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  Chapter 686 Responsibility and Vigor (see monthly ticket)   Blue Star's major alliance areas, once they are serious Up, the efficiency of doing things is still very high.

After confirming that there was no problem with the fire star base in Huanxingshan, the districts of Bluestar immediately began to investigate related matters.

With the collection of various clues, the truth gradually emerged.

Xu Tui of Huaxia District took the prisoners of Spirit Race away.

Xu Tui's motivation for doing this is to save his teacher An Xiaoxue.

Normally, Bluestar's outbound fleet still has certain control capabilities, such as positioning, remote control, and ultimate security programs.

It is a pity that the aerospace fighters and supply ships that Xu Tui took away were all ineffective. This sounded a wake-up call for Bluestar's interior, and at the same time the accountability began!

Someone tried to take the rhythm of Xu Tui's personal behavior to the official behavior of Huaxia District. To make Huaxia District responsible, they did not succeed in the end.

However, Cai Shaochu's Galaxy Spirit Research Institute cannot escape.

Because Xu Tui's pass issuance unit for Quantum Transmission Passage is the Galaxy Color Research Institute, with Cai Shaochu's signature.

It can be said that in addition to the way of robbery, Xu Tui was very amazing. The most important reason for leaving the fire star and smoothly escaping from Unut was because of the normal passage orders.

From this point, it can be said that Cai Shaochu cannot shirk the blame.

In fact, if we track down this point, if we can't see Xu Tui's actions at this time, with Cai Shaochu's backing, we are a fool!   But see it, see it, evidence belongs to evidence, and strength belongs to strength!

This is politics!   If a nobody in general has a tendency in this regard, they will be locked up for interrogation first.

But Cai Shaochu, who dares?   No proof, who dares to attack?   Even if there is hard evidence, you have to think about all the preparations, and you can only dare to get Cai Shaochu after you iron your head. Otherwise, you just can't find it!   So, until the end of the investigation of this matter, we can only talk about the responsibility on the surface.

Cai Shaochu admitted that due to negligence in management and improper employment, he automatically resigned as the director of the Galaxy Spirit Institute and resigned as the Principal of the Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution University.

The Bluestar genetic committee accepted Cai Shaochu's resignation.

It’s just that this punishment doesn’t actually make any sense.

The Galaxy Spirit Research Institute was founded by Cai Shaochu. He resigned, and only resigned his name. Who can take over?

Who dares to pick it up?

The real loss is actually the Principal of the Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution University.

However, at the subsequent meeting, Wei Bin proposed that the Blue Star Asteroid Belt Genetic Evolution University, Principal, would be established, and Cai Shaochu was suggested to take the post!

In essence, there is no loss.

Because of the limitation of Moonfire Quantum Transmission Passage, for a long time in the future, Cai Shaochu can only be on the Unut asteroid and cannot turn the moon.

The extraterrestrial genetic evolution university can only use a false name, so it is better to resign.

Because of the Xu Tui incident in Huaxia District, there is only one real loss. Ge Sheng stepped down as the commander of the fire star base in the crater ahead of time.

The position of the commander of the fire star base in the crater is currently agreed to be assigned by the six major coalition districts in rotation for a two-year term.

It will take another year for Gai Sheng to resign from his term of office, but now, because of this incident, he resigns early.

A storm has passed.

However, under the leadership of Raymond and the others, the director of the Blue Star genetic committee, Xu Tui was defined as a traitor!

Wanted extraterrestrially, a reward of 5000 grams of Yuanjing is released, but the announcement is not made inside Bluestar!   After all, Xu Tui used to be considered a hero of the Blue Star, and he has also focused on publicity.

Just when the relevant circumstances of this matter came to a close, Lunar, the extraterrestrial Chief-In-Charge Wei Bin of Huaxia District, clicked on a meeting request.

It didn't take long for Cai Shaochu's virtual projection to sit opposite Wei Bin.

"Are they whereabouts?" Wei Bin took the initiative to speak.

"Not at the moment. But according to Xu Tui's estimation before departure, if the result is out, it may be after January 27."

"You can only arrive at Laita Star after January 27 ?"

"It should be."

"Related matters, are you clear about it?"

"The drawing of the star map, including their future development Directions and various development plans have been given suggestions, but the extent to which they can be achieved depends on them." Cai Shaochu said.

"Yes. I can do a good job, I believe my vision." Wei Bin is obviously confident in Xu Tui.

Cai Shaochu looked at Wei Bin's self-confidence, but shook his head with a wry smile, "You said, you plot against a child like this, okay?"

"I am Is it plot against?"

Wei Bin retorted, "Am I as dark as you? Take advantage of the trend that's all, I hope they all go well"

"If they do come back Are you?"

"If you really come back, that would be a good thing.

I will get them a new set of identity and information, the official guarantee, who Check, who am I in a hurry!" Wei Bin said.

"It's still like human words." After speaking, Cai Shaochu's virtual projection disappeared.

Time enters January 26.

Although traveling in the boundless space, time has such changes and corrections, but Xu Tui still likes to use the blue star calendar to calculate time.

Xu Tui has been traveling half a month in the vast space. According to the position given by Spirit Race, within one or two days, he will be able to reach Laitaxing for exchange.

Because of this, Xu Tui contacted Lei Qian again.

This time, Xu Tui no longer uses the communication diamond disk, but uses the frequency given by the diamond family to directly capture the communication frequency of a Spirit Race, and directly connect with Lei Qian for exchange.

It can directly capture the communication frequency of Spirit Race. Everything shows that it is not far from Laitaxing.

"Adjutant Lei, the video I sent you earlier, you should have seen it?"

"Yes. Mr. Xu, to be honest, so far, we are in your In the body of the personnel, no means were used." Lei Qian said.

"Adjutant Lei, the reason is not long-winded, you and I understand it, it's just a little self-protection that's all. According to your position, you will arrive at Laitaxing soon.

I need to re-establish the status of the prisoners and get in touch with our personnel. This is our previous transaction request." Xu Tui said.

"Yes, of course, this requirement is mutual."

"No problem."

Ten minutes later, the video screen appears split-screen again. The appearances of Qingshan, An Xiaoxue and the others reappear in the video.

In the video, Qu Qingshan’s bald head is a bit dark and dirty.

This is a sign of lack of water.

Through video analysis, Ah Huang found that the face of Qu Qingshan in the video is significantly smaller than that of Qu Qingshan in the video half a month ago.

Lack of food!

An Xiaoxue Their condition can be said to be very bad.

If Xu Tui is a few days later, maybe the worst will happen.

"The talk time is only two minutes, please cherish it."

In the temporary underground base of Laitaxing, the unpleasant buzzing sound in the front passage came over, making Qu Qingshan slightly frowned. , They know very well that this is Spirit Race's detection equipment.

"Old Wen, Xiaoxue, Spirit Race is not fooled, what should I do? I always send unmanned machines down, but not expert.

What's so special? I don’t have a chance to pull a cushion on my back.

If you drag on, if you starve to death here, you will be too suffocated." Qu Qingshan licked his chapped lips.

"Yes, starving to death is too awkward." Wen Shao looked unwilling. He had lost his hat long ago, and his messy hair showed the single horn on the top of his head. It was exceptionally different.

"Since none of them come down, we can only rush! If we can take a few, it depends on luck." An Xiaoxue, who was sitting cross-legged behind, said calmly.

"How about we surrendered?" Wen Shao suddenly proposed.

Qu Qingshan stared at Wen Shao coldly, "you brat what you did with the surrender! You don’t want to make the surrender real."

"Get out of the way." , You just want to play the real drop! I just want to pull a few backs before I die."

"Crafts can't do it! After a hundred years of fighting, Spirit Race knows us very well." An Xiaoxue rejected this proposal, "Use the last resources to restore the state. I feel that Spirit Race seems to retain what we are doing! In   this case, if we rush out of the passage, they shouldn't be directly Killer!   As long as we rush out of the channel, we have a chance! When   the time comes, we can take a few away, it depends on our luck.

The day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, we collectively Go ahead." An Xiaoxue decided.

"Okay, a group of three, a three-phase thermal bomb for three people, collective glory, pull back." Qu Qingshan responded.

"Okay, it's a relief." Wen Shao said.

"Don't worry, old man, I will definitely stare at you! I won't give you a chance to surrender." Qu Qingshan said with a smile.

"Go away, let me say I'm anxious with you!"

Wen Shao's neck was red and red, and he looked like anxious.

"Teacher An, teacher?"

Suddenly, Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! flew to the opposite drone, and Xu Tui’s voice was heard. This Suddenly, the remaining team fell into a state of silence.

"Illusion? How do I listen, like Xu Tui's voice?" Qu Qingshan dug out his ears with his black nails.

"It's really me!"

Among the drones, Xu Tui used the fastest speed to explain the current situation clearly.

After being silent for three seconds, An Xiaoxue coldly said, "Don’t come, go back, turn around and return now!"

"Yes, you turn around and return now, go back now, don’t come !" Qu Qingshan also reacted.

"Although I know that you are not here to save me, Xu Tui, I still want to persuade you, go back, don't come! It's just a mere death." Wen Shao said with a bitter smile .

"I'm almost there, I won't give up."

Tone barely fell, An Xiaoxue's hand was pressed on the three-phase thermal bomb, "Go back now, Otherwise, I’ll detonate this three-phase thermal bomb now, and you can’t save it."

Inside the supply ship, Xu Tui was shocked. An Xiaoxue was more staunch than he thought. strong.

"Xiaoxue, don't be impulsive! I tell you that I want to go back now, but I can't go back. The time for communication is limited, I can only say that I have full confidence.

You listen to me, everyone, must be restored to the best condition, wait for me"

The communication is interrupted!

The screen is back in contact with Lei Qian.

"It seems that the relationship between you and your teacher is not ordinary." In the picture, Lei Qian with a big belly is sitting there, smilingly looking at Xu Tui.

"Of course!"

After calming down, Xu Tui admitted generously, "The day after tomorrow’s exchange, I hope you can show enough sincerity, burn both jade and stone I don’t want to use it.

But when I use it, I will never hesitate."

"Don't worry, our Lei Bu blood relatives are also extremely important to us."

"Then come to the tower to see you the day after tomorrow."

"Come to the tower to see you."

(End of this chapter)

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