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  Chapter 670: Lucky fortune in harvest and misfortune (see monthly ticket)   This time, Xu Tui is immediately I put on a spirit strength shielding helmet for Kalani, which can be said to be well prepared.

Point two fingers one after the other on Kalani's forehead and back of the neck. Through physical contact, Xu Tui's spirit strength can still affect Kalani.

However, this method can generally only be used on cultivators whose spirit strength is weaker than Xu Tui. Spirit strength is equal to or stronger than Xu Tui, so it won’t work.

"What is the real cause of Laugman's death?" Xu Tui directly asked in a deep hypnotic state, but mental resonance, mental radiation, and mental concealment had already been activated at the same time.

If Kalanni is really the high-level of Dawn Salvation, he must have received extremely professional counter-interrogation training and extremely powerful psychological hints.

"Sudden death."

"Sudden death due to overwork."

Kalani's answer is very standard. This is not unexpected, but it is in Xu Tui After repeated inquiries, Xu Tui still saw some related content from Kalani's subconscious pictures through the radiant heart.

Laugman has multiple relationships with the purification officer who was previously captured by Xu Tui and Tian Suqing. Although it has been dealt with by the dawn of salvation, the purification officer had a relationship with Laugman a few years ago. Quite close, and have worked together, may be confessed.

Once Logman is implicated by the Purification Officer, Dawn Redemption will be in big trouble.

So clean up in advance.

No matter what kind of information the Purification Officer confided, everything will be terminated here by the Vice President of Light and Shadow Group Laugman.

The Dawn Redemption has the least loss.

This is what Xu Tui saw from Kalanni's subconscious, it should be a communication in communication.

On this point, Xu Tui can be sure that Kalanni is definitely the high-level of Aurora Redemption.

This is a big fish.

The oversized kind.

"What's the matter with painted skin?" Xu Tui asked again.

"Painting skin, what is painting skin? Is it painting on the skin?"

This is Kalani's answer after being deeply hypnotized by Xu Tui. Obviously, he has not only been extremely professional Xu Tui's anti-interrogation training has also received strong psychological hints, and Xu Tui's hypnosis can't make him spit.

Xu Tui suspected that it was the Planetary Grade powerhouse that gave Kalani the spiritual bondage.

However, the subconscious mind cannot be restricted by the shackles of the mind.

In essence, it's just that he occasionally thought of it.

Of course, there are very few people who can perform mental resonance, mental radiation, and mental concealment at the same time like Xu Tui, let alone the related genetic ability chain is already Level 3 golden.

I’m afraid that Professor Song Zhenglin from the Department of Radiation Effects at China Genetic Evolution University is not as good as Xu Tui in this respect.

Xu Tui kept asking Kalanni the same question repeatedly. As Kalanni kept answering, his subconscious naturally had related memories.


In the Blue Star Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization, the level authority of Paint Skin, second only to Dawn, is the same as the authority of several core Chief-In-Charge such as Aurora and Blu-ray.

The task arrangements of Painted Skin, including the changes in retreat status, etc., are all reviewed and issued by Jiguang personally.

Painted skin can be said to be one of the top secrets of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization.

"Where is the aurora?"

"Are the painted skins of Dawn Salvation and the painted skins of myth the same person?"

Xu Tui repeatedly asked Related questions, but Kalani's mouth was very tight, and no one answered positively. Xu Tui could only obtain information through subconscious images.

Just when Xu Tui put on a spirit strength shielding helmet for Kalani and began to interrogate, a staff member in a mysterious base command center outside the ground changed suddenly, immediately. He contacted the highest commander he could contact-Aurora.

"Master Aurora, monitoring information shows that Master Kalani's brainwave radiation control chip signal has disappeared." The staff member reported.

The Aurora face in the video screen also instantly became ugly.

"Prepare a virtual projection for me."

Thirty seconds later, Aurora's virtual projection appeared in the command center of this mysterious base and began to take over the handling of the sudden ground incident.

"Try to directly detonate Kalani's head on the brainwave auxiliary control chip."


"No signal, first detonation Failed."

"Encrypted activation has no signal, and the second detonation failed."

"Activated by the lunar emergency signal resonator, there is still no signal, and the third detonation failed. "

In this situation, Aurora's face became dignified.

As the organization that is best at using brainwaves to assist chip control, Sugon Salvation has also studied it deeply.

Generally speaking, there is only one possibility for this situation-the brainwave radiation control chip in Kalani's body is shielded by a strong shield.

"Start the No. 101 springboard base and put my virtual projection in the past. I will carry out the most further operations at the No. 101 springboard base." Aurora instructed.

Thirty seconds later, in a small-scale base command center, the brilliance lights up one by one, and the two sleeping robots blink and are activated.

At the same moment, the virtual projection of Aurora appeared in this pedal base.

"Please confirm the location of Kalani for the most recent time period for me."

"Private house on the moon?"

"Give me full access to Kalani The signal from the private house on the moon."

"Your commander, the access failed, and the relevant signal access method has been rewritten."

"Using the highest authority, open for me mobile card The eyes of God in Lanney's private house." Aurora ordered.

"Good lord, the Eye of God in Kalani's private house has been activated, and I will show you relevant pictures."

Inside Kalani's private house, a slowly turning Suddenly, the electronic signal fluctuated in the windmill of the landscape.

A Huang, who is more than one meter tall, was patrolling and searching in this mansion with curiosity. Suddenly, his eyes moved and looked towards the direction of the windmill.

"Xu Tui, an independent electronic signal was detected on that windmill. It may be a reconnaissance facility. You can deal with it, I can't deal with it." Ahuang said.

"The windmill? The core position of the electronic signal."

In the next second, Huang marked Xu Tui's position at the same time, Xu Tui just turned sideways slightly, staring at the windmill. direction.

In an instant, the ground thorn blasted out of the sky.

The windmill shattered, and the electronic components inside shattered instantly.

I just saw a little bit of aurora in the picture, and the picture in front of me suddenly went black, and there was nothing left.

"What is this?"

In the picture from their so-called God's Eye, a fierce and cute young lady who is only about 1.4 meters tall makes Aurora look surprised.

Especially the clothes worn by the fierce little girl, which has a faint metallic feel.

There is also Kalani with a helmet on his head, and Xu Tui's back and a little sideways.

"Sure enough, something went wrong"

"But, who is going to deal with Kalani? It can control Kalani's security silently and invade the security system. , Then."

Immediately, Aurora contacted the security center of Kalani's private house anonymously. Someone entered the room and asked them to sound the alarm.

The private residential area of ​​the moon is either rich or expensive, and security measures are extremely strong.

However, it is impossible to save Kalanni by relying on these security measures, and at most it will scare away the enemy.

After thinking about it, Jiguang contacted a few more people, and finally, Jiguang contacted the extraterrestrial command center.

"Continuously activate Kalani's brainwave auxiliary control chip, and repeat until it activates." Jiguang commanded.

This is the end of the matter, and Kalani must die.

But who is dealing with Karan? The   back and a little sideways are of no reference value, but the fierce and cute little girl who is only 1.4 meters tall is a very obvious feature.

In this day and age, the height of one meter and four is very rare.

It should be easy to find.

When the alarm sounded in the private residential area, Xu Tui looked depressed.

In fact, when Ah Huang discovered the independent electronic signal, Xu Tui knew he was running out of time.

"Ahuang, withdraw!"

"How do you contact Aurora?"

"How do you contact Aurora Salvation?"

"Other strongholds of Dawn Redemption."

Picking up Kalani, Xu Tui asked as he walked out.

The alarm was sounded and the situation has entered an uncontrollable range.

The point is that Xu Tui did not get any evidence.

The information Xu Tui obtained was all obtained by observing Kalani's subconscious images through mental radiation.

There is no direct evidence.

In this case, it is impossible for Tian Suqing to intervene.

Forced intervention will only bring trouble to Tian Suqing.

The last thirty seconds!

Xu Tui kept repeating, staring carefully at the subconscious pictures that flashed in Kalanni's mind. Xu Tui forcibly wrote down everyone who flashed in each picture.

It might be useful.

In the last ten seconds, in Kalani's subconscious picture, a layer of communication mode suddenly flashed.

Xu Tui Yixi, is this a secret contact method?

At the door of the residence, six security guards from Transmutation have entered directly.

This security lineup is really luxurious.

Asteroids bring a pioneering group born and die, a pioneering group with three or four transitional realms, even if it is a luxurious configuration.

But on the moon, a security squad in a private residential area, six Transmutation Realms came first.

It's really ironic.   The spirit hammer that had been suspended for a long time slammed out suddenly, and the two Transmutation Realm that rushed the fastest on the spot, Qiqiao spurted blood and fell to the ground.

The other four people were immediately taken aback and retreated defensively.

No time!

Xu Tui is very sorry.

This Kalani should be able to unearth a lot of valuable information, but unfortunately more and more security personnel have gathered, and the private security of other private houses has also begun to spy in this direction, Xu Tui even sensed the breath of quasi-planets from it.

Can't drag anymore.

Without evidence, this Kalani cannot be taken away.

Take off the spirit strength shielding helmet, Xu Tui is considering whether to kill Karan directly?

Should I stay with Kalani to see if there is a chance to interrogate again?

Without waiting for Xu Tui's consideration, the moment he took off the spirit strength shielding helmet, Kalani's head exploded!

It burst like a ripe watermelon.

The Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization is really decisive.

High-level people like Kalani give up when they say they give up.

From the current point of view, Guangying Group is very likely to be one of the sources of funds for the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization.

"Ahuang, get all the data, hurry up, and withdraw."

"You can give me a hand."

Far away, the murderer Little Meng Niang Ahuang, rushing over with her short legs and carrying a bag, she has short legs. She looks crazy, but it's actually very slow.

Also, it imitates Gong Ling's fierceness, which will become a burden when running.

"Ahuang, are you struggling? Directly into the form of a dog, then the thief will run fast!"

A Huang fiercely stared at the fierce little cute girl who was running wild. After taking a look at Xu Tui, "Tell me again, I am anxious to you!   I am Huang, I will never be a dog in the future!"

Xu Tui: "."

Founding The definition people give you is a dog, right?   Gritting his teeth, changing his body as he rushed, Ah Huang had a pair of small wings behind him, and he started to flicker awkwardly, and Xu Tui's mouth was grinning.

In order to change the dog, Ah Huang also fights.

At the next moment, Ah Huang suddenly screamed, flying up like a cloud and a fog, but he was pulled by Xu Tui's spirit strength.

He hurriedly fell into Xu Tui's arms, and fiercely hit Xu Tui's body fiercely.

Xu Tui's face became very weird at this moment.

"You really are still a high level artificial intelligence!"

While talking, Xu Tui left the private house at full speed.

"Why do you say that, am I not a human anymore?" Ahuang looked stunned.

Xu Tui touched the painful chest with a pain on his face, "What a pity, which human little cute girl has a harder chest than a stone!"

" Uh"

Ahuang froze, "Should this be soft? I have never touched it."

Xu Tui: "."

In the next moment, Ah Huang threw the backpack in his hand to Xu Tui, body moved, and it turned into a large watch and wrapped it around Xu Tui's wrist.

"This was found in the safe. There are nearly two kilograms of source crystals. It is also an income. It is reserved for cultivation."

Listening to what Huang said, Xu Tui, who wanted to make a few jokes with Ahuang with the stone, was startled, and silently swallowed the next words back into his stomach.

Those who have been together in adversity until now, will not take Ahuang to seduce them today.

What was the same as being poor at the time.   A year and a half ago, in order to get some energy potions, Xu Tui and Huang went to the sea paradise to take a bet, and add a chip to it. Reluctant.   There are a lot of security guards in the private residential security zone, just like this, there are more than a dozen Transmutation Powerhouses chasing them back and forth.

But Xu Tui was not at all shocked, the guy who chased him close was a mental hammer at hand.

Although he didn't kill him, it couldn't be easier to kill him after he was in a coma.

Whoever wants to die, just chase after it.

Less than one minute, Xu Tui left the private residential area without any risk.

Sensing that there are still several quasi-planets powerhouse aura adorned on her body, Xu Tui coldly snorted, spirit strength drew out the shock whip and immediately dissipated.

Xu Tui hurried to the meeting point.

Here, after all, it is the comprehensive base of the Bluestar Genetic Committee, which is different from the comprehensive bases of the joint districts. The main controller is Raymond, the director of the Bluestar Genetic Committee.

Although it is usually a muddy wood plastic, it is only when facing the six gangsters, and not at other times.

Be careful.

Just when Xu Tui thought it was safe to exit, a flame suddenly fell from the sky, and the powerful quasi-planet powerhouse aura instantly locked Xu Tui.

"Dare to break into the private house and kill, stop me!"

At this moment, two more quasi-planets rushed to the front and back, encircling them. Xu Tui.

Three quasi-planets!   Xu Tui was stunned.

This is definitely not the quasi-planetary powerhouse in the private residential area. The quasi-planetary Grade powerhouse in the private residential area is only peeping, but not following.

Looking at this situation, these three people definitely came to block him deliberately.

The quasi-planet who led the arrival sneered and sent a message, "One of the targets has been successfully contained, kill or capture?"

One hundred and one In the springboard base of No. 1, Aurora, who received this news, was finally sighed in relief.

Fortunately in misfortune.

Just now, Kalani’s brainwave auxiliary control chip has been detonated, and now, if the perpetrator is successfully contained, the impact of this incident can be minimized.

Soon, Aurora gave a reply, "If you can catch it, kill if you can't catch it, remember to bring it back with your item."

The leader who received the news The planet issued a battle order with a cold and severe expression, but in the next moment, his expression suddenly became extremely shocked.

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