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This third Spirit Race mine The captives in the Transmutation Realm did not explode after Lei Qian quickly changed his face and admitted that he was wrong!

The two-second countdown was stopped by Xu Tui.

In the current situation, these Spirit Race captives are Xu Tui's greatest support, but they can't be overplayed.

This time, Xu Tui brought out a total of eight prisoners, Lei Wang and Lei Lian two quasi-planets, plus a thunder elephant, and five Transmutation Realms.

In this meeting, two have already exploded.

And the more you explode, the fewer chips Xu Tui has in his hands.

Although it is said that the two quasiplanets and the thunder elephant are the biggest bargaining chips, An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan are still trapped to death, so Xu Tui has to save some explosions.

The main purpose of exploding these two captives is to frighten Spirit Race, show his determination, and threaten Spirit Race at the same time. All in all, the ultimate goal is only one-to return to An Xiaoxue safely. .

The third Spirit Race thunderbolt that was thrown out of the Transformation Realm, although it did not explode, but because of Xu Tui's previous methods, the third prisoner did not explode, but no Spirit Race people came to the rescue. .

So, under everyone's gaze, Xu Tui flew over with a swaggering sword and caught the Spirit Race prisoner who was thrown out of no control.

Among the many Spirit Race quasi-planets and Planetary Grade, no one dares to attack Xu Tui!

Xu Tui slowly picked up the unexploded prisoner and threw it back to the supply ship before re-looked towards Lei Qian.

"Adjutant Lei, in a similar situation, I don't want to have the next time. If there is the next time, it may be one of Lei Wang, Lei Lian, and Lei Xiang. Think about it yourself.

By the way, before we continue to cooperate, there is a small video, please watch it."

With a wave of Xu Tui, Ah Huang gave the previous surgery video to the projection in the sky.

"No, I have implanted a little bauble in a few Spirit Race captives. As long as you press the switch, it will automatically turn on in two seconds."

In this scene, Lei Qian and Leihong and the others could hardly vomit blood.

No wonder Xu Tui is so emboldened. This is equivalent to controlling the life and death of the captives in his hands. In this way, they will appear extremely passive in the exchange!   To some extent, the importance of exchanging captives at this time is more urgent on their Spirit Race side!   "Basically that's it. Anyway, I'm bad for myself. If you guys play black again, then at worst perish together!   Don't doubt, when I came here, I had done it. Mental preparation!

Of course, again, it’s better to not die, or not to die." At this moment, Xu Tui smiled very cheaply.

With that smile, Lei Hong wanted to go up and slap twice!

A few minutes later, he took Xu Tui, who was the real position of the tower star, calmly returned to the supply ship, before closing the hatch, and looking back, "See you in two days, by the way, don't send someone to follow us! If we find out, we don’t mind throwing Lei Xiang, Lei Wang, and Lei Lian out one by one to see the fireworks."

Lei Qian gritted his teeth, Lei Hong is complexion ashen and can only Watching Xu Tui's fleet fly away.

"Adjutant Lei, are we really not chasing?" Looking at Xu Tui who was walking away, Lei Hong was a little angry.

"Then he throws Leixiang, Leiwang, and Lei Lian at random, within two seconds, can you disarm the mini-bombs implanted on them?" Lei Qian asked back .

Leihong was silent.


In the state of not knowing the specific location and implantation method, as well as the state of the implanted mini-bomb, this is an impossible task.

Two seconds is absolutely impossible, two minutes is almost the same.

"In this case, we will be very passive! Even if the transaction is completed, they can remotely activate the micro bomb at any time to destroy our hostages." Leihong frowned.

"There is a possibility, we must be fully prepared." Lei Qian is also worried about this issue, "Since his mini bomb has a timing function, there must be related electrons or other particles. Control equipment.

For these technological equipment, it is easy to remove the threat if you only find the right direction."

"But the electronic and particle control technology of technological equipment is There are so many."

"It doesn't matter, where can Bluestar's human technology go? All shielding devices, all ready.

Use them all, then focus The scientific and technological experts of Mechanical Spirit Race can solve it in the shortest time." Lei Qian said.

"What about the previous plan?" Lei Hong asked cautiously.

"Continue to prepare, as long as we confirm the removal of the threat from our personnel, we will act immediately!" At this point, Lei Qian sneered, "In front of us, the people who killed us, and so on. Arrogant, how can you tell him to leave easily!   Even if you give him time to leave, you are also ready, two Planetary Grades, if you catch them, you can destroy them!"

" I don't need two, I can kill them all by one!" Lei Hong said sharply.

"Two days later, I am ready to trade normally, always be prepared." Lei Qian said.

Leihong looked gloomy and nodded.

Inside the supply ship, Bu Qingqiu and Yan Lie looked at Xu Tui with a little complicated expression.

The scene just now is really not something ordinary people can play.

"Don't look at me, I will change my clothes first! The clothes under the combat uniform are soaked with sweat." Xu Tui smiled bitterly.

A few minutes later, Xu Tui came out, and Bu Qingqiu asked suddenly, "Xu Tui, if the Spirit Race came to hard just now, would you detonate a three-phase thermal bomb?"


Xu Tui's answer is definitely incomparable.

"In this kind of race war, we would rather die than be captured. We all carry glorious bullets." Yan Lie added, "You can see the fate of the prisoners in Spirit Race."

In the scene just now, Xu Tui is really ready to be perish together!   If the enemy really does not care about the lives of their captives, Xu Tui can only choose perish together!

I would rather die than be captured!   As for An Xiaoxue, if they can't wait for reinforcements, their final choice will only be the same as them.

Bu Qingqiu took a deep look at Xu Tui and Yan Lie, "Give me one glorious bullet!"

Xu Tui and Yan Lie did not refuse this request.

If it’s really the last moment, it’s the best choice to sound the glorious bullet!

While sailing towards the true location of Laita Star, Xu Tui, Bu Qingqiu, Lavis, and the shipboard radar used various methods to detect the rear of the fleet.

After confirming that there is no Spirit Race powerhouse to follow, Xu Tui re-adjusted the fleet situation when there was still half a day before the real Tastar.

The remaining six prisoners, including Xu Tui, Bu Qingqiu, Yan Lie, and Lavis, were all packed into an air-to-sky fighter.

The other four aerospace fighters and the supply ship formed a formation, which was handed over to Ah Huang for control. At the same time, Xu Tui handed the Mitsubishi Tripod to Ah Huang.

Originally, Mitsubishi Tripod and Ah Huang could not communicate.

But after the Mitsubishi tripod got the black silver glaze body, he can continue to expand his body shape, such as near the antenna, temporarily appearing a pen hand that can write and draw.

You can communicate with Ah Huang.

"Normally, we will complete the transaction with Spirit Race within the next twelve hours and successfully escape.

At that time, our position will happen Significant change.

But our position, Mitsubishi tripod can be sensed.

When the time comes, Mitsubishi tripod marked the location, Ahuang commanded the fleet, came to look for us, and We meet." Xu Tui said.

Ahuang and Mitsubishi Tripod were stunned at the same time. For the first time, Ahuang showed some timidity, "Xu Tui, I want to be with you."

"Ahuang , Only you can control the entire fleet."

"However, I have never been independent. Independent." At this moment, Ah Huang was very scared.

"Ahuang, you can say that it is the strongest artificial intelligence of Bluestar now, no problem, you absolutely can, believe in yourself!

Your fleet, we are in space The only hope for survival in China!

If you can't find us, let alone go back, it will be difficult to survive!" Xu Tui said.

After a few breaths of silence, Ah Huang said again, "Xu Tui, can't the fleet directly drive to the tower?"


But if the fleet is What about destruction? Even if you escape by chance and are caught up by Spirit Race Planetary Grade powerhouse at any cost? After the   captives are handed over, we don’t have the basis for body protection.

Can’t afford to bet!   So, we must separate!" Xu Tui said.

After several breaths of silence, Ah Huang was nodded, "Well, I work hard, what about the action strategy?"

"You decide by yourself!"

"I" Huang hesitated again, "Xu Tui, I have made countless plans before, but all the plans I made will eventually be approved by human beings before they can be executed!   Now I make it directly and execute it directly. fear. "

" you have to believe in yourself! your knowledge reserves, the history of wars accumulation, data analysis capabilities, you should be one of the most powerful commander!   in I have rarely modified the plan you made for me before this time!" Xu Tui said.

"Well, let me try! If I make a mistake, you can't scold me."

"If there is a chance." Xu Tui said with a smile.

"There will definitely be!"

In the next moment, Ah Wong instantly entered the role of commander, "Xu Tui, in the fleet I take over, all factors are affected by me. Control, only Mitsubishi Tripod, I need you to authorize me to deal with it."

"Place it in a spirit strength shielding box and take it out when you need it! If, if after half a month, If you still can't find us, you can encapsulate it in a multi-spirit strength shielding box, just find an unmanned planet and bury it!" Xu Tui said.

"Understand, half a month time limit!"

As soon as Ah Huang said this, there was a little thoughtful Mitsubishi tripod just now, and he looked impatient.

"Boss, don't, this is high level artificial intelligence, it is a computer! When half a month arrives, he will definitely execute the order and bury me!

You Withdraw this order immediately!"

"In that case, then you will do your best to find our position within half a month.

Otherwise, I can't help it either." Xu Tui said.

Mitsubishi Tripod: "."

"Ahuang, take over the fleet."

A few minutes later, the fleet divided into two, and an air-to-sky fighter flew Towards the direction of the tower star, the supply ship and four other aerospace fighters began to fly around the super long distance centered on the position of the tower star.

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