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  Chapter 679 Method and breakthrough

All day on January 8, Xu Tui is doing the most important thing by himself One of the preparatory work of —— cultivation all day.

Xu Tui handed it over to Ah Huang for all matters related to purchasing materials.

The most important preparation Xu Tui has to do is breakthrough!

The cultivation base must be breakthrough to the transitional level within a short period of time.

If Xu Tui can break through the cultivation base to a transitional level, then Xu Tui's plan to change the sky will greatly increase the probability of success!

If there is no breakthrough, it will be difficult!

This is not alarmist talk.

Under Xu Tui's current state of weird strength, it is no problem to kill the powerhouse of Transmutation with the strength of Evolution Peak.

If he cooperates with the primary level multidimensional sword that his new comprehend recently understood, it can be killed very easily.

However, if you encounter a quasi-planet, you must be blind and rely on three-phase thermal bombs.

In the asteroid belt, there are actually many quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouses, but Planetary Grade powerhouses are well known.

Of course, even if Xu Tui has reached the Transmutation Realm in a short time breakthrough, he still cannot defeat the quasi-planet!

There is a qualitative difference between quasiplanets and transmutation.

One has the prototype of the power Star Core, and the other is the genetic ability chain.

However, if Xu Tui breakthrough reaches the transitional state, there is a high probability that there will be a chance to deal with the quasi-planet, and it will not be in a state of being spiked at any time.

As long as you can deal with it, you have a chance!

Moreover, the weird state of Xu Tui Spiritual Body Star Core, Xu Tui feels that if he breaks through to a transitional state, his strength increase may be even greater.

For example, normally speaking, a big knife can only exert its corresponding lethality in the hands of an adult of about 18 years old.

So the question is, this big knife falls into the hands of three-year-old children and ten-year-old children, who is more lethal.

It should be a ten-year-old child.

Xu Tui feels that the breath he has now reaches the Spiritual Body Star Core of Planetary Grade, which is the sword, the cultivation base of evolution and transformation, corresponding to three-year-old children and ten-year-old children.

Xu Tui is now about to break through before the battle, just to complete the transition of his strength from a three-year-old child to a ten-year-old child.

During this period of time, Xu Tui has been concerned about the rapid transition from evolutionary breakthrough to transmutation, that is, to quickly build the genetic large chain of the evolutionary state into an internal interconnected multi-ring chain. Xu Tui himself came up with Inspired by Cai Shaochu's guidance, there are hundreds of methods that are worth trying.

These days, Xu Tui used the spirit strength sandbox to try to deduce one by one, and only six feasible methods have been screened out!   Although it is a method after screening, it only has a success rate of 70%.

Moreover, the remaining 30% represents danger!

And this kind of cultivation involving the head, the danger is generally only 0 and 1, survival and death!

Generally be careful, just finish it!

Even Xu Tui dare not try randomly.

Otherwise, Cai Shaochu himself has created the spirit strength sandbox for so many years. Although he is very slow in constructing the spirit strength sandbox, he has long been pushing related cultivation shortcuts for a long time.

But not!

This is mainly the final fleshy body deduction, which is too dangerous.

Xu Tui can do this, but it is a must!   However, Xu Tui invited Cai Shaochu to protect him.

Xu Tui monitors his physical and mental state at any time with his super mental induction and introspection, and then hypnotizes himself, Cai Shaochu is as one with himself.

Let Cai Shaochu's spirit strength enter Xu Tui's body unimpededly, and observe Xu Tui's condition at any time.

As for what secrets are not secrets, Xu Tui doesn't matter anymore.

Huo Jian or something, if Cai Shaochu can see it, then see it. Anyway, most of Xu Tui's secrets are told to Old Cai!   However, when Old Cai's spirit strength entered Xu Tui's body and began to observe Xu Tui's condition, he still exploded with a swear word.

"What's the matter, you brat turned out to be abnormal here, no wonder it's so strong, let alone an ordinary Transmutation powerhouse, it is an old brand Transmutation powerhouse, and the genetic ability chain may not be developed by you. So strong." Old Cai lamented.

"The cultivation method of genetic miracle is really extraordinary, but it is not suitable for most people" Old Cai sighed again.

"Principal, it's about to start."

"Well, I'm ready, let's start."

It’s in the duality of Xu Tui and Cai Shaochu. Under induction monitoring, Xu Tui began to try the first method.

In less than two minutes, Xu Tui's head instantly gushed out of unspeakable pain, and even the spirit strength was a bit out of control for an instant.

Old Cai gently tapped a finger on Xu Tui's forehead, and a small seal and fixed character immediately fell into Xu Tui's head.

The severe pain ceased in an instant.

All the power in Xu Tui's body has stagnated at this moment.

"Disperse your spirit strength and attention, my power intervenes in the power of your head, but as long as you disperse your attention, the spirit strength that you were running just now will slowly fall back naturally. , Then return to the normal state and end this time trying."

Xu Tui blinked slightly to indicate that he knew it.

Next, Cai Shaochu played two more rounds of seals and fixes, and it took a full half an hour to end the crisis of this time.

The man who was just now did not cause substantial harm to Xu Tui.

But there is a lingering fear!   This is the first attempt just now. Without Old Cai's help, Xu Tui would be seriously injured even if he would not die on the spot.

"Principal, continue."


"Yes, isn't it you?"

" You brat, don’t wear a high hat for me, I’m not omnipotent, just stay a little longer, must stay a little longer, and slow down the rhythm a little bit."

Cai Shaochu instructed, but spirit strength, he entered again Inside Xu Tui's body.

The second method of trying, the result is more direct.

In less than 30 seconds, Xu Tui felt his head bulge like a drum, and bleeding from the seven orifices at the same time.

At the moment when he felt his head was about to explode, the sealed and fixed characters poured into Xu Tui's head again and stopped.

Then the head slowly becomes more comfortable in the ebbing of time.

Twenty minutes later, the Principal said, "Come on for the third time."

"You spread out your Spiritual Body Star Core. In this case, the progress will be slower, but The backlash will be a little bit lighter," Cai Shaochu said.

"Well, Principal, Third Type try the method."

The third method attempt was very smooth, and when Xu Tui and Cai Shaochu thought they were about to succeed, Xu Tui Feeling a sudden bang in his head, Xu Tui lost consciousness.

Unconscious on the spot.

At the moment when Xu Tui's body was undergoing transformation, Cai Shaochu had already prepared the fixed and sealed characters, which were pouring in at the same time.

So that the blood shot by Xu Tui's Qiqiao Biao concealed in a strange state of solidification.

It's like the slow motion picture is stopped.

Seeing Xu Tui who is unconscious, Cai Shaochu also sees sweat on his forehead. In response, Xu Tui's Spiritual Body is stable.

That’s fine.

At this moment, Cai Shaochu is a little scared.

In the early stage, I did that many preparatory work, first the theoretical deduction and screening method over and over again, and then the spirit strength sandbox deduction.

And when the Fleshy body is actually cultivation now, it is simply trying to fate.

Cai Shaochu suspects that if Xu Tui’s Spiritual Body is not for the strong control, the mentality itself is very strong, and his intervention, the sealing and the fixed-character control field, otherwise, Xu Tui will I'm afraid it has died three times!

At least two deaths and one serious injury.

This third attempt left Xu Tui in a coma for 20 minutes before waking up.

But this time was unconscious, so Xu Tui had to stop trying this time.

The Spiritual Body received a slight shock, and there was a feeling of stagnation during the operation of the spirit strength whipping genetic ability chain that was tried.

"Principal, I need to recover and call you again at the party."

"Well, don't force yourself."

After Cai Shaochu left, Xu Tui Through meditation, I entered the deepest sleep, so the injury, in the deep sleep, the fastest recovery.

At 5 o'clock in the morning on January 9, Xu Tui just sent Cai Shaochu a message, and Cai Shaochu came to Xu Tui's cultivation room.

Try the fourth method.

The fourth method was tried without any accidents, and Xu Tui was not unconscious, but the result was invalid.

According to the fourth method for cultivation, in the end, all the forces are included in the large genetic chain, and the internal interconnected polycyclic genetic chain cannot be formed.

It didn't take long for the fifth method to start.

When I tried the fifth method, Xu Tui himself was a little worried. There are only six methods currently selected. If all six methods fail, it means that Xu Tui will not be able to do so in a short time. breakthrough to change.

Need to accumulate slowly according to traditional methods.

Xu Tui is a little nervous.

"Don't be nervous!" Cai Shaochu seemed to see Xu Tui's thoughts. "Actually, based on your current situation, I personally think that the slowest one year, the maximum three years, will be able to spontaneously break through to change. Context.

It’s a good thing if you can experiment with a quick breakthrough method.

If you can’t, you don’t need to be nervous.

Relax your mind.

Avoiding danger is the first thing."

The fifth method, developed by Xu Tui and Cai Shaochu, is based on the characteristics of the traditional self-accumulation breakthrough method. It is one of the shortcuts. Style method.

The traditional way of self-accumulation breakthrough and transmutation is described in four words-water droplets and rocks!   Or it's like a kettle. Through continuous cultivation and constant water injection and pressurization, if the kettle bursts, it is equivalent to a breakthrough.

Then one of Cai Shaochu and Xu Tui's deduction theories is to artificially promote this effect.

The previous four methods have similar principles, but they failed.

at first is going very well.

"The first layer chain Inner Strength barrier has been built."

"Okay, absorb the source energy, input energy directionally, pay attention to the speed."

Half an hour later, Xu Tui eyes slowly opened, "Principal, I feel that the establishment of a barrier of strength in the genetic chain is not enough."

"Then establish a second layer chain Inner Strength barrier, but one The speed at which the source energy will be absorbed must be slowed down."

"The second layer chain Inner Strength barrier has been built. Start to absorb the source energy."

Xu Tui and Cai Shaochu, Just like doing research, carry out and record every step. If it succeeds, it will lay a good foundation for future promotion.

Twenty minutes later, Xu Tui opened his eyes again, "Principal, I think it is necessary to establish a Third Layer chain Inner Strength barrier, and the energy density in the chain is still not enough."


After the spirit strength whiplashes the genetic ability chain, after establishing a 3rd-layer power barrier with strong spirit strength, it is like building a 3rd-layer power dam in the genetic ability chain. Likewise, the power within the chain stalls.

But under Xu Tui's continuous absorption of source energy, continuous source energy is injected into a part of the area.

The 3rd-layer chain Inner Strength is a volume separation barrier that divides Xu Tui’s genetic capability chain into four areas. One area has four genetic base points, and one area has three genetic base points. The other two regions are two genetic base points.

Xu Tui's main attack is the area where the hammer-shaped main genetic base point is located. There are two genetic base points in total.

Under the strong guidance of Xu Tui's spirit strength, it absorbs the source energy that enters the body. Anything that Xu Tui's spirit strength can affect will enter this area.

Forty minutes later, an inexplicable sense of pain came. The two genetic basis points in this area, the golden flashes, were obviously bigger, which made Xu Tui very uncomfortable!

From time to time there is a feeling of bursting!   "How about it, don't force it if it doesn't work?"

"Principal, do most of the changes from evolutionary breakthrough to transmutation have that kind of sensation?"

"Yes, in the Blue Star record, more than 80% of the cultivators have a body sensation during the breakthrough."

"I feel that I'm not even close to the door!"

"Don't take risks."

"I want to try, you are always ready."

Cai Shaochu: "."

Old Cai is speechless, but However, his actions showed his support, the right hand opened like an orchid, and between his fingers, fixed characters, sealed characters, and static characters began to jump on his fingertips.

As Xu Tui said, always be prepared.

Xu Tui increased the amount of energy absorbed.

Ten minutes have passed, twenty minutes have passed, half an hour has passed, an hour has passed, and the pain is getting heavier and heavier. Xu Tui feels that the two genetic basis points are about to burst, but there is no Any feeling of breaking.

Xu Tui always feels, what's the point!   Almost means, anyway, almost means.

"You almost mean it?"

Cai Shaochu frowned, "You are trying your spirit strength to whip the genetic ability chain, right?"

"Yes. "

"This is related to spirit strength. Try to absorb the strength of a crystal interior from a spirit strength source, and try to impact with spirit strength."


Thirty seconds later, Xu Tui took out a 1 gram of processed spirit strength source crystal and directly inhaled the source energy inside.

The spirit strength of silver white originated from the source of crystal interior energy into the body, and immediately transformed into pure spirit strength, guided by Xu Tui to flood into these two genetic base points.

At this moment, Xu Tui felt like a fire star came from a gunpowder barrel. The massive energy accumulated before was instantly detonated.

Spirit strength lashes at the main genetic base point of the genetic ability chain, and it is instantly deformed by the impact of expansion.

Under this kind of impact, Xu Tui's eyes and ears were bloody again, his head swelled, but he was sober.

Seeing Xu Tui's blood soaking, Cai Shaochu's fingertips rushed into Xu Tui's head.

"No, Principal!" Xu Tui shouted directly in consciousness.

It's so hung, the seal and fixed characters stopped on Xu Tui's forehead, almost rushing in.

In the inner view, the main genetic base point of expansion and deformation is directly punched out by the energy expansion to a short energy channel, which is instantly connected to another genetic base point.

The first interconnected multi-ring chain in the genetic large chain!

Breakthrough success!

****   Successfully kidnapped a girl today!

After two days, the swelling of her legs disappeared, so I practice crutches for her!   This may be growth!   (End of this chapter)

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