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  Chapter 675 The decision of civil strife and the wave of clouds (subscription required)   exudes light blue Water and light flooded the entire prison passage in an instant. This split-screen picture instantly fluctuates, and blood light bursts out from time to time.

At the same moment, the expressions of Lei Qian and Lei Gen in the main screen became extremely frightened.

Lei Qian, who was still smiling and negotiating before, stood up abruptly, almost flashing his waist.

"What's the matter, how come the people from the Ministry of Water will appear in the base prison!"

"It's Langfanyun!"

"It must be Langfanyun Go to save Langju and his subordinates."

"What does Leihong do? Didn't he let him stare at the waves and turn the clouds? How did he run back from Charon?" Lei Qian was angry.

"You have to transfer people to jail immediately. You can't let Lang Fanyun save people. Once you let him save people, let them contact the church, the trouble will be big!" Reagan was in a hurry.

"If it's the waves and the clouds, most people can't stop it. At least two Planetary Grades are required. You contact the commander-in-chief. I will immediately contact the mobilization troop and expert to stop it first." Lei Qian is very anxious, but Still very calm.

It may be a real sudden occurance, so Lei Qian and Lei Gen immediately dealt with it immediately, but did not immediately cut off the video conference connection with Bluestar.

This scene was directly broadcast live in front of the Bluestar executives.

"This shouldn't be like acting, right?" Nilabo, deputy director of the Genetic Committee of the Union of India, murmured, but no one paid any attention.

Everyone looked at every detail in all the split screens in silence.

The scene just now, if it was not performed, would have too much information.

The waves of the Spirit Race water department are turning over the clouds, go to the Spirit Race forward base to save people?

Contact the church?

Combining with Spirit Race's request for exchanging captives, the old foxes of Bluestar Human Race produced countless information in an instant, and some people's judgments were even close to the truth.

The killing in the prison lasted for less than one minute, and it was over.

The water-blue brilliance instantly turned into a burly man with long hair flying upwards and a pair of saphire blue eyes, walking towards the depths of the prison.

This is about what Spirit Race said about the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Ministry of Water.

Within thirty seconds, more than a dozen silhouettes quickly walked out of the prison.

Several of them have aqua-blue characteristics on their bodies. One person is slightly similar to the waves of the waves. It should be the giant waves that Reagan said just now that the waves of the clouds are to be saved.

But in this entire group, Xu Tui also saw another acquaintance!   Large tall legs, fire-red long hair, fiery figure, and a fire cloud-like fireball lighted on his forehead.


The Yanzi who fought Xu Tui before on fire star.

While walking, Yanzi also removed the shackles on her hands and feet.

Yanzi was also locked up in this prison before? In   this scene, Xu Tui is a little confused.

How did Lei Shu imprison them Spirit Race himself?

The waves and clouds in the Ministry of Water, this time raided the prison, just to save people.

Lang Fanyun and Lang Ju with a smoky pose and the others are about to escape from prison, but before reaching Prison Sect, Lang Fanyun's face changed.

"The emergency force has come, and the strength is not weak, I am fine, but you have some problems." Lang Fanyun frowned.

"Create chaos for them and make them a little messier." Yanzi, who has just gotten out of trouble, has a look of hatred on her face.

"How do you say?"

"I heard from them the past few days that the newly captured Blue Star prisoners here, Lei Shu will exchange them for the Blue Star prisoners The head of Lei's Ministry.

For Lei Shu, it is extremely important.

We let all of them go, flee together, attract and disperse the firepower, and see who Lei Shu catches first!" Yan Zi said.


The waves turned the clouds and followed the goodness, and in a flash, the dozen Spirit Races of the Water Department and the Fire Department, who had just been rescued by him, threw out and destroyed the cell separately.

In less than 30 seconds, more than a hundred prisoners were released by Yanzi and Langju.

In the Conference Hall, Old Cai suddenly changed, "Not good, I am afraid now."

Old Cai seems to have thought of something.

However, even though Old Cai thinks of a certain danger, but a few million li away, the situation will not change because of Old Cai's thoughts.

In the prison passage, Lang Fanyun released the breath of the Planetary Grade powerhouse, and shouted at Blue Star’s more than one hundred prisoners, "I will save you all, let’s escape together, who will live? Who dies, everyone has his destiny!"

"Of course, if you don't escape, I will kill him first!" Lang Fanyun added.

In the next moment, under the threat of the waves and the clouds, but also driven by the desire to survive, the prisoner of the more than one hundred Blue Star who was just released, rushed out of the prison gate in a daze. Got out.

Seeing that there are fewer and fewer people in the prison passage, the faces of the Blue Star executives participating in the meeting are getting more and more ugly.

Things may be heading towards a very bad situation that they don't want to see.

In the split screen, there is nothing to see.

But the occasional energy fluctuations and air waves from outside, the screen of the impact score screen shakes endlessly, which shows the fierce battle.

Judging from the overall situation of the incident, the internal contradictions of Spirit Race's forward base, this time was completely exposed to Bluestar Human Race because of an accident. This is a great thing for the future.

Lei Shu’s forward base is not a monolithic one, and there are major problems.

There seems to be a problem with the temple of Spirit Race.

However, the current exchange of prisoners is very bad.

The battle is fierce, so what will happen to the Blue Star Human Race elites who were rescued by the waves and then driven out?   One thing is certain, under the melee, the casualties will definitely be very heavy!   It turned out that there were 126 prisoners on the prison side, so how many survived after the accidental conflict this time?

Hard to say!   Look at how intense the civil turmoil in Spirit Race this time is?   But there is no doubt that this accident cast a shadow out of thin air by exchanging prisoners for this time! It   was also at this time that Lei Qian, who was in an emergency situation just now because of sudden occurrenceance, realized that he would still be connected to the Blue Star Negotiation Group.

Turning back to the online video screen, Lei Qian didn't panic at all, let alone embarrassed.

He leaned on his waist, straightened his belly, stroked the sweat-drenched hair in front of the aid, and said to the Blue Star executives, "Mr. There are a lot of them.

Look, the accident really happened.

Your captives of the Blue Star were released as guns. How many deaths and how much can they live? I will not OK.

This kind of melee, the intensity is the most difficult to control.

Well, let’s do this today and talk about it tomorrow.

One last reminder , In order to avoid another accident, if you still have the sincerity to exchange prisoners, it is best to hurry.

Accident and tomorrow, heaven knows which one is faster!"

After that, Lei Qian hung up the communication. All three screens were black. In the Conference Hall, all the Bluestar executives who participated in the conference looked serious.

This thing is bad luck!

Originally, the exchange of prisoners has entered the topic, and it is estimated that the final exchange of prisoners will take place in the next ten days or so.

However, the Blue Star Human Race suffered a lot from being caused by the waves inside Spirit Race.

Why do you say that?   Because of the same exchange, before this happened, all 126 prisoners in this prison could be exchanged back.

This is the elite of Blue Star.

But what happened after this happened?

How many prisoners in this prison can be exchanged after the prisoners are exchanged?   One hundred?

Ninety?   Eighty?   Or less?

But no matter how much the number of captives that can be exchanged decreases, as long as the number decreases, then Blue Star will suffer from this exchange of captives.

After the high-level emergency consultation, Xu Tui was invited out.

However, there were not many results from the emergency consultations on this unexpected situation within Spirit Race. The final conclusion was consistent with Xu Tui's judgment.

That is to wait, wait until Spirit Race is connected again to confirm the death and injury of the Blue Star prisoners in the Spirit Race prison incident, and then continue to talk!   Of course, for many politicians, they don't care too much about how many prisoners are killed or injured. What they think is, what kind of conditions can they use to offer Spirit Race?

Going a step further, what kind of impact will the civil strife at Spirit Race's forward base this time have on the future asteroid belt and even the future situation in the solar system?

In this case, Xu Tui and Bu Qingqiu are anxious and can only wait.

The only good news is that Qu Qingshan and An Xiaoxue were not involved in this time Spirit Race civil strife.

Jupiter, Spirit Race advancing base, a lightning suddenly exploded in front of Prison Sect, the advancing base commander Lei Shu returned.

Outside the prison, corpses everywhere across the field, but most of them are the corpses of the Blue Star Human Race, and there are also a few of the corpses of the Spirit Race.

Lei Shu has a gloomy face and looks in a bad mood.

In less than two minutes, Lei Qian and Lei Gen arrived with a big belly.

Seeing Lei Qian with a big belly, Lei Shu's gloomy complexion improved a little, and he hurried up to help Lei Qian, but Lei Qian first explained.

"My lord, it’s because we were not careful enough. We didn’t expect to be sneaked back by Langfanyun, and saved people from the chaos. Langfanyun is too strong. The manpower I dispatched urgently was He rushed for a while with the Blue Star captives, leaving them behind, letting them escape."

Lei Shu shook the head, "It has little to do with you, because Langfanyun is too cunning. Next, even Leihong, who stared at him, couldn't hide it.

He should have known it a long time ago, but he has been forbearing, and that's all happened today."

"My lord, but let Lang Fanyun and the others run away, once we get in touch with the temple, our troubles will probably be great!" Regan looked worried.

"Don’t worry too much about it. The way people from the Ministry of Water and Fire were able to contact the sanctuary was either destroyed by us or ransacked by us. There is no effective communication tool. For a long time, they were unable to contact the temple." Lei Qian said.

"However, the only accident was that the waves turned over. Planetary Grade powerhouse, maybe we can find a way to re-contact the church in a short time." Lei Qian said.

In fact, this is what Lei Shu is worried about.

Other people, whether it is a giant wave or a smoky pose, Lei Shu is not worried at all.

Under the current circumstances, Lei Shu just let go of the smoky pose and the wave giant. Let them do it, and they will not be able to contact the temple in a short time.

But the waves are different.

"I'll take Leihong to chase after him! The points that Langfanyun may have set up over the years are just a few, destroyed, even if he is a Planetary Grade powerhouse and wants to be in this boundless space Reconnecting to the temple is not a simple matter."

"Your Excellency has worked hard."

"Be careful not to move your fetal gas." Lei Shu looked at Lei Qian's stomach. At that time, the eye-filled baleful aura instantly turned into gentleness, and Regan who looked at the side hesitated, "Here, let Regan take care of it. You hurry up and take a rest."

" My lord, there is one more thing. The exchange of captives with Blue Star may cause some variables! The Blue Star prisoners in the prison were deliberately driven out by Lang Fanyun and fled, causing heavy casualties." Lei Qianhui reported.

"It's okay, isn't there a group of prisoners, there are a lot of them there, just keep talking to them!"

While Lei Qian was nodded, lightning has flashed by, Lei Shu disappeared.

At the same moment, near Jupiter, the waves and clouds that had just escaped stopped suddenly, and said to the giant waves and Yanzi behind him, "Well, from now on, let's run away separately. After the separation, if anyone has the opportunity to contact the church, he should immediately contact the church and report all the things that happened here to the church."

As soon as these words came out, Lang Ju and Yan Zi I was a little surprised, "My lord, why do you want to be separated from us, but you are afraid that we will drag you down?"

"No, I am not afraid that you will drag me down, but I will drag you down!"

The wave is huge and the smoke is puzzled.

"I know Lei Shu, Lei Shu also knows me, and I am even more afraid of my Planetary Grade powerhouse! Lei Shu may let you go, but he will never let me go!

He might even come to chase me personally!   So, if you follow me next, it will only be unlucky!

If you leave, you will be safer." Lang Fanyun said.

"Master Lang, if Lei Shu chases and kills him, then you." Yan Zi was a little worried.

"Don’t worry, even if Lei Shu chases me, you think you can kill me, it’s not that easy! But you, from now on, will wander in this universe, you must be united, be careful Be careful, don’t trust anyone easily."

After confessing a few words, the waves turned into a light of water and disappeared in the distance, while the Yanzi and the waves flew with a few subordinates. In the other direction.

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