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2021-07-09   Chapter 676 huge ransom with a show of hands (seeking monthly)   Spirit Race civil strife this forward base All the Bluestar Human Races are happy to see it happen.

If the enemy loses one point, the equivalent to has increased by two points.

However, the exchange of prisoners added a degree of uncertainty or two.

However, Xu Tui is a lot easier.

An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan are currently in danger, but they are safe under Spirit Race’s urgent need to exchange captives.

Now, it is to facilitate the exchange of prisoners with Spirit Race as soon as possible.

On January 2, 2139, Old Cai received a notice and went to negotiate with Spirit Race about the exchange of prisoners.

This time, Xu Tui did not follow.

An Xiaoxue Their situation has been clearly understood, and it is useless to follow.

It’s better to raise your strength with peace of mind cultivation to prepare for emergencies. These days, Xu Tui uses the spirit strength sandbox to continuously try to quickly form an internal disordered cross-genetic multi-ring chain within the genetic chain. , There has been preliminary progress.

In fact, it is trying to quickly and autonomously go from evolutionary breakthrough to transmutation.

However, after a simple large genetic chain is disorderly connected with multiple internal genetic base points, a genetic polycyclic chain is formed.

I have tried two ways to quickly establish an internal multi-loop genetic chain using the spirit strength sandbox, but Xu Tui has not dared to use it on himself.

The quick breakthrough method deduced by the spirit strength sandbox simulation, the risk eliminated is only 70%, and there is a 30% risk, which is uncertain.

Therefore, Xu Tui is very careful.

Promote several more methods, choose the best among the best.

On January 2nd, Old Cai participated in the negotiation meeting for exchanging prisoners with Spirit Race. It took a long time and lasted two hours.

After returning to Old Cai, his mood is not high, his face is gloomy, and it seems that there is no substantial progress.

"Principal, have you determined the location and time of the exchange of prisoners?" Xu Tui asked.

Cai Shaochu shook the head.

"What's going on?"

"You saw the conflict in the Spirit Race prison yesterday, did you see it?"

"Well, I saw it "

"There are a hundred and twenty-six people in the Blue Star Human Race prison in Spirit Race prison, but do you know how many people died after the conflict yesterday?" Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui suddenly had a bad premonition, "Principal, how many?"

"One hundred and seven people."

"Footfoot One hundred and seven unarmed and no combat uniforms were driven out of the prison passage by the waves and clouds. They were immediately exposed to fire from the Spirit Race troops and automatic defense weapons, causing heavy casualties.

In the subsequent melee, according to Lei Qian, Lang Fanyun deliberately used the captives of the Blue Star Human Race as fire shields to break through their blockade.

One hundred and twenty-six captives, One hundred and seven people died on the spot!

Only nineteen people remained.

Among the remaining nineteen people, six were seriously injured. Four of them were already in Spirit Race. Give up the treatment, death is only a matter of time, there are two spirit strength collapse and fall into a coma, it is hard to say whether they can wake up." Cai Shaochu looked ugly.

Xu Tui was stunned.

The level of civil turmoil in the Spirit Race prison is much crueler than Xu Tui imagined. So many people died.

Of course, it is not surprising.

126 captives, unarmed, the energy field force and spirit strength were in a state of control before, and they did not recover much in a short period of time. They were forced to charge ahead and all became cannon fodder.

However, the death toll is more than Xu Tui imagined.

According to this number, there are only 13 prisoners that can be exchanged back!

"Although there are still thirteen prisoners on this side of the prison, there are still 21 people in the Teacher An their wasteland group on the other side of the tower.

There are more than a dozen people, they have to be replaced." Xu Tui said.

"You have to change it back! But after hearing the news today, the various districts reacted so much that they almost fell apart.

Calm down today, and continue to talk tomorrow. "Cai Shaochu sighed, he stopped talking.

Xu Tui did not notice Cai Shaochu's expression, "Principal, you will continue to talk tomorrow, if no one voluntarily comes to Taxing or the trading place to exchange prisoners, then count me!"

"Well, I know."

Xu Tui continued his cultivation.

On January 3, Cai Shaochu continued to discuss the Chamber of Commerce about exchanging captives.

After returning, Xu Tui, who was waiting in his office, found that Cai Shaochu's face was even uglier than yesterday.

Even the air is a little uncomfortable, I filled a large glass of water in one breath, and it became a little smoother.

"Principal, what's the matter with you?"

"It's getting more and more outrageous! These grandsons just owe you to clean up! Don't worry, tomorrow, tomorrow will be the result "

On January 4th, Old Cai continued to participate in the Chamber of Commerce meeting of exchanging prisoners. When Old Cai went out, Xu Tui was a little anxious.

What's wrong with this?   Xu Tui wants to follow, Old Cai is determined not to bring Xu Tui.

Judging from the performance of Old Cai in the past two days, there must be a big problem with the negotiation of the exchange of prisoners.

Otherwise, the day before yesterday, Old Cai also taught Xu Tui to be quiet at major events, but Old Cai himself, especially yesterday, the meeting was over, and he was so angry that he wanted to scold his mother. feel.

You know, Old Cai’s Qigong training is very difficult to deal with.

As soon as he thought of this, Xu Tui became more nervous as he thought about it.

Exchange captives and discuss the Chamber of Commerce, why did Old Cai hide from him?

What happened, Old Cai needs to hide from him?   Could it be An Xiaoxue who had an accident?   Xu Tui is anxious, eager to know the content of the Chamber of Commerce exchange between the captives in the past two days.

Not to mention Old Cai, there seems to be very few channels that Xu Tui can learn about.

After thinking about it, Xu Tui first contacted Zhu Lang, and through Zhu Lang, he contacted Lieutenant General Wei Binwei remotely.

Lieutenant General Wei Binwei is also a participant.

"Xu Tui, don't worry, I can tell you clearly that An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan are in stable conditions and there is no accident.

Exchange prisoners Spirit Race is still negotiating. It’s our own internal issue. Something went wrong.” Lieutenant General Wei Binwei is not a stranger either, straight to the point, it’s straight to the point.

"Wei Shuai, what's wrong inside us?"

Hearing this, Wei Bin sighed.

"Well, the meeting is about to start, and I have to participate. I don’t know how to say a few words about this! Later, I will forward the real scene of the meeting to you in the meeting, and you can take a look at it yourself. You will understand." Wei Bin said.

"Okay, thank Wei Shuai!"

Wei Bin did not speak, nodded, and hung up the communication. One minute later, the exchange of prisoners to discuss the Chamber of Commerce situation. It was forwarded synchronously by Weibin's real scene.

The people who participated in the meeting were the same group on January 1, but they did not have a remote consultation with Lei Qian of Spirit Race. Instead, Bluestar Human Race was opening and closing the meeting.

Soon, Xu Tui heard the smell, and his face became difficult to look.

The cause was the Spirit Race prison civil turmoil, which resulted in 126 Blue Star Human Race prisoners. Only 13 people survived.

Counting the prisoners from the Huaxia District on the Taxing side, there were only 34 prisoners in total.

This led the senior leaders of the Bluestar Seven Districts and One Organization to think that the previous exchange plan was too unreasonable.

To change the exchange plan, or request Spirit Race to increase a huge ransom and some high-tech transfers.

Currently, Blue Star’s wasteland reclamation team is controlled by Spirit Race, with only 34 people, and most of the prisons are abandoned.

Among the remaining people, there are three Transmutation Realms (breakthrough in the process of the wasteland reclamation group's participation in the war), and the other 31 people are all Evolution Realms.

On the other hand, what about the prisoners that Spirit Race wants to exchange?

Two quasi-planets, seven Transmutation Stages, and Seventeen Evolution Stages, most of them are Lei Shu’s blood relatives, and their value is even more different.

There is also a thunder elephant between the quasi-planetary and the transmutation state.

Based on this, the six organizations including Rice, India, Europe, Africa, Huaya Seven Districts, and Shinhwa believe that the number of exchanges must be changed.

The number of prisoners currently held by Spirit Race can only be exchanged for four prisoners in the Transmutation Realm and 17 in the Evolution Realm.

As for the two most important Spirit Race mine quasi-planets, as well as the Thunder Elephant and the other two Transmutations, Spirit Race must pay a huge ransom according to Blue Star’s request.

Xu Tui was also surprised by the ransom demanded.

The two quasi-planets and the thunder elephant each require the family to pay 50,000 grams of source crystal, one ton of C-Rank mechanical spirit alloy, and a designated technology.

The other three Transformation Realms each have 10,000 grams of Source Crystal and one ton of D-Rank Mechanical Spirit Alloy.

apart from this, the transaction location must be designated by Bluestar Human Race.

The reason is also very simple.

For the Spirit Race forward base Thunder Shu, from the current point of view, there may be a major problem, even a problem with the Spirit Race temple.

This is also the fundamental reason why Lei Shu is eager to redeem their Lei team.

Must take the opportunity to demand a high ransom and some key technologies!   Otherwise, if you put the Spirit Race quasi-planet back, isn't that a disguised way to increase the strength of Lei Shu, the forward base?

There must be a high ransom!   In fact, this plan was proposed during the online consultation with Spirit Race Lei Qian on January 3, but Lei Qian resolutely rejected it.

Just three words-impossible!

But the idea of ​​Blue Star here is getting firmer and firmer.

Especially the Milian District, the European Union District, and the Indian Union District are extremely determined on this point. The Huaya Seven Districts and Shinhwa also stand on the Milian District.

Only Huaxia District insists on the exchange according to the original plan.

Xu Tui, who is aftertaste, his lungs are so fast that he is about to explode.

Why did Milian District and other districts change their attitudes? Change the exchange plan?   Actually, the fundamental reason is not that something went wrong inside Spirit Race, but that during the civil unrest in Spirit Race prison that day, all the elites from the Milian District, Euro Union District, and Indian Union District were all locked up in the prison.

In the civil strife, most of them died!

There is no exchange value anymore.

Among the remaining thirteen people that can be exchanged, there are only a few people in each of these alliances!

In the temporary base underneath Taxing, 21 people who rely on three-phase thermal bombs to defend themselves, 18 of them are all from Huaxia District.

To put it bloodily, the other alliances think that the previous exchange plan has no value for them, so they have to re-determine the transaction plan.

There is even Planetary Grade powerhouse Asid in the Federation of India has proposed a huge ransom distribution plan based on the number of prisoners exchanged.

Districts with a large number of exchanged prisoners will receive a small amount of ransom, and districts with no exchanges of prisoners or with more prisoners will receive more ransoms!

Upon hearing this, a faint smell of blood appeared at the corner of Xu Tui's mouth.

These bastards, can they still have a little face, and can they have some bottom lines?   Xu Tui feels like it's going to be fried.

Xu Tui didn't explode, just watched the live broadcast, it couldn't explode.

But Cai Shaochu who was in the venue exploded on the spot.

As soon as he slapped the table, Cai Shaochu pointed to the Planetary Grade powerhouse in the Union of India and Asid yelled at his nose, "Do you want a face?

believing or not, now I will hammer you first The   special person hasn’t been exchanged yet, so let’s divide up the ransom first!

Before the prison prisoner had an accident, why didn’t you talk about it!"

West Germany looked at Cai Shaochu expressionlessly, letting Cai Shaochu's spitting stars spray on his face.

Same as Planetary Grade powerhouse, Cai Shaochu is indeed stronger than him, and he can indeed hammer him, but he is not afraid!   "No!"

The frantic Cai Shaochu waved his hand, "This plan is not good! The ransom you have increased is too much, and Spirit Race will not accept it.

There are still that many people trapped in my Huaxia District and we must save them first!   The ransom is reduced by half, no, 2/3/2021, let’s talk to Spirit Race again!"

Upon seeing this, Raymond, the director of the Blue Star genetic committee who participated in the meeting, shook the head, "Mr. Cai, calm down and talk slowly."

"You told me to calm down? It's not obvious. Is it?   The prisoners in several districts are gone, and now it is clear that they are holding back the bad so that the people in my Huaxia district can't come back!" Cai Shaochu pointed to the noses of Mai Pengao, Nilab and the others. Tao.

Mai Pengao slowly straightened his bow tie, "Mr. Cai, we don’t have any bad thoughts! What we are doing now is just safeguarding the overall interests of our Blue Star!   If Lei Shu The much-needed quasi-planets and Transmutation Realm were returned to them, and we only exchanged for a limited number of Evolution Realms.

This is a disguised increase in the strength of Spirit Race!

The coming of Spirit Race in the future will only cause us to suffer even more losses!   So, I personally think that this ransom is necessary!

Moreover, the ransom plan just proposed, I think still not Enough, we should increase the ransom amount to 20 to 30% on the basis of this ransom, which is a reasonable price!"

"Increase fuck!"

Anxiously Cai Shaochu was anxious, and smashed the water glass in front of him directly, but only passed through Maipengao's virtual projection.

Maiponao’s virtual projection just fluctuated a bit, and it returned to normal!

Just after Cai Shaochu became angry, Nilabhu said, "Mr. Remont, I think the ransom plan will be increased again, and the time has come for a show of hands.

I support Mai Yi Mr. O’s proposal!   Agree with both hands!"

"Should!" Raymond laughed, "The voting will begin now, and I will support it."

Almost instantly , The lord of the myth, the seven districts of Huaya, and the Dogeansius of the European Union district, all support Maiponao’s proposal.

Under this voting ratio, not only will the ransom exchange plan be passed, but Maiponao's ransom increase plan will also be supported.

The ransom demanded from Spirit Race will be increased again on the original basis.

Xu Tui could tell that Cai Shaochu was furious.

The hands are shaking, and the breath of the whole body fluctuates.

"A bunch of grandchildren, I don't agree!" Cai Shaochu directly lifted the table and left.

"Well, as the deputy commander-in-chief of the Bluestar Extraterrestrial, I have a veto power on all plans and proposals!

I oppose this plan!" Wei Bin's voice Sounded.

The ransom-for-prisoner-for-prisoner scheme and the ransom-increasing scheme were rejected by Wei Bin. After discussing the Chamber of Commerce, they fell into a deadlock.

However, Mai Pengao, Nilab, and the others did not have any frustration, and their expressions were even a little joyful.

Because to some extent, their purpose was achieved.

Xu Tui looked at this scene, so angry!

Suddenly, Cai Shaochu, who had just left angrily, returned to the venue again, and his expression had returned to calm!

"Everyone, I have a compromise. The exchange of prisoners this time, I think it will be carried out in two parts.

The first part is for the prisoners of Lai Taxing Exchange! I propose to use a quasi-planet, thunder elephant, two Transmutation Realm and ten Evolution Realm prisoners in exchange for the Tower Star and the prisoners locked in the Spirit Race Prison!   Trading location, since Tower Star is the main reference location.

The second part is the remaining prisoners, let Spirit Race take the ransom in exchange, how much ransom Spirit Race is willing to take, we will talk to them slowly, and talk to them Grinding." After speaking, Cai Shaochu tried to squeeze a smile on his face.

"Everyone, consider my plan. The feasibility is quite high, and everyone is very satisfied."

"Show hands and vote." Raymond said again.

****   Big brothers, let's get a monthly pass!   (End of this chapter)

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