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  Chapter 691: Spirit Race worries and space drifting   lightning is coming in a very short time The starry sky around the tower star kept flashing, and Leihong returned a few minutes later.

"I came to Taxing for 10,000 kilometers. There is no trace or aura of them. It is very likely that we ran far away with a secret technique we don't know." Leihong judged, his expression was very depressed.

"Secret technique we don't know?"

Regan frowned, "This is impossible, Bluestar Human Race, impossible to master secret technique we don't know."

Being questioned by the younger generation, Lei Hong was about to get angry. The Fifth Hui of the fission family Planetary Grade powerhouse who was on the investigation site suddenly emerged from the collapsed passage entrance.

"I think I found a way for them to leave."

Leihong and Leigen looked over at the same time.

"Here, I found the quantum transition energy residue unique to the Daxi people." Fifth Hui said.

"Daxi tribe, this is impossible. Before Xu Tui's entourage, no Daxi tribe was found." Leihong frowned.

"It is possible that Xu Tui re-enters the passage after receiving their captives, and the breath is blocked by some kind of force."

Reagan is still extremely sensible and calm, look. The Fifth Huidao, "Are you sure? This discovery is very critical. I need to report to the commander in chief immediately."

"I'm sure." Fifth Hui is nodded, "But do you want to check it again? Mechanical Spirit Race is also an expert in this respect."

"Silver Seven, you come." Regan ordered.

The Silver Seven of the Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Spirit Race on standby in the distance turned into a silver light in an instant, rushed into the ruins, and began to change body shape detection.

In order to trade this time, Spirit Race actually dispatched three Planetary Grade powerhouses, and the lineup is still very strong.

Two minutes later, Yinqi took out a handful of source crystal powder from the ruins of the passage.

"This is probably the evidence. Here, we can also detect the extremely weak residual energy of the Daxi people." Yin Qi said.

After receiving the evidence, Reagan took a deep breath and looked towards Leihong, "My lord, are you here to report or me?"

Think about some possibility, Especially for the probability of being scolded by a woman face to face, Lei Hong shrunk his neck and waved his hand, "Come on, or come on."

"The threat in the thunder elephant's body, is it relieved? ?"

"It has been taken out."

Reagan walked up to the rescued Thunder Elephant, which was the only one that gave him the courage to report today. reward.

If Leixiang died, then Reagan really didn't know the meaning of this exchange of prisoners.

"Lei Xiang, what do you think of this Xu Tui?"

"Kill him! Not bad at all costs, kill him!" Human slablike Lei Xiang , At this time look savage and crazy.

However, no one can find that Leixiang has such a trace of fear in his hatred of Xu Tui!

A few minutes later, after Lei Qian reported to Lei Qian, Lei Qian gave Lei Qian a bitter look, helplessly said, "You report to the commander-in-chief yourself!"

When the results were reported, Lei Shu was furious.

What he values ​​most and hopes to come back is actually the two quasi-planets Lei Wang and Lei Lian, and Lei Xiang.

Thunder elephants can break through and become quasi-planets at any time, and Leiwang and Leilian are quasi-planets that can stand alone.

But now, the person he most hopes to change back to has been exploded in the last step!

It's dead!

Lei Shu's anger can be imagined!

"If you change prisoners, you will change prisoners! Isn't it obediently and honestly to change back?   Who told you to do that many twists and turns !   Now it’s fine, Blue Star Human Race is all We picked it up, but most of our personnel were killed on the spot!   Can you be more short-sighted?" During the video connection, Lei Shu's chest was violently ups and downs. If this is not across the screen, Reagan I believe Lei Shu might give him a few kicks!   Regan did not dare to argue.

Can he say that this is the decision of Lei Qian and Lei Hong?

Lei Qian and Lei Hong are staring at them.

Moreover, even if Lei Qian did something wrong, Lei Shu would only apply flame hair to him based on the child in Lei Qian's stomach.

How should I say, Lei Qian is a good hand as an adjutant and assisting him.

But making decisions is not enough, relatively short-sighted.

It's just that the mother is expensive and the commander-in-chief has obviously delegated power recently.

Regan was a little depressed. Although the commander-in-chief valued him, his strength lies here, and the right to speak is still not enough.

"My lord, when Xu Tui took the captives to escape, it was a Planetary Grade powerhouse of the Daxi tribe who used their point-jump short-distance jump to escape!"

"Really "

This heavy discovery really surprised Lei Shu, and Regan then took out evidence and data to reason, and let Lei Shu browse tightly frowns on the spot! The   Daxi ethnic group is a threat, but Spirit Race is not afraid. Bluestar Human Race and Spirit Race are not afraid.

But if Daxi and Bluestar Human Race get together, the meaning is different.

A bad one, the consequences may be disastrous for his thunderous forward base.

Lei Shu was impatient on the spot.

I contacted Suguang as quickly as possible and confirmed the information from Suguang.

Did the Daxi people get involved with the Bluestar Human Race?   In order to obtain accurate information, Lei Shu also paid a certain price.

Half an hour later, Lei Shu, who had obtained the exact information, held a remote video conference.

"From the current intelligence, there are indeed many people within Blue Star who want to get in touch with the Daxi people, but they have not succeeded.

Then this time Xu Tui rescues the prisoners. The emergence of the Daxi tribe is very likely to be Xu Tui’s own channel.

According to intelligence, this Xu Tui had captured a Daxi tribe in the process of fighting for asteroids.

However, the Great Western tribe he captured was not very powerful, at most it was a quasi-planet.

Is not possible is Planetary Grade!   In other words, it is very likely that this was a quasi-planet. Blue Star Human Race defined Xu Tui as a traitor, and he contacted the Daxi tribe alone."

While speaking, Lei Shu directly asked Regen, "Regen, based on your previous observations, do you think How much does this Xu Tui have a sense of belonging to the Blue Star?

Is there any possibility of surrendering?"

"My lord, I have tried it. No one has surrendered to our side." Maybe!   Although he is defined as a traitor, he has a strong sense of belonging to the Huaxia District!" Regan said.

"The sense of belonging is very strong? So, if he has contact with the Daxi people, then it is very likely that he will pass this connection to the Huaxia District?" Lei Shu frowned.

This is the last situation he wants to see!

If you don’t talk about the Blue Star, you may be picked by the Daxi people.

What's more terrible is that once the Daxi clan and the Blue Star Human Race unite, it will directly threaten the safety of his forward base!

"My lord, I have a question." Regen asked suddenly.


"I want to know, you think Bluestar has not contacted the Daxi ethnic group at present, but Xu Tui unilaterally established contact with the Daxi ethnic group. This piece of information How high can the accuracy be?

Is there any probability of poor information?"

"The accuracy is very high, up to 90% or more, this is my unique intelligence channel , Don't doubt." Lei Shu replied.

"If this is the case, then we only need to do one thing now to solve this hidden danger.

Track down and kill Xu Tui!" Regan said.

"Yes, it's just the vast universe. It takes a certain amount of luck to track it down," Lei Shu said.

"My lord, my suggestion is to send a Planetary Grade powerhouse that has no mission for the time being, just around the asteroid belt. Since the tower star is the center, it will continue to search around.

I will find Xu Tui!The   vast universe is as vast as everyone!" Regan said.

Lei Shu nodded, "Then Lei Hong, Fifth Hui, Yin Qi, the three of you are temporarily responsible for this matter!   Remember, after discovering, after investigating Xu Tui's situation, , Do it again!"

Lei Hong, Fifth Hui, and Yin Qi all showed helplessness at the same time.

The silent search in the vast universe is actually a chore, but Lei Shu ordered it, and they can only continue!

Although Ravis raised his upper limit of strength because of the mysterious silver glaze body, allowing him to make an over-limit jump, his strength was almost the same after all.

The moment the transition was completed, the energy circle of the transition collapsed early. More than twenty people were thrown into space, scattered freely, and because of their own speed, they continued to accelerate.

In the evolutionary world, not many have the ability to fly.

Fortunately, there are two quasi-planets and three Transmutation Realms, plus Xu Tui, An Xiaoxue and the others to rescue them. It took a while to regroup the people.

The two quasi-planets, Bu Qingqiu and Lavis, joined forces to form an energy body, and gathered the people in space without dispersing them.

However, Bu Qingqiu's face is very serious.

"We need to find a spacecraft or a planet or even a meteorite that can be hosted as soon as possible. Otherwise, we cannot survive in space for long in our state.

Especially It’s the person who came back. The combat uniforms are all in a half-damaged state, and their ability to sustain themselves is insufficient."

When Xu Tui came, he brought five sets of combat uniforms in the dimensional quantum chain, which would have already been taken. Come out and put it on for someone close to you.

Unfortunately, Xu Tui's quantum dimensional chain space is too small. If it can fit an aerial fighter, it will be impressive.

However, Xu Tui is still prepared.

Xu Tui took out an extremely tenacious soft cord from the quantum dimensional chain, and then connected everyone through a safety buckle, so that it could temporarily form a whole.

Several Transmutation Realms and two quasi-planets simultaneously exert force, and can even change the direction of flight, which temporarily solved the urgent need.

"This is not the way. We can't stay in space for too long." German said anxiously.

"Choose a right direction and fly! It depends on your luck. If you encounter a suitable celestial body, you will fall." Xu Tui said.

This is not a solution.

Normally, it is a good luck.

Fortunately, this is the asteroid belt, and the probability of encountering celestial bodies is many times greater than that of other space towers!   Of course, Xu Tui hopes that Mitsubishi Ding can sense their position and rush over with Ah Huang. That is the ultimate way of life.

But now, only space drifting is possible.

The only good thing is that there are two quasi-planets.

And until then, Qu Qingshan excitedly touched her bald head, "Step teacher, why are you here?"

"What did you say?" Bu Qingqiu did not An angrily glared at Qu Qingshan.

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