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  Chapter 671 The tall and short double evil spirits and two antennas (see monthly ticket)   The field of the moon.

Xu Tui squeezed his nose and mouth tightly, and took out the combat uniform from the quantum dimensional chain without hurries, and then put it on gently.

Except for the inside of the major bases, the other regions of the moon are all in a vacuum. Just now Xu Tui used a word for escape from Old Zhang when he was surrounded by three quasi-planets at the moment of crisis. .

Without life-saving and emergency means, Xu Tui does not dare to be reckless.

In an instant, Xu Tui escaped from the three quasi Planetary Grade and appeared beyond a thousand li.

But suddenly switching to a vacuum environment, although it can bear it, it still makes Xu Tui a little uncomfortable. After changing into combat uniforms, he feels much better.

Five minutes later, a patrolling air-to-sky fighter from the Huaxia District stopped in front of Xu Tui. Xu Tui boarded the plane and Tian Suqing sat there impressively.

"Information shows that you are surrounded by three quasi-planets, and I am preparing to find someone to rescue you. How did you escape?" Tian Suqing looked curious.

"An escape card."

Seeing Tian Suqing puzzled, Xu Tui added, "It's the source crystal ability seal card made by Principal. Under the circumstances, you can escape for about a thousand miles in an instant."

Tian Suqing was stunned, and there was only a single thought in his heart, so real!

What a real trench.

The source crystal ability seal card made by Planetary Grade powerhouse is actually used like this.

Their Extraterrestrial Special Intelligence Bureau, there is a Yuanzi Yuanjing Sealing Ability Card from Cai Shaochu, which has been used for more than three years, and followed the special intelligence personnel more than a dozen times. The task is useless.

The main reason is too precious to bear.

If you don't need it, you don't need it.

Even if it is seriously injured, as long as it is not dead enough, it will not be used.

But Xu Tui's side   "What's the gain?"

"It's useless, but this Karani is definitely a high-level member of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization. , I used the interrogation method I used before, and read a lot of information from his subconscious, but there was no evidence." Xu Tui said.

Tian Suqing was silent, "If there is no evidence, then I can't intervene. The Guangying Group has branches in multiple districts, and the burden of public welfare affairs in recent years is very heavy, especially for garbage disposal outside the territory. Come on.

There is no evidence, I can only secretly pay attention to secretly investigate."

"I understand. However, at the last moment of today, the three quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses who besieged me, Not to mention all the problems, but the leader, there is definitely a problem." Xu Tui said.

"The quasi-planet that surrounds you, isn't it the private security of the private residential area?"

"No, I can sense it, they are coming directly at me. Come normal Said that security should first go to the private house to check the situation.

And they are not nonsense, they will fuck me when they meet!" Xu Tui said.

Tian Suqing frowned, "Is there anyone like it?"

A Huang sent a portrait, and Tian Suqing will have the result within one minute.

"This Fire Element is extraordinary. He was born in the Midland District, and his name is Damonsey, but now he works for the Moon Command of the Blue Star Genetic Committee.

Under Mr. Raymond’s command, he is one of Mr. Raymond’s high level consultants. He is mainly responsible for the security of the Blue Star Lunar Command base. At the same time, he is also one of the combatants in wartime with a military rank.

Do you think he has What's the problem?"

"It came too fast, it happened too coincidentally, and the attitude towards me was extremely determined! I was killing intent in a flash, I just wanted to kill me!" Xu Tui said.

This is what Xu Tui's passive telepathy told Xu Tui.

Normally, even if Xu Tui is besieged, shouldn’t it be a prisoner who interrogates and confirms his identity?

Where is such a great malice.

"This is just your speculation, sorry, this person, we can't investigate, of course, secret investigation is possible." Tian Suqing helplessly said.

"I will also investigate secretly."

This Damonsi may be another investigation into the direction of the aurora's whereabouts.

According to the information obtained from Kalani, only Aurora knows the whereabouts of the painted skin of Dawn's redemption.

Only by finding the Aurora first, will it be possible to know the whereabouts of Painted Skin.

This is a relatively clear goal.

Previously, Xu Tui had seen layers of secret contact information transferred from Kalani's subconscious mind, most likely to be used to contact Dawn.

Xu Tui asked Ah Huang to try it just now, and it has failed.

It must not be said that the response speed of the Dawn Redemption organization is fast!   In just a few minutes after Karani’s accident, there were multiple reactions, and all channels of possible leaks were cut off.

The Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization can survive on Blue Star for so long, and it is not a vain name.

"Xu Tui, I think, if you want to search Shuguang redemption, and you want to find painted skin through Zhu Shuguang redemption, this direction is wrong." Tian Suqing said suddenly.

"Why is it wrong?"

"I have been working on special affairs since I worked in the Special Situation Bureau, from the local area, to Kyoto Prefecture and beyond. Workers, and in my special work, the investigation and suppression of the Blue Star Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization has been running through it.

I think I still have a certain say in the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization." Tian Suqing said.

"Tian Ju, you say, I listen."

"The organization of Dawn Redemption is extremely tight and cautious. Over the past several decades, high-level members have been killed during Dawn Redemption. Catch, but never a high level member confided a key message, and there was no such thing as catching one and pulling out a litter.

Occasionally there are signs, and the Dawning Redemption operation is extremely fruitful. Absolutely," Tian Suqing said.

"Tianju, you mean to continue to follow this clue, even if you chase the core personnel, it will be difficult to gain something?"

"It is almost like this. They are extremely cautious, and their response is extremely fast and extremely ruthless."

"What do you mean by that field game?"

"If you can't track down, then change the direction. "

"Change direction? Another way?" Xu Tui was puzzled.

"Blue Star Dawn redeems this traitor organization, no matter how tightly organized it is, no matter how fast it responds, it is also a fairly large organization.

Any organization must be outside the ground To survive in the universe, it is inseparable from the support of various materials, and it will inevitably be in contact with the outside world, but most people don’t know that’s all."

Tian Suqing will talk about this. For the sake of it, Xu Tui would be stupid if he doesn't understand.

"Tian Ju means to let me take the initiative to contact Dawn Redemption? Or even to be an undercover agent?"

"I dare not use you as an undercover agent and give me ten courage. Principal Cai will definitely kill me!"

Tian Suqing smiled and shook his head. "According to intelligence, the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization received a large amount of money from the various alliances after the fire star guard battle. After the supplies, the development direction of Dawn Redemption has focused on the asteroid belt.

It has several points of independent operation."

"Tianju, what do you mean? ?"

"As long as Blue Star Dawn Redemption exists, you have the opportunity to contact them, contact them, and even cooperate, it is much easier than tracking them."

Said that the road Tian Suqing pointed out to Xu Tui is much easier than tracing.

But Xu Tui needs to wait for the moment.

In the base of the No. 101 springboard of Dawn Redemption, the Aurora that received the news from Mengxi was slightly flustered and exasperated.

"Why are you playing with me? People are blocked by your three quasi-planets, but you didn't even hand in your hands, and you didn't even feel the breath of the target, so just let go Now?" Aurora was very angry.

Karani's accident caused him to be in a hurry.

The aftermath has not yet been completed.

What's more terrible is that the Guangying Group may also be affected by this, and the follow-up troubles are unknown.

But pre-treatment must be done.

Aurora can already foresee that for some time in the future, he will be very busy.

But the problem is that the assailant was blocked, but he let him run away.

So far, it hasn't been clear who the perpetrators are.

Let alone figure out how much sensitive information Kalani has leaked.

In this case, any probability must be processed in advance.

Kalani involves too many things.

This makes Aurora extremely big and angry.

"People disappeared in an instant? Planetary Grade powerhouse aura? You mean, the assailant, is a Planetary Grade powerhouse?"

"My lord, we are not sure it is It's not Planetary Grade powerhouse, but the moment the opponent disappeared, Planetary Grade powerhouse aura did appear." Damonsi replied.

"I see."

A few minutes later, Aurora issued an order to their base command center-to collect and find all Planetary Grade and Standards that have the ability to flash away. Planetary Grade powerhouse list! When   Tian Suqing took Xu Tui back to the Lunar Comprehensive Base in the Huaxia District, the bases in the Moon's allied areas were a bit bombed.

The reason is very simple. Kalanni, the CEO of Guangying Group, was killed in his private residence at the Blue Star Genetic Committee complex base.

The event is slightly larger.

But the impact is even greater.

The rich and powerful people who have private houses on the moon have become very uneasy. With the security forces of Kalani himself and the private houses, they can be killed. There is only one conclusion-the killer too Strong.

The killer may be Quasi-Planetary or Planetary Grade.

And the intent is unknown.

Therefore, the Bluestar genetic committee issued a notice of assistance to the comprehensive bases in the joint area.

However, Xu Tui looked startled when he saw the announcement.

The perpetrators were a man and a woman, one was quite tall, over 1.8 meters, and the other was quite short, only 1.4 meters, without frontal photos.

When Xu Tui and Damonxi face each other, they use a bionic mask.

Therefore, there is only one basic feature and height image on the notice.

This makes Xu Tui look a bit of toothache, is this tall and short?   Or tall and short?

For the relocation of the branch of the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute, Xu Tui mainly escorted and sealed top-secret information in the past, and Xu Tui did not need to handle the rest in person.

Three days later, after Xu Tui brought the sealed research data, research equipment, and important data back to the military, Xu Tui threw them into the quantum dimensional chain as required. This is also what Cai Shaochu asked Xu to do. One of the reasons Tui came.

There are very few people who possess the ability of quantum dimensional chain.

Xu Tui this time, he made a trip for transportation.

Then Xu Tui and dozens of researchers set foot on the journey back to the Unut asteroid.

It is worth mentioning that in the past three days, accidents occurred frequently on the moon.

It has been discovered that four people died in various accidents.

There is a characteristic of all, that is, the death is sudden, but the death is reasonable.

After a closer inspection, he was able to contact Kalani more or less.

The cautiousness of dawn redemption is evident.

Because Xu Tui mainly asked questions about painting the skin, he didn't ask other questions at all and didn't have time to ask, so in fact, he didn't get much important information.

Shuguang redemption cleansing is still so thorough!   The way back went smoothly.

After the Spiritual Body Star Core disperses, it passed the Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage smoothly. It took a while to collect scattered materials and personnel.

One day later, Xu Tui returned to the Unut asteroid with some researchers and the materials and equipment that needed to be escorted.

Of course, the most important research data is Xu Tui took out from the quantum dimensional chain and handed it to Old Cai.

Old Cai is very happy. That happy energy makes Xu Tui feel a little weird.

When I was happy, I personally took Xu Tui to start the research work of the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute branch, almost the kind of personal guidance.

Various research methods, various Xu Tui unheard-of research tools.

Xu Tui feels that Old Cai seems to really treat him as a student.

Because of this, the time for the Heavenspan Special Forces to leave the port to explore and develop has been delayed again.

However, on December 17, Xu Tui received a message from Zhou Chuan.

"The head of the report, the slender antenna that the Mitsubishi tripod grew out of has become two."

Upon receiving this news, Xu Tui could no longer sit still. !   Because Zhou Chuan was unable to communicate with Mitsubishi Tripod, Xu Tui gave relevant explanations when he set off.

If Mitsubishi Tripod senses the aura of the two primary level meristems of An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan, they will immediately expand the antenna into two.

Use this as a signal.

And Zhou Chuan got the confession that if he found that the antenna of Mitsubishi tripod had become two, he would immediately contact Xu Tui.

An Xiaoxue, there is news!

Although there is no specific whereabouts of An Xiaoxue, the general direction of An Xiaoxue's current location is there!   ****In the   transition of these chapters, there are a few re-turning foreshadowings here, and I must explain it.

Well, ask for a monthly ticket!   Today's eight K characters.

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