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  Chapter 681 Undertakes Shen Jiushuang and Yiye Baitou (seeking a monthly pass)   The silhouette that suddenly appears, will Xu Tui was taken aback.

In the past few days, Xu Tui has been planning and preparing for a plan to change the day. He is very nervous and feels different. A spirit strength shock whip was passed.

But after a whip was pulled out, she recognized who this hydrated woman was, and stepped Qingqiu.

However, the whip has been drawn up.

Bu Qingqiu didn't expect Xu Tui's reaction to be so intense.

Xu Tui was lashed alive, but then, eyebrows slightly frowned, the human form transformed into a wave, turned into a wave.

It almost broke up.

"Step teacher?"

"Are you a breakthrough?" Bu Qingqiu took a whip and was affected by the shock, looking at Xu Tui in amazement, "So fast? You? It hasn’t been half a year since breakthrough to evolution, right?"

"It’s not a complete breakthrough, there is a little breakthrough."

Bu Qingqiu is a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse, although it will be a water wave Incarnation, but the whip that Xu Tui hurriedly pulled out can affect her, which shows that Xu Tui's power can already affect the quasi-planet.

"Step teacher, what are you doing like this?"

Xu Tui's doubts, concession Qingqiu remembered what she was waiting for here today, but did not answer the question." By the way, why are you so nervous? I just showed up and you launched an attack, or is it a fatal killing attack?   What are you nervous about?"

Xu Tui gaped.

"Step teacher, isn't this normal operation? Change your room, suddenly there is a man, so I ask if you are afraid?"

"But you are a man, and suddenly there are multiple women What are you afraid of?"

"But I am afraid."

Bu Qingqiu: "."

"Then you answer me, why are you so thorough To withdraw from the Heavenspan Special Forces?" Bu Qingqiu asked.

At this time, it was Xu Tui's turn to be speechless. There was no way to answer this question.

"Step teacher, that's my personal event. If it's okay, I'll take a rest." Xu Tui placed an Expulsion Order.

"Really cautious enough. It seems that Qingshan's vision of choosing dísciple is not bad." Bu Qingqiu looked at Xu Tui.

Xu Tui originally wanted to say that he is not Qu Qingshan’s dísciple, but this cannot be refuted.

Xu Tui's ability to present the induction system was taught by Qu Qingshan.

"Let's go together." Bu Qingqiu said surprisingly.

Xu Tui took a look at Bu Qingqiu up and down, and paused for a second on Bu Qingqiu’s flat chest. When Bu Qingqiu’s eyes were neutral, Xu Tui hurriedly said, "Step teacher, you It's really beautiful, but really."

"What are you talking about!"

Bu Qingqiu Xing's eyes widened, and a cloud of water suddenly appeared in Xu Tui's mouth.

Water explosion technique!   This special mother uses water explosion technique to explode his mouth. It's too cruel!

This burst, the thief hurts the thief and stimulates.

Without the slightest hesitation, Xu Tui once again used spirit strength to shake the whip and pump his own mouth!

The whip was pulled down, the light of the water dissipated, but Bu Qingqiu was stunned again, "What are you doing so nervously?"

"You want to use the water explosion technique to explode my mouth, I Don't you dare to be nervous?"

"I want you to shut up, who is going to blow your mouth."

Suddenly, Bu Qingqiu startedled, "Do you know the water explosion technique?" Did Qingshan teach it to you, or did you see it from your notes?"

"On your notes."

"It seems that Qingshan values ​​you more than I thought. If you want to be big, then no nonsense, let's go together." Bu Qingqiu raised this topic again.

"Step teacher"

"Don't circle me around, you know what I'm talking about, I already know what you are going to do, so I want to be with you." Bu Qingqiu said.

Now, Xu Tui is speechless.

Xu Tui's forehead oozes cold sweat.

He only discussed with Cai Shaochu about the plan to change the day. He couldn't figure out how Bu Qingqiu knew about it.

If Bu Qingqiu can see it, does that mean   "Step teacher, how did you know?"

"You really want to do that? It seems I really guessed it right." Bu Qingqiu looked surprised.

Now, Xu Tui is completely speechless.

To the effect.

It was scammed.

At first, Bu Qingqiu might only be a little skeptical, holding the attitude of giving it a try, but now, he has been scammed.

However, Xu Tui did not panic either.

Bu Qingqiu knows that the problem is not big, and is not worried about her telling the news. Because of Qu Qingshan, Bu Qingqiu is definitely on his side.

"Step teacher, I will do this thing, you still don't want to mix it up, it's not good for you."

"It's good for you?"


"Xu Tui, if you do something, you must do it as successfully as possible! I will just say a little bit, listen carefully.

I don’t know what your plan is What, there is only an approximate guess.

But you know very well that as long as your plan is implemented, among the enemies you face, there will definitely be quasi-planetary and Planetary Grade enemies.

With my joining, your shortcomings in strength will be filled to a certain extent! My strength is very strong.

With my joining, the probability of your successful plan will be even greater. Great!

I hope you will consider it carefully and come with me!

My original intention and purpose is to save Qu Qingshan back!" Bu Qingqiu said.

Xu Tui is silent.

After a while, he said, "Step teacher, you have to know that once my road is stepped out, it is a Road of No Return.

Once stepped out of this step, I want It’s extremely difficult to return to Blue Star in my original capacity."

"I don’t have much to worry about at Blue Star. My parents have already left. There is no brother sister, no worry, a long time ago, I have no way back home." Bu Qingqiu said sadly.

"Step teacher, don't you have a lover or boyfriend?" Xu Tui asked out of fashion.

Bu Qingqiu glared at Xu Tui, "Yes, how could it not be!"

"Then you."

"I want you to take care of it! I want to break up It won’t work!"

Bu Qingqiu went into flames and made Xu Tui unfathomable mystery.

However, this matter, after all, is of great importance. If another person is involved, Xu Tui must discuss with Cai Shaochu.

"Step teacher, it's important, I need to think about it, and I will give you an answer tomorrow."


Bu Qingqiu promised very happily , But a few minutes later, Xu Tui was stunned, "Step teacher, are you still going?"

"Why are you leaving?"

"This is my room?" Didn’t I say, I’ll give you an answer tomorrow?"

"But if you act suddenly, where should I go to reason?"

"You don’t believe me ! Do we still have a basis for cooperation?" Xu Tui was angry.

"When you start to act, what you say is what you say, anyway, I will never leave you for half a step now."

Xu Tui: "."

Bu Qingqiu knows very well that she is not so distrustful of Xu Tui. If she does not trust Xu Tui, there will be no such speculation, so she will participate.

I don't want this only opportunity to slip away alive in front of her, it might not work at all!

So, Bu Qingqiu insisted.

"Well, step teacher, you are free, but you always stay by my side. It is not convenient for me to take a shower or something." Xu Tui was helpless.

"You are free. When I don't exist, it's fine. I won't feel disadvantaged."

Xu Tui: "."

But Xu Tui I feel at a disadvantage.

Of course, I just think about it, but I dare not say it.

Bu Qingqiu of Shuihuacheng stayed in Xu Tui's room for one night, and Xu Tui was also cultivated for the whole night, seizing the time to improve his strength.

At 8 o'clock in the morning on January 12, Cai Shaochu still did not respond.

Xu Tui is in a hurry.

According to the plan, this afternoon, we will start to implement the plan to change the day. What is Old Cai doing?

However, instead of waiting to come to Old Cai, Li Qingping came!

The Huaxia District guards Li Qingping in the Planetary Grade of the Unut asteroid.

As soon as he stepped into Xu Tui's room and looked at the glass of water in front of Xu Tui's bed, Li Qingping suddenly showed a look of astonishment.

"When did I come here? However, speaking of which, it's really incredible, Qingqiu, when are you and this kid."

Li Qingping closed instantly Mouth.

It’s because he shut up and shut up quickly, but the popping sound of peng~ peng~ peng~ still kept ringing in Li Qingping’s mouth, and strong fluctuations in the energy field continued to emerge, hidden Golden light and water light came out from the corner of Li Qingping's mouth.

Three seconds later, blood stains came out from the corner of Li Qingping's mouth, and the fluctuation stopped.

Xu Tui was a little shocked.

Bu Qingqiu is so strong?

Although the water explosion technique is used to target most people’s weakened mouths, it can hurt the Planetary Grade powerhouse Li Qingping, who is known for his defensive skills?

The blood oozes from the corner of Li Qingping's mouth, and there will be spirit strength fluctuations in the blood immediately. Li Qingping wraps the blood at the corner of his mouth with the force of the energy field at an unprecedented speed and sends it to the side, and then immediately complains.

"Qingqiu, I thought something was wrong, I was wrong!"

Li Qingping admitted his mistakes honestly, and then stopped when he walked Qingqiu, transformed into a human form again, holding that flat Wuqi's chest gave Li Qingping a cold look.

"What are you doing?"

"You are looking for this kid." Li Qingping pointed at Xu Tui.

"What do you want him for?"

"This kid closes his eyes, come over and give pointers."

"Tell the truth! Old Li, you tell lies I can hear it when I close my eyes." Bu Qingqiu showed a sturdy side in front of Li Qingping.

"Uh, Principal Cai said that there is something wrong with the Vajra tidal field of Xu Tui cultivation. Let me come over and give some pointers." Li Qingping said.

"Cai Principal?"

Bu Qingqiu thought for a while, then glanced at Xu Tui, and suddenly it became clear, "Okay, I'll be waiting for you outside. "

After Bu Qingqiu left, Li Qingping lowered his voice and curiously asked, "Xu Tui, how did you brat provoke this great aunt?"

"great aunt?" Uncle Li, are you Planetary Grade powerhouse?" Xu Tui blinked.

"The quasi-planet with the induction system, do you think it has the power of the quasi-planet?" Li Qingping sneered.

Xu Tui snorted, "It seems that you are afraid of him?"

"If you don't agree, you will burst your mouth. Are you afraid?"


Xu Tui is nodded with lingering fears.

"Okay, no more nonsense, don't resist my energy field force, first show me the cultivation of your Vajra tidal force field." Li Qingping's hand directly rested on Xu On Tui's shoulders, the shoulders became hot, and Li Qingping's energy field force had poured into Xu Tui's body.

Xu Tui did so.

After 3 minutes, Li Qingping slowly recovered his energy field force, "Well, Principal Cai is right, you are cultivating the second-generation version of the Vajra tide force field, and the power is still acceptable. , But it’s a bit redundant."

"Well, I learned from Shen Jiushuang’s teacher."

"I know, Shen Jiushuang, very early, was my Junior Brother, he is very good, and you, a student, are also good.

Since there is such a relationship, I will pass you the eighth-generation improved version of Vajra Tide Field on behalf of Junior Brother Shen. I will have time later. , Remember to pay homage to your mentor, so, it can be regarded as all my heart.

Junior Brother Shen, heroic!"

Xu Tui nodded, "Thank you."


Suddenly Xu Tui doesn't know what his name is Li Qingping. Is it called Martial Uncle or Uncle Li?

"Let’s call me Uncle Li. Later, someone will ask about your inheritance in genetic ancient martial arts. Remember, you can learn from the national scholar Shen Jiu Shuang!"

"Well, thank you Uncle Li."

"By the way, Uncle Li, Principal Cai told me before that it is the latest version of Vajra tidal force field. Should it be the seventh generation?"

"This is mainly because I am researching. Principal Cai does not know the latest progress. The latest progress is already the eighth generation.

Next, I will directly use my energy field force in your The body moves and stimulates your genetic basis.

You remembered it!"

"The eighth generation of Vajra tide field, compared with the previous three generations, a total of five more There are two genetic basis points, but these five genetic basis points have a huge effect.

You can make the Vajra Barrier of the Vajra tidal field overlap, as long as your energy field force is enough, in theory, stack three Layers or even ten layers are possible.

This is the essence of the Vajra tide field. One wave is not smoothed and one wave rises again, which is called tide!   Similarly, this tide field is used In the attack, there are waves after waves, which are called the tide field.

Next, I will guide you to locate and open these five genetic base points, and then use my tide field to take you to count Second, let you complete the familiarity of the Vajra set as soon as possible." Li Qingping said.

"Vajra set?"

"Yes, this is the latest name, you can call it whatever you want. You can make it faster, so you can absorb me while helping You guide the positioning and open it quickly.

You are genetic miracles, should this be fast?" Li Qing said.


Turn on the genetic base point. For the current Xu Tui, as long as the safety is confirmed, it is very fast.

It shouldn't be opened in seconds, but one in a few minutes is the speed it should be.

Under the guidance of Li Qingping, there are only five genetic base points for the additional opening of the Vajra tidal force field.

But these five genetic basis points have the effect of changing something rotten into something magical.

The previously rather rigid Vajra Barrier can be changed at will. Under the guidance of Planetary Grade powerhouse Li Qingping, within three hours, Xu Tui learned the Vajra set!   Xu Tui can support two layers of Vajra Barrier in an instant, one big and one small, one strong and one weak!   The moment the Vajra Barrier of the jacket is destroyed, the small ones inside can seamlessly connect and grow in an instant.

This defensive power is improved, it's leveraged!

Even in Xu Tui's feeling, he is still a beginner.

After being proficient, this Vajra set can even be set with 3rd-layer.

Set of 3rd-layer Vajra Barrier, not to mention that the defensive power is increased three times, but there is definitely a two-fold increase!

Great value! After   doing this, Li Qingping looked at Xu Tui and hesitated, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. He took out two source crystal ability seal cards and placed them in Xu Tui’s hand and patted Xu Tui’s shoulder. Go away in a flash!   "Remember, you learned from Master Shen Jiushuang!   Don't lose his reputation!"

Xu Tui, who understands something, bow!   At the same time, Xu Tui received Cai Shaochu's message, "I'm in the office, come on!"

A few minutes later, I was shocked when I saw Cai Shaochu's Xu Tui in the office!

Old Cai turned his head all night!   *****   Big guys, can you get a few monthly passes!

(End of this chapter)

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