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  Chapter 690 Consequences of playing tricks (subscription required)

The land reclamation group that stayed at this temporary base survived There are 21 people in total.

Eighteen of them are from Huaxia District.

Of the remaining three people, three are from the European Union region, one woman and two men, who are also elites in the European Union region.

The reason there are three land reclamation team members in the European Union area is because the female of the female and two males is An Xiaoxue’s friend and classmate, who came to China Genetic Evolution University to study, and An Xiaoxue The relationship is quite good.

His name is Anna.

It is worth mentioning that among the only three members of the Transmutation State among the surviving members of the wasteland reclamation group, one is among the remaining two men in the European Union.

His name is Geman.

He is a handsome and mighty white man, but before that, he was beaten by Qu Qingshan and Wen Shao.

It is said that this fellow wanted to fight for the leadership of the survivor team, was beaten, and then he was honest.

The others are naturally Qu Qingshan, Wen Shao, and An Xiaoxue.

"From now on, everyone must obey my orders unconditionally! It is unconditional. Whatever I say is what!" After briefly confessing the situation, Xu Tui began to unify internally first. This is necessary!

It goes without saying that An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan.

Wen Shao wanted to say something, but after looking at An Xiaoxue and Qu Qingshan, they were also nodded. Only Geman from the European Union District asked, "Can you tell me your escape plan?"


Xu Tui refused completely.

German spread his hands helplessly, "If I can't tell me the specific plan, I can't unconditionally obey your orders."

Xu Tui glanced coldly. German, "Believe me, you only have my choice now! I don't have time to talk nonsense, and I can't talk about plans.

If you don't want to obey my orders, you can bring it up and escape alone. "Xu Tui is not the Holy Mother, a disobedient person, he has no obligation.

Geman frowned, but Anna quickly said, "We do! He just insisted on it for too long recently, and his nerves are a bit nervous."

"That's good! But I am ugly. Speaking first, anyone who dares not to obey orders and try to kill everyone, I will kill him first."

Xu Tui said very simply.

"Well, now, take your necessities, throw away your unnecessary packages, and follow me." Xu Tui said.

"Just walk out like this?" German asked again with a doubt.

"There is no next time."

Regardless of An Xiaoxue's objections, Xu Tui directly took An Xiaoxue's hand and went out first, Qu Qingshan, Wen Shao and the others hurried to keep up.

German hesitated for a moment, but finally followed.

Just stepping out of the tunnel, dozens of powerful auras instantly locked everyone in Xu Tui, including Leihong, the Planetary Grade powerhouse, everyone was terrified, but Xu Tui was with An Xiaoxue is holding hands, one three-phase thermal bomb per person.

Reagan appeared in front of Xu Tui, "Okay, follow the process, now it's time for you to hand it over."

Xu Tui squinted, "Your people, step back. It’s too close."

Reagan looked at Xu Tui, hesitated, nodded, and waved, "Go back five hundred meters."

"I let them Re-enter the passage and be in an environment that at least looks safe, and then hand in." Xu Tui said.


Regen squinted at Xu Tui. He couldn't understand what other tricks Xu Tui could do in this case.

The people who had just been brought out returned to the entrance of the passage again.

The entrance is quite narrow, with twenty-one people, a little nervous.

Under the gaze of everyone, Xu Tui took out a big ball. The first moment the big ball was placed on the ground, it changed into a light blue with a height of more than two meters. Daxi people with mechanical beauty!

Ravis!   The moment Lavis was released, Xu Tui directly tore a piece of Cai Shaochu's magic character.

The powerful magic characters, under the guidance of Xu Tui, wrapped everyone in an instant, leaving them in an indescribable illusion.

Outside the passage, Leihong frowned.

Suddenly he couldn't sense the situation in the passage.

Is it blocked?

Isolate the sense of breath, this is the root reason Xu Tui uses this magic word.

"Ravis, 1000 grams of source crystal, I gave it to you, within five minutes, will it be okay?"

Taking the source crystal, Lavis hurriedly kissed. "Dear Xu, don't worry, in five minutes, I will be able to prepare for the short jump!   However, you have to choose the direction, and I can only control the general direction."

"No problem."

This is the fundamental reason why Xu Tui is unwilling to hand over Lavis even if he faces the risk of plan exposure under Ruan Tianzuo's strong demands and threats.

It is indeed the prisoner of Lavis, and it is about Xu Tui's means of escape after changing into a prisoner.

Use Daxi’s point-jumping short-distance jump ability to escape from Spirit Race’s eyelids.

In fact, Xu Tui was also shocked when he knew this.

Within the Daxi tribe, those who can make a jump, the jumpers they can carry are not limited to the Daxi tribe, and other races can also take the jump.

The limits are energy, size, and distance.

For example, Ravis, he can't take Planetary Grade powerhouse to jump.

The number of transitions of the quasi-planet powerhouse that he can bring, can only bring one at most.

Normally, if Lavis takes a quasi-planet to make a transition, he will be close to the upper limit of his transition.

But with the black silver glazed body as the body, the upper limit of Lavis's jump has been increased. As long as there is a large amount of energy supplement, Lavis will bring a quasi-planet for the jump, and it can also bring Many people make the transition.

The current number is verified by simulation.

Lavis can take the current number of people for short-distance jumps, but the distance is not too far, about 50,000 kilometers, and there is only one general direction.

This is Xu Tui this time to exchange the confidence of the prisoners.

"Don't ask, don't disturb him, stay quietly around Lavis, just wait!" Xu Tui reminded everyone present and stepped out of the passage again.

At the same time, the countdown starts.

"What did you do inside, why is the breath blocked?" Regan frowned.

"I dare to change people, I will definitely be prepared, otherwise, would I not come to give away the head?" Xu Tui sneered.

"Okay, then follow the process, it's time for you to hand it over."


Xu Tui started contacting Bu Qingqiu.

After one minute, Bu Qingqiu put up a water curtain and wrapped a group of prisoners out of the fighter plane. Yan Lie was in the middle, holding two three-phase thermal bombs!   Under Xu Tui's instruction, Bu Qingqiu and Yan Lie walked very slowly. It took more than two minutes to get to the vicinity of the passage.

During this time, Xu Tui sensed Leihong's breath and fluctuated several times, but he kept resisting.

Under Xu Tui’s deliberate delay, five minutes came in an instant, "Dear Xu, I am ready. We need to make the transition within 3 minutes, otherwise, the energy will greatly escape. Disperse."


In the presence of Regen and others, Xu Tui pushed Bu Qingqiu and Yan Lie into the passage and entered Lavis’s Jump within the energy circle.

"Ravis, get ready!"

At the same moment, Xu Tui also had a soft force, slowly sending the captive to Regan.

"Let's pick up someone."

Reagan also made a gesture in an instant-do it!   At the same moment, the quasi-Planetary Grade powerhouse was on standby, and it took less than half a second to rush to the six prisoners. There are up to five types of electrons, electromagnetics, particles, quantum pulses, etc., covering all technologies. The shielded instrument is activated at the same time.

At the same moment, Xu Tui quickly retreated to the entrance of the passage and retreated into Lavis's transition energy circle.

But the moment Xu Tui retreated, Leihong also moved.

A lightning, fiercely like a whip, drew towards Xu Tui.

Xu Tui complexion greatly changed, if this whip is hardened, not only will he be seriously injured, but Lavis's jump will also be interrupted!

The Vajra shield source crystal energy card that Li Qingping gave to the main defense was instantly torn apart.

The moment an extremely thick Vajra shield appeared in front of Xu Tui, Xu Tui roared angrily.

"If you move again, they will all die!"

At almost the same moment, Xu Tui's spirit strength reminded him.

Without warning, Leiwang's head, who was just grabbed by Spirit Race, suddenly exploded.

And Lei Wang's body is also covered with five kinds of equipment that can shield all scientific and technological instruments!   Regan is dumbfounded!

Leihong was also dumbfounded. Needless to say, Reagan was busy stopping the attack! Do   n't dare!   Li Qingping’s Source Crystal Energy Card is only a card after all. It only blocks most of Leihong’s power. Yu Wei drew on Xu Tui and directly flew Xu Tui upside down, blood overflowing in his mouth. !

"What the hell, dare to play tricks, I let them all burst!" Xu Tui, with a bleeding mouth, ran into Lavis' jump circle again while cursing.

As soon as the spirit strength moved, it once again detonated a water explosion technique implanted in the Water Element source crystal powder.

A Spirit Race transmutation, his head exploded again!

"You dare!"

Leihong roared!

Regan is anxious, he can't fall short!   He now faces a difficult choice: First, negotiate with Xu Tui and stabilize Xu Tui again. The second is to make an all-out effort, thunder kills Xu Tui!

But he is not sure whether Xu Tui's method can be used again! At   this moment, Reagan was extremely entangled.

This is a difficult choice!

But at this moment, Xu Tui spoke.

"Go back! You guys go back now, as long as we leave safely, I won't detonate again!" Xu Tui Daroar!

In a moment of hesitation, Reagan chose to Xu Tui compromised.

What went wrong, Xu Tui used their various shielding methods to kill the prisoners yesterday, but it is still unclear.

It's better to choose compromise.

The main reason is that the time is too short.

It takes only one or two seconds to engage in sending to the present!   "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding! Let's go back, let's go back!" Regan yelled, ordering everyone to go back, and gave Leihong a special look.

Leihong had no choice but to back up.


Without Planetary Grade powerhouse interference, this is the best time to jump.

Almost in the next instant, Lavis's transitional light ball rose up instantly, flashed continuously for a second, and then disappeared instantaneously.

But just 0.1 seconds before the disappearance of the transition light group, Xu Tui's spirit strength moved again! The   quasiplanet of Spirit Race captured Lei Lian's head and exploded again!

It burst into a mass of rotten watermelons.

Died on the spot!

Reagan is going crazy.

At this time, Leihong, who had just put the spirit strength on his prisoners with all his strength, only found out.

"spirit strength! It may be through spirit strength, I just sensed abnormal spirit strength fluctuations!   spirit strength barrier!   I will erect a spirit strength barrier for them! You rush!" Lei Hong Da roar! During the   roar, Lei Hong's own spirit strength enveloped the remaining three prisoners first.

Almost at the same time, the other quasi-planets rushed towards the passageway like crazy.

But as soon as he rushed in, the quasi-planet who rushed past first screamed in horror.


"Quickly retreat!"

The dozen or so quasi-planets that rushed past reacted extremely quickly, retreating one by one like lightning.

At the same moment, the energy light wave of the three-phase thermal explosive exploded instantly!

At the moment when the transition started, Xu Tui directly set a three-phase thermal bomb and set it to automatically detonate after two seconds!   The brilliance of the three-phase thermal bomb exploded, and Reagan flew back!

The quasi-planets that were too late to retreat were affected one after another, one by one spit blood flying upside down!

Leihong, who just erected the spirit strength barrier, his mouth was almost crooked!

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