Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 699


Chapter 699 Northbound

The three hegemons have inherited from a thousand years ago to the present, which means that the three hegemons of that year, There used to be the Divine Sea Realm, the True Lake Realm powerhouse.

They also hold the secrets of breaking through the shackles of the Cloud River.

This is something that other sects in the Dragon Realm do not have.

But even the cultivators of these three sects, after the appearance of Tianhe, the cultivation base is not as good as the generation.

The Heavenly Emperor Sect’s Li Sa, who reached the cultivation base more than 200 years ago and reached the peak of Cloud River Realm, has been comprehend the secret of True Lake for so many years, not only for himself I also want to find a way out of cultivation for the cultivation world of Longtengjie, but in the end I am unable to do so.

To this day, the essence of life has been exhausted, and it has forcibly died during meditation, which is extremely embarrassing. When the news came out, all the Great Sects in the Dragon Realm were shaken.

“Li Sa senior is gone, and the Master Huahua of Vajra Temple probably won’t live long.” Someone sighed.

In terms of age, the Master Fahua is older than Li Sa. That Master is a person who has really seen the powerhouse of True Lake Realm powerhouse. In the era when he was born, there was still True Lake in the Dragon Realm world. Realm’s.

The reason why he can live longer than Li Sa is mainly because Vajra Temple’s Cultivation method focuses on tempering the body, strong qi and blood, and longer life essence.

But it’s almost too late.

The passing away of such an old senior is not only a short-term loss of the cultivation world, but also represents the passing of the heritage of the Dragon World.

Heavenly Emperor Sect has such a character, Vajra Temple has such a character, and Haoran Academy also has such a character, as a cultivator, he has not reached his limit, but he has come to the road because of the limitations of Heaven and Earth. In the end, it is undoubtedly a very sad thing.

If this kind of mutation continues in the Dragon Realm, there may be no such group as cultivator one day.

“To Li Sa senior!” Someone stood up, holding a wine glass, bowed in the direction of the Heavenly Emperor Sect from afar, and sprinkled the wine on the ground.

“To Li Sa senior!” Everyone followed suit, and the atmosphere in the restaurant was heavy for a while.

Let’s not say anything else, just sitting there for two hundred years, just to find a future way out for the cultivation world of Longtengjie, this dedication is enough to make people awe-inspiring, even if he fails in the end.

The heavy atmosphere didn’t last long, most of the cultivators were open-minded, and with the sound of one person’s voice, the dull restaurant became lively again.

“Have you heard that, half a month ago, the Blade Mountain Villa in Fengzhou was destroyed, Ye Ying was killed, and Ye Family was almost killed to the last one, miserable. Ah.”

“Who did it?” someone asked.

“Then it’s not quite clear, but it is said that it was from the side of Shenyimen.”

“These two families have always had grievances, and it’s not surprising that Shenyimen would make a move. It’s a pity Naha Blade Technique, I heard that it is an incredible Blade Technique, Ye Family is gone, I’m afraid that from now on the world will be the best Blade Technique.”

The topic suddenly shifted to At the Blade Mountain Village, Lu Ye just listened quietly, and Ye Liuli didn’t react much.

However, from what we heard, people in the world only know that the Ba Blade Mountain Villa was destroyed, but they don’t know that Ye Liu and Ye Liuli are still alive, and they don’t even know that the Shenyi Gate is at the Ba Blade Mountain Villa. He suffered a great loss, even Vice Sect Master Pang Wanhai died, and two Elders died.

It’s not surprising, the enemies of Shenyimen not only dominate Blade Mountain Village, this time the loss is so heavy, they naturally won’t publicize it, Lu Ye is even more impossible to spread this matter everywhere, so these things Hidden for now.

The cultivators talk eloquently in the Southern Sea and the North, and the topics change very quickly. After all, most of this small talk is not their personal experience, and it is only used as a kind of talk.

After talking about the tyrants of the Blade Mountain Village, I also talked about the natural phenomenon in Nanzhou a few days ago. Divine Weapon was born, which caused countless cultivators to fight, and blood flowing into a river. It is said that this happened. Even Haoran Academy was shocked.

In the end, the Divine Weapon that was born in the end fell into whose hands, no one knew.

Besides, there seems to be some unusual movement in the Tianhe in the extreme north in recent years. Some people have seen rolling shadows in the Tianhe…

The rumors about the Tianhe have been around since then. Eight hundred years ago, Longtengjie didn’t stop here.

Because of the changes in the Dragon Realm, it is precisely from the appearance of the unfathomable mystery of Tianhe. During the eight hundred years, the upper limit of the cultivator has been from Divine Sea to True Lake, to today’s Cloud River, the entire Heaven and Earth Spirituality seems to be constantly passing with the appearance of the gorge.

However, although the sky has been around for 800 years, it has always been in the sky in the extreme north, and has not changed much, which has attracted countless cultivators to watch it, and therefore A force called Tianhe Sect was born.

The helm of the Heavenly Religion is located in Selangor, not far from the location of the Heavenly Religion. The cultivators in the Heavenly Religion all believe in one truth. The mystery of the ravine allows the cultivator to find the way after the Cloud River.

In this regard, most of the cultivators in the Dragon Realm are snort disdainfully, but there are also many cultivators who have reached their own limits with the idea of trying one or two to comprehend the secrets contained in the sky.

It is precisely because of this that there are dragons and snakes mingle in the Tianhe religion, but it is undeniable that there are a lot of powerhouses in the religion, many of them are the aged Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm, Some people even feel that the current heritage of Tianhe Sect is no less than that of the other three overlords.

The cultivators in the restaurant were still talking, Lu Ye had paid for the food and drinks, and took Yiyi and Ye Liuli out of the north city gate, took out the spirit boat, and continued north.


In midair, a first-class of light passed quickly, it was a shuttle-shaped flying Spirit Item, above the Spirit Item, a short man Sitting, looking pale as paper, judging from the aura fluctuations on his body, he is a Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm.

It’s just that this figure was seriously injured, and his breath was extremely weak. During the flight, he would suddenly spew a blood mist, and the flying Spirit Item was also shaken and almost fell from the sky.

“The thief!

I didn’t expect anyway, I thought it was a great opportunity, but in the end I let myself encounter such bad luck, where is the opportunity, simply is a deadly ghost!

Several times, he wanted to throw away the things he got from the fire a few days ago, because what he looks like now is all created by that thing.

But every time I take that thing out and want to throw it away, I can’t bear it.

After all, although this thing is dangerous, he can really feel the terrifying power contained in this thing, which is definitely not the power that Cloud River Realm cultivator can exert.

That is indeed a rare treasure, so how can he be reconciled?

These days, he searched for the famous medical cultivator nearby, but no one could relieve his injury.

Now there is only one last hope left.

Selangor Medicine Valley, small medical fairy.

All the way north!

Heavenly Emperor Sect, the atmosphere in the recent Sun Sect has been quiet, and the passing of Li Sa is undoubtedly a big blow to Heavenly Emperor Sect, cultivators are open-minded by nature , life and death are also commonplace. It is not that the entire cultivator should be dressed in filial piety because of the death of one person. There is not even a heavy funeral. It is just that some high-level officials inside the Heavenly Emperor Sect placed Li Sa’s body in a hidden place. Land, buried in the ground is safe.

The current Sect Master of Heavenly Emperor Sect, Huang Liang, has been busy with this matter for the past few days, and it was not finished until today.

Walking out of the mausoleum where Li Sa’s body was placed, Huang Liang said softly, “I’ll set off now, and I’ll take care of you all in the sect.”

Deputy Sect Master Kui Yuanshan said: ” Sect Master, let me go.”

Other Elder-level cultivators also joined in.

No one knows how Huang Liang would have the idea of going to Tianhe to take a look at this time.

Huang Liang shook his head: “I’m relieved to see it myself.”

He didn’t say much.

When Li Sa died during meditation, he accompanied him, because in terms of identity, he was Li Sa’s direct disciple.

At that time, Li Sa already felt that his deadline was approaching, and he was going to have some last words to explain.

But when he was explaining his last words, he suddenly stared at the north in a daze, with a look of horror in his eyes, and then he died.

Recalling the scene that day, Huang Liang faintly felt that at the last moment of his life, his Master should have seen something.

Only an existence like Tianhe in the north can make the Master care, so after finishing Li Sa’s affairs, Huang Liang decided to go to Tianhe to take a look.

Want to know what the Master saw before he died.

Saying so, he took out Spirit Item and soared into the sky.


Vajra Temple, the sound of chanting sutras is accompanied by the crisp sound of wooden fish. As a thousand-year-old tradition of inheritance, the atmosphere in Vajra Temple is undoubtedly solemn solemn.

In the deepest forbidden area of the Vajra Temple, a little novice was sweeping the fallen leaves on the ground.

I saw a thin silhouette in front of me at some point. The silhouette was as thin as skin and bones, the folds on the face were layer after layer, and there were dark spots all over the place. The only pair of eyes was bright. stars.

I don’t know when the silhouette appeared, but at this moment, I was standing in front of the little novice, quietly looking at the direction of the north, brows frowned, and the two long snow-white eyebrows on the brows also trembled.

“Master… Ancestor Master?” The little novice finally recognized the identity of the silhouette and hurriedly saluted.

This person is a Buddhist monk who has been sitting in the forbidden area of Vajra Temple for three hundred years. The little novice has never seen him, but he dares to appear in the forbidden area at this time. Except for Master Ancestor, Who else could there be?

But when the little novice looked up again, where could there be a silhouette in front of him?

The emaciated old man who just appeared in front of him was already disappeared.

“See… a ghost?” The little novice was startled, his face turned pale, and he quickly dropped the broom in his hand and ran out, shouting, “It’s haunted, haunted.”

In a short while, a group of Great Buddhist Monk arrived after hearing the news, all of them burly and full of energy.

After some investigation, it was confirmed that the Ancestor Master was gone.

A group of monks were confused, and no one knew why their Ancestor Master went out quietly and disappeared without a trace.

(End of this chapter)

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