obtained from the Jifeng 7 resource star, and the next-generation main chip from the No. 1 main base, are all given to Ah Huang. .

Of those chips, just take out half of them and build a framework for a super quantum computer.

Not to mention that now it has merged with the black silver glazed body, it has become a life Huang.

It’s just that Xu Tui feels that Ah Huang’s evolutionary direction feels strange.


I used to be both men and women. I can change   whatever I want . Now , I "Xu Tui, I need to remind you that this Karani has a deep background and can Behind it, there are several Planetary Grade powerhouses behind it, which is the fat and oily business of disposing of extra-terrestrial waste." Huang reminded.

"You mean, I have to be as careful as possible?"

"It's about that. I have just been a man for a few days, and I don't want to die an untimely death because of you. ."

"Also die an untimely death, huh!"

Speaking of which, Xu Tui still contacted Tian Suqing very carefully. Since he has an official background, he still has official support. Come better.

Tian Suqing’s opinion is very simple. She can support Xu Tui, but she needs hard evidence.

Before there was no iron proof, even she couldn't deal with Kalani directly.

In itself, Kalani does not belong to her jurisdiction.

Her most reliable opinion is to let Xu Tui plot slowly and wait for the opportunity!   Especially Kalani is now in the private residential area of ​​the Blue Star genetic committee base. That area is actually the highest wealthy area, which is very sensitive.

So, Xu Tui ultimately has to depend on this matter.

Tian Suqing's opinion is very pertinent, but Xu Tui's idea is very simple, if you run into it, you can't let it go.

What if this guy dies suddenly?   Xu Tui went after the clues of Painted Skin, but broke again.

Moreover, judging from the last Purification Officer incident, the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization is extremely sensitive.

Once there is anything wrong, it will be cleaned immediately.

This is also the fundamental reason why the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization can survive until now.

Entering the private residential area of ​​the Blue Star genetic committee lunar base is very simple for Xu Tui.

Especially with the cooperation of Huang, all the electronic security facilities here have become decorations.

In fact, most people at Bluestar still believe in electronic security facilities.

Intensive electronic security facilities are more trustworthy than people.

However, when these high-tech security facilities met Ah Huang, it was like meeting their ancestors!   Xu Tui is like a normal pedestrian. He walked into the swimming pool where Kalani was opening an uncovered convention, so that when Xu Tui walked in, none of its six bodyguards moved.

Two bodyguards from the Transmutation Realm and four Evolution Realms stared at Xu Tui as they walked in without any movement.

Kalani, who was fighting in the pool, suddenly saw Xu Tui walking straight in and was anxious.

"Hey, who are you?"

"Stop him?"

Kalani shouted.

But it was useless. His bodyguard seemed to fall into a deep sleep, and there was no movement.

Including the woman on the waterbed under him, it suddenly seemed to be asleep, without movement.

Being hypnotized.

All hypnotized by Xu Tui.

Kalani was anxious, and directly pressed the siren on his chest.

But no alarm sounded as expected.

The entire private house is silent.

At this moment, Kalani seemed to hell.

Is this a nightmare?

"I ask, you answer! Understand?"

When Xu Tui gently touched Kalani's forehead with his finger, Kalani was deeply hypnotized for the first time Up.

But this time, Xu Tui did not rush to ask, but put a shielding helmet on Kalani first!   Leading lessons!

Xu Tui will never make the mistakes he made before.

****The   biggest mistake of Zhu San is that his face is too thin, and the big guys don't lick enough, so that there are too few monthly passes.

Ask for monthly pass.

(End of this chapter)

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