Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 380


Chapter 380 Who said that medical cultivators don’t kill

The young man who led the team immediately realized that something was wrong. He didn’t know what happened this time, but A group of people on their side was obviously infected with an extremely hidden poison, and no one noticed it before the poison was released.

This is terrifying.

His first reaction was to leave here quickly. However, he felt that his spiritual power was dissipated, and instinctively grabbed Hua Ci beside him: “Save…”

His eyes suddenly widened, and in his field of vision, a dozen or so red fluorescent lights flew from all directions and fell into the back of the medical cultivator’s hand in front of him.

He was all too familiar with this situation. It was a sign of merit after killing the enemy.

A dozen people who died of poisoning were all killed by this medical cultivator!

The young man’s eyes were full of disbelief, and he looked at Hua Ci in amazement: “You…”

Suddenly lowered his head and looked at his hand, which he grabbed in a hurry. The woman’s medical cultivator’s arm, but at the moment that hand has completely lost consciousness.

He suddenly remembered what the female medical cultivator said before he came in… Now he really gave her his life.

“Why?” The young man gritted his teeth and asked. He really couldn’t understand why this female medical cultivator wanted to kill their group of people who were lacking hatred and enmity.

Hua Ci smiled gently: “I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Jade Blood Sect Disciple!”

The pupils of the youth shrank suddenly, and his expression changed, not knowing what to do Cry or laugh.

Jade Blood Sect Disciple……

He actually brought a medical cultivator from Jade Blood Sect and ran into the Wandu Forest to search for Lu Liye’s trace. No wonder people secretly murdered him.

How could the people of Jade Blood Sect dare to blatantly appear outside the Wandu Forest? He is now full of regrets that he did not verify Hua Ci’s faction at that time, but in that situation, he was completely unaware of the need to verify this information.

“I’ll kill you!” The young man raised his palm with all his might and patted Hua Ci at the moment of confusion.

Hua Ci just took a few steps back lightly and let this palm clapped.


The youth’s body fell heavily to the ground, and a little red light flew out and landed on the back of Hua Ci’s hand.

Looking at the corpses all around, Hua Ci couldn’t help but feel an unreal feeling… She knew that the inheritance she had obtained was very powerful, but now it seems that this inheritance is more than she thought stronger.

In the past, she only had one method of growing mushrooms to deal with the enemy. That method was still effective against low-level cultivators, but after the cultivator cultivation base gradually increased, that method was difficult to work, because She wants to plant mushrooms, and if the cultivator is to control artifact for flight, her methods will have little room for exertion.

But when she obtains complete inheritance, the method of killing enemies is not limited to growing mushrooms. As long as she wants, she can poison people anytime and anywhere.

These Myriad Demons Ridge cultivators who have been with her for so long have been poisoned silently by her.

Looking down at her hands, Hua Ci could feel the violent heartbeat in her chest.

Who said that a medical cultivator can’t kill someone!

Dissipating the protective spiritual power, Hua Ci breathes the poison mist all around, the poison mist that cultivators in the core circle can’t avoid, but Hua Ci is even more powerful than Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi The things she wants, her mouth is full of sweet smells…

She packed up her mood, took light steps, and put away the storage bags scattered all around.

A moment later, Hua Ci left, leaving behind only the rapidly corroding corpses.


Deep in the Wandu Forest, Lu Ye, who was taking good care of him under the care of Yiyi, suddenly lowered his head and looked towards the back of his hand, and there was an unusual feeling at Battlefield Mark.

He hurried to investigate.

It wasn’t that someone came over, but someone challenged him!

Lu Ye then remembered that it had been three days since he was on the Spirit Creek list.

She had brought this up in a previous arraignment with Second Senior Sister.

The cultivators who entered the Spirit Creek list for the first time have a three-day adjustment time limit. After three days, they will be eligible to challenge those with higher rankings and those who are challenged by those with lower rankings.

In other words, a cultivator who is on the Spirit Creek list for the first time will not be challenged within three days, nor will he be able to challenge others.

The scope of the challenge is to have no more than five positions apart.

For example, Lu Ye is currently ranked 33rd, then the most powerhouse he can challenge is the one ranked 27th, and correspondingly, among the cultivators behind him, ranked 38th to 34th Anyone can challenge him, but thirty-nine won’t work, because there are more than five.

The Spirit Creek Leaderboard Challenge is a lot of fun because Heavenly Mystery is involved and maintained, so there are all kinds of unbreakable rules.

This kind of challenge doesn’t need to be a face-to-face challenge. After all, Spirit Creek Realm cultivators are mostly active in the Spirit Creek Battlefield, and some stay in the Nine Provinces. If someone has been hiding in their own station or in the sect, there is no way. Face to face challenge.

This kind of thing just needs to be initiated with the help of Battlefield Mark, and Heavenly Mystery operates in it, which is very convenient.

At this moment, I don’t know who challenged Lu Ye through Battlefield Mark. Lu Ye has two hours of preparation time. During these two hours, he can change his state. Adjust to the best and fight against each other.

When the time comes Heavenly Mystery will teleport Lu Ye and the challenger directly into a special small space for the two sides to fight, and there are many kinds of terrain to choose from in this small space, others come To challenge Lu Ye, the choice is in Lu Ye’s hands, he can choose the terrain that can give him an advantage.

If Lu Ye challenges others, the choice is in the hands of others.

Of course, you can also refuse when challenged.

But refusal would be tantamount to defeat, and a challenger would take his place on the Spirit Creek leaderboard.

Lu Ye had only heard of these things, but had never experienced them before. It was a bit unexpected that he was suddenly challenged.

But after thinking about it carefully, it was probably because Myriad Demons Ridge was impatient, and he had been hiding in the poisonous forest. Use a challenging method to investigate their own situation. If possible, they would like to use this method to kill themselves, so that they don’t have to risk going deep into the Ten Thousand Poison Forest.

Carefully examining the various information conveyed in Battlefield Mark, Lu Ye found that the situation was the same as what Second Senior Sister said before, he had two choices at this moment, one is to accept the challenge, the other is to refuse.

Lu Ye pondered a little, thought to move, and accepted the challenge. Heavenly Mystery fell somewhere, and more information emerged from Battlefield Mark.

At the moment, he has two hours of preparation time. In addition, he can choose the terrain to fight with the enemy.

Investigating these terrains, Lu Ye’s mind immediately came up with general information about the unique small spaces, including the unique landforms of these small spaces, the size of the area, etc…

There are more than 100 of these small spaces, including ruins, wilderness, deserts, jungles, and the sea.

The range of land occupied is also large and small. The large one covers several areas, and the small one is only a few dozen feet square…

This is the first time I have experienced such a thing, Lu Ye naturally wanted to get more information.

He tried to use the imprint to find out the challenger’s information, but he found nothing. For some reason, Heavenly Mystery had an invisible protection for the challenger.

He checked the Spirit Creek list again, glancing at five people ranked thirty-fourth to thirty-eighth.

Among the five, there are three Myriad Demons Ridge and two Vast Heaven Alliance, all of which are cultivation bases of Tian Jiu. The challenger must be one of the three Myriad Demons Ridge.

Yiyi looked at him curiously: “Lu Ye, is anyone looking for you?”

“No, someone challenged me on the Spirit Creek list.” Lu Ye Randomly replied.

“Someone challenged you?” Yiyi astonished, “You should go?”

“You should go.”

“But your current state… …” Yiyi looked worried, although three days had passed, the repercussions of Lu Ye’s Fire Phoenix had not disappeared, and his body was very weak, and he might not even be able to use half of his normal strength.

“I’m not going to fight him, I’ll take a look.”

Responding to the opponent’s challenge does not mean that you must fight the opponent, and the two-hour time limit is up. , admit defeat and you’re done.

It’s nothing more than being replaced by someone else on the Spirit Creek list.

Yiyi was relieved after hearing what Lu Ye said.

Lu Ye also checked the top ten of the Spirit Creek list. These guys are all from the 1st Rank Sect all over the Nine Provinces. After a rough scan of the entire list, the top 15 are basically all 1st Rank Sect. After reaching the 15th place, there is a cultivator from Rank Two Sect.

The number of cultivators from Rank Three Sect was not large until the 50th place.

Lu Ye saw Yu Lianzhou’s name, Spirit Creek ranked seventh, so it can be said that the ranking is very high.

The first one is a guy named Shi Guang from the Profound Sect of Tianzhou Road. I don’t know if he was the fourth one before.

Yan Xing is dead on the second list, Feng Yuechan and Li Baxian are both promoted to Cloud River, the three Spirit Creek rankings are gone, and the fourth list will be automatically promoted to the first list, he should be grateful It was Lu Ye. If Lu Ye hadn’t bought Li Baxian two orifices-boosting pills, this guy would never have wanted to be ranked No. 1 on the list.

Finding out the various things on the Spirit Creek list, Lu Ye took back his mind and continued to cultivate himself.

I didn’t waste time when I was cultivating. I took out a book from Mrs. Yun and studied it, and at the same time, I kept swallowing the spirit pill cultivator.

Because there is a protective Formation, it is inconvenient to build the Spirit Gathering Formation, and it is not good to build the Spirit Gathering spiritual mark in the Spirit Aperture, because once Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi flows too fast, it will cause all Around Poison Barrier will greatly increase the erosion of the Formation, and the load on the Formation will also be greater.

Fortunately, even if he only swallowed the spirit pill, the speed of Cultivation was not slow. It could even be said that until now, swallowing the spirit pill was his main method of Cultivation.

Soon, the two-hour time limit will come.

Lu Ye hooked up with Battlefield Mark and directly abstained from the battle.

Looking at the Spirit Creek list again, he, who was originally 33rd, slipped directly to 37th, and the Myriad Demons Ridge cultivator, who was originally 37th, took his place.

Lu Ye squinted slightly, remembering the person’s name and origin.

Before he recovered his mind, there was another message from the mark that someone challenged him.

Lu Ye accepts as usual! Then set aside.

At the same time, a message quickly passed through the Myriad Demons Ridge camp. In the Spirit Creek Challenge, Lu Liye avoided fighting, and it was suspected that the situation was not good!

(End of this chapter)

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