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  Chapter 685 The Visitors and Backhands of the Medical Room

In the crater fire star base, there are six automatic defenses The fort fired suddenly without warning, causing great chaos.

Two of the defensive turrets actually blasted the Fire Essence gun to a small ammunition depot, where all nuclear fusion bombs or even three-phase thermal bombs were stored.

Scared the fire star base commander of the crater, Ge Sheng, directly initiated emergency measures, and the Planetary Grade and Quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse were blocked.

This ammunition depot cannot be detonated in a single blow, but once it is detonated   apart from this, there will be people injured, all of which are injured by the sudden launch of the automatic defense turret. Fortunately No one died.

The weapon system is out of control, which is disastrous for any base.

After Ge Sheng reported to the Blue Star genetic committee, he immediately began a comprehensive self-examination. The fire star base of the crater was under martial law and the Phobos combat headquarters was invited to intervene.

In order to prevent the situation from expanding, all automated intelligent systems are suspended, and all situations are handled manually.

Staff officers at Crater Fire Star Base, have never been so busy.

Without the assistance of the intelligent system, they were very busy in just fifteen minutes. However, those who can serve here are all elites, and they are quickly relieved.

In this case, the report that most of the prison Spirit Race prisoners were taken away was reported to Ge Sheng in the middle of the chaos.

Seeing the report, Gai Sheng slammed the table up, full of anger.

Things are getting bigger.

The prisoner of Spirit Race was taken away under the nose, and the time of being taken away may have been fifteen minutes ago or even earlier.

At the moment, Ge Sheng once again made an urgent report, and at the same time ordered the control of all personnel in the crater fire star prison and the closure of the crater fire star base. At the same time, he requested the temporary closure of the crater fire star base Quantum Transmission Passage and Phobos Quantum Transmission Passage To prevent intruders from leaving.

At this time, the Bluestar executives thought of a certain possibility.

An emergency meeting was held in the shortest possible time, and it was decided to temporarily close all external exit channels, including the Unut asteroid, while thoroughly investigating all suspicious movements.

At this time, Xu Tui had already entered space for half an hour. The fleet had already accelerated to its maximum speed and disappeared into the vast space.

The thorough investigation inside Bluestar has just begun.

In space, the supply ship driven by Bu Qingqiu slowed down and switched to the mobile supply platform mode.

Through the temporarily established passage, Xu Tui took the eight prisoners and himself into the supply ship together.

As for the five air-to-sky fighters, they were all handed over to Ah Huang for autopilot.

The next step will also be an extremely critical step.

It involves the ability to exchange prisoners with Spirit Race smoothly.

From the very beginning, Xu Tui knows that this is a matter of seeking skin from a tiger.

If he stupidly takes the captives directly to exchange with Spirit Race, it is to send a lamb in a tiger's den.

Spirit Race is not a good man and a believer.

At the very beginning, when the prison civil unrest did not happen, at the Blue Star internal meeting, the most discussed was the issue of how to withdraw safely after the two parties exchanged prisoners.

This is the most important thing.

At that time, Blue Star, at least three or five Planetary Grade could be dispatched, and even Arela could be dispatched, all of which were very carefully considered.

And now, Xu Tui’s battle strength is mainly Xu Tui following Qingqiu, a quasi-planet. With this strength, exchanging captives with Spirit Race, if you don’t make some preparations, it’s really silly and handsome. Up.

Stepping into the supply ship immediately, Xu Tui threw eight prisoners into the supply ship’s Medical Room.

"Step teacher, how's the psychological endurance?"

Bu Qingqiu glanced at the captive, "What to do, just say, I once killed an enemy alive, psychologically endured Ability, it should be qualified."

"That's good, the auxiliary implant surgery performed by the robot will do it, right?"

"Of course."

"Let's start then."

"Ahuang, switch to autopilot mode and continue to move to the designated location. Huh?"

When Xu Tui gave the order, he stepped Qingqiu just opened the Medical Room, but when the Medical Room opened, Xu Tui's brows suddenly frowned, and he suddenly looked towards the Medical Room.

Xu Tui's face suddenly became gloomy.

"Step teacher, did you bring other people or living things up there?"

Bu Qingqiu's expression also became very shocked at this moment, and he hurriedly shook his head. "No, how could I bring other people in."

"I just felt that someone is watching me."

Almost instantly, Bu Qingqiu entered the battle. State, with a wave of hands, hundreds of tiny drops of water spilled into the Medical Room.

Xu Tui's psychology also surged into the Medical Room like a tide, the mental hammer condensed, and the multi-dimensional Flying Sword was instantly combined and hung at the door of the Medical Room.

The source crystal ability seal card was also pinched in his hand.

As long as you find the enemy's trail, it will immediately be the most violent attack.

In the next action, Xu Tui will absolutely not allow anyone to sabotage.

Under the psychic sweep, Xu Tui discovered the anomaly in an instant, and there were power fluctuations in a medical chamber.

Bu Qingqiu also discovered the fluctuating breath at the same time.

"Leader, don't shoot, it's me!"

A familiar voice suddenly sounded, and Xu Tui's eyes stood upright in a flash, Yan Lie's voice !

Why is Yan Lie here!

"Get out of here!" Xu Tui signaled Bu Qingqiu to disperse the attack. In the next moment, his strength was slightly shaken, and Yan Lie's figure appeared out of thin air.

"What are you doing? Do you know what you are doing?" Xu Tui was angry.

"What are you doing, commander, what I am doing!" Yan Lie turned sideways slightly, his toes touched on the ground, and practiced all the year round, so that he could form such a posture that could be activated at any time.


Xu Tui was immediately speechless, pointing at Yan Lie, speechless for a long while.

"You really are you. You are so special."

"Now, you get out of here! I will give you an air-to-sky fighter, and you drive him back to Unu Special asteroid, I will let Principal Cai make up a suitable reason for you.

Now, right now!" Xu Tui shouted angrily.


"This is an order!"

"You have left the group!"

Xu Tui's eyes are one Stare, I can't wait to beat Yan Lie right away, "I will do this."

"If you want to continue to be my team leader, I will obey the orders."

"Okay, I will continue to be your regimental leader, now, I order you."

"I can accept your order, but since you are our regimental leader, then we have to fight together , Can't leave easily." Yan Lie said with a smile on his face.

Xu Tui felt a sense of powerlessness. Yan Lie, a man who had been a serious person before, directly let Cui Xi, an old driver, take the skin for several space battles.

"Let's talk about it, what do you want?" Xu Tui was helpless.

"Head, chant together." Yan Lie said with a smile.

"Together with you! I don't like men, besides, do you know what I am doing?" Xu Tui said angrily.

"Basically guessed it. It should be very exciting."


Xu Tui glanced at Yan Lie coldly." I'm going to seizing food from the tiger's mouth, even nine deaths and still alive, you go too!"

"Then I need to go even more. With my help, the leader of you will have a chance to survive. Isn’t it bigger?"

Xu Tui: "."

"These Spirit Race captives were robbed from the fire star robbery! For a long time in the future, I'm afraid I will be wanted by Blue Star. I can only wander in the interstellar space. Following me, I will most likely not be able to go back." Xu Tui calmly said.

"I can guess it."

Yan Lie put the two knives behind him, first poured a glass of water carefreely, "In order to follow the teacher, I haven't drunk water for more than a day , Let’s take a bite first.

Leader, we were born to death that many times, you understand my character!

Following you, I feel more suitable for me. The key is to fight with you. It’s so cool, I like that feeling! I   also like to explore the unknown starry sky.

But having said that, I think you should need me, the leader of mine. The guy who appears and disappear unpredictably should be able to help you in your next actions and rescue Teacher An smoothly." Yan Lie said.

When these words came out, Xu Tui was shocked, "How do you know that I was going to save Teacher An?"

"Guess! After you leave the group, you two will They got together sneakily, and the whereabouts were mysterious. I felt that there was a problem.

I didn't dare to follow you, for fear of being discovered by you, I would follow you in seclusion."

"I'm easy to follow, right!"

Bu Qingqiu's chest was violently ups and downs, her silver teeth crunching.

Don't dare to follow Xu Tui, only dare to follow her, don't you underestimate her quasi-planet?   "No, step teacher, it's mainly the team leader's mental induction. As long as I have a slight change, he can find out. I don't dare."

After that, Yan Lie looked towards Xu Tui again "Head, you can leave me, you will just drive me back, if one is not good, my life will be over.

The fire star must have caused an uproar over there, I will go back After that, I absolutely have to interrogate me, and even use various torture methods against me!   I would rather be killed by Spirit Race than to wait for torture!" Yan Lie squeezed his neck, he was determined to stay behind. .

After a long while, Xu Tui sighed helplessly, and Yan Lie was right.

"But if you leave like this, Cui Xi and the others will be anxious?"

"I left a regular email."

"Then your family What about?"

"I am the boss, and I have a younger brother and a younger sister below, and my parents have them to take care of. Besides, I used Yuanjing to exchange part of the money and gave them enough money. They are very happy." When saying this, Yan Lie's mouth was slightly sad.   "Are you ready for this?"

"Be prepared for it. I have been with you for so long. I have learned the skills."

"Well, you have one more, no matter what!"

In the next moment, Yan Lie jumped up happily and was about to hit the top of the supply ship. The moment, disappeared instantly and appeared in another direction.

Bu Qingqiu's face showed a different color, this Yan Lie, only with this hand to hide, it is not ordinary! A   few minutes later, Xu Tui re-entered the Medical Room, knocked out the captives violently and tied them to the operating table.

Then I took out dozens of silver metal grains the size of a millet grain.

"What is this?"

"Ultramicronuclear fusion timing generator, we will implant this thing into the hearts and heads of these captives respectively, and exchange when the time comes Captives, if they dare to play tricks, just detonate them.

This can be considered a guarantee!" Xu Tui said.

"Yes, surgery requirements?"

"The brain is implanted in the ears and the back of the neck, and the heart is directly exposed to the chest with minimally invasive surgery. Difficulty of taking out.

No problem, right?"

In the last sentence, Xu Tui asked about the difficulty of the Qingqiu operation.

"No problem."

"Let’s start, four per person! By the way, when implanting, I will give them a little bit of material."

"What do you add?" Bu Qingqiu was stunned.

Xu Tui pushed past a small pile of powder, "These, two powders in one person’s body are good."

Looking at this small pile of source crystal powder, step Qingqiu Astonished, "This thing has no lethality, right?"

"It's okay, just implant it, I'm useful."


Bu Qingqiu answered, and within a few minutes, he and Xu Tui started the implantation operation at the same time.

At the beginning of the operation, Xu Tui yelled Ah Huang.

"A Huang, prepare to record. I have to let Spirit Race know something." Xu Tui confessed.

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Zhu San was blown up.


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