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  Chapter 682 Beginning of the Secret Day (subscription required)   "Principal, your hair?"

Looking at Old Cai who turned white all night, Xu Tui wanted to tease Old Cai when he first saw it. Why did he dye his hair?   But when I saw Old Cai's face that suddenly grew older, and there was indescribable fatigue between his brows, Xu Tui suddenly couldn't say anything.

Not hair dye.

It's really a white head overnight.

"It's okay, just stay up late." Cai Shaochu casually said about this.

Xu Tui: "."

Can I stay up all night?   "Take these."

Just as Xu Tui was defamating, Cai Shaochu directly took the two stacks of source crystal ability seal cards and photographed them in front of Xu Tui.

Taking a look, Xu Tui was stunned.

One of the stacks contains three escape characters, three sealed characters, three magic characters, and the other stack contains only two source crystal ability seal cards.

is a escape character and a magic character.

But the aura is very different, the whole looks a little bigger, and there is a faint blood.

"You have used all of these. I know how to use it. I won't say more. When you use it, learn more and don't waste this precious comprehend opportunity."

said After that, Cai Shaochu pointed to the other two different source crystal ability seal cards and said, "These two, I directly used part of my blood essence as a guide, and sealed my power in.

The critical moment Initiated, it can burst out infinitely close to the power of the Planetary Grade powerhouse.

This magic word is aimed at a wider range.

And this escape word can be moved in groups, if you If your plan fails, you can use this emergency!It’s   just this plan. There are not many people that can be taken away.

Of course, if you understand the escape or magic words yourself, then you will The power of these cards can be doubled.

You can use it at your discretion."

"Principal ."

Xu Tui's mood, at this moment It's indescribable.

Needless to say, the reason why Old Cai lost contact one day one night and turned white this night has been found.

It is preparing this large number of source crystal ability seal cards for Xu Tui.

Normally, a Planetary Grade powerhouse can make one or two source crystal ability seal cards, and it takes at least one month of recuperation.

Old Cai's shot was eleven, no wonder he turned his head overnight!   Ten days ago, when Xu Tui took the Heavenspan special forces group to explore, Old Cai only gave a word of escape. Xu Tui also said that Old Cai was stingy.

But at this moment, Old Cai took out eleven in one breath.

"Xu Tui, it doesn’t have to be like that! It’s what I want you to save people with this plan, but I can’t do it myself.

I am their Principal and also your Principal, I have to do something for you!   apart from this, Wei Bin also prepared a little bauble for you, and you have to put it away." Cai Shaochu said.

"Principal, does Wei Shuai know?" Xu Tui was startled.

Cai Shaochu glanced at Xu Tui, "Only let him know, you will have the chance to come back in the future.

With his secret cooperation, your plan will have the probability of success. .

Remember, Huaxia District will always be your home!"

With a wave of his hand, in front of Xu Tui, ten projectiles the size of a watermelon appeared. Look at the sign. Looking at the appearance, it is a three-phase thermal explosive bomb, it should be a small equivalent three-phase thermal explosive bomb of 20kg!

It can kill quasi-planets, but the threat to Planetary Grade is relatively small.

"Remember the material purification technology you got from the Daxi people?" Cai Shaochu asked.


"There have been preliminary results. The various main materials used to make three-phase thermal explosives are all with higher purity and strength. It has also been greatly improved.

The 20kg class three-phase thermal explosive bomb, Wei Neng has been close to the original 80kg class three-phase thermal explosive bomb, under appropriate restrictions, it can be effective Kill Planetary Grade powerhouse.

Apart from this, in the fighter and supply ship you want, there are also five 50kg class Improved three-phase thermal bombs, which are more powerful than the previous one hundredkg class. The three-phase thermal explosive bomb is 50% higher.

Save a bit!

This is the sample bomb that the research department has just improved, and it will all be allocated to you There is only one purpose-to save our people and survive!" Cai Shaochu said.

Xu Tui's mood at this time can no longer be described in words.

He thought that this action would be a solitary fight, didn't expect, and Cai Shaochu and Wei Bin already stood behind them.

"Want to go to Qingqiu?"

Cai Shaochu frowned, "Going to Qingqiu is also a good thing. Although Bu Qingqiu is a quasi-planet, its battle strength is very strong, and you One of them will be a great help for you.

Just   Forget it, if she is willing, you will take her there, but if Bu Qingqiu joins, the plan will have to be adjusted slightly.

Come on, let’s study some of the details."

Xu Tui informed Bu Qingqiu that this study lasted several hours.

It was not until the afternoon that Xu Tui and Cai Shaochu completely smoothed out the revised plan.

"Principal, my parents' side, I beg you."

"Don't worry, it won't affect your parents! Even if it's true, Old Cai will connect you If my parents can’t protect me, my life will be for nothing."

"Principal, these are all kinds of videos I have recorded. If you have time, please send one to my parents."


"Hmm, I got it."

"Principal, then I'm going."

Hearing this, Cai Shaochu's finger slightly trembled, "Now. It’s about to start. Is it?"

"Sooner than later."

"Go. Follow the plan."

The spirit strength rolls over, and Xu Tui collects ten All three-phase thermal bombs were loaded into the quantum dimensional chain and stepped out of Cai Shaochu's office.

As soon as he stepped out, Xu Tui stopped, turned around, and bowed to the end at Cai Shaochu who was standing with his hand!   "Hurry up and go, it's too long!"

Xu Tui got up and left.

"Step teacher, ask you one last time, are you ready?"


"Then the next action, You can have ideas and objections, but you must follow the orders, otherwise, I would rather not take you." Xu Tui emphasized.

"Well, definitely." Bu Qingqiu agreed.

Xu Tui was silent for three seconds, "Step teacher, your answer is mostly perfunctory and insincere. If this is the case, I can't take you."

Bu Qingqiu froze." I'm not sincere? How do you know?"

"I have a mental resonance, but I am still very powerful."

Bu Qingqiu: "."

Two times in a row, Xu Tui didn't hear the sincerity from Bu Qingqiu's promise. Xu Tui was upset, and Bu Qingqiu was also a little upset.

"Xu Tui, what do you mean?"

"Step teacher, swear in the name of your teacher Chen Chuxuan, and promise to obey my command in the next action!

Or, you can go to the Blue Star genetic committee to expose and report me." Xu Tui suddenly insisted.

Any factors of instability must be eliminated.


Step to clear the Qiu Qi.

"Choose one, there is no other choice! Or, I will find someone to trap you." Xu Tui said coldly.

After one minute, Bu Qingqiu's expression became serious, and according to Xu Tui's request, he caused the spirit strength to vibrate, swearing in the name of her teacher Chen Chuxuan.

In everyone's heart, there is persistence and bottom line.

According to Cai Shaochu, what Bu Qingqiu respects most is the teacher Chen Chuxuan who led her to the induction system.

"Step teacher, my plan is about to be implemented. From now on, you will wait quietly at this airport of Unut asteroid, waiting for my signal to answer me." Xu Tui gave Bu Qingqiu Arrange affairs.

"Just let me wait here?" Bu Qingqiu frowned.

"You forgot the vow you just made? Carry out the order."

Bu Qingqiu hesitated for a moment, and then gently nodded, "I want to know, how long is the waiting time?"

"Four to twenty-four hours."


After that, Xu Tui, wearing a combat uniform, went directly to the Unut Asteroid Quantum Transmission Passage, to return to fire star.

The management of the Unut Asteroid Quantum Transmission Passage is still quite strict. Although there are basically no restrictions on the passage below the quasi-planet, there must be major genetic committees or wars in the asteroid belt when passing. Zone's warrant.

Xu Tui took Cai Shaochu's warrant.

The content of the warrant is to relocate some of the equipment and members of the Galaxy Spirit Institute.

This warrant will involve Old Cai.

But without this warrant, the plan to change the day could not be completed.

In Old Cai's own words, he was big and was deceived by a warrant. He could bear the consequences, no harm.

There is Old Cai's warrant, and Xu Tui has performed similar tasks before. On the Quantum Transmission Passage, it is easy to let it go.

Xu Tui appeared in fire star again, scarlet Huo Jian moved slightly in his mind, and Xu Tui fell where he wanted to fall.

Near the fire star base of the crater.

Today's crater fire star base, because of the fusion with the Unut asteroid Quantum Transmission Passage, after a series of exchanges of benefits, it is no longer the sole base in China.

Through the transfer of other fire star bases and benefit compensation, other joint districts obtained part of the control rights of the fire star base from Huaxia District in exchange for the crater fire star base.

At present, the fire star base of the crater is actually managed jointly by seven districts and one organization because of the importance of its location.

Huaxia District enjoys a certain priority. The first prosecutor of the fire star base in Crater Mountain was appointed by Gai Sheng from Huaxia District.

The reason why Xu Tui came to the fire star base of the crater was because the prisoners gathered before were all detained in the fire star base of the crater.

Before the prison civil turmoil of Spirit Race, the more than one hundred prisoners before death, the Blue Star Human Race, were sincere in dealing.

In advance, through various methods, dozens of prisoners requested by Spirit Race have all been concentrated in the fire star base of the crater.

Once the two parties have negotiated, they can immediately transfer to the Unut asteroid for trading.

Xu Tui's goal is the Spirit Race prisoners held here.

Take away some of the prisoners, this is Xu Tui's most critical 1st Step.

Once this step is completed, it is possible to proceed to the next step.

However, this step is also the most difficult.

Because from this 1st Step, no one can help Xu Tui except for the previous information.

Old Cai and Wei Bin are also impossible!

In the process, once discovered, Xu Tui was killed on the spot, and no one could intervene!   With the warrant of Old Cai, Xu Tui moved into the fire star base of the crater.

"A Huang, it's your turn."

With Xu Tui's order, a part of A Huang's Avatar that jumped from Xu Tui's wrist was like a liquid The same, melted into a line terminal in the room.

The dance on the tip of the knife, start!   *****The   monthly pass also jumps up!   (End of this chapter)

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