Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 700


Chapter 700 Familiar Tianhe

In the deepest part of Haoran Academy, in front of a grass cottage, a man wearing azure clothes holds a hand Scroll, holding a fishing rod in one hand, with a leisurely demeanor.

Heavenly Emperor Sect has Li Sa, Vajra Temple has Fahua, and Haoran Academy has Liu Tianyi.

These three people can be said to be the longest-lived people in the entire Longteng world, but unlike Li Sa and Fahua who are very old, Liu Tian looks only about forty years old at first glance. He looks much younger than the other two peers.

This is not because of his beauty, but because of the difference in his path of cultivation.

The path of cultivation of Haoran Academy focuses on a little Grand Virtue Qi, a thousand miles of joy, a more free and easy life than those two, a youthful mentality, reflected on the fleshy body, it is difficult to show an old state .

Of course, this is also the reason why Liu Tianyi has attained a lot in the way of Haoran, which has nothing to do with his own cultivation realm, but an attainment in his state of mind.

The floating fish float on the water suddenly sank, and there was a drag force from the fishing rod in his hand, but Liu Tianyi didn’t make any movement, just raised his head and looked towards the north.

The original leisure time was disappeared, replaced by dignified and puzzled.

The breeze blew, Liu Tianyi’s silhouette was disappeared, and the fishing rod was dragged into the water.

At the edge of the sky, a stream of light swept straight to the north.

At almost the same time, Liu Tianyi and Fa Hua of Vajra Temple had a feeling in the heart, compared to Li Sa who had died during meditation, it took three days at night.

This is not because Li Sa’s cultivation base is higher, but when people are dying, they can see and feel things that others can’t see or feel.

All three of them are the longest-lived powerhouses in the Dragon Realm, and they all carry a part of the luck of this world. They may not be able to make their cultivation base further, but the changes in the Dragon Realm But it can make them have some vague feelings.

The seriously injured cultivator, Huang Liang from Heavenly Emperor Sect, Fa Hua from Vajra Temple, Liu Tianyi from Haoran Academy, Lu Ye and Ye Liuli, one after another silhouette, all headed north, and for a while, Wind and clouds meeting.


The territory of the Dragon Realm is actually not that big, much smaller than the Nine Provinces.

In one day, Lu Ye took Ye Liuli and Yiyi, out of Fengzhou, into Jiazhou, another day, after Ganzhou, and further on, it is Selangor.

Although Selangor is named after snow, it does not experience annual snowfall, but because it is located in the north, the temperature is generally lower.

However, this temperature change has little effect on the cultivators.

What reassured Lu Ye was that in the past few days, Ye Liuli’s old problems showed no signs of coming back. But having said that, Ye Liuli’s problem actually doesn’t happen very often. Sometimes it only happens once every few months, sometimes every few years, so there should be plenty of time.

After taking a rest in the wild at night, we continued on our way at dawn and finally arrived at the land of Selangor.

The Medicine Valley of the little doctor is located in Selangor. It is not too far away. According to Lu Ye’s current walking distance, it can be reached in one day at most.

Arriving in Selangor, the sky is already visible in the distance.

When Lu Ye entered this world, he had some information about Tianhe in his mind, so he was a little interested in the sudden appearance of Tianhe eight hundred years ago.

According to the cultivators of the Dragon Realm, the difficult situation in the cultivation world now started to happen when the gorge appeared. The power of unnoticeable influence keeps the upper limit of the cultivator of the entire world lower, and one generation is inferior to one generation.

Lu Ye couldn’t figure out what the whole story was, but he could vaguely feel that his trip to the Secret Realm in the Dragon Realm might not be able to avoid this strange sky.

I looked up and saw a huge imprint on the horizon, as if the sky had been torn apart.

It was like a dark centipede crawling on the sky, and the cracks around the gully were like centipede’s limbs.

“Lu Ye.” Yiyi suddenly said, “Do you think that Tianhe is a little familiar today?”

Lu Ye didn’t see it, turned his head and glanced at Yiyi’s arms Ye Liuli, who was asleep, had a thoughtful look flashing in her eyes.

The Tianhe that stretches across the sky is indeed familiar, because its shape is exactly the same as the birthmark on Ye Liuli’s back, and even the number and position of centipede’s limbs are exactly the same.

It’s just one incomparable gigantic, the other is just a birthmark.

Is there such a coincidence in this world?

It’s fine if it’s a coincidence, the key is that as they traveled northward these past few days, Ye Liuli’s condition is getting worse and worse. Sleeping for a long time.

This is clearly not normal.

Lu Ye just glanced at the birthmark on Ye Liuli’s back, but with his eyesight and memory, it was naturally impossible to forget it.

Is it a coincidence?

But if it’s not a coincidence, what does the birthmark on Ye Liuli’s back have anything to do with this Tianhe?

Lu Ye was a little confused.

Although he has not been in the Dragon Realm for a long time, he always feels that the entire Dragon Realm is full of secrets, and there is a faint sense of crisis that is imminent.

This sense of crisis keeps getting stronger as he moves forward.

Suddenly there was a spiritual power fluctuation coming from the side, Lu Ye turned his head to look, and saw a stream of light flickering around a large ship Spirit Item, urging the imperial weapon to hit the big ship from time to time. went, but were blocked by the cultivator on the big ship.

The breath of the Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm was flowing on the streamer, but this person should have been seriously injured and his breath fluctuated.

So even if the cultivator cultivation base on the Spirit Item of the big ship is not as good as his, this person can do nothing for a while.

He didn’t retreat, he shouted while feigning attack: “Beasts of Tianhe Sect, you dare to commit such a bad thing, just wait for the extinguish sect…cough cough cough…”

During the shouting, the man vomited blood and looked like he was about to die.

Tianhe Cult…

Lu Ye had a vague impression of this faction. The mystery contained in the gully that day is the only way out for the cultivator in the Dragon Realm.

The whole Longteng world doesn’t have a good impression of Tianhe Religion, but because there are many powerhouses in Tianhe Religion, and they are only active in Selangor, they basically don’t leave Selangor, so it is normal. Cultivators have a hard time reaching them.

I didn’t think about it, but I met it here.

Lu Ye is reluctant to intervene in the battle between cultivators. After all, he doesn’t know who is right and who is wrong. If he intervenes rashly, he will only cause trouble for himself.

When he was about to leave, he suddenly looked towards the cabin of the big ship. There was a window there. It should be the bottom warehouse. Through the window, he saw many people gathered together. silhouette.

To his astonishment, those people were all mortals who had never experienced cultivation before. They looked desperate and terrified, and many of them seemed to be injured.

Battles between cultivators rarely involve mortals, whether it’s the Dragon Realm or the Nine Provinces.

In any case, cultivators have come from mortals step by step. If there is no mortal group, where would cultivators come from?

In the Nine Provinces, there are a large number of mortals living in each Great Sect territory, and each sect has the responsibility to protect the mortals in its own territory, because the continuation of the inheritance of the sect depends on the mortals from these mortals. Choose a good Disciple in the .

A large number of mortals in the cabin of the big ship looked like they were captured, otherwise they would not look so frightened.

Thinking of what the Ninth Layer Realm cultivator who coughed up blood shouted, Lu Ye vaguely understood what was going on.

What do you want to do today?

The rabbits don’t eat the grass on the edge of the nest. Their roots are in Selangor, and now they have captured so many mortals for some unknown reason. They are not afraid of news that the three overlords will join forces to encircle and suppress them?

This kind of thing has never happened in the Dragon Realm. There was an Evil Sect who ignored the lives of mortals and slaughtered them. dispersed smoke.

But no matter what they do, it’s obviously not a good thing. The Ninth Layer Realm who coughed up blood should have bumped into this and wanted to intervene, but because of the serious injury, he was a little powerless.

“Stay here and don’t move.” Lu Ye told Yiyi and rushed out of the spirit boat, swept in that direction.

If it was just a battle between cultivators, he would be too lazy to intervene, but since some mortals were involved, he couldn’t just sit back and watch.

At the beginning, he was also rescued from Evil Moon Valley by the cultivator of Vast Heaven Alliance, and he has come step by step to where he is today.

His speed is extremely fast, approaching within three miles of the battlefield in the blink of an eye.

The cultivator, who coughed up blood, was vaguely aware of it. He turned his head to look here, and his eyes suddenly showed a vigilant look. He was not in a good state now, otherwise he would have broken the protection of the big ship.

At this time, a person suddenly appeared. Who knows if the other party is from Tianhe Religion. After all, this is the site of Tianhe Religion.

Looking at Lu Ye’s cultivation base, Cloud River sixth layer, don’t be too afraid.

While vigilant, Lu Ye was approaching, and he felt relieved that Lu Ye did not have any hostility, but just stopped in the direction of the big ship and stared at the big ship ahead.

A friend, not an enemy!

This person immediately made a judgment and immediately shouted: “Little Brother, the Heavenly Sect has kidnapped a large number of mortals for some reason. It seems that they want to send them to the north. You and I joined forces to break their turtle shells. Rescue the people first.”

“Okay!” Lu Ye responded, he had already pulled out the Iwasama sword at his waist, and fiercely slashed forward.

Seeing this scene, the Ninth Layer Realm opened the mouth and said: “This spirit ship has a protective Formation, Little Brother, don’t waste your energy, you and me together…”

Words Before finishing speaking, Lu Ye had already slashed down. Under this blade, the protective light curtain covering the entire spirit ship was fiercely turbulent, as if stones had been thrown from the calm lake, and layers of ripples spread wildly.

This scene shocked the man. He is a Ninth Layer Realm, even if he can’t exert his full strength, he is not as impossible as the sixth layer realm. movement.

And in his opinion, the power of Lu Ye’s shot is actually not too strong, there is no reason to have such an obvious effect.

(End of this chapter)

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