Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 381


Chapter 381 Hua Ci Comes to Find

As Lu Ye guessed before, Myriad Demons Ridge is indeed there In this way to test his situation.

After three days of waiting, Lu Ye hasn’t been poisoned to death yet. Myriad Demons Ridge didn’t dare to go too deep into the Ten Thousand Poison Forest and couldn’t find any trace of Lu Ye, so he could only challenge him through Spirit Creek. .

Then Lu Liye took up the challenge, but he abstained after two hours, which undoubtedly shows that his state is definitely not very good, otherwise there is no reason to abstain without playing.

You must know that the Spirit Creek Challenge does not necessarily have to be divided between life and death. Heavenly Mystery is operating in it. If you find that you are not an opponent, you only need to shout and admit defeat, and you can get out of the small space of the challenge. Save lives.

Then Lu Liye doesn’t even dare to show his face now, obviously because he is afraid that Myriad Demons Ridge will see out his truth…

The news came out, the anxious Myriad Demons Ridge The cultivators didn’t panic, and they all felt that if they just continued to wait, Lu Liye would definitely die!

After another two hours in the blink of an eye, Lu Ye’s ranking slipped from thirty-seventh to forty-one.

Myriad Demons Ridge has no intention of letting it go, and someone else challenges Lu Ye.

In the depths of the Ten Thousand Poison Forest, in the protective array, Lu Ye was a little impatient. He was calmly recuperating here, reading Cultivation, and someone always challenged him through the Spirit Creek list, although Every time he can hang on the other side for two hours, but it is very troublesome to be disturbed all the time.

So when he was challenged for the third time, Lu Ye didn’t agree and simply refused.

He then slipped to No. 46!

The next time it takes to burn a stick of incense, in the entire battlefield, all the cultivators who are qualified to hook up with Heavenly Mystery and investigate the Spirit Creek list will watch Lu Ye on the list. The rankings have fallen all the way, from the more than forty places to the bottom of the list, and then disappeared on the Spirit Creek list!

Three days ago, Lu Ye ranked 33rd on the Spirit Creek list with the Tianqi cultivation base, creating an unprecedented record for the Nine Provinces. In just three days The rising stars of influence quickly dropped out of the list, and the whole process can be said to be short-lived.

The Spirit Creek chart is clean!

No more dazzling Heaven Grade 7th Layer environment cultivator to stimulate the mind of Myriad Demons Ridge cultivator.

Lu Ye is also clean, no one bothers him with the Spirit Creek list anymore.

Just as she was about to rest peacefully for a while, Lu Ye suddenly frowned and called out lightly, “Yiyi!”

Lu Ye was roasting the aroma of animal meat for Lu Ye. The overflowing Yiyi hearing this looked up: “I’m here.”

After finishing speaking, I realized that Lu Ye’s expression was not right. He was staring in a certain direction with a solemn expression, and slowly stood up. A whole body of spiritual power is surging secretly.

Yiyi dodged and went underground, Amber jumped on Lu Ye’s shoulders and crouched down, seemingly unremarkable but actually ready to fight.

Someone actually came to such a position, which is something Lu Ye never thought of.

The Myriad Demons Ridge cultivator is now blocked by Myriad Demons Ridge cultivator. Those who can enter must be the enemies of Myriad Demons Ridge, and the strength of the people who dare to go deep into this place can be imagined.

I don’t know who is on the Spirit Creek list.

Lu Ye held down the hilt of the knife with one hand and held a formation flag with the other. Although he could hardly exert his strength at the moment, he had already set up a Formation here. No matter how strong the person came, he wanted to kill him. It’s not that easy either.

ka-cha cha…

In that direction, the sound of someone stepping on dead leaves came, passing through the rich jade green poison mist, and heading towards the great formation step by step near.

Even if Lu Ye motivated the spiritual mark and blessed his eyes, he couldn’t see through the face of the person coming through poison mist. From the perspective of the other person’s curvy and graceful body, it should be a woman.

The woman looks about the same height as Hua Ci and has a similar body.

A short while later, the visitor stood outside the big formation, across the light curtain of the formation, and looked at Lu Ye with a smile in his eyes.

Lu Ye was stunned.

“Sister Hua Ci!” Yiyi also emerged from the ground, looking at the person in disbelief, didn’t expect to meet Hua Ci in this place, no, Hua Ci Must have come to them on purpose.

Saying so, Yiyi rushed towards Hua Ci, but was grabbed by Lu Ye.

Yiyi turned her head and looked at him puzzled.

Lu Ye lowered his eyes slightly and looked at Hua Ci outside the big formation: “The medical cultivator in my house doesn’t have the ability to walk to this place under the siege of Myriad Demons Ridge. , who are you?”

Yiyi realized something was wrong after hearing Lu Ye say this.

When she saw Hua Ci just now, she was only concerned about surprises, didn’t expect this level, thinking about it carefully now, Lu Ye is right, how can Hua Ci have such great ability, alone Running to such a place? Immediately, he looked angrily at Hua Ci who was outside the formation: “Who are you, and what method did you use to pretend to be Sister Hua Ci!”

Hua Ci laughed, looked at Lu Ye rather resentfully, and then lowered his voice. Yin sighed, caressed his lower abdomen, and was about to cry, “You poor child, your father doesn’t recognize us, what should we do?”

Yiyi’s eyes suddenly widened, and he was extremely stunned: “What do you mean?”

Lu Ye also stood on the spot as if hit by a thunder talisman.

When he saw Hua Ci, he instinctively felt that this person was impersonating, but when Hua Ci said this, he didn’t feel quite right.

In this world, apart from that woman, who would be so open-mouthed in front of him.

He quickly remembered something, and sent a message to Hua Ci through his Battlefield Mark. Not happy?”

Lu Ye’s eyes twitched for a while, and he waved the formation flag in his hand.

β€œLu Ye.” Yiyi asked unconfidently from the side: β€œIs she Sister Hua Ci?”


β€œHua Sister Ci!” Yiyi rushed over, holding Hua Ci and jumping up and down, seeing Hua Ci in such a place really made her happy.

Lu Ye sat down again and looked Hua Ci up and down, feeling a little unreal.

Because he didn’t expect Hua Ci to come here to find him no matter what, and it really made her succeed.

Looking at Hua Ci’s aura, it has already reached the level of Ninth Layer Realm. The improvement speed of this cultivation base is obviously not normal.

When Yiyi calmed down his excitement, Lu Ye opened the mouth and said: “How did you come in?”

“Come in.” Hua Ci as it should be reply by rights.

“Myriad Demons Ridge’s evacuated?”

“No, there are a lot of people outside, Thousands above the Heavens and Under the Earth, and people keep coming into the woods Look for your traces, this time you are impossible to escape.”

“Then how did you get in?”

“I’m a medical cultivator with a team of Myriad Demons Ridge The people who needed medical cultivators to accompany them, so I walked in with them.”

Lu Ye wanted to ask where the cultivators of the Myriad Demons Ridge team had gone, when he suddenly caught a glimpse of Hua Ci with a A string of storage bags, at least thirty or forty…

Don’t ask, the fate of that team of Myriad Demons Ridge cultivators is obvious.

Lu Ye was shocked and wondered what kind of inheritance Hua Ci got in Yingshan this time. She was a medical cultivator of Ninth Layer Realm, and she actually killed a team of Myriad Demons Ridge cultivator in the core circle in one fell swoop. ! Looking at the number of storage bags, there were at least twenty Myriad Demons Ridge cultivators who died in her hands.

What makes Lu Ye more puzzling is how, even if this woman is an excellent medical cultivator, how can she resist the erosion of the poison mist and poison barrier.

He was able to resist because he had the Innate Talent Tree by his side, and he wasn’t resisting, but the poison that invaded his body was burned.

It seems that this has something to do with the inheritance she got from going to Yingshan this time.

“Yiyi, the meat is burnt.” Hua Ci suddenly said.

“Yeah!” Yiyi hurriedly walked to the bonfire and turned the barbecue.

Hua Ci looked towards Lu Ye and looked up and down: “Aren’t you poisoned?”

The reason why she came here to look for Lu Ye is because she was afraid that he would be in the poisonous forest I was poisoned to death, but now I look at Lu Ye, there is no sign of poisoning, but Yiyi seems to be poisoned.

“I’m from Hundred Venoms Immunity.” Lu Ye asked back, “You haven’t been poisoned.”

“Each each other.” Hua Ci smiled kindly and walked to Beside Lu Ye, he squatted down and instructed: “Hand out!”

Lu Ye obediently stretched out his hand.

Hua Ci raised two fingers and put them on his wrist. Although it seemed that Lu Ye had no signs of poisoning on the surface, many of the poisonous poisons were extremely concealed. How could she feel at ease without checking them out in person? ?

After some investigation, it was confirmed that Lu Ye was not poisoned.

“Open your mouth.”

“Ah…” Lu Ye opened his mouth wide.

“Put your tongue out and see.”

“Enough is enough!” Lu Ye quit.

“Hehe, that’s up to you.” Hua Ci suddenly held Lu Ye’s hand, her small hand was soft and soft to the touch, like a warm jade.

Lu Ye immediately felt numb in his hand, and had the illusion of being stung by a poisonous bee, but that feeling was fleeting, Hua Ci raised his hand and squeezed Lu Ye’s mouth, trying to put his tongue out. Take it out and see.

In the end, before she could move, Lu Ye raised his hand and pinched her face!

It feels good in the hand.

Hua Ci’s mouth forms a circle.

Looking at each other, Hua Ci blinked, his eyes full of doubts.

No…the moment she grabbed Lu Ye’s hand, Lu Ye shouldn’t be able to move!

β€œWhat are you doing?” Lu Ye asked inarticulately.

“You…” Hua Ci didn’t know what to say.

Yiyi turned his head and stared at the side, only to see these two people pinching each other’s cheeks, pouting their mouths, looking at each other affectionately from close to hand, thinking of Hua Ci’s words before, Yiyi stomped his feet , turned his body, turned into a streamer and rushed into Amber’s body.

Can’t watch it!

Amber, who was squatting on Lu Ye’s shoulder, also covered his eyes with his claws…

“You poisoned me?” Lu Ye didn’t realize it until this moment, because Source There was an anomaly on the Spirit Orifice Innate Talent Tree, and a large area of incinerated gray mist rose up and then dissipated, which was a sign of the toxin being burned.

“Why are you all right?” Hua Ci was most puzzled about this.

“I told you about my Hundred Venoms Immunity!”

“Impossible!” Hua Ci obviously didn’t believe that there was no one in this world who could Hundred Venoms Immunity.

“Let go first!”

“You let go first.”

“Okay, I’ll let go first.”

Lu Ye Hua Ci released Hua Ci’s face, and Hua Ci closed his hand, but the other hand of the two was still tightly clasped together, and the burned gray mist on the Innate Talent Tree became more intense.

(End of this chapter)

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