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  Chapter 674 Different situations of prisoners and prison changes (subscription required)

On the way back, Xu Tui Anxious.

I can't wait to have super powers in an instant to rescue An Xiaoxue.

An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan are still alive, but they are captured.

Good news, but also bad news.

How miserable is the prisoner’s situation?

There is still a certain bottom line for the handling of prisoners inside Blue Star, but in the interstellar race war, is there a bottom line for the handling of foreign prisoners?   How could it be possible! It's   purely how happy, useful and cruel.

In order to find useful information from the Lei Elephant’s mouth, Xu Tui, Yanghuai boiled the Lei Elephant like an eagle, and sliced ​​him.

But even so, this method of dealing with prisoners is actually relatively mild, just to destroy the will of the prisoners.

There are too many ways to deal with foreign captives.

Xu Tui didn't dare to think about that scene.

It’s just that Xu Tui is a little bit confused. Based on his understanding of An Xiaoxue, An Xiaoxue belongs to the kind of rather die than submit. Qu Qingshan, the night prodigal, surrendered as a prisoner, and A little bit possible.

But An Xiaoxue, was it a surprise attack by Planetary Grade powerhouse?   Amidst anxiety and doubt, the Heavenspan Special Forces rushed back to the Unut asteroid.

On the way, Mitsubishi Ding did not give up the idea of ​​getting rewards, and constantly played new tricks with the slender antenna on its head. Xu Tui also had some expectations.

But until I returned to the Unut asteroid, I didn't feel the breath of the two low-grade melozoites anymore.

When I returned to the Unut asteroid, it was January 1, 2139.

It is the New Year of Blue Star.

The more you leave Bluestar, the more Bluestar Human Race will celebrate the New Year in various ways.

When the Heavenspan Special Operations Group entered the port, waves of multi-colored special fireworks rose up inside the Unut asteroid. It was the garrison here, celebrating the New Year.

The members of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group cheered when they watched the New Year’s fireworks.

Only Xu Tui, with a sullen face and multi-colored fireworks, Xu Tui can't feel the festive atmosphere at all. What Xu Tui sees is more like gunpowder!

"Principal, what's the situation now?" Xu Tui immediately went to see Cai Shaochu, who came with him, and Bu Qingqiu.

Cai Shao took a fixed look at Xu Tui, but did not answer Xu Tui. Instead, he first made a cup of hot tea for Xu Tui and Bu Qingqiu, and pushed him in front of Xu Tui and Bu Qingqiu.

"Whenever a major event, you need to be calm, look at your teacher, how calm the mood is." Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui glanced at the goose-faced Bu Qingqiu, it was flat, but not quiet.

Xu Tui's passive telepathy can be sensed, and Bu Qingqiu is also very anxious, but it doesn't show on his face.

Cai Shaochu did not educate Xu Tui too much at this threshold. After Xu Tui had a sip of tea, he posted a video for Xu Tui projection.

In the video, there are hundreds of blue star humans captured, all of them after a bloody battle. There are 1/4/2021 people who are physically disabled but still able to move.

The unmovable but breathable ones were all taken away by Spirit Race as corpses.

The video is only 3 minutes.

After reading it, Xu Tui was stunned.

"Principal, there are a total of 126 prisoners, but among the prisoners, mainly from the Milian District, the European Union District, the Indian Union District, and the Non-Union District. I have not seen our Chinese people. Teacher An, Qu teacher, including Wen Shaowen teacher, didn’t appear.

Didn’t you say that Teacher An is okay?"

Bu Qingqiu also had the same question, "Principal, Xiao Qu, he won't."

"You guys watch this again."

Cai Shaochu released another video.

The outside scene of the video is a mountain and then a passage deep into the mountain. It can be seen that the mountain passage has a safety gate and has been reinforced, which looks like a personal work base.

The shooting angle goes deep all the way.

Suddenly, a big bald head and a single horn appeared.

Qu Qingshan and Wen Shao.

These two people have a big bald head and a long horn on their head, their characteristics are extremely obvious.

The two guarded a narrow entrance, each with a three-phase thermal bomb in front of them, and then Xu Tui saw An Xiaoxue.

Seeing An Xiaoxue's appearance, Xu Tui suddenly laughed.

An Xiaoxue in the video, like a queen, sits on a three-phase thermal bomb, with a three-phase thermal bomb under his feet, and a dozen silver pills hovering around him Flying.

Because of the combat uniform and shooting, I can't see too many expressions, but through the mask, we can see that An Xiaoxue's expression is not painful, on the contrary, it is very calm.

Xu Tui, who has experienced it personally, understands this very well.

Some decisions, before making a blunt knife cut the meat, people hesitate and hesitate, but once made, it will be extremely easy.

At worst, it's just one death!

Fear of a ball!   On the Fuqiang asteroid, when Xu Tui picked up two three-phase thermal bombs to chase the Planetary Grade powerhouse and ran around the ground, Xu Tui had the same mindset.

The bald-headed Qu Qingshan guarding An Xiaoxue, even smiling at the camera.

A smile of contempt!   "According to the analysis of intelligence, some of the wasteland reclamation team in China, with An Xiaoxue, Qu Qingshan, and Wen Shao as the backbone, retreated into the depths of the shelter they had built in the planet over the past few months at a critical moment. The original intention was to defend firmly, at worst, to be able to perish together with the enemy.

But it just so happens that Spirit Race wanted to get enough chips from here to exchange prisoners with Blue Star, so it didn’t attack or destroy it.

The current stalemate has formed.

Qu Qingshan, Wen Shao, An Xiaoxue and the others used perish together to prevent Spirit Race’s Planetary Grade or quasi-planet from going deep.

At the same time, because they were used to exchange prisoners, Spirit Race did not directly destroy this temporary base from the surface with extreme violence." Cai Shaochu said.

"Principal, since they are going to exchange prisoners, let's do it. Haven't talked about it yet, what's the matter?" Xu Tui asked.

"It's not that simple, exchange also requires skill." Cai Shaochu shook the head, "I am talking with Spirit Race, and I am also working out a plan for exchanging prisoners."

Xu Tui understands Cai Shaochu means.

There are many issues to consider when exchanging prisoners.

Such as transaction security.

Regardless of this, it is to send prisoners to the enemy.

When trading, Planetary Grade powerhouse must be present to preside over the transaction, and it won’t work if it is missing.

If Planetary Grade powerhouse is missing, it will directly become the prey of Spirit Race, or the kind of home delivery.

But if there are more Planetary Grade powerhouses, how can the safety of the Unut asteroid be guaranteed according to the current situation?

If four or five Planetary Grade powerhouses are assigned to exchange captives, Spirit Race is intended to lured the tiger away from the mountain to raid the Unut asteroid, how to deal with it?

On the Blue Star side, there are many issues to consider.

But the overall tone is that it takes time.

The more time the Blue Star can transfer to the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Unut asteroid, there will be one or two more. The less hidden dangers, the greater the confidence.

"Principal, how much sincerity do you think Spirit Race proposes to exchange prisoners?" After seeing An Xiaoxue's current situation, Xu Tui calmed down completely and entered the state.

"I personally feel that Spirit Race’s exchange of prisoners is still very sincere. Their main target for this exchange is the quasi-planets of the two Spirit Races we captured before, and the seven Spirit Races. The Transmutation Realm of Spirit Race, and the Spirit Race of the seventeen evolution realms, well, including the thunder elephants brought back by your previous captives.

We analyzed and found that the prisoners that Spirit Race requested to exchange were all Spirit Races. The native of Lei Shu, the commander-in-chief of the forward base, Jiucheng belonged to the Spirit Race Mine Division.

On the list of requests for exchange, there were only three non-mine divisions belonging to the weapon Spirit Race alienation clan.

On the contrary, we still have a quasi-planet of the Spirit Race fire department, but Lei Shu did not mention it.

From this point of analysis, we believe that Spirit Race Thunder Shu may be in exchange for more of their Lei Department's headquarters.

The exchange is still very sincere." Cai Shaochu said.

"What about Bluestar's exchange plan?" Xu Tui asked.

"A preliminary exchange plan has been formed, including the trade candidates required by Spirit Race, which have been concentrated on fire star, but the specific details and multiple contingency plans are still under discussion.

Especially on the Unut side, it takes time to prepare." Cai Shaochu said, "However, the final result will come out in the past few days. The Spirit Race side is also very urgent."

Xu Tui and Bu Qingqiu are slightly relaxed.

Not the worst case.

And An Xiaoxue, Qu Qingshan, and Wen Shao are in a better situation than expected.

"Don't worry."

Cai Shaochu was while speaking, the personal communication device rang, and he glanced at it and said, "You go to rest first, Spirit Race is here again Contact us for the third round negotiation of exchanging prisoners.

I will need to go there."

"Principal!" Xu Tui said that he wanted to go to this kind of meeting. He wanted to participate in this meeting. It's impossible, but there should be no problem listening.

Cai Shaochu hesitated, nodded, "You can only wear ears, not mouth, otherwise, don't blame me if you are kicked out."

"Thank you Principal."

Xu Tui was very happy to be taken with him by Cai Shaochu's promise. Bu Qingqiu, who was standing beside him, was startled, and said quickly, "Principal, I want to go too."

"You can't!"

Cai Shaochu refused quite firmly.

Bu Qingqiu was stunned, and Xu Tui was also a little dumb. Is this treated differently or for other reasons?

"Why Principal? You can take Xu Tui, but you can't take me to the auditorium. I am a quasi-planet." Bu Qingqiu was anxious.

"Xu Tui is a B-level intermediate personal authority. It is equivalent to the blue star leader authority, so he can, but you can't."

Slightly brushed his sleeves, Cai Shaochu took Xu Tui with him. After leaving, Bu Qingqiu was left alone in the office.

So angry!   Bu Qingqiu stomped his feet in an extremely depressed place without shaking!   Because the exchange of captives at this time is of great importance. It almost involves all the forces of Blue Star outside the earth. Therefore, in the negotiation with Spirit Race, the high level of Blue Star outside the earth participated in the negotiations, and the meeting was still virtual. projection conference.

However, the home venue of the virtual projection conference this time is on the Unut asteroid, so Old Cai can bring Xu Tui over.

On the Unut asteroid, Old Cai's face is still quite big.

Besides, Xu Tui's personal level authority is really high.

Participants present here have one third, and they only have B-level personal subordinate permissions.

Of course, it does not mean that you can participate in the conference with a B-level personal intermediate authority. The main thing is that Old Cai has a big face.

Participants are mainly seven districts and one organization, as well as representatives of Planetary Grade powerhouse powerhouse in each district.

At the meeting site, Unut Planet is here to negotiate with Spirit Race.

The negotiators of Spirit Race here are Lei Qian and Lei Gen.

Spirit Race commander Lei Shu did not come forward.

Of course, it's normal for thunder not to show up for this kind of intermediary.

"Friends of the Blue Star, how is your research on the exchange of captives? You know, the prison on our Spirit Race side is not a charity, and there is also the asteroid. Over there, specify when the gun will be wiped and fired.

Our personnel is not a big problem. The key is your personnel. If you accidentally detonate a three-phase thermal bomb, you can do it all. It's over." Lei Qian supported her waist with her hands. Although she had a big belly, her whole body still showed a charming energy.

On the Blue Star side, the person who spoke to Spirit Race was Old Cai from Unut.

The identity and strength of Old Cai are there.

In fact, someone who is higher than Old Cai, yes, it is Arella from the European Union.

However, it’s no secret that Erila’s brain is changing his chest. The big guys use Arela as a nuclear warhead.

"Miss Lei Qian, the exchange is certain, but you know, our Blue Star's Quantum Transmission Gate is quite low, and some prisoners are still transporting from the moon and fire star to the Unut asteroid , Transshipment will take some time.

Moreover, there are still two most important issues that have not been negotiated between us.

Transaction location and transaction method." Cai Shaochu said.

"Mr. Cai, I said before that the transaction method is as you said, but we will decide the transaction location."

"No, I personally think that the transaction method is that both parties The agreement and the location of the transaction must also be approved by both parties." Cai Shaochu insisted.

"You can talk, you can take out the exchange plan you approved, and let's see if we can accept it." Lei Qian was very calm and took a sip of water while talking.

From the performance of negotiation alone, this woman is very capable.

It seems to be giving in, but in fact it has not yielded a step.

"Well, I will transfer our new prisoner exchange plan to you in a while, but before passing it to you, I hope to confirm the status of our personnel again." Cai Shaochu said.

"Well, a reasonable request, but I want to remind you that we treat the captives the same way as you are not friendly, I hope you don't mind." Lei Qian said.

Cai Shaochu nodded.

After one minute, the video conference with Lei Qian Leigen was divided into three screens.

In the three-screen picture, one screen is still the temporary underground base from the tower, and Spirit Race should be taken with unmanned equipment.

At the moment the screen entered, Qu Qingshan, who was guarding the entrance, roared, and dozens of people in the back immediately seemed to be facing an enemy.

Wen Shao, with long horns on top of his head, was sleeping with the three-phase thermal bomb, and when he heard the roar, he turned over his bones, holding the three-phase thermal bomb in his arms, and made an unconscious roar in his mouth. , And rushed forward a few steps holding the three-phase thermal bomb.

Xu Tui brows tightly knit.

This is a state of high mental stress.

If this continues, maybe the enemy didn't get in, and collapsed first. Under the collapse, a three-phase thermal bomb was detonated. This is really possible.

Upon seeing this, Qu Qingshan, who was unshaven but still bright, slapped the back of Wen Shao's head with a slap.

"Fuck, what's your nerve?"

Wen Shao woke up from his sleep and was shocked before he returned to the position holding the three-phase thermal explosive. He retreated and cursed, "You are bald, so you can't keep your voice down."

"My voice is not loud, can you wake up?"

"You are scared My hands trembled and almost detonated this stuff."

"Then you will explode, it's just relief!"

Wen Shao smiled bitterly.

Everyone who participated in the meeting smiled bitterly.

"This is the situation of this group of exchanged prisoners. It is not bad at the moment, but I don't know how long their food and water will last. I don't think it will be too long.

Starving to death, it’s not our business.” This is Lei Qian’s voice, “As for the other group of prisoners, starving is not going to die, but we don’t know how long it can last.”

more The other screen that came out was a very formal prison passage. On both sides of the passage, there were very cramped small prison numbers. There were hundreds of them. As soon as the screen turned around, they came to two interrogation rooms! In the   interrogation room, two blue stars Human Race with pale skin were hung upside down, covered in blood, and their faces twisted and horrified. The interrogation room was filled with various novel torture instruments.

"Although they may not really know the information we need, we still don't want to give up. Maybe they accidentally confessed and gave us the key information!   Well, torture This is actually quite interesting." Lei Qian said with a smile.

Cai Shaochu and all the participants here are gloomy.

Ask Spirit Race to treat prisoners kindly?


There are many of the Spirit Race captured by the Blue Star that have been sliced ​​to draw blood and tissues.

As soon as the split-screen picture turns, the picture is placed there in the passage from the interrogation room to the entire prison.

The theme of the meeting once again entered the entanglement of the details of the transaction method and the transaction location.

Xu Tui listened to Lei Qian and Cai Shaochu chattering, while watching another split-screen picture. In that picture, Qu Qingshan’s bald thief was cute and Wen Shao’s unicorn was very cute. I hate it, let Xu Tui want to jump in and break him off, because sometimes this unicorn will block An Xiaoxue, so that Xu Tui can't see An Xiaoxue.

Only occasionally Wen Shao shakes his head, Xu Tui can see An Xiaoxue flashing away from the screen.

Annoying unicorn.

Suddenly, Xu Tui's eyes moved suddenly.

In another split screen, the picture seems to be something wrong.

At the end of the ground of the prison passage, that is, at the prison gate, why is there a light blue brilliance like water waves? To be   precise, a light blue brilliance like water waves is slowly pouring in from the prison gate.

After the large swarms of water poured in, it was like a creeping water monster, slowly creeping in the corners and shadows.

Lei Qian and Lei Gen in another negotiation room didn't notice at all.

What is this?   What trick is Spirit Race playing?   Xu Tui looked surprised and looked towards the side, and found that many of the people attending the meeting showed surprises on their faces.

Obviously, they were also very surprised by the water blue monster!

Old Cai brows slightly wrinkle, I also don't know what happened.

At the same moment, that group of water-blue brilliance wriggling on the ground suddenly moved. In an instant, the entire prison passage was full of water!

***There   is still 110 votes short of the ninth ass. The big guys are pushing the pigs three times.

In addition, some big guys said that the previous preparations were in vain, no!

That is a very important foreshadowing.

(End of this chapter)

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