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  Chapter 680 The woman who withdraws from the group and hydrates (for subscription)

"It is?"

Xu Tui's breath changes, the first thing I feel is Cai Shaochu.

Xu Tui nodded, sweat drenches his head.

The breakthrough just now was quite risky.

"You dissipate the power barrier of your genetic ability chain, and see if it will disappear.

I will feel the breath and see if it is a real breakthrough or a fake breakthrough. "Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui is also a little nervous.

If it disappears, then you really have to vomit blood.

Looking inside, Xu Tui dissipated the three spirit strength barriers built by powerful spirit strength within the genetic ability chain, and then held his breath.

A few seconds later, Xu Tui felt relieved.

Not scattered!   The interconnected multi-ring inner chain built is still there.

Xu Tui felt that within the genetic ability chain, the speed of power movement increased slightly, but the flow of power in an instant increased significantly.

The power capacity has also increased significantly during continuous operation.

This is the first time that Xu Tui has clearly felt the power capacity of the genetic ability chain during such a long cultivation process.

Suddenly, Xu Tui reacted.

This is probably why Planetary Grade powerhouse became a star?

At the same time, the plane radiation effect of the main genetic ability chain, which has been long gone, reappears.

In continuous operation, other genetic ability chains also have a slight improvement effect, but the effect is very weak.

But this improvement, if accumulated over a long period of time, is still extremely impressive.

"Well, I'm sure the breakthrough, but you should just touch the threshold of transmutation, and you haven't had a thorough breakthrough yet.

If you want a thorough breakthrough, you are in this genetic ability chain. There must be three or more branches of the internal circulation of the company.” Cai Shaochu said.

With Cai Shaochu's affirmation, Xu Tui is considered a successful breakthrough this time, and it can be considered a way out.

However, within a few minutes, Cai Shaochu re-examined the process, but sighed.

"This is a new way, but unfortunately, this new way is still not a popular method that everyone can use.

Only people who meet certain conditions can use it.


Still unable to promote."

Cai Shaochu's original intention was to find a popular and simplistic approach from Peak breakthrough to Transmutation.

If you find out, then the Huaxia District can add tens of thousands of changes in a short time.

"Principal, according to my experience, if you want to use this method of breakthrough, you must have introspection, and then a strong spirit strength, which is indeed not in line with large-scale promotion.

But, let's change our thinking. What if we have external assistance?" Xu Tui put forward his own ideas.

"External assistance?"

Cai Shaochu shook the head, "It's difficult! This auxiliary breakthrough is the invasion of spirit strength. The invaded party has no secrets at all. Especially on Fleshy body.

It is generally difficult for someone to accept."

"Didn’t I accept it?"

Cai Shaochu: "."

At the next moment, Xu Tui thought Cai Shaochu had given up, but Cai Shaochu raised his spirit again, "You are right, you can give it a try! Ladies and gentlemen, what can't be accepted? Can you become a girl? Nothing?

Just give it a try on you!   I'm doing it , you breakthrough!

But you have to change the genetic ability chain."

"Well, this time, I want to try the genetic ability chain related to the energy field force instead, that is, to do a comprehensive test." Xu Tui said.


In the next moment, Cai Shaochu's spirit strength entered Xu Tui's body again without any hindrance, which made Old Cai very curious, "I said kid , Do you trust me that way?   Normally speaking, even between husband and wife, I am afraid it is difficult to let my spirit strength go straight ahead like you."

"I'm self-hypnotizing, can't I?"

"What I said, it seems that I have to try to cultivation hypnosis-related abilities in the future."

The genetic ability chain of energy field force is not for Xu Tui to choose Many, Xu Tui's first choice is Vajra Rebirth Shield.

It has a strong sense of spirit, which is also one of the conditions for external assistance.

Under the shock of Xu Tui, Old Cai’s spirit strength took a while to establish a 3rd-layer power separation barrier within Xu Tui’s Vajra Rebirth Shield genetic ability chain.

Then there is a large amount of absorption source energy.

Everything went well, but in the last step, I still encountered the same problems as before.

The genetic base point of the main attack has expanded to the extreme, but it cannot break through and extend the internal chain.

Finally, a piece of energy field force source crystal with the same attribute was used to take advantage of the breakthrough.

This is another summary.

Finally, the source crystal corresponding to the attribute must be used to guide the final breakthrough.

The last source crystals currently used are all unnatural.

In fact, it is the source crystal after the fall of the Transmutation Realm and the powerhouse above.

"Yes, it is a way to broaden the application of this invention. Although there are still many restrictions, the scope of application is at least wider than before.

If appropriate, make more It’s no problem for a few transformative powerhouses to come out.

Especially in the military." Cai Shaochu is very satisfied.

"However, what you were breaking through cultivation just now was the branching ability of Vajra tidal force field, right?" Cai Shaochu frowned suddenly.

"Yes, Principal."

"It's too food."

"It's good!" Xu Tui was stunned, "Vajra tide force field is One of the Great Accomplishment secret techniques of genetic Guwu cultivation.

I have been cultivated to Fourth Layer!The   defensive power is very strong, and there is a certain degree of offensive, which is very strong."


"Blue Star learned it?"

"Yes, I studied with Shen Jiushuang Shen teacher." When it comes to Shen Old Master, Xu Tui's expression is a bit heavy.

"Well, Shen Jiushuang, I gave him flowers, he is a good guy! However, his cultivation of Vajra tide field is actually an earlier version." Cai Shaochu said.

"An earlier version?"

"The invention and improvement of the Vajra tide field has always been carried out outside the ground. After it was passed to the Blue Star that year, the Vajra tide field The cultivators are still continuously improved in actual combat and cultivation.

As far as I know, it has been improved to the seventh generation. Your cultivation should be the second generation version." Cai Shaochu said .

"So much version difference?" Xu Tui was stunned, "Principal, how much can the power difference be?"

"It's also similar to the version difference."

"It's four or five times worse?"

"That's not the same, but it's really different! The foundation of Li Qingping, who is known to be unkillable, is the continuously improved Vajra tide field." Cai Shaochu said .

"Okay. I have a chance to learn again later."

Currently it can only be so. The most advanced knowledge has always been mastered by only a few people, which is normal thing.

"What about you, when do you plan to act." Cai Shaochu asked.

"I have a smooth breakthrough, and the most important problem is solved. Once again, I will make a steady improvement. I am ready to start the day after tomorrow. This matter should be sooner rather than later." Xu Tui said.

"The day after tomorrow?"

After a while, Cai Shaochu said, "I will postpone one more day, January 12, I will make more preparations."

" Principal, what are you preparing for?"

"You know when the time comes."

"That's good."

Cai Shaochu just left.

Xu Tui was not idle, and started cultivation.

At this time, every time the strength increases by one point, the ability to face danger in the future will increase by one point.

Later, Xu Tui slowly realized during his own cultivation that the method he and Cai Shaochu had had had a lot of trouble!   According to the statistical records of Bluestar, Transmutation Powerhouse starts from the beginning of building the first inner loop chain in the genetic chain, and the time to establish the second inner loop. The shortest time is ten days, and the longest is three. Months, the average time is thirty-seven days.

On Xu Tui's side, the time interval from the establishment of the first inner circular chain to the second inner circular chain is only six hours.

Of course, the source crystals consumed are not small.

The main reason for this is also because of the cultivation method of genetic miracle, which can quickly concentrate energy on the relevant genetic ability chain and quickly reach the critical point of energy accumulation.

If you change to someone else, even with Xu Tui's assistance, it will take a while.

On January 10th, Xu Tui continued to prepare while cultivating.

However, once this plan is implemented, there is one thing that must be explained clearly.

Heavenspan Special Forces!   In any case, Xu Tui's own special combat group must have a transition and confession.

They should not be involved in possible trouble vortex because of Xu Tui's actions.

Xu Tui submitted a report to the Huaxia District Extraterrestrial Command and applied to step down as the commander of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group.

And transfer the post of commander of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group to Zhao Hailong, and leave the Heavenspan Special Operations Group.

For procedural matters, Cai Shaochu greeted him quickly.

Only after getting the approval, Xu Tui felt so difficult.

They are all brothers who are born to death. This matter is not easy to fool.

In the evening, Xu Tui directly convened a meeting with the backbone. As Xu Tui expected, as soon as the order was announced, everyone was fried!

Li Zhen and Mu Xingluan were directly confused.

Zhao Hailong is also dumbfounded.

"Head, I am really not interested in the position of the head, I just want to cultivation cultivation and then cultivation, breakthrough breakthrough and breakthrough, I don't want to be the head." Zhao Hailong is anxious.

"Head, we need a reason." Cui Xi stated.

"Head, we can't accept that you leave like this! Have you encountered any difficulties?   Speak up, we all will find a solution together!" Yan Lie said.

Speak up?   That is impossible!

Before the action, they must not be allowed to know the content of the plan.

It's not that you don't trust them.

Let them know, it will only harm them!

"I have a reason to leave! Believe me, I love the Heavenspan Special Forces more than you all person, and want to stay!


Xu Tui didn't know how he left in the end.

Facing Xu Tui's determination, many veteran members cried.

Yan Lie even almost got into a fight with Xu Tui.

It is worth mentioning that after leaving, Xu Tui called out the new leader Zhao Hailong alone. After psychological suggestion and hypnosis, Zhao Hailong completely allowed Xu Tui’s spirit strength to enter. With the assistance of Tui, Zhao Hailong, who has been trapped in the genetic evolutionary Peak for a long time, has a breakthrough!

It took longer than Xu Tui imagined, and it lasted one night.

The difficulty of assisting others in breakthrough may be several times that of own breakthrough.

Facing the final breakthrough, Zhao Hailong was both pleasantly surprised and shocked.

The method of the regiment commander is a bit startling heaven and earth, ghosts and gods weeping.

"Others have not accumulated enough to help them break through temporarily. To help you break through, there is only one idea. If you are stronger, others can be safer.

Discuss with the big guys!

My personal recommendation is to always put the safety of the members first." Xu Tui confessed.

"Don’t worry about the commander."

2nd day, that is, January 11th, under the witness of the official personnel of the Huaxia District, the Heavenspan Special Operations Group conducted the new and old commanders. After the handover, Xu Tui, the former head of the regiment, announced that he would withdraw from the Heavenspan Special Forces due to personal reasons.

It's another wave of tears. It is impossible to understand this kind of feeling without being born or died together.

However, after stepping down as the commander of the Heavenspan Special Operations Group, Xu Tui's worries have been resolved more than half.

Only parents are left.

This requires special care to Old Cai.

But from yesterday to today, Xu Tui contacted Old Cai several times, but there was no response. I don’t know what he is doing! You   can only go back to your room and do your own thing.

Xu Tui just arrived in the room, before sitting down, he jumped up suddenly,   a glass of water on the table, the moment he sat down, suddenly turned into a person!

A woman!   *****   Big guys should be able to guess who this woman is?

Can't guess the drop, three monthly tickets for the pig.

(End of this chapter)

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