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  Chapter 689 Follow the procedure and meet again (see monthly pass)   "The shipboard radar detects the front Asteroids have life fluctuations, but they are disturbed by strong force fields, and no further data can be obtained.

The shipborne particle scanner has detected at least 31 identical signal sources, which should be aerospace fighter signal sources."

The main program on this air-to-sky fighter has been optimized and processed by Ah Huang and is highly intelligent. Along the way, Xu Tui and Bu Qingqiu are constantly feeding back various data from the planet ahead.

Judging from the various data obtained from this survey, the asteroid ahead is likely to be An Xiaoxue and the others who came to open up wasteland.

The signal source of the aerospace fighter should be the materials that Bluestar had previously dropped through the Quantum Arbitrary Gate.

It is a pity that the Quantum Transmission Passage of Lata Star and Fire Star is temporarily invalid. It may be blocked or even destroyed by Spirit Race.

Of course, even if it is not closed, it is impossible to exchange prisoners through this kind of quantum Transmission Passage.

This time, without Xu Tui's contact, when this aerial fighter appeared above the thin atmosphere of the Laita Star asteroid, Xu Tui’s old acquaintance, Lei Hong and Regen took eight The famous quasi-planet, and twenty Transmutation Realms, ushered up.

Seeing this scene, Xu Tui narrowed his eyes.

This is not good news.

Earlier, Leihong separated from the planet where Xu Tui had a conflict before, and then Xu Tui rushed to the new position, which is now Laita Star.

Along the way, Xu Tui was almost at full speed.

But now, it is obvious that Leihong has come one step earlier, not just one step earlier.

This shows that the speed of Spirit Race in the universe is much faster than that of the Blue Star humans.

Then after exchanging prisoners, if you use an air-to-sky fighter to escape, theoretically you can't escape, and you will soon be caught up by Spirit Race.

"Let’s log. On January 30th, Xu Tui came to Laitaxing to exchange captives.After the   recording is completed, if the final instruction is received, it will automatically send a signal to the designated frequency!"


This is one of Xu Tui's preparations for the worst.

If the exchange of prisoners really fails, at least they have to let Old Cai know that their people are alive or dead.

"The speed is slow enough!"

Seeing Xu Tui flying out of the fighter, Leihong looked cold and severe, and Leihong's side was anxious. , Master Leihong, this is the rhythm to make things worse.

But I can’t say directly, who made Leihong a Planetary Grade.

"We must first determine the status and number of our captives you exchange." Regan quickly pulled the matter into the subject.

Leihong, who still wanted to say something, was carefully touched by Leigen. In an instant, Leihong looked depressed and thought of Lei Qian's confession.

For the exchange of prisoners, Reagan is the main on-the-spot command.

Lei Hong is faintly uneasy, but there is no way, this is Commander Lei Shu's confession!

Lei Qian, a naughty little girl, always doesn't trust his ability!   Xu Tui waved his hand, but the projection did not appear.

Then bitterly laughed, only to remember that Huang was not by his side.

A Huang is not around, so she is really uncomfortable.

One minute later, the aerospace fighter behind Xu Tui projected the captives, and there were six remaining. Among them, the Leixiang, Leilian, and Leiwang 3 Plane had a close-up.

"The condition of our personnel doesn't seem to be very good?" Regan began to provoke.

"Based on your medical conditions, there is no need to mention these! Besides, this is not something I can decide. If you want to change, follow the previously agreed procedure and hurry up.

No change It will destroy us, and it is considered to be free soon." Xu Tui said very directly.

"Well then." Reagan nodded.

"According to the process?" Xu Tui glanced at Reagan blankly, "Of course, if you are not willing to follow the previously agreed process, then I can only explode prisoners.

After the explosion, the big guys play the eggs together." At this point, Xu Tui's attitude is very determined.

Leihong looked uncomfortable when he heard this.

Previously, he was toyed with by Xu Tui.

Although Reagan had already been confessed by Lei Qian and watched the video of the previous conflict, it still felt very difficult to confront Xu Tui.

There is no room to play at all, and you can only follow the previously agreed process.

If you don't follow the procedure, Xu Tui will explode the prisoners.

You can only follow Xu Tui's request.

In any case, the remaining six prisoners will be exchanged first.

"Follow the process." Reagan gave an affirmative answer.

"Let’s go, I’ll go see our personnel first, the fighter plane is here."

Xu Tui didn’t talk nonsense, and carried a three-phase thermal bomb. Putting on the Vajra sleeve, another layer of spirit strength defensive cover was placed outside, and then the sword flew towards Regen.

Fly while reminding.

"The three-phase thermal bomb in the fighter plane and the contents of the prisoner's body are always in a state of being excited.

You can surround the fighter plane, but any force dare to touch the fighter's energy protection Cover, then we’ll explode a prisoner right away.

If any physical attack falls on the fighter, including electronic interference.

Then our personnel will immediately detonate the inside. Five three-phase thermal bombs!"

"There are still people in the fighter?" Regan frowned.

"Of course! A quasi-planet, if you can kill the quasi-planet in an instant, just try." Xu Tui said.

"How come." Regen laughed dryly, "Then you first guide the fighter plane to the ground of the tower star to facilitate the transaction."

Xu Tui nodded, on the previously unknown planet Although dangerous, the conflict between the two countries seems to be quite effective now.

If the previous conflict had not effectively deterred Spirit Race, now it might be possible to fight Spirit Race.

However, it has been confirmed once again that Spirit Race does have a full demand for these prisoners.

Ten minutes later, the fighter plane landed. Reagan confirmed through the drone that the captive was indeed inside the fighter plane. Then Reagan guided Xu Tui towards the base where An Xiaoxue and the others were trapped.

Along the way, you can see mechanical debris and the broken limbs of the Blue Star Human Race everywhere, some even turned into dry bones.

These are all left by previous waves of land reclamation groups.

"To be honest, from the perspective of an enemy, I admire you very much, whether it is courage, courage, or strength.

A hero like you, We don't have much Spirit Race." On the way, Regan, who accompanied Xu Tui to the past, exaggerated Xu Tui in a rare way.

"Thank you."

"I know about your current situation, basically you can't go back.

You have become a traitor wanted by Blue Star .

Based on what we know about your Bluestar Human Race, even if you succeed in the exchange, you will not be able to go back.

How about, are you interested in coming to our Spirit Race forward base?

As long as we pledge allegiance to us, we will give you five planetary management, and at the same time guarantee that you will enter the quasi-planet within ten years.

In thirty years, at least has one chance to try breakthrough Planetary Grade ." Regan made a condition.

Xu Tui was also very surprised, didn't expect Reagan to recruit him, thank you again.

"Thank you for your kindness, I just want to be myself, I am Human Race!"

"If I say, we are actually Human Race, in your sense Human Race, would you like to join us?" Regan said again.

"Human Race in our sense? What do you mean?"

"The way you think."

hearing this, Xu Tui's eyes Suddenly, Regan's words revealed too much information.


Xu Tui shook the head in Regan's expectant gaze, and refused again, Regan was stunned.


"Blue Star treats you like this, don't you want to take the Spirit Race army back and take revenge on Blue Star? Or wait for more than ten years to cultivation base Break through to Planetary Grade, take revenge on Blue Star, and sweep away today’s depression."

"Hua Xia District treats me very well! I am from Hua Xia." Xu Tui replied.

"Huaxia people, aren't they all Bluestar Human Race?" Regan was puzzled.

"You don't understand, Huaxia people are Bluestar Human Race, but Huaxia people will always be Huaxia people. I have a teacher who said something when he was dying in combat."

"What are you talking about?"

"I have no regrets in this life, and I will join the Hua Family in the next life." Xu Tui said silently.

Regan had a question mark in his head, indicating that he did not understand.

If you don’t understand, it’s right.

"Okay, right here, you can go in, but I suggest you better identify yourself first, so as not to cause their overreaction." Regan finished.

"Okay, after I bring people out, I will let your people out."

"Follow the process, don't you?" Regan laughed, looking at the deep passage Xu Tui couldn’t help saying, “You can consider my proposal and join our Spirit Race. You will never lose it.”

Xu Tui shrugged and walked straight to this temporary base. Deep in the channel.

Under the ground, due to lack of water and food, both Qu Qingshan and Wen Shao guarding the door are not in good condition.

Inside this stubborn team, the final decision is being made.

"Five days! If there is no chance to lure the enemy into deep within five days, then charge ahead and die vigorously!

If you have objections, give it now Laozi mentions." Qu Qingshan shouted.

As a few people in the wasteland reclamation group from breakthrough to transformation, the powerful and powerful Qu Qingshan has a strong right to speak.

"No one opposes, then it means you all agreed, five days, and finally another five days, and then you will fight it." Qu Qingshan took out a cigar with only two centimeters left. Sniffed vigorously, then put it back in his pocket.

"Keep it, we will smoke one bite for one person on the last day."

Suddenly, Wen Shao's unicorn swayed slightly, "Someone is coming in!" Wen Shao Suddenly speak.

"Finally someone is here!"

Qu Qingshan suddenly turned over and sat up, "Te mother, whether it's a planet or a quasi-planet, I have to go and do it. Kill each one!"

"I am the first! Who will come?"

"Count me one."

An Xiaoxue got up and got close The hair that made her dislike her, silently filled a bottle of D-Rank energy replenishment potion, which was her last bottle of replenishment.

One after another, three more people stood up.

"If the person is Planetary Grade or quasi-planet, the three-phase thermal bomb is the key."

"I think your bald head is the key." Xu Tui's voice, Suddenly, there was a sound from the rapidly approaching drone.

In the next moment, the eyes of An Xiaoxue, Qu Qingshan, Wen Shao and the others widened, "Xu Tui!"

Thirty seconds later, they carried the three-phase thermal bomb The Xu Tui appeared in front of everyone.

Seeing Xu Tui, the corners of Wen Shao's excited mouth trembled. Qu Qingshan was even more incoherent. He was so excited that he didn't know what to say, and he kept wiping his dirty bald head.

An Xiaoxue looked at Xu Tui who appeared suddenly, but was suddenly angry, "What are you doing? Who made you come? Did   n’t you tell me to go back?   You Why are you not obedient?"

Swearing, An Xiaoxue's cursing became crying.

This is the first time Xu Tui has seen An Xiaoxue cry.

Xu Tui speeded up, Qu Qingshan and Wen Shao quickly swept Xu Tui's back with spirit strength, for fear that an expert would follow him.

In the next moment, Xu Tui entered the temporary base, and naturally, he took An Xiaoxue into his arms.

"I'm here, it's okay, don't worry!"

Qu Qingshan and Wen Shao looked at each other, laughed.

Especially Wen Shao's expression is quite sour.

A few seconds later, An Xiaoxue pushed Xu Tui abruptly. The pretty face became red, and he took the initiative to stay away from Xu Tui by one meter, making Xu Tui a little confused. I don’t know what happened?

"Oh, there should be a smell, right?" Qu Qingshan cleverly added, and An Xiaoxue's long legs kicked on Qu Qingshan's ass, "You are smart! "

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