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  Chapter 683 Early Treatment of Illness and Unexpected Visitors ( Request Monthly Ticket)   "Have won the fire star for the crater Base monitoring system Level 2 permission."

"Already obtained the crater fire star base monitoring system Level 1 permission."

"Attempting to obtain the master permission failed. The master permission requires manual authorization."

"I am acquiring the fire star base control authority of the crater."

"I have obtained the level 2 authority of the fire star base of the crater, and can directly control some channels and circuit signal facilities."

"I have obtained Level 1 control authority of the crater fire star base. Trying to obtain the master control authority of the crater fire star base failed. Manual authorization is required."

"I have obtained the level 2 authority of the earth fire control system of the crater fire star base. Only for automatic defense system.

Attempt to obtain crater fire star-based earth fire control system Level 1 permission failed. Manual multiple authorization is required.

Whether brute force cracking, brute force cracking to obtain fire control system Level 1 permission, it takes about forty-two seconds, please indicate."

A Huang, who started the project, directly projected rows of data.

It only took ten minutes to complete the preparations.

The high level artificial intelligence Ahuang, who has obtained the black silver glazed body and the spirit, can be said to be the nemesis of the Blue Star including some of the technology equipment of Spirit Race.

In addition to manual authorization, under hardware simulation and data intrusion, obtain permissions other than manual authorization, with no difficulty.

"Waiting for the order, ready to brute force the fire control system Level 1 permission. Now, give me the monitoring inside and outside the fire star base prison.

At the same time, you will automatically handle the relevant monitoring Alarm system."


Ah Huang's body, like a puddle of liquid, left the line and returned to Xu Tui's wrist.

Five minutes later, Xu Tui came to the entrance of the fire star base prison of the crater. However, the inside and outside guards in the prison did not seem to find Xu Tui in the shadows.

This is not Xu Tui's extraordinary ability, but the surveillance is controlled by Ah Huang.

In contrast, Blue Star humans are very dependent on technology and equipment in many cases.

In this crater fire star prison, because there are two quasi-planet Spirit Races in prison, a quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse guard was temporarily added. In addition, there are three Transmutation Powerhouses. And five evolutionary force guards.

However, they are used to watching surveillance.

Long before coming, Xu Tui obtained the structural diagram of the fire star prison in the crater through various channels, as well as the guards' information.

The guard's quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse is Gallo from the European Union area.

A Water Element is extraordinary.

Xu Tui In order to get the Spirit Race prisoners out here, Gallo is the first one who needs Xu Tui to solve.

Of course, conflicts cannot occur, and conflicts cannot occur. As long as a little power fluctuation erupts, it means that the action has failed!

"Ahuang, can you use the name and communication channel of the fire star base in the European Union area to send commands to Gallo directly?"

"Yes. But here The distance to the headquarters is at most seven minutes. If he walks faster, the time may be shorter." Ahuang said.

"The information shows that this Gallo has a sweetheart. Huang, you use another communication channel, as his sweetheart, to send him some messages that must be returned. You should be able to Delay him?"

"I am not his sweetheart!" Ahuang emphasized.

"Imitate, just imitate."

"It should be no problem. The analysis results of the data I collected the past few days show that this Gallo’s sweetheart is more than one, I I think I should be able to play with him."

"Okay, help me open the prison's safe passage. My spirit strength needs to go in."

"No problem."

The entire prison on the fire star base of the crater has a lead coating added during the construction process. It is difficult for the spirit strength to enter the prison directly from outside the prison.

One minute later, Gallo, who received the news from the headquarters, confessed and left the prison with a look of confusion.

The command office asked him to report to the accusation office within fifteen minutes, and the commander wanted to see him if he had something to do.

Although the tone is wrong, generally speaking, the headquarters of the fire star base of the crater is very polite to their quasi-planets.

But Gallo set out anyway, it was his duty.

But Gallo decided that when he arrived at the headquarters, no matter who sent the notice, he should remind him to give them the necessary respect.

Except that, just less than halfway away, Gallo's personal communication device rang slightly, and Gallo glanced, his face turned pale.

"Gallo, you bastard, I don’t care if you exchange body fluids with anyone out there, but what do you mean by bringing those sick viruses back!   I swear, I just need to be diagnosed. I must kill you!"

The source of the information is one of his sweethearts who have been with him for a long time, the kind with feelings.

And just six days ago, Gallo met a beautiful and hot lady in a newly opened bar on the base. He only paid 0.1 grams of source crystal to have this beautiful Miss all night, but now his sweetheart text message, suddenly let him heart in chaos.

The lower body is sou sou.

At present, many diseases of human beings have become chronic diseases that cannot be fatal. However, some chronic diseases, although not fatal, are still quite disturbing and make his quality of life very poor.

Especially happy life! At   this moment, Gallo just wanted to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination!   Xu Tui, who has successfully controlled a few source crystal powder and entered the prison, suddenly wanted to laugh when he watched the scene that Ahuang sent him to him.

A few minutes of silence for this amorous Gallo.

I am afraid that all future encounters will give him a psychological shadow!

Normally, there will not be too many guards inside the prison.

But because of the prisoners of Spirit Race, there are guards inside.

In addition to the quasi-planet, there are also three Transmutation and Five Evolution guards stationed inside.

Xu Tui started hypnosis from the strongest transitional state.

If you can't hypnotize, then try again and continue to let Ah Huang lured the tiger away from the mountain.

The Spiritual Body Nebula in the body converged into a silver Star Core. Under the urge of the Spiritual Body Star Core of the Planetary Grade powerhouse, the three Transmutation Powerhouses were hypnotized smoothly when they were unconscious and unconscious.

After that, the five evolutionary realms were also hypnotized smoothly.

Successfully hypnotized by the internal guard, Xu Tui boldly directly hypnotized the guard at the entrance.

Everything is going well.

With Xu Tui's current Spiritual Body Star Core strength, if the opponent is not alert, as long as it is not a powerful Transmutation Realm, Xu Tui can be hypnotized.

Five minutes after Gallo was transferred, as the small door on the gate of the fire star prison in the crater opened automatically, Xu Tui entered the prison without anyone else.

However, entering the prison does not mean that you can act wilfully. The interior is divided into prison areas and prison areas.

Normally, as long as any daoist sect prohibition is broken violently, an alarm will be triggered.

But, Xu Tui's side, no need.

Xu Tui, who has already obtained Level 1 permission within the prison, can easily open the prison passages and cells with the hypnotized guards.

Gradually, some of the detained prisoners saw something was wrong, and one after another climbed to the door of the cell, looking at Xu Tui who brought people from the cell one by one.

The Blue Star is still in place to control these Spirit Race captives.

Not only the strength is limited, but also the spirit strength shielding cap is worn.

According to the content of the negotiations between Xu Tui and Lei Qian, Xu Tui has no way to also impossible to take all the prisoners out.

In the end, Lei Qian’s bottom line is that if Xu Tui wants Spirit Race to exchange captives according to Xu Tui’s requirements, all exchange factors are subject to Xu Tui’s arrangements, then Xu Tui must Bring the two quasi-planetary elephants of Spirit Race and the transformation of the five Lei surnames to the past.

The evolutionary environment can be ignored.

But those eight Spirit Race players must be brought over.

In this case, Lei Qian can fully meet Xu Tui's transaction requirements.

Xu Tui agreed.

Bringing the prisoners needed by Spirit Race is also increasing Xu Tui's own chips.

As for other issues, we must first replace An Xiaoxue, Qu Qingshan and the others before considering them.

Soon, Xu Tui found two quasi-planetary captives of Spirit Race, one named Lei Wang and the other Lei Lian.

The two of them looked a bit miserable except that they had been completely dealt with by Blue Star. One of them had obviously been studied in vivo Dissection.

And because of the long-term torture, the breath of these two people has fallen from the quasi-planetary to the transmutation state, and even the transmutation state is somewhat unstable.

Very weak! The   energy in the body is even more exhausted!

Although in the future, as long as you have enough energy, you will be able to recover quickly, but now, it is convenient for Xu Tui to act.

After one minute, Xu Tui found Leixiang.

The Lei Xiang still looks like a human being, perhaps because of the more thorough explanation. In addition to the Lei Xiang still being a human being, he has actually gained weight.

The moment he saw Xu Tui, the Leixiang shivered instinctively!   His most terrifying life experience is probably the period when he was captured by the Heavenspan Special Forces.

But the next second, when Lei Xiang saw Xu Tui sneaking him out and threw him beside Lei Wang and Lei Lian, an indescribable surprise suddenly appeared on his face.

"Is this going to be exchanged?"

Previously, in the negotiations at first, as a condition, Spirit Race and Bluestar Human Race also video-confirmed each other’s captives Status.

"You can say so."

In surprise, Lei Xiang watched Xu Tui keep mentioning people, but soon he discovered the abnormality, "Why. These guards I was in a coma, how could this be?   You. What are you going to do?   I. Really do everything!"

"So, cooperate! Otherwise, I might You will be killed on the spot, and you may also be shot directly by the fugitives on the spot."

Xu Tui doesn't mind making a joke with Lei Xiang.

Five minutes later, a transport vehicle that was not directly displayed in the fire star base monitoring of the crater arrived at the Prison Sect gate.

On the transport truck, there is a container with at least two layers of lead alloy. On the container, the font of the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute is printed, which is very conspicuous.

Opening the container, Xu Tui threw the Leixiang eight directly into it, closed it, and got directly into the co-pilot. The transporter drove automatically to the Quantum Transmission Passage of the fire star base in the crater.

At this time, due to the troubles of Sweetheart and certain diseases, Gallo, who is unsure, has just arrived at the headquarters of the fire star base in the crater of the European Union area.

Time, fourteen minutes have passed.

Punctuality, this is Gallo's quality.

However, just as Gallo was about to enter the command post, Gallo’s personal communication device was shaken and he received another message, "Mr. Commander is conducting emergency communications with the moon, and is temporarily unable to communicate with him. Add Mr. Luo to meet, please wait for the notice later."


There was a foul language, and Gallo could only leave. He wanted to return to the prison and continue guarding. Gallo, thinking of Sweetheart's cry, made her lower body chill.

After thinking about it, I turned to the fire star base hospital of the crater.

If you are sick, you must be treated early!   On the way to the Quantum Transmission Passage of the fire star base of the crater, Xu Tui asked Ah Huang to issue an electronic pass in the name of the command department of the fire star base of the crater.

However, due to permissions, this pass letter cannot pass the Quantum Transmission Passage of the fire star base of the crater.

However, Xu Tui has another way.

"Ahuang, ready to attack the fire star base earth fire control system and main control system of the crater at any time, lock the energy blasting point, and be ready to create chaos at any time!" Before reaching the Quantum Transmission Passage, Xu Tui gave an order .

"Understand, the target is locked! You can create chaos at any time."

"Send me the list and information of the personnel on duty for Quantum Transmission Passage today."

The Quantum Transmission Passage of the fire star base in the crater, for more important reasons, has a quasi-planet on duty at all times.

In the fire star base of the crater, at least two Planetary Grade powerhouses are guarded at any time.

As long as there is any problem with the Quantum Transmission Passage, the two Planetary Grade powerhouses can reach the fortress of the Quantum Transmission Passage within three seconds.

However, the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse status is also considered honorable, mainly to deal with unexpected accidents and various situations, and it is impossible to watch the door.

Generally speaking, the Captain who guards the fortress is at best the Transmutation Realm, and the inspection tasks at the door are generally the Evolution Realm.

This is where Xu Tui's opportunity lies.

When the vehicle entered the crater fire star base quantum teleportation fortress, the people who came out to check were three evolutionary officers from different regions.

Although Xu Tui has used the name of the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute, the necessary document flow is required.

The leader glanced at Xu Tui’s electronic access document, and then slightly frowned, "Researcher Xu, sorry, your access document"

At this moment, this leader The inspector of the evolutionary realm of, looked in a trance, "The access documents are correct, please pass!"

"The internal goods have not been inspected yet, and need to be opened for inspection." Another inspector added dissatisfiedly.

Xu Tui took the initiative to approach, approached, smiled and took out a stack of documents, "Look, everything here is top secret, here is proof."

"Yes It proves that the life test should be conducted out of the box, and the nuclide test"

Xu Tui's silent mental resonance, the two evolutionary officers were all hypnotized successfully.

Let go!

The moment Xu Tui entered the quantum teleportation fortress, Xu Tui's heart hung together.

The quasi-planet guarding here did not appear.

It's done!

More importantly, there is no need to queue for the passage between fire star and Unut!   Can pass directly.

Led by one of the hypnotized prosecutors, Xu Tui successfully arrived before the Quantum Transmission Passage.

The quasi-planet on duty has never appeared.

Just when Xu Tui was happy, a fire light suddenly shot from behind and fell in front of Xu Tui, showing his figure!

Ruan Tianzuo!   When I looked at the incoming person clearly, Xu Tui's heart sank in an instant!

****   Three pigs have a disease. If you don’t have a monthly pass, you can commit it. I beg the big brothers to be pitiful, and three cures for pigs!   Seeking monthly pass.

(End of this chapter)

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