Great Genetic Era Chapter 675

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  Chapter 673 Disappearance and Sudden Suddenness (seeking subscription)I   was taken from the body of the mysterious silver glass that just entered When it broke out, Lavis was dumbfounded.

But in the next moment, Lavis is going crazy!   They Daxi clansman, Spiritual Body and energy are one body, allowing their Spiritual Body to survive out of the body, but the strength did not break through to Planetary Grade, before the Spiritual Body and energy material were turned into mysterious silver glazed body, Spiritual Body and After the mixture of energy leaves the body, it must find a place to live as soon as possible.

Otherwise, spirit strength and energy will dissipate at a constant speed until death.

This is also one of the fundamental reasons why Lavis hurriedly found an alloy block to get in during the last time on the Fuqiang asteroid.

Must find something to host.

But now, he had swallowed the alloy block that he had just hosted. There were alloys everywhere in the aerospace fighter, but there were energy surges and couldn't enter.

In an instant, the group of blue light that Lavis was exploded dissipated at a speed that Lavis himself felt.

Ravis is shocked and stunned!

Especially Lavis hasn't figured it out yet, he has clearly obtained the black silver glazed body as his body, why was it exploded again?

Xu Tui ignored Ravies, and slowly added a spiritual explosion word formula in the black silver glazed body that had degenerated into a ball again, and then put the black silver glazed body to Ravi. In front of Si.

"Do you understand?"

Lavis shook his head first, then nodded fiercely.

"Tell me, what do you understand?"

"I'm too impatient, I should get your permission first."

"No, you I don't understand."

Xu Tui shook the head, "What I just wanted to let you know is that even if you obtain this mysterious silver glazed body and become your own fleshy body, you will restore your cultivation base.

But as long as I am willing, I can kick you out of the black silver colored glaze immediately and hit you back to your original shape directly!   Understand?"

Lavis Dumbfounded.

After doing it for a long time, even if he gets the black silver glazed body, he is still a second landlord?

"If you don't understand, then I will take this thing away." Xu Tui said.

"I understand! Your lord, don't worry, you will tell me to go east in the future. I will never dare to go west. If you make me shorter, I will never dare to grow longer." Lavis quickly promised.

"I hope you really understand. Work hard for me, the day when you are detached." Xu Tui said with a sneer.

"Understand!" Lavis quickly agreed.

Upon seeing this, Xu Tui put the black silver glazed body in front of Lavis again, but Lavis didn't dare to be anxious anymore.

"Master Xu Tui, can I go in?" Ravis cautiously asked.

Learned well.

"Go in."

After one minute, Lavis who re-Human Transformation said cautiously, "Master Xu Tui, can give me some high-purity high-level alloys. Is it? In this case, I can serve you better, and how much I give depends on your heart."

Xu Tui really didn't bring much of the high level alloy.

However, the Xu Tui Quantum Dimensional Chain, which was obtained last time from the Fuqiang Asteroid, threw a few pieces in the Xu Tui quantum dimensional chain, fifty-sixty kg, and threw it to Lavis.

Because of the lack of alloy, Lavis was unable to maintain his previous tall image. In the end, he could only maintain a height of about 1.6 meters.

In today's Blue Star Human Race, it is relatively short.

However, the appearance of Onishi clansman is dominated by blue, silver, black, and glaze. The characteristics look very obvious. Therefore, Xu Tui threw a set of combat uniforms to Lavis.

After putting it on, especially after pulling down the mask, Lavis is a living blue star Human Race powerhouse.

"What kind of battle strength can you exert now?"

"The strength of the Transmutation Realm Early-Stage, with experience and previous quasi-planetary awareness, should be able to compete with you The Blue Star’s mid-transition stage and even the late-stage powerhouse battle."

The middle and late stages of the Transmutation Realm are actually a more general division of the Daxi people. The FE-rank Transmutation Stage is Early-Stage, and DC is the Middle Stage. BA and beyond is the later stage.

"If your strength is increased to the mid-transmutation stage, can you fight the quasiplanet?" Xu Tui asked.

"Theoretically so."

"Then how much energy do you need to restore your strength to the mid-transmutation stage."

"At least 1000 grams of source crystal. "Lavis said.

In the next instant, Xu Tui threw a kilogram of source crystal to Lavis.

The last time the Jifeng 7 resource star was harvested, including the reward of the fire star rushing battle, Xu Tui harvested tens of thousands of source crystals.

During this period of crazy cultivation, the source crystal in Xu Tui's hand is still over 10,000 grams.

A few days ago, at the private house of Kalani on the moon, Ah Huang bought Xu Tui two more kilograms.

Not to mention the consumption of Xu Tui's cultivation, Xu Tui's current net worth is actually quite substantial.

"Boss, the direction is right. Not only can I sense the breath of the two marked clones.

I can also sense these two The mites are very close."

On December 23, after flying in the direction of the Mitsubishi tripod for a day and a half, the Mitsubishi tripod’s induction became clearer and clearer. In the meantime, it took a short half day. A newly discovered asteroid that can be used as a resource star has been explored.

The distance is right.

"Boss, in addition to the two marked low-level meristems, I also sensed the aura of several of my meristems and gathered together." On December 24, Mitsubishi Kanae said.

There are other clones, which is even more true.

Because of the people in the wasteland reclamation team, many of them brought clones to sense target energy fluctuations.

On the morning of December 25th, Mitsubishi Tripod reported again, "Boss, I feel more clearly. Maybe in seven or eight days, maybe ten days, we may be able to find two mites."

Xu Tui feels a little relaxed.

Hope is good.

I am afraid of hopelessness in everything.

On the afternoon of December 25th, Xu Tui, who was in the cultivation process, was suddenly awakened by Mitsubishi Kanae's rapid voice.

"Boss, it's not good, it's gone!"

"What's gone?"

"The breath of the two mites, it's gone ! I can't feel it anymore." Mitsubishi Tripod is very deserted, because it is about the rewards he wants in his heart.

The Mitsubishi Ding is very deserted, but Xu Tui is still calm.

"Don't worry, continue searching, continue to strengthen your antenna, I will give you the source crystal! Search the direction carefully, there are many interference factors in the universe, maybe they will appear in a while?" Xu Tui said.

"Boss, it's been an hour since I lost the signal. I tried many methods but I didn't find it again. Only then did I contact you."

Xu Tui's forehead jumped suddenly. There is a feeling of rush of blood, but he still calms himself, "Even if it’s the melons of your rhododendron tribe, it’s hard to destroy it?"

"The lower melons, destroy them and destroy them."

It's not too difficult! For example, your three-phase thermal bomb will turn into ashes when it explodes."

As soon as this statement came out, thinking of some possible Xu Tui, his head buzzed. , Almost exploded.

Could it be An Xiaoxue? They encountered danger, and then used the three-phase thermal bomb to play the same way, but they got rid of it. As   soon as I thought of this, Xu Tui broke out in a cold sweat.

The probability is great!   This is the worst case, no one!

With An Xiaoxue's character, the probability is true.The   hands and feet suddenly become a little soft.

"You rhombohedron. In addition to being destroyed, under what circumstances will the information be isolated or interrupted?"

"Boss, one of our rhombohedrons The information of the induction between the sensors is a kind of rhombus Life Source quantum frequency.

General electromagnetic storms, particle storms, it is difficult to isolate this kind of induction.

A quantum storm or a quantum wave force field occurs in the vicinity of the colony to isolate the signal between us and the colony.

Generally, only like Spirit Race, the Daxi people have the relevant technology and equipment. "Mitsubishi Tripod said.

At this moment, Xu Tui suddenly felt that it was even difficult to breathe!

Is the worst case happening?   "Boss, I will try again!" The Mitsubishi tripod, who communicated with Xu Tui's consciousness, also discovered Xu Tui's abnormality.

Ah Huang jumped directly from Xu Tui's chest, scaring Lavis to mention it.

"Xu Tui, regardless of the worst, you must be calm now, let alone give up!" Ahuang handed Xu Tui a glass of water.

Taking a sip of water, wiping cold sweat from his forehead, and taking a few deep breaths, Xu Tui calmed down again.

Today, Xu Tui can be regarded as a real experience of the chaos after a pass!   "Mitsubishi tripod, have you noticed it?"

"No, it disappeared suddenly before, without any fluctuations, it disappeared, and then it never appeared.

Highly suspect Either the clot was destroyed, or it was shielded by the quantum wave force field." Mitsubishi Kanae said.

After groaning for one minute, Xu Tui said, "Ahuang, help me contact Unut and transfer to Principal Cai."

"Okay, the current distance, the communication will be extended. It’s about twenty minutes."


However, it has been an hour since Xu Tui contacted Cai Shaochu. Cai Shaochu seemed to be very busy before and never answered Communication request.

"Cai Principal, is there something wrong with the wasteland reclamation team? The direction signals I searched here suddenly disappeared!

Two and a half hours ago. "Xu Tui asked, looking forward to it!   "Something really happened."

At this moment, Xu Tui's heart seemed to be slammed by a big hand, and he felt unable to breathe.

"Are you unable to lock their position now?"


"Then go back, it seems the last chance No more." Cai Shaochu sighed.

"What's the last chance?"

"The wasteland reclamation team was raided by Spirit Race. Some people died in battle and some were captured. Spirit Race just contacted us, I still think If you can lock their position, try to see if there is any probability of rescue." Cai Shaochu said.

"Principal, then Teacher An Xiaoxue." Xu Tui became nervous and incoherent.

"Still alive! In the video sent by Spirit Race, she is still alive."

As soon as this word came out, Xu Tui instantly sighed in relief, and while breathing, sweating Out as pulp!   Alive!

As long as you live!

"If there is nothing important, come back first. Spirit Race has made a condition and the negotiating team is negotiating!"


"Go home!"

"Go home at full speed!"

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