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  Chapter 694 Gravitational field and strong magnetic field (see monthly ticket)   "Dashan, your fire explosion technique , Xu Tui learned again, and show him a Fire Element manifestation ability."

Seeing Xu Tui's small fire burst out in the distance, Bu Qingqiu smiled and thought of her teacher. Chen Chuxuan.

If her teacher knew that she had solved this historical problem of the manifestation induction system, what would he be happy? On the   side, Qu Qingshan grimaced, and once again showed Xu Tui another Fire Element realization ability that he is better at-flaming meteor.

constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry!

It is only now that he has a clear sense of Bu Qingqiu's Water Attraction Technique, and he can barely display it.

However, the water priming technique performed is much worse than Xu Tui's beginner water priming technique.

The difference is the difference between an iron rod and a toothpick.

There is no way, after psychic induction, Xu Tui directly uses the method of concentration to open the relevant genetic base points, which is almost like cheating, and quickly increases the power of the water attraction technique.

And Qu Qingshan, after sensing it, he has to continuously cultivate resonance to slowly open the genetic basis.

In less than five minutes, Xu Tui had sensed the flaming meteor of Qu Qingshan.

Half an hour later, the flaming meteor was turned on a genetic base point Xu Tui, and it was ready to display a fist sized flaming meteor.

Upon seeing this, the rather depressed Qu Qingshan asked angrily, "It's done again, then I will continue to show it to you."

This time, Xu Tui refused. Up.

"Teacher, bite off more than one can chew, I have learned four new abilities of the induction system today, I need to slowly realize which abilities are more suitable for participating in me Come to the battle system.

I won’t learn it for now.” Xu Tui said.

Qu Qingshan was very pleased to hear, but he did not praise Xu Tui, but Bu Qingqiu said, "Dashan, you look at Xu Tui, you know the truth of bite off more than one can chew, and you know it's enough.

This is much better than your teacher, you have to learn from Xu Tui."

Qu Qingshan: "."

Qu Qingshan looked depressed. , I can’t learn from Xu Tui.

He wants to be greedy and try not to chew, but the problem is that he can't be greedy.

At this time, the water attracting technique is just as good as it can be.

"Head, interrupt, I have a question." Yan Lie said suddenly.

"What's the problem?"

"Our current speed, is it normal? I feel that our drifting speed has become faster and faster. The speed measurement shows that our drifting speed, It’s already over a thousand kilometers each hour, if you encounter an obstacle."

"A thousand kilometers each hour?"

Xu Tui was stunned and immediately used a substitute individual Communication equipment conducts a simple speed measurement, and this speed measurement changes his face.

It shows that the speed is 1060 kilometers per hour.

Xu Tui glanced at Bu Qingqiu and asked hurriedly, "Lao Yan, how long was your speed measurement before."

"One minute ago. Our current speed, In the rapid increase, the speed increases by about 50 kilometers per minute."

"We may be captured by the gravitational field of a certain celestial body." Bu Qingqiu was not surprised at all, "This is what I said before. One of the unpredictable dangers in the future."

Xu Tui knows the consequences of being captured by the gravitational field of celestial bodies. Under normal circumstances, if the captured celestial body has a certain mass and speed, it will form Orbit around.

Just like the moon is on the blue star and Phobos is on the fire star.

However, their group of fake celestial bodies will continue to have only one consequence, crashing into the celestial body that captured them at high speed.

I don’t know how the celestial bodies are.

But at the current acceleration, let alone them, even Bu Qingqiu, the quasi-planet, will be finished.

"Step teacher, can you slow down?"

"In space, conventional deceleration methods are useless. Only reverse thrust can decelerate." Bu Qingqiu said.


At this time, it is not a time to hesitate. Once the speed is accelerated to a certain level, I can't slow down if I want to slow down.

As for the ice rim cover of Bu Qingqiu at this moment, it is purely dead.

Powerful use will disperse everyone in space.

Whoever lives and lives depends purely on luck.

Soon, Xu Tui gave the order that all those who have the ability to fly should use their own power to apply reverse thrust to the ice prismatic shield.

In the situation where the speed has not been accelerated to the extreme, the three Transmutation Realms plus Xu Tui and An Xiaoxue, plus Ravis and Bu Qingqiu's full display, the speed of the space drifting group starts Slow down to a safe range.

But soon Xu Tui thought of a new problem.

What is their survival direction?   First of all, naturally, waiting for the fleet commanded by Ahuang to chase over, then they will be saved.

Normally, Lavis only took them for a leap of about 50,000 kilometers, while the fleet controlled by Ahuang, for safety, carried out a super long distance at a distance of one day from the tower star. Fly around.

In theory, with good luck, Ah Huang can find Xu Tui within a day.

In the case of relatively unlucky circumstances, within three days, Huang's fleet may not be able to find Xu Tui.

Originally just drifting in space, the rotation of Lavis and Bu Qingqiu can last for several days.

But now it is not only necessary to drift in space, but also to use reverse thrust, which greatly increases the consumption.

At this rate, let alone three days, it will be difficult to stick to one day!   Soon, Xu Tui made a difficult and decisive decision!

Give up deceleration, just keep the speed of space drift within a controllable and safe range, and then hit the celestial body that captured them at high speed.

Well, it should be flying away.

If a gravitational field captures them, it means that the celestial body is not far away from them.

The environment of most celestial bodies is very harsh, but in terms of low temperature, most celestial bodies are much colder than space.

As long as the celestial body that captured them is not an extremely hot celestial body like the sun, it is a place for them to live.

And relatively speaking, the gravitational field can capture ultra-small-scale pseudo-celestial bodies like them at a long distance, so it means that the physique of this sky will not be small.

Then Xu Tui used personal communication equipment to make a basic calculation based on measurable data such as the influence of the gravitational field of celestial bodies on their acceleration, as well as the deceleration of the reverse thrust.

This gravitational field captures their celestial bodies. The mass should be greater than that of Earth, but it is definitely not as good as the sun. The mass may be between Earth and Jupiter.

Without professional equipment, one can only make such an estimate.

With the support of this data, the celestial bodies that capture them will most likely not be extinct celestial bodies like the sun.

In view of the current situation, Xu Tui made a decision after a little communication with An Xiaoxue, Qu Qingshan, Wen Shao, Bu Qingqiu, and Yan Lie.

Accept the capture of this unknown celestial body and move towards this unknown celestial body at a safe speed. If the fleet controlled by Ahuang has not arrived before arrival, then descend on this unknown celestial body and get time to survive.

And as long as the speed is kept within a certain range, even if it hits this celestial body, it will be safe.

In the next day, everyone was tense, and from time to time they applied reverse thrust to slow down the ice shield or energy shield.

But it has become more and more laborious.

This means that they are getting closer and closer to this unknown celestial body.

After two days of drifting in space, Yan Lie used naked eye to observe several celestial bodies far away.

"Leader, several celestial bodies have been found, but we don't know which celestial body's gravitational field captured us." Yan Lie said.

Yan Lie's voice just sounded in the communication channel, and before others could respond, the next moment, a harsh zi zi sound in the communication channel.

The internal communication channel established by the function of the personal communication device itself was paralyzed and fell into silence in an instant!

"There is a strong electromagnetic field!"

No one heard Xu Tui's words, but the team members were a little flustered because of the interruption of communication.

In the chaos, Xu Tui hurriedly used the ability to radiate the mind and communicated with them one by one with consciousness to send them information, and then settled down.

Without communication, I can only walk quietly.

The three celestial bodies mentioned by Yan Lie gradually appeared in everyone's eyes.

But not long after, Xu Tui discovered that it was not any of the three celestial bodies and captured them.

Because they did not fly to any of the celestial bodies they found, but continued to fly in another direction.

After half a day, the strong magnetic field that interfered with communication suddenly disappeared, and Yan Lie, who developed the extraordinary ability of his eyes, exclaimed again.

"Leader, there is a bigger celestial body ahead. The celestial body just discovered may be its satellite!"

Yan Lie’s words sounded in the communication channel, everyone My heart is all swayed.

This means that their chances of survival will greatly increase.

"At present, the naked eye observation from a long distance shows that the color of this planet is mainly dry and yellow, but there are blue and green. It is very likely that there will be water and even vegetation." Yan Lie's voice, Full of surprises.

"How far is it from us?" Xu Tui couldn't see, so he could only ask Yan Lie.

"According to my estimate, at most half a day, you can fly there." Yan Lie replied.

"Step teacher, Lavis, how long can you hold on?" Xu Tui asked.

"If I don't take a break, I can hold on for three more hours at most."

"If I have enough source crystals, I can hold on for several days." Ravis 1 Looks very cheap.

"Change to Ravis, take a rest with the teacher, and save vitality." While saying, Xu Tui gave Ravis 500 grams of source crystal.

Up to now, Xu Tui has thrown in nearly 3000 grams of source crystal in order to escape. This is one of the reasons why Xu Tui is currently one word worth nine sacred tripods.

Xu Tui is the master father!   Just when everyone looked expectantly at the planet Yan Lie described but couldn’t see the planet that resembled Blue Star has several points of, in the depths of the satellite they just passed by, inside a base , Suddenly sounded the alarm.

"The detection of life fluctuations!

The strong magnetic field detected 22 electronic signals!

It was detected that they had been captured by the gravitational field of the Lingji star, Unidentified, unknown source."

One minute later, an illusory shadow emerged.

"According to the emergency plan, order the Lingji Star natives to annihilate or take prisoners, and notify the garrison Elder to monitor at the same time.

In addition, notify the five Planetary Grade Elders outside. The Lingji star is approaching in case of emergency."


****There was a   power outage during the day, and the transmission was late, forgive me!   (End of this chapter)

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