Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 698


Chapter 698

Lu Ye’s fighting style is inherently aggressive, which is in fact related to his temperament It doesn’t matter, it’s mostly the experience.

His temperament is actually a relatively peaceful kind, not a domineering one.

But before Cultivation, he was a mining slave in Evil Moon Valley, which is a place where people cannibalize. The battle between them is sometimes more tragic than that of a cultivator.

After that, by fate, he will be included in the gate wall by head teacher Tang Yifeng, and he will worship the Jade Blood Sect, but he has not seen the mountain gate, so he will be sent to the Spirit Creek Battlefield, alone, with no support, face to face Against all kinds of invading enemies, we can only defeat them with strength, and there is no room for retreat.

Therefore, in the battle, he always adheres to a philosophy or habit. He is unparalleled and oppressive. No matter whether he can win or not, he must not lose in imposing manner.

And his fighting style undoubtedly coincides with the essence of Blade Technique.

This is also only half a month of trifling time. The reason why he can have such accomplishments in the Blade Technique is not only that he can relieve the pressure of Divine Soul with soul water, but more importantly, Blade Technique and him of compatibility.

If it were another cultivator with weak temperament, no matter how much soul water he had, he might not be able to grow like him.

If the compatibility is inconsistent, then it is meaningless.

In the esoteric biography of the Blade Technique, although the inheritance is only the three-style tyrant, and Lu Ye has only cultivated the First Style, what the Blade Technique includes is not only the three-style tyrant.

This is a complete Blade Technique in itself.

In the process of Cultivation First Style, Lu Ye undoubtedly had a very deep understanding and perception of this Blade Technique.

At this moment, the oppression is much stronger than before. In the eyes of many Divine Will Sect Disciples, where is Lu Ye still a person at this moment? This is clearly a tiger going down the mountain, the Flood Dragon going out to sea, wanting to choose someone to devour.

No cultivator can keep him from dying.

As the blade light flickered, screams rang out, corpses fell one after another, and the ground was blood dyed red.

More than 30 Shenyimen cultivation bases, in less than twenty breaths, knocked down more than a dozen people.

Lu Ye is unscathed!

In the Dragon World, those Eight Ninth Layer Realms whose cultivation base is not progressing really have a lot of time to polish their battle skills, so their strength is generally better than the Eight Ninth Layer Realms of Nine Provinces They are stronger.

But this definitely doesn’t include the Disciples of the Divine Will in front of you.

The highest cultivation base of these people is in the 7th Layer, and there are only three of them.

With Lu Ye’s current strength, it would be easy to kill such an opponent.

Wandering around, feeling the Panshan sword in his hand, and realizing the power of each sword swing, Lu Ye’s understanding of the Blade Technique became more and more profound, and his imposing manner not only did not decay, On the contrary, the more you fight, the stronger you become.

“Ah!” Disciple, who eventually has the gate of God’s will, couldn’t bear it, loudly roared, and turned around and ran away.

They thought that even if Third Elder died in battle, more than 30 of them would be enough to take down Lu Ye.

They thought that Lu Ye had performed a Blade Technique, and even if there was no fuel exhaustion, it would be an arrow at the end of its flight.

However, after all, they thought…

After more than half of the casualties, the panic in their hearts finally took hold, and they followed the instinct of survival.

However, when the footsteps moved, there was a humming sound, a few streams of light attacked and killed like a star chasing the moon, the body protection spiritual power was broken, and the stream of light penetrated the body and brought out With a few warm blood, under the inertia of powerful force, the corpse threw a few feet forward and fell to the ground.

“Flee separately!” Someone yelled.

What should I do if I can’t beat the enemy? Of course you can only escape.

What can I do if I can’t escape? Just run away faster than your companions.

Everyone thought so, under that angry roar, there were only eight people left in the Disciple of the Divine Will Sect alive in the arena, and the eight people were escaping in eight directions. Activate the life-saving secret technique, and for a while, all kinds of streamers appear.

Lu Ye really couldn’t pursue them all, the imperial weapon in the weapon box buzzed, and while beheading two of them, he threw himself at the other.

Behead this person, turn quickly, and pounce on the other.

The idea of scattering and escaping is very good. If it is used to deal with other cultivators, it may not be effective, but if the speed is not fast enough, it is meaningless after all.

5 minutes later, Lu Ye chased for thirty miles and slashed the last escaped Shenyimen cultivator to the sword.

At this point, the enemy who pursued and killed him was wiped out.

Putting the sword back into its sheath, Lu Ye’s expression was calm, and the divine light in his eyes flickered, thinking about the outcome of this battle.

I have to say that Cultivation has been the master of Blade Technique in the past half month, which has brought him a great improvement. Compared with half a month ago, the increase in the cultivation base is not too much, but the attainments in Blade Technique are not. There has been great growth.

The most important thing is that he now has a system of his own.

It was there before, but it all seemed to be scattered. It was reflected in the process of his confrontation with the enemy, and he was not able to summarize it.

Now, with his Blade Technique, he has an intuitive feeling about his own Blade Technique system.

This is very beneficial.

Simply put, Lu Ye’s Cultivation on Blade Technique in the past was almost blind walking, wherever he went, and occasionally he might hit a wall, even if he blackmailed him from Mad Blade Sect He learned a lot about Blade Technique Cultivation, which made him take less detours, but he was still blind after all.

It’s different now, this blind, he has light in his eyes and a path in front of him, that is the path of Blade Technique, as long as he continues to follow this path Cultivation, then he can continuously improve his Blade Technical accomplishments.

This is his path, not the same as the promotion of the cultivation realm.

The promotion of cultivation realm is a broad and open road shared by all cultivators. As long as the cultivation is carried out step by step, cultivators can go further and further on this broad and open road.

But no matter which cultivator it is, there should be a path of its own.

It’s not easy.

It has been two or three years since Cultivation, and it is only today that I finally see the road in front of me.

Lu Ye couldn’t help sighing.

After taking out a few spirit pills and swallowing them, Lu Ye started to contact Yiyi, determined the direction, and started heading north.

One day later, at the junction of Fengzhou and Jiazhou, Ruyi City, Tai’an restaurant.

This is the largest and most luxurious restaurant in Ruyi City, and it is full of guests every day.

On the third floor of the restaurant, Lu Ye, Yiyi and Ye Liuli were sitting at a table, eating some of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

Lu Ye seldom enters a place like a restaurant. Throughout his life since he stepped into Cultivation, he was either in Cultivation or being hunted down, how could he have such leisure and elegance.

The reason why I came here was Ye Liuli’s suggestion.

Because she remembered that when she was a child, she followed Ye Ying to the north, passed Ruyi City, and ate a meal in this restaurant, but at that time she was still young and could not remember many things.

Now that Ye Ying is gone, her eldest brother is like a father, led by Lu Ye, walks the road she walked when she was a child, and also eats the food she ate when she was a child.

Lu Ye doesn’t really care, so let her be.

There are many cultivators in the restaurant, and more mortals.

This is the general atmosphere of the entire Dragon Soaring World. The boundaries between cultivators and mortals are very blurred, which makes Lu Ye feel novel.

Since he entered the Spirit Creek Battlefield, he has never seen a mortal again, and the ones he has come into contact with are all cultivators that are not much different from his own cultivation base.

He didn’t even know what the atmosphere in the Nine Provinces was like.

Many guests were stuffing oneself with food, as well as storytellers telling some novel stories in rhythm, and some more eloquently talked about.

restaurant, tea shop, goulan, has always been the place of dragons and snakes mingle.

“Have you heard that three days ago, Li Sa senior of the Heavenly Emperor Sect died during meditation.” Someone’s voice suddenly sounded, and with the sound of this voice, the noisy restaurant suddenly fell silent for a moment , Many people looked surprised, apparently not hearing the news.

The transmission of information in the Dragon Realm is not as convenient as that in the Nine Provinces. If it is in the Nine Provinces, such a major event can be spread to any corner where there is a cultivator, not just one day, but half a day.

Heavenly Emperor Sect, that is an extremely ancient sect of inheritance.

The current situation in the Dragon Realm is rather strange. The cultivation base of the cultivators is very low. No matter what the cultivation is, there is no way to break through the shackles of the Cloud River Realm. Therefore, almost all small sectors have Ninth Layer. Realm sits.

The cultivation base is less than the Ninth Layer Realm, so sorry to establish the sect.

The difference is that the number is not the same.

The greater the number of Ninth Layer Realm cultivators, the stronger the sect will naturally be.

Looking at the whole world, Heavenly Emperor Sect is undoubtedly one of the well-deserved One of the Overlords, and the other two recognized overlords are King Kong Temple and Haoran Academy.

The three major overlords are divided into three sides in the Dragon Realm, and the Xiongzhen is a realm.

Sect stand in great numbers in this world, after all, there are still some Sect on the surface strengths similar to these three, but the recognized overlords are only these three.

This is not just the reason why they are strong enough, but the main reason is inheritance.

These three are Great Sects that have existed since a thousand years ago. As early as a thousand years ago, they were the overlords of the Dragon Realm.

Looking at the Nine Provinces, the thousand-year-old sects of inheritance are nothing, and can even be said to be everywhere.

But the Dragon Realm is different.

The upper limit of the cultivator is too low. When the inheritance relays from generation to generation, it is easy to have some green and yellow failures. One or two times damage the sect’s heritage. If the number of times is too high, the sect will inevitably weaken and eventually collapse. .

Like Blade Mountain, it’s been around for only 20 years, and it’s gone now.

For example, the emerging and annihilated powers such as the Blade Mountain Village are unknown in the Dragon World.

The Great Sect of Nine Provinces will not be like this. As long as there is a Divine Sea Realm great cultivator in charge, even if one or two generations do not have outstanding tasks, there will always be three and four generations, and there will always be a chance to stand up again.

The Sacred Fire Cult, the Golden Cloud Tower, and the Hundred Refinements Valley, forcibly were knocked down from Grade 1 Great Sect to Grade 4, and there is no sign of being destroyed, because their background is strong enough.

If the sect of the Dragon Realm suffered such a blow, I am afraid that it has already been disappeared.

Comparing the two worlds, the sect of the Dragon Realm is undoubtedly much more fragile, so it is not simple that it can maintain its dominant position from the inheritance of a thousand years ago to the present.

(End of this chapter)

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