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  Chapter 692 Solving the historical problem of the manifestation induction system (seeking a monthly pass)The matter of   drifting , Many people have played.

When I was at Blue Star, it was quite fun to drift indoors.

But drifting in space is not fun at all.

Only quasi-planets and Planetary Grade have the ability to survive and act independently in space, and only a small group of elites can do so in the changing world.

And now Xu Tui and the others are drifting in space, which is not even fun, it is directly staged a horror movie!

Less than 30 minutes after the start of space drifting, Xu Tui discovered that there were two evolutionary elites of the China Wasteland Reclamation Group who held the space drifting cable in their postures, but they never changed.

Before the reason of reducing consumption, Xu Tui's mentality did not unfold at all times.

This will be mentally busy throwing over, and in a flash, Xu Tui's face pales.

No breath!

The whole person has been frozen, because it is frozen, so the posture of holding the cable is motionless.

After careful inspection, the two men’s combat uniforms were slightly damaged, and their thermal insulation capabilities were greatly reduced.

In space, the temperature is extremely low, much worse than those of planets.

The low temperature of minus 270 is only three degrees higher than absolute zero.

Once you lose the protection of your combat uniform, you will be frozen in a very short time.

Moreover, even with the protection of combat uniforms, at minus 270 degrees, all cultivators must use energy to fight the low temperature.

In this case, the cultivator of the evolutionary realm cannot last long.

As for planetary and quasi-planetary, including transmutation, because they have one or several more physical evolutions than evolutionary, they are more resistant to low temperatures.

The energy in the body is a kind of protection for the body.

"According to the current situation, I can only hold on for a day at most, and the energy in my body will be exhausted"

The rest, An Xiaoxue did not say, but the meaning is very clear.

If the situation does not change, then one day later, An Xiaoxue will die like these two evolutionary realms.

"Don't worry, I am here, and my spirit strength can put you in and reply in turn." Xu Tui immediately expressed concern.

Everyone has established a short-distance communication channel through personal communication devices, otherwise they cannot speak in space.

An Xiaoxue glared at Xu Tui, and Xu Tui said so on the public channel, shame and sweet, "Other people, there are fifteen evolutionary states."

This is still not counting Xu Tui and Yan Lie.

"I think it’s okay for the three quasi-planetary protections, and the one for transmutation protection should be possible. Free to choose."

Geman of the European Union District proposed, the proposal is over , Show love directly in the channel, "Anna, I can definitely protect you! Of course, if there are other beautiful ladies who need protection, I am a transmutation, protecting two, it should be possible.

What do you think of this proposal?"

No one paid attention to German.

The two quasi-planets, Qingqiu and Lavis, both turned their eyes to Xu Tui. Wen Shao had some thoughts. After watching this scene, he obediently went back.

"If we gather in a circle and gather together, in that case, teachers, you and Lavis should be able to use energy to protect all of us in turn, right?" Xu Tui asked.

"It can be, but the energy consumption will be huge, I need the source crystal." Ravis said.

Xu Tui ignored Ravis. Ravis’s opinion is not important. If you don’t obey you, you will be hammered. Now you have to look at Bu Qingqiu’s opinion.

"There is a certain amount of source crystal support. If Lavis and I take turns to support and protect, it should be able to maintain for a long time.

But there is a problem, if we gather around In a circle, and then wrapped in energy, this is almost turning us into a small celestial body, which may be affected by some unpredictable effects!"

"Be careful!"

The moment Yan Lie’s exclamation sounded, Yan Lie at one end of the space cable disappeared instantly. At the same moment, there was a loud bang, and another evolutionary person in the European Union area was blasted into flight. A shoulder suddenly disappeared.

I was hit by a floating object at high speed, and half of my shoulder was cut off.

It’s just that, before everyone is rescued, because the combat uniform is broken and exposed, the whole person becomes ice in an instant.

Even the blood shot by Biao Frozen became ice cubes like diamonds!

Yan Lie, who escaped his life because of his keen perception and reclusiveness, was sweating coldly.

"All gathered together to form a circle!"

In a blink of an eye, three people were cut, which made Xu Tui very heartache, suffering untold hardships to rescue him. But it was so easily damaged under the harsh environment of outer space.

Measures must be taken immediately, otherwise there may be more evolutionary deaths.

"Encircle the circle!"

In just thirty seconds, the 16 surviving land reclamation team members, including Bu Qingqiu, Lavis, Xu Tui, and Yan Lie, are two. Ten people formed a circle through a space cable.

And it is the smallest circle possible.

The weakest is in the middle, and the three transitional states of Qu Qingshan, Wen Shao, and Geman, including Xu Tui, An Xiaoxue, Bu Qingqiu, Lavis and the others, live on the periphery.

"I'll come first. I mainly rely on spirit strength. Once spirit strength is exhausted, it takes a long time to sleep to recover. Therefore, I need intermittent rest to ensure the spirit strength state." Bu Qingqiu said .

"No problem, as long as the active crystal is active, I can recover my energy relatively quickly." Lavis agreed very happily.

If you don’t feel happy, you can’t do it.

Bu Qingqiu threw out 100ml of water in the container he carried. In a short time, the hydration turned into ice, but under the control of Bu Qingqiu's spirit strength, it turned into a huge ice cover.

There are countless edges on the ice cover, which are still slowly rotating.

It can be seen that this is Bu Qingqiu’s defensive secret technique. Once there is an attack, the rotating ice-slip edge can remove part or even most of its strength.

With the protection of Bu Qingqiu's quasi-planetary condensed ice cover, the low-temperature pressure is greatly reduced. Xu Tui doesn't even need to use a spirit strength protective cover. Just rely on combat uniforms to maintain a good body temperature.

However, Xu Tui is not idle either. The spirit strength spreads out in a small area, sensing the surrounding conditions.

Within a few minutes, Xu Tui was a little curious, "Step teacher, in the current scientific research, the reason is that space is a vacuum, there is no water and no air, and the ability of the induction system is necessary. Is it necessary? Use material water to perform?"

"Space is a vacuum, there is no water and no air, but it does not mean that the original quantum frequency of water does not exist.

The original quantum frequency of the main material, Except for some extremely special spaces, it is almost everywhere.

I use material water just to enhance the formidable power and reduce the consumption of spirit strength." Bu Qingqiu said.

Xu Tui nodded, trying to use his mental induction to sense the original quantum frequency of the water he has already Initial Mastery.

But in space, it can't be sensed.

But this is also normal.

The more active the related main matter, the easier it is to induce the original quantum frequency.

For example, it is easiest to induce the original quantum frequency of fire in places with volcanoes or fire, and it is easiest to induce the original quantum frequency of wood in a vibrant forest.

The same is true for water.

There is no water in space, so it is extremely difficult to sense it.

Suddenly, Xu Tui's mental induction, who was sensing the original quantum frequency of water, sensed a very obvious original quantum frequency of rhythmic water.

The original quantum frequency of this water comes from Bu Qingqiu's ice rim.

Xu Tui cautiously put on the telepathy, Bu Qingqiu immediately frowned and glared at Xu Tui.

Xu Tui, who reacted in a flash, quickly apologized and explained, "Teacher, I didn’t mean it! I just sensed the original quantum frequency of water to no avail, and suddenly discovered the original quantum of the ice prismatic mask. The frequency is extremely conspicuous in this space, so I want to try it."

The reason why I apologize is because what Xu Tui did just now is more offensive!   Be more visible, there is a female MT holding a shield. As a member of the team, you touched the shield held by a female MT. In theory, it's nothing.

But, what if this shield is transformed by the body of this female MT?

Then equivalent to touch people directly.

The main component of Bu Qingqiu’s ice rim cover is her spirit strength.

equivalent to Xu Tui started to touch her spirit strength.

Xu Tui’s answer was a little helpless to give in to Qingqiu, but Qu Qingshan on the side saw this exchange, but his eyes suddenly rounded, staring at Xu with his huge dirty bald head. Tui, "Well, you Xu Tui, dare to touch my teacher, do you want to die?   Do you have me as a teacher in your eyes?" Qu Qingshan cursed.

Qu Qingshan is so annoyed, Xu Tui has nothing to do, but Bu Qingqiu is annoyed, and kicked on the waist of Qu Qingshan, almost not kicking the old man out.

"What do you mean by touching me, can you talk?"

"He has started with your spirit strength, isn't it." Qu Qingshan looked aggrieved and looked at Step. Qingqiu was about to kick the foot again, and hurriedly closed his mouth.

Regarding all this, An Xiaoxue blinked and said nothing.

Fiercely glared at Qu Qingshan, Bu Qingqiu suddenly started, and then suddenly looked towards Xu Tui, her voice echoed directly in Xu Tui's helmet.

"Xu Tui, you said you can't sense the original quantum frequency of water that you have sensed before in space?" Bu Qingqiu asked anxiously.

Xu Tui was a little confused. He didn't know what happened to Bu Qingqiu, so he didn't answer immediately.

Bu Qingqiu was anxious, "Quick answer!"

"Yes. I was just a preliminary introduction to the original quantum frequency of water, and I only mastered a tricky water explosion technique. Being with a Frost Puppet, you don't have enough knowledge, so you can't sense it in space. It's normal," Xu Tui replied.

"But you also said that the original quantum frequency of my ice prismatic mask is extremely conspicuous in your mental induction?"

This question made Xu Tui startled. Startled, something suddenly came to mind.

Xu Tui, this startled, thought of Bu Qingqiu who had the same problem, but he was impatient.

"Say it quickly, don't you?   Answer me quickly!"


Get the affirmative answer, it's mediocre. Wuqi's chest fluctuated violently, and even the heartbeat accelerated.

"I have another ability, you can feel it carefully!"

"Okay." This time, Xu Tui promised very quickly, because he had already thought of it with Bu Qingqiu One piece.

In the next moment, Bu Qingqiu threw another puddle of water. In an instant, this puddle of water turned into ice, but under the control of Bu Qingqiu's manifestation, the ice tuo seemed to come alive. , Instantly turned into an ice line, flying up and down like a dragon in space.

Extremely changeable and flexible!

During the display, Bu Qingqiu stared at Xu Tui, "Can you sense the original quantum frequency fluctuations of this water priming technique?"

Xu Tui half-closed his eyes In response, Bu Qingqiu's expression was extremely nervous.

Three seconds later, Xu Tui nodded, "Yes! If you give me some time, I can also learn this ability."

Bu Qingqiu's eyes widened suddenly, looking Looking at Xu Tui, he suddenly burst into laughter in the public channel, his chest undulating, still unremarkable, but with unbearable joy.

"It's worth it!"

"Only by solving the historical problem of the realization of the induction system, this trip is already worth it, it's worth it!

Why didn't I think about it before!

We are so stupid!"

Bu Qingqiu muttered to himself, Xu Tui was also a surprise, only Qu Qingshan looked suspicious 'S muttering.

Step teacher What is wrong with this?   Is Xu Tui used spirit strength to touch the music?   ****   Welcome to use a monthly pass to the bald head Qu Kai Hui!

(End of this chapter)

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