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  Chapter 672 once again transforms into a ball (seeking a monthly pass)

"Okay, you can explore For example, I am in favor of finding the whereabouts of the wasteland group.

I also hope to find out the whereabouts of the wasteland group as soon as possible and bring them back safely."

Cai Shaochu knew about the Mitsubishi Tripod.

So, Xu Tui immediately went to Cai Shaochu when he got An Xiaoxue's initial position and directions.

Because if the entire special forces group is looking for exploration, then the estimated exploration range will be much larger than the 10-day flight circle of the Unut asteroid currently required to be explored.

Therefore, Xu Tui must communicate with the above.

Otherwise, the land reclamation team didn't find it, the Heavenspan Special Forces team lost contact or had a problem, and a big problem first came up.

Cai Shaochu continued, "Before, we have continuously sent wasteland reclamation groups to completely step out of the circle of Earth, Moon and Fire, obtain more resource stars, and solve the dilemma that was blocked by Spirit Race at that time.

But now, with the previous battle, we have stepped out of the circle of earth, moon and fire, and officially set foot in the asteroid belt.

Therefore, the first priority now is to ensure the safety of the members of the land reclamation team. Take it back.

The third batch of wasteland reclamation groups used them, but they are all middle generation elites in our districts. They must be taken back.

Go and prepare, I’ll look for it.

Cheng Daxing said, besides, think of ways to strengthen your strength." Cai Shaochu said.

"Thank you Principal."

One hour later, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group was ready to go, and Xu Tui came to Cai Shaochu's office again.

"War Zone has agreed to your request, allowing you to move freely in the next exploration.

However, under conditions, you must report your position once a day At the same time, try to ensure your own safety.” Cai Shaochu said.

"Principal, I just received the order, and I came for this too. No, it's coming out soon, I don't know what to do, I think." Xu Tui stopped talking.

"I have something to say."

Xu Tui smiled at Cai Shaochu hehe, "Principal, today’s asteroid belt, Spirit Race and the Great Western Planetary Grade are active Fewer, more quasi-planets, you don’t want me to hold a few three-phase thermal bombs for self-protection every time, do you?

If I encounter someone who is not afraid of death, wouldn’t I have to Take it?   I want some cards for self-protection."

Cai Shaochu’s eyes widened suddenly, "More cards? Do you think my source crystal ability card is Chinese cabbage? Do you want to make it?"

"Then look at this video."

Xu Tui directly chased him with a three-phase thermal bomb on the side of the Daxi people The video of Planetary Grade powerhouse running around the floor is clicked on, and Old Cai hehe smiles straight after seeing it.

"You video should be sent to Lao Shang, or Lao Ji and He Qianli bastard, show me what to do?   You are not my student." Old Cai opened with Xu Tui Played a joke.

Xu Tui froze, Old Cai, you are too much.

"Principal, you said before, didn’t you look at me as a student? Besides, I am also your student, and all the students at the University of Genetic Evolution outside the city are your students, aren’t they? "

"Then I have too many students."


Xu Tui has nothing to do now. In depression, he just turned around and left. , Old Cai won't give it, so I just want to do it and lick Ancestor Master again.

Anyway, what is ashamed is also the face of the founder of Genetic Miracle, Shang Longshang teacher. Xu Tui's face is small, so I am not afraid of losing it.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I was pulled back with a strong force.

"Xu Tui, the cheek is still not enough thick. If you had a thicker cheek just now, I will give it directly, and dare to shake my face. Are you asking for help?" Old Cai On-site education started Xu Tui.

Xu Tui coldly snorted.

I feel that insignificant self-esteem has been hit.

"I'm taking the opportunity to guide you! My face is too thin, and I will suffer a big loss. I wanted to have the face I am now."

Cai Shaochu sighed, just He took out one thing and said, "I have already prepared it for you."

Xu Tui's complexion is very good, and when he gets it, his complexion becomes not very good again.

"Principal, just one."

"Just one? Too few to bring it. Do you think this is Chinese cabbage, I can get it out if I want to? "Cai Shaochu turned his face and wanted to get back the magic word source crystal ability seal card that Xu Tui had just given, but Xu Tui threw it directly into the quantum dimensional chain.

"I mainly give you these words, escape, fantasy, and seal, usually more comprehend. When you use them, you should experience the changes in quantum frequency energy fluctuations. I hope that someone in this world can reproduce My ability." Cai Shaochu said resolutely.

"I think, but it's too little." Xu Tui was still unhappy.

"Is it still less?"

Cai Shaochu gave Xu Tui a thriller, "In the past six months, how much have I given you? The word task has not been completed yet."

When he mentioned the learning task, Cai Shaochu was full of grievances. Xu Tui quickly turned off the topic, "Isn’t I just running errands for you? I am also completing your old man. Is the assigned research task?   the past few days, aren’t you learning from you?"

Hearing this, Cai Shaochu grieved slightly, "I’ll use that one first, I’m too busy recently. In addition, I have other arrangements for the trip this time."

While speaking, Cai Shaochu clicked and sent a message, and within two minutes, a group of three people walked in.

The leader is a tall woman, she looks very beautiful, and she wears something like An Xiaoxue.

Denim trousers, combat boots, and long curled hair are actually strung three blue hosta, but the most eye-catching thing is the white shirt.

This slim white shirt directly highlights the woman's ability to dress to the lowest point.

Obviously, it is the kind of airport-like figure that is close to the nails, but wearing a slim-fit white shirt, directly showing the airport.

This clothing product.

However, the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse aura circulated on his body also made Xu Tui awe-inspiring.

"Let me introduce, Bu Qingqiu, quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, one of the proponents of the Department of Emergence Induction, and the head of the Department of Emergence Induction at the University of Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution.

this time, she will set off with you."

Bu Qingqiu.

Xu Tui was shocked by the name.

Too familiar.

Qu Qingshan gave him a cultivation note with a manifestation of induction system, and there are a lot of cultivation notes on Qingqiu.

Xu Tui's previously practiced water explosion technique that hurts people by tricks is learned from Bu Qingqiu's cultivation experience.

In Qingqiu, I am still the teacher of Qu Qingshan.

Ten minutes later, Xu Tui and Bu Qingqiu and three other Transmutation Realm powerhouses left together and went to join the Heavenspan Special Operations Group.

As Xu Tui said before, because of the complex situation of the asteroid belt, whether it is Daxi or Spirit Race, there are a small number of Planetary Grade powerhouse activities, and many quasi-planetary powerhouses appear.

Then let the pioneer group bring a few Transmutation Powerhouses to explore, it is a gamble on luck.

A person who is unlucky and encounters a Planetary Grade will be wiped out.

The last time Xu Tui was able to chase the Planetary Grade powerhouse with a three-phase thermal explosive belt was also due to the special circumstances and terrain, as well as Xu Tui.

If you change to someone else, you already die without a burial site.

Planetary Grade powerhouse only needs to attack from a distance or fly a kite to destroy the opponent.

Therefore, in order to avoid major losses, the Blue Star Seven Regions and One Organization deliberated carefully and decided to send more power to the Unut asteroid again.

To increase the strength of the past, mainly to strengthen the special forces and participating groups participating in the development.

In principle, a special warfare group is equipped with a quasi-planet and three Transmutation Realms.

At the same time, the special warfare groups are also allowed to increase their own battle strength within the allowed range.

Some special warfare groups with profound family background have already entered the battlefield with quasi-planets of family power.

It is said that Ruan Family Jian Family has each sent a quasi-planet to the Haotian Special Combat Team.

Bu Qingqiu, Cai Shaochu selected candidates for the Heavenspan Special Forces.

Of course, Bu Qingqiu, the quasi-planet, is willing to join the Heavenspan Special Forces to join the battle, mainly because of Qu Qingshan.

There are extremely few people with physical induction.

Lao Qu is a student of Qingqiu, and he is one of the few accomplished students.

In the past few years, Qu Qingshan has been staying at Huaxia Genetic Evolution University. In addition to his own intention to sharpen himself, he mainly cultivates talents for the Department of Induction.

This is probably why Bu Qingqiu came forward.

On the way back with Bu Qingqiu, Xu Tui was a little nervous, and brought another teacher with him?

How to calculate? It’s   impossible to calculate, the characteristic is the teacher of a Pingchuan style.

There is a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse accompanied by a three-phase thermal bomb. Even if you encounter a Planetary Grade powerhouse, you will not be without any fight back.

Bu Qingqiu and three other Transmutation Powerhouses accompanied the members of the Heavenspan Special Forces.

Who doesn't want their team to be stronger?

On December 18th, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group set off with eight air-to-sky fighters and one air-to-sky supply ship.

On December 22, meeting with Zhou Chuan in the agreed sitting position, the Mitsubishi tripod with strange antennas returned to Xu Tui's hands.

"Boss, I can sense the two mites that you asked me to mark, but when they disappear, they may be far away from us, but I can already determine the general direction. "As soon as I saw Xu Tui, Mitsubishi Ding couldn't wait to show his merits.

"The direction is left to you. If you can find the target smoothly, you will be rewarded with 500 grams of source crystal and one third of the black silver glazed body." Xu Tui offered a reward.

Mitsubishi Tripod was excited when I heard this reward.

The antenna pierced on his head kept swaying, and I wanted to find An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan right away and get the reward from Xu Tui.

It doesn't matter what the source crystal is, the key is the one third of the mysterious silver glass body, which is old and precious.

The fleet sailed silently in the vast universe, except for occasionally adjusting its direction, avoiding small meteorite celestial bodies and so on.

In the induction of the Mitsubishi tripod, An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan brought the two rhombohedron species with them, becoming clearer and clearer.

Xu Tui wanted to ask Bu Qingqiu about some of the experience of the induction system, but the two were not on the same fighter.

Bu Qiuqing, as the most powerful powerhouse, sits on the aerospace supply ship with the most materials in the middle.

Xu Tui also started to do another thing.

Resurrect Lavis! The   black silver glazed body cannot be wasted.

After considering it for a long time, and discussing it with Cai Shaochu for a long time, I think it is better to give Lavis a piece, which is the most cost-effective.

Whether it is Ahuang or Mitsubishi tripod, especially Mitsubishi tripod, you must not give too much black silver glaze body.

Ah Huang will not use much in the short term.

Ravis is a good target.

In the last battle of the Wealth and Power, Lavis’ behavior has basically been socially dead within the Daxi people, and the name of a traitor has become true.

The probability of rebels in the past is yes, but not big.

Of course, this is only one of the factors. The most important factor is that Xu Tui can first brand the black silver glazed body with his spirit strength aura.

As long as he does not die, as long as Lavis’ spirit strength does not exceed Xu Tui by a large margin, then the body that Xu Tui gave to Lavis can be taken back whenever he wants to take it back.

As for the spirit strength of Lavis may surpass that of Xu Tui.

It's simple, I feel like it's about to surpass, just a few hammers.

"Ravis, if, I mean, if I can give you a black silver glazed body, can my loyalty to me have several points of?"

So far Ravis, who was still in the alloy block, was shocked hearing this.

But after just staying for a while, I lost my voice, "Respected Commander Xu Tui, as long as you give me a black silver glaze body, my allegiance to you will be one thousand percent!"


Xu Tui sneered.

If Ravis replied that his allegiance to Xu Tui has seventy points, eighty points, Xu Tui would believe it.

One thousand percent.

Go lie to the ghost.

There will definitely be other ideas.

However, this is also such is human nature, otherwise, there would be no Legendary in the heart of Cao Ying.

"Let's have a nomination certificate." Xu Tui said suddenly.

"What is a nomination certificate?" Lavis was puzzled.

"It is to make you betray the Daxi people more thoroughly, so that I can trust you more." Xu Tui said.

"Master Xu Tui, my previous performance, isn't it?"

Xu Tui sneered.

After one minute, Lavis said with great difficulty: "Does our Daxi advance team's initial foothold in the asteroid belt count?"

"Your executive officer Jinte shouldn’t be stupid, right?"

"Uh, where is the emergency evacuation site?"

"Do you really think your Daxi executives are stupid, the emergency evacuation site, so long? Haven't changed it yet?" Xu Tui was expressionless.

"My lord, I really don't know what can be done for a name. According to you, the executive officer Jinte has replaced everything that can be replaced because of my betrayal. Then I know Things are basically worthless." Lavis was anxious.

"You think about this yourself."

"My lord, there are actually several planets where emergency bases are located, which cannot be changed because these planets can be selected as emergency bases. The location is because in its Star Core, the source energy is more active and the life force is stronger."

The life force of planet, this is another term Xu Tui heard, not too new, but from Daxi When the clan said it, naturally there was another taste.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of casting fame, Xu Tui squeezed Lavis again.

Feeling almost squeezed, Xu Tui took out the black silver glazed body.

As soon as he was placed in front of Lavis, Lavis, which is a cloud of blue light, suddenly flew out of the broken alloy block where he had lived before, and with a swish, he got into the black silver glaze. in vivo.

In an instant, Lavis's breath began to soar rapidly.

In the absence of any energy, he recovered from the evolutionary state to the transmutation state in an instant.

At the same instant, the black silver glazed body began to rapidly expand and change, and in an instant it became the appearance of a tall Daxi tribe.

It just looks a little illusory.

Lavis, who was regaining his human form, swallowed the old broken alloy block with a wave of his hand, making his body a little firmer.

"My lord, I need some high-quality alloys to stabilize my body, 100kg, at least 100kg, 500kg high-quality alloy is the best, hurry up and give it to me." Lavis said anxiously.

"Give it to you?"

Xu Tui sneered, "I just took it out, and I haven't allowed you to get in. You are so courageous, how can you be obedient in the future?"


Lavis, who had restored part of his cultivation base, stayed for a while and his expression became a little gloomy and uncertain.

"Why, do you have an idea?"

"No, no!" Lavis quickly denied.

"Get out of here!"

Xu Tui's complexion was dark, and a movement of spirit strength directly detonated the Spiritual Explosion Technique that had been planted in it a long time ago.

In the next moment, Lavis let out a scream.

A cloud of blue light fell directly from the newly formed human figure.

The human form just now turned into a ball in a flash!

A sphere.   ****With   30 votes to reach the top ten of the science fiction scoreboard, the ball asks for the support of the big guys.

(End of this chapter)

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