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  Chapter 687 Two-second countdown (see monthly ticket)   On January 28th, air and sky supply ship Inside.

"Xu Tui, the quantum matrix radar has detected the target planet. At the current speed, it is estimated that it will arrive at the target planet in five hours." Ahuang has fully taken over the autopilot of the fleet.

There are actually five people in this fleet at this time, if Huang can count as a person.

Xu Tui, Bu Qingqiu, Yan Lie, Lavisga Ahuang.

Because Xu Tui gave half a black silver glaze body before, Ah Huang grows quite high again.

From 1.4 meters before, stabilized to 1.5 meters and 58 meters now, it could have grown to about 1.62 meters.

But Ah Huang, this guy, continues to pile up her great murderer.

Her motto is that she is not tall enough, but must be fierce.

Sadly, she has been hammered three times by Bu Qingqiu.

Who told her to walk in front of Qingqiu all the time, she still wobbled   "Five hours."

Xu Tui nodded, at this distance, she should start doing it get ready.

First of all, the fleet must be separated, otherwise, as long as there is a conflict, once the fleet is destroyed, Xu Tui and the others will not be able to return it.

There are many important supplies on the air and sky supply ship, and it is definitely not possible to come to the tower.

In the end, Xu Tui decided to fly only one air-to-sky fighter.

Although squeezed, but the captive side, just stack an Arhat.

The captives have no human rights.

"By the way, Mitsubishi Tripod, at this distance, even if there is a quantum wave force field, you can faintly sense the breath of your mechogenesis, right?

Otherwise, The antenna on your head is white, isn't it?" Xu Tui teased.

"Boss, I can't sense it."

The words of Mitsubishi Tripod made Xu Tui's complexion condensed, and his expression suddenly became more cautious, "Are you sure?

Is it because you are not clear about your own ability?   Or can't sense it?

Mitsubishi Tripod, I need an accurate answer, it's about our life and death!"

"Boss, my ability is okay! In fact, two days ago, I could vaguely sense the breath of the two low-level melozoites, but it was very, very vague.

Normal In other words, if you get closer and closer to the two mites, this vague sense of life will become more and more clear.

But in these two days, I am vague about them. The sense of life is not further clear, on the contrary, it is more blurred." Mitsubishi Cauldron replied.

"According to you, since two days ago, we are getting farther and farther away from those two mites?"

"You can say that, although not It runs in the opposite direction, but it is definitely not close." Mitsubishi Ding said with certainty.


This is fun.

This shows that Spirit Race played tricks!

"A Huang, continue to advance towards the target planet." Xu Tui took a deep breath and looked towards the prisoner.

I have to pick one and give Spirit Race a firework to see.

Five hours later, Xu Tui's fleet came to the top of the'Lai Tower Star' agreed with Spirit Race.

This asteroid has a thin atmosphere, but judging from the telemetry image, it is dark and there is no life fluctuation.

"Step teacher, Lao Yan, it is always safest for you to stay in the supply ship and stay with the captives.

Remember, trust me!

Although I haven't completely stepped into the Transmutation Realm, with the source crystal ability seal card in my hand, even one or two Planetary Grades can't kill me in an instant!

As long as they can't kill me or capture me alive, there is no security problem!"

Faced with Xu Tui's explanation, Bu Qingqiu and Yan Lie were nodded at the same time.

The time to fight has arrived.

"Lao Yan, help me choose a hapless one."

"This guy, the past few days have eaten a lot of thieves." Yan Lie slipped out of a Spirit Race with his hand. The evolution of Leibu.

Up to now, he still doesn't understand what Xu Tui's unlucky person means, and he doesn't know what is going to happen.

Can only look at Xu Tui with horror.

In the next moment, Xu Tui held him under his arm, holding a 20-meter three-phase thermal bomb in his hand, pulling down the combat uniform mask, and Flying Sword flashed to his feet. Instantly Yujian went straight into the thin atmosphere of this asteroid!   "I'm here, where are you guys!" Xu Tui yelled in the contact channel for you before Spirit Race.

"It's here."

A voice rang out, and in the distance, lightning slightly exploded, and Leihong, who was tall and shining with lightning, appeared in the distance.

"Just you?"

An arc appeared at the corner of Leihong's mouth, "Where are the prisoners you brought?"

"In the battleship."

Leihong glanced over the supply ship, and in an instant, at least five lightning appeared behind the supply ship, five quasi-planets.

The five Spirit Race quasi-planets immediately surrounded the supply ship supporting the defensive energy shield.

At this moment, Xu Tui, who came out alone, was lonely and weak as never before.

"Release people, I will take you to receive your captives." Lei Hong stared at Xu Tui coldly, the mighty Planetary Grade powerhouse pressure, unreservedly pressed towards Xu Tui madly , I want to use this to deter Xu Tui.

"This is not in line with the process we agreed in the previous negotiation."

"If it doesn't match, it won't match. Just complete the transaction!"

Yes Leihong didn't say a word. The reason why they were so tough was because they had been investigating continuously before. There was no Planetary Grade powerhouse in the rear of Xu Tui's fleet within a day's voyage.

The probability of Planetary Grade powerhouse hidden in the fleet is also extremely low. Before that, they had silently reconnaissance.

Hearing this, Xu Tui also laughed.

"Leihong, in your opinion, when I am here, do I have no choice?"

Leihong did not respond to Xu out of the idea of ​​not stimulating Xu Tui Tui, but his attitude is very clear.

That's what he meant!   "It seems that Lei Xiang is right. You Spirit Race, you really have no brains. Lei Qian sent you here. I might regret it.

I have no choice, but I have another one. Road!"

"Perish together!"

Leihong's eyes moved. Although Xu Tui said fiercely, he remained unmoved.

Perish together, where is it so simple.

To die calmly has always been the hardest thing for all races in this universe!

Looking at Lei Hong, Xu Tui let go of his hand and threw out the Transmutation prisoner of the Spirit Race Lei Department in his hand.

"Leihong, I don’t know how fast you can go? Two seconds countdown!"

Leihong is frowned, some don’t want to understand what Xu Tui’s two seconds countdown means, But as soon as he waved his hand, another quasi-planet rushed out from behind Leihong to grab the Transmutation prisoner of the Spirit Race Thunder Department.

This person rushes very fast.

In just a second, he spanned a distance of five kilometers and caught the Transmutation prisoner of the Spirit Race mine department.

But the moment he caught it, his face changed instantly.

Before he pushes away, he just received the Transmutation prisoner of Spirit Race Minebeau in his hand. Three powerful energy fluctuations burst open instantly!

The powerful energy fluctuations instantly covered a radius of five meters.

With the shock wave of blood rain, this quasi-planet that was very close hummed and retreated, and blood appeared in his mouth!

As for the transmutation prisoner of the Spirit Race mine just now.

Has disappeared!   Three ultramicro nuclear fusion timing generators detonated from the inside at the same time, and they have been completely exploded into a rain of blood!   Lei Hong's face instantly turned ugly, he didn't expect, in this case, Xu Tui dared to kill!   Lei Hong was shocked, but the quasi-planet of Lei Bu was angry!

The same clan was killed by Xu Tui in front of him. It was still a playful killing!   Anything a little bloody, blood will flow up!

Wiping the blood on the corners of his mouth, this Spirit Race Thunder Planetary Grade instantly turned into a lightning, blasting towards Xu Tui.

Upon seeing this, Xu Tui burst out laughing wildly.

"Come on! Come on! Just come!

Today, as long as Lao Tzu is beaten, all three-phase thermal explosive bombs will be detonated at the same time!"

Xu Tui laughed and pinched his finger on a detonator-like switch.

"Stop it!"

"Come back!"

Two exclamations, one is Leihong, the other is Lei Qian’s babble, It came from the communication channel!

However, the quasi-planet had just made a hateful shot, very fast.

Seeing that the lightning was about to hit Xu Tui's head, Xu Tui did not evade and stood upright there, allowing the lightning strike to come over.

The look in his eyes is extremely firm! At   this moment, Leihong was a little panicked!

Really panicked!

He can't afford to bet!

An instant lightning pours out from Leihong's hands.

Lightning is extremely fast, Leihong’s lightning not only shattered the lightning of the quasi-planet, but also blasted the quasi-planet away, spits out blood again!

The depression of that Leibu quasi-planet can be imagined.

The clansman who was killed by the enemy in front of him, went to take revenge, but was blasted back by his own people.

That hate!

But nothing can be done.

Angrily screaming there!   "Come on, come and kill me, why didn't you come?"

Xu Tui laughed arrogantly, "There are three quasiplanets: Spirit Race, Lei Xiang, Lei Wang, and Lei Lian. It's worth paying me a burial!

Come on, come kill me, why not come!" Xu Tui yelled frantically.

Lei Qian’s light curtain projection appeared in front of Leihong, "Xu Tui, I’m sorry, our communication has made a little deviation."

"Is it just a deviation?"

"No need to explain, everyone understands!"

What else Lei Qian wanted to say was blocked by Xu Tui.

"Well, I promise, it won't happen again."

"Okay, let's trade." Xu Tui said.

As soon as this statement came out, Lei Qian once again showed an awkward look, "Xu Tui, because I was worried about your fraud before, this asteroid is not here to Tastar!

Trading captives must be transferred to the real Laita Star!"


Xu Tui complied, "It seems that the integrity of your Spirit Race is very Low! This is totally inconsistent with our previous negotiation agreement!"

"Boy, what the hell! Change people when you change. We are also to prevent fraud, we will give you the real tower The position of the star, you just rush to the position of the tower star to trade!" Leihong shouted.

Xu Tui glanced at Lei Hong and stared at Lei Qian’s virtual projection, "Adjutant Lei, it seems that you lack some necessary understanding of me!"

"Well, Two seconds!" Xu Tui snapped his fingers.

In the next instant, a Transmutation prisoner of the Spirit Race mine was directly ejected from the supply ship.

Leihong started, but Lei Qian reacted immediately, screaming roar through the projection, "Xu Tui, stop now!"

"Stop your dangerous behavior! "

"Don't challenge our bottom line!"

In Lei Qian's scream roar, the Transmutation prisoner of the Spirit Race Lei Department exploded again.

It burst into a rain of blood and bones, with no bones left! In the   projection, Lei Qian, who has a big belly, is angry and his face is a little distorted!   At the same moment, all the quasiplanets present, including the breath of Lei Hong, locked Xu Tui.

With an order from Lei Qian, he launched a thunder blow on Xu Tui!   "Oh, you challenged my bottom line first!"

"Come on, come and kill me, let's finish playing together!"

"I'm very angry, right? I'm even more angry! Come on, one more one!"

"Two seconds countdown!"

Xu Tui snapped his fingers again! In the   next moment, another one silhouette was thrown out from the supply ship.

On the projection screen, Lei Qian’s pretty face distorted by anger immediately changed his face and said sincerely: "Xu Tui, we were wrong, please pause!"

*****   Big brothers, let's have another monthly pass!

(End of this chapter)

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