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  Chapter 684 Am I worthy to tear my face with you? (Seeking a monthly pass)

"Mr. Ruan?"

Seeing that the road was blocked by Ruan Tianzuo, Xu Tui's heart sank steadily, and he could only say hello to calm down.

Ruan Tianzuo is one of the guards of the fire star Planetary Grade, but he is the guard of the fire star, not the guard of the fire star base of the crater. It is not unusual to appear here.

But it happened to block Xu Tui's way, which is more abnormal.

Ruan Tianzuo glanced at Xu Tui, the powerful spirit strength swept across the evolutionary realm hypnotized by Xu Tui, and a smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Hypnosis? The ability of the radiation influence system, you too! It seems that you are much stronger than I expected."

Xu Tui pressed his lips and didn't answer , This sentence is not easy to answer.

Hypnotic crater fire star base quantum Transmission Passage inspection officers, it is a big problem.

Needless to say, Ruan Tianzuo has already noticed the anomaly.

"What's in this cabinet? I guess, it must not belong to the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute, right?

Even if there are, not all of them?   Otherwise, you too Don't use hypnotic methods?" Ruan Tianzuo patted the box, staring at Xu Tui with a faint smile.

"Mr. Ruan, it's convenient." Xu Tui said helplessly.

"It's convenient?"

Ruan Tianzuo smiled at the corner of his mouth, "Okay, you and I are both from Huaxia District, so why bother yourself!

I didn’t see all of this today, you take what you want to take away, and go!"

"many thanks Mr. Ruan"

"Don't worry Thank me, I can treat it as if I didn't see it, but you have to leave me something one after another!" Ruan Tianzuo smiled and clapped his hands.

"Captive of the Daxi tribe?" Xu Tui asked rhetorically.

"Smart, talking with smart people is easy! I just ask for this, things stay, you go!" Ruan Tianzuo said with a smile.

Xu Tui looked helpless.

"Mr. Ruan, all the information about the Daxi people, if you need it, I can get it from the prisoner, you can give it to you, but this prisoner is not with me for the time being, so I can't give it to you." Xu Tui said.

"It's in Unut, right? Then you tell people to come here from the aisle, I'll wait." Ruan Tianzuo looked indifferent, but insisted.

"Mr. Ruan, I am afraid I am running out of time."

"This is your business! I have set out the conditions, you can not work hard to complete, it is your business , When the time comes, you know what the consequences will be."

After that, Ruan Tianzuo added, "It's useless for you to ask Old Cai for help on this matter! Old Cai commander I can’t do it."

"Hey, Mr. Ruan, really! If you are out of China, it is convenient for you. I will give you all the information of the Daxi people. This captive, I really can’t give you."

It is not that Xu Tui is reluctant to bear the captive Lavis of the Daxi tribe.

If Lavis is handed over and the plan can be executed smoothly, Xu Tui will hand over without the slightest hesitation.

The problem is that Lavis is also currently an important part of Xu Tui's plan to change the day. After handing it over, the subsequent actions basically consist of the word failure.

So, can’t hand it in!   "Look, you can't meet my small request. How can you ask me to make it easier for you!   However, I suggest you think carefully. These hypnotized people will always Sober up." Ruan Tianzuo had a smile on his face, as if you didn't cooperate, not that I was blocking your way.

Xu Tui's heart burst into anger. This old Ruan is too special.

At the critical moment, stop him and hurt him!   "Are you angry?" Seeing Xu Tui's face change, Ruan Tianzuo laughed instead.

"Mr. Ruan, I'm out of China, I don't want to tear my face!"

"Tear my face?"

Ruan Tianzuo seems to have heard a good joke The same, laughing forward and backward, but did not make any laughs. Obviously, he still wanted to make this happen.

Ruan Tianzuo pointed to Xu Tui in the smile of the front and back, "Tear my face, do you match it?"

Hearing this, Xu Tui sighed lightly. There was a sound, almost at the same time, a squeaky sound.

"Ruan Family old thief, do you think I am worthy to tear your face apart?"

The fiery-red silhouette suddenly shot from outside the fort, and the sound rang In an instant, two scarlet rays blasted straight towards Ruan Tianzuo.

Erica!   Ruan Tianzuo was shocked.

Irela's strength is much stronger than him, and it is a surprise attack, and he fled in a panic after killing Ruan Tianzuo in an instant.

At the same moment, Erila also roared angrily.

"Ruan Family old thief, you dare to peep at this Miss taking a bath, you still want to be shameless, I will kill you!"

In the roar, Arela Purple Flame Ray He and Scarlet Ray shot with all his strength, beating Ruan Tianzuo and cursing at the same time.

Ruan Tianzuo was stunned!   Shen Teme took a peek at Erela taking a bath.   At the same moment, Erela’s consciousness sound transmission appeared in Xu Tui's mind, "Go."

"Thank you, Mrs. Mai." "

Xu Tui changed the name of Erila, and Erila was heartened, "Remember to teach Xiaoxue and the others so, hurry up!"

However, Iri La brazenly shot and killed Ruan Tianzuo. This energy fluctuation immediately caused the entire crater fire star base to vibrate. The two Planetary Grade powerhouse guards here immediately rushed to the Quantum Transmission Passage when they were alarmed.

At the same time, the quasi-Planetary Grade guard of the Quantum Transmission Passage was also alarmed and rushed over immediately.

However, the quasi-planet guard of the Quantum Transmission Passage is rather unlucky.

The first moment I arrived, Arela chased Ruan Tianzuo's Scarlet Shot Red, and swept him intentionally or unintentionally. Even if it was the remaining prestige, he directly blasted him into the air, with blood overflowing from his mouth.

Xu Tui pushed the box and stepped into the Quantum Transmission Passage, and at the same time gave an order to Huang, "A Huang, create chaos for the fire star base of the crater!"

"Close Here."

At the same moment, two Planetary Grade powerhouse guards from the fire star base of the crater arrived. The moment they wanted to enter the fortress of the Quantum Transmission Passage, two purple flame rays swept across the passage. Frightened them back quickly.

Shouting while retreating to calm Irella, it may be a misunderstanding! While   Xu Tui disappeared into the Quantum Transmission Passage one after another while pushing the box, Erila was still yelling at Ruan Tianzuo for peeking at her taking a shower.

Ruan Tianzuo was wronged.

With his status, strength and wealth, it is only a matter of one sentence to watch a celebrity take a bath. Why bother to peek at Erela bathing?

Is he going to see this because he has a brain hole? It's   just that, Arela cursed like this, and the Planetary Grade powerhouse who rushed over could only persuade, but didn't dare to come hard.

Knowing that Erila’s brain has changed her breasts, and then she can reason with her, isn’t that a pit in her brain?   Can only persuade!   Of course, maybe Ruan Tianzuo’s old thief has some special hobby?

Ruan Tianzuo, who was battered and exhausted by Erila, looked at Xu Tui disappearing in the Quantum Transmission Passage, and finally resisted the urge to tear his face!

If he really could shake out the Xu Tui hypnotic guard officer forcibly passing the Quantum Transmission Passage, the two Planetary Grade powerhouses outside the fortress would definitely blow up.

The fire star base of the crater must blow up!

But what about fried hair?

Xu Tui has already left and can't stop him, why bother to be that villain?

According to the current situation, Xu Tui must be doing a major event. If he shakes it out desperately, he will be completely torn with Cai Shaochu and Ireila.

Even the situation in Huaxia District will not be so good.

Cai Shaochu's influence in China is still very strong!   And Arela!   I'm really going to tear his face completely, if Irela peeks at him every day to beat him, he really can't hold it!   So, at the critical moment, Ruan Tianzuo remained silent and was beaten with a depressed look!

Miscalculation!   didn't expect Old Cai and Xu Tui, for what reason, they could even please Arella!   Ruan Tianzuo looked depressed.

In this matter, not only did he become a villain, he didn't get any benefits, but he also got fattened and beaten. The most terrible thing was that he was very embarrassed.

Peeking at the notoriety of Erila taking a bath, I’m afraid it won’t be washed off for a long time!

Reasonable to prove innocence?

It's impossible!

You are reasonable with a woman whose brain sacrifices to the sky, or the kind of strength that crushes him.

It doesn't make sense at all!

Even if Zhanli is done, Arela can beat him to ignorance!   This. At   the first moment when Xu Tui and Box Unut landed freely, under the remote control of Ah Huang, two air-to-sky fighters rushed there.

At the same time, Xu Tui gave orders to Bu Qingqiu.

"Step teacher, you immediately enter the supply ship I designated for you in the Sky Harbor, and form a formation with three other aerospace fighters, and immediately take off and leave the port.

We Converge in outer space."

"Okay, but I don’t have an order to leave the port."

"You only need to leave the port. I have helped you apply for the exit permit." Xu Tui said .


Almost at the same time, Bu Qingqiu received Ah Huang's forged exit permit, went all the way to the supply ship and applied for takeoff.

Because it took off from the aerospace port of the Unut asteroid Huaxia District, the takeoff went very smoothly.

However, the moment he stepped into the supply ship, Bu Qingqiu had a faint sense of being peeped.

This sense of being peeped is fleeting.

Bu Qingqiu thought about it, but didn't care.

Cai Shaochu is probably the Principal. He must be paying attention to this matter.

One minute later, Xu Tui used Ahuang’s forged command to invade the system, obtained radar markings, stuffed two air-space fighters from eight captives, and took off smoothly.

In the Kongtian Port of Huaxia District, an air commander looked at the radar marking request just received, frowning, "Boss, there is a problem with this request. It is completely unplanned. I suggest to suspend departure from the port. , Re-examine and verify immediately."

"The emergency incident of the Galaxy Spirit Research Institute takes off. Don’t take care of it."

"But there is obviously a problem"

"Shut up, everything is normal, understand?" The airport commander, who was rarely on duty today, directly drew the head of the air commander.

The person who said hello vaguely above, otherwise, he would not come to guard him personally.

But looking like this, it seems that a major event is about to happen.

Xu Tui sighed in relief until the aerospace fighter continued to accelerate to the second cosmic speed, rushed out of the gravitational field of the Unut asteroid, and rushed into outer space.

It's done!

"Ahuang, shield the signal positioning devices of all fighters.

Cut off the remote control programs of all fighters and recompile the safety programs!"

"Immediately. "

"Use the encrypted channel to connect to Principal Cai."

Thirty seconds later, the communication is connected, "Principal, 1st Step is done, thank you."

For this sentence, Xu Tui is really grateful.

Without Cai Shaochu's contribution, Xu Tui would not be able to pass the level at the fire star base of the crater.

In fact, Erela's move was not planned.

But fire star this step is extremely important.

Whether it succeeds or not, just look at this step.

For the sake of safety, Cai Shaochu feels that it is better to let Erica take care of him. If there is an accident, Erica will intervene, and it will be useless for anyone to come.

As for the reason, there is no reason.

Old Cai made an appointment with Irera and asked Xu Tui to tell the truth. She is a woman of compassion, and the person to be saved is Shang Taki’s grandson An Xiaoxue, and Xu Tui is there. Licking there.

Erila easily agreed to take care of her.

didn't expect, really used it!

The old ghost of Ruan Tianzuo is too bad!

"The next thing is up to you, I can no longer help you! Everything is careful, be careful, then be careful." Old Cai said.

"Principal, don't worry."

"It's done, remember to report my safety."


At the same time In the fire star base of the crater, due to the quantum Transmission Passage problem, the prison guard Gallo, out of his duty, immediately ran back to the prison, found the problem, and immediately sounded the alarm!

However, at the same moment he sounded the alarm, in the fire star base of the crater, all directions, the alarm and the explosion of thermal weapons sounded at the same time! In a   flash, the fire star crater base was in chaos!

*****   Ruan Tianzuo: I really didn't peek at Erela taking a bath!

Xu Tui: If you have a monthly pass, you have it!

Hmm, is there a monthly pass?

(End of this chapter)

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