Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 701


Chapter 701 Zhuang Bufan

Only when the attack happens to be on the node of the big formation can there be such an effect of twice the results for half the effort.

However, the nodes of any Formation are constantly changing with the flow of spiritual power. Even if they are both formation cultivators, it is not easy to infer where the nodes are.

It is even more difficult to attack while inferring the node.

This guy with a knife is so lucky? Just cut on the node with one knife?

Just when this person thought so, Lu Ye had already made a second cut.

More violent movements came out, and the protective light curtain above the spirit ship rippled even more violently, and even the spirit ship shook fiercely.

The few Tianhe cultivators who were standing on the deck didn’t take Lu Ye seriously. Although they didn’t have a decent powerhouse on their trip, there were quite a lot of people, seven or eight. people.

What they are afraid of is the Ninth Layer Realm cultivator who coughs up blood. Even if he looks like he is about to die, who knows if it is true? Besides, even if the injuries were really heavy, the camel was still bigger than the horse, so they just hid in the spirit boat and didn’t dare to act rashly.

Who would have thought that a sixth layer cultivator would cause such a turbulence in the protective array of the spirit ship, for a time the numerous cultivators on the deck were unstable, a fierce-looking man with a long scar on his face. Xiu Li shouted: “Where is the boy, you dare to take care of my Tianhe religion in this Selangor state, leave quickly, or you will be called die without a burial site.”

There are also people Followed by shouting: “I have contacted the elder in the teaching, wait for you to die!”

As soon as these words came out, Lu Ye didn’t care. I am worried that it will be delayed for a long time. When the powerhouse of Tianhe Sect comes over, the mortals who have been captured will not be able to be saved.

He was even more worried that Lu Ye was afraid and left.

After all, in the Selangor state, the Tianhe religion is very famous, and indeed no one dares provoke.

Turning his head and looking around, he saw that Lu Ye had made his third knife…


There seemed to be a broken voice in the depths of my heart It sounded, and a gap cracked in the protective formation of the spirit ship.

This scene can frighten the cultivators who are screaming incessantly, and all of them have complexion changed.

On the contrary, it was the man who coughed up blood, who couldn’t help but caress his palms and laughed heartily: “Okay!”

At this point, he still can’t see that Lu Ye is not good luck, but true The Formation node is seen, and each knife is cut on the node.

This person must be an extremely high-level formation cultivator, otherwise there is no reason to have such an ability.

But he searched his stomach and compared the famous array cultivator in his mind with the person in front of him, one after another, but there was still no seal. The base is not high, but the formation path attainments are ridiculously high.

Seeing that Lu Ye’s fourth sword was about to come out, on the spirit boat, the long-scarred man gritted his teeth and shouted: “The boy is really courting death!” Ye culled the past.

Protect the array from the outside but not the inside, he can kill it.

Seeing that Lu Ye’s methods were so good, he couldn’t sit still any longer, he was ready to kill Lu Ye and then retreated, and his confidence came from the cultivation base of his own 7th Layer.

“Not good!” The cultivator coughing up blood was thinking about Lu Ye’s identity, but unexpectedly Tianhe Sect responded in such a way that he had to go to support him, but he was seriously injured. This suddenly broke out, and I felt that the whole person was about to fall apart, and it was even darker in front of me, almost falling from the sky.

When I regained my senses, I looked at it again, and I felt incredible.

Just because the boy with the knife was still standing alone in front of the spirit ship, not far in front of him, in the blood splashed, a head flew out, and a headless body fell from the sky.

Huh? What happened?

The man who coughed up blood thought that Lu Ye would definitely lose, but he didn’t expect his eyes to darken a bit. Lu Ye actually killed the long-scarred cultivator.

How is this done?

He didn’t see the scene of Lu Ye killing the enemy, but the cultivators from Tianhe Sect could see it clearly.

With one knife, just one knife, the most powerful long-scarred man in their cultivation base was separated.

This scene deeply shocked their hearts, because even if the Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm cultivator shot, it is impossible to be so straightforward.

It’s really bad luck.

Being sent out to perform such a mission, it’s okay to encounter the Ninth Layer Realm that coughs up blood. The other party is strong in appearance but weak in reality, so it’s nothing to be afraid of, but what the hell is this kid with a knife? ?

The blade light flickers, and another slash slashes.

ka-cha cha…

The light curtain protecting the array instantly cracked one after another spider web-like gap, followed by an oh la la sound, shattered, and was shattered by the array The guardian of the Tianhe Teaching Disciple was instantly exposed to the blade.

The man who coughed up blood flew over, and Lu Ye also killed him with a knife.

Under the cooperation of the two, a few Tianhe taught the cultivator how to block, and they were killed in just a moment.

The man coughing up blood sat on the deck with blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, but looked up at Lu Ye with a look of approval: “Little Brother you did good, what’s your name?”

Lu Ye bowed his hands: “Fengzhou, Ye Liu.”

“Little Brother Ye.” The man coughing up blood nodded slightly and returned the salute with difficulty, “Qizhou, Zhuang Bufan.”

At the same time as he reported himself, he looked at Lu Ye’s expression, but saw that Lu Ye’s expression was flat, as if he had never heard the name.

I immediately decided in my heart that this kid is probably a fledgling, otherwise Impossible has never heard of his own name.

The Thief God Zhuang is extraordinary, and he is also a famous figure in the entire Longteng Realm. Anyone who has a little knowledge, impossible has never heard of it.

“Brother Ye, I have one more thing to trouble you.” Zhuang Bufan said softly.

Lu Ye knew very well, “But you want to let those mortals out?” He had some respect for Zhuang Bufan. He was already seriously injured. Blocking, it can be seen that he is a good person.

Zhuang Bufan said: “That’s right.”

“It’s a small matter.” Lu Ye said, walked into the cabin, and found the central array that controls the spirit ship , After a while, under his urging, the spirit ship fell to the ground.

While he was busy here, Zhuang Bufan had already walked into the bottom warehouse, released the mortals who had been kidnapped, and also inquired some news from their mouths.

Zhuang Bufan’s heart was heavy at the results of the inquiry.

“Let’s go, leave here, stay away from Selangor, and live elsewhere.” On the deck, Zhuang Bufan waved to the mortals who were kowtowing to him.

There are as many as 400 people released, including some young and strong people. Although they have lost their homes, as long as they support each other, they can still leave the land of Selangor.

If possible, Zhuang Bufan would prefer to send them out of Selangor, but if he does, it will only bring them disaster.

Watching a large group of old and young leave, Zhuang Bufan turned his head and looked towards Lu Ye: “Brother Ye, let’s say goodbye now.”

Lu Ye nodded slightly.

After a while, Zhuang Bufan was stunned: “Why don’t you leave?”

Lu Ye said: “Brother Zhuang didn’t leave?”

Zhuang Bufan coughed a few times: “I’m seriously injured, take a breath and go.”

Lu Ye laughed dumbly, only to find this person a little funny, shook his head slightly, jumped off the deck, and began to spread the cloth all around. array.

Zhuang Bufan’s head stuck out from the deck and said strangely: “Brother Ye, what are you doing?”

Lu Ye didn’t lift his head: “Brother Zhuang is not seriously injured, It’s better to rest in peace, don’t die at the hands of the enemy when the time comes, and die first.”

Zhuang Bufan’s expression became solemn: “Since Little Brother has seen it, then don’t stay for a long time, The Elder of Tianhe Sect must be Ninth Layer Realm, you are not an opponent.” While speaking, he looked up and looked towards not far away, where Yiyi took Ye Liuli, “There are still people waiting for you there, Don’t make them sad.”

“So…I’m setting up the formation!”

Zhuang Bufan was at a loss for words. Although he had previously deduced that Lu Ye was not low on the formation path, But in the end it’s just an inference, I haven’t witnessed Lu Ye’s methods with my own eyes, and I don’t know what Lu Ye’s accomplishments are in the formation.

But Lu Ye’s indifference at the moment gave him some confidence.

Perhaps things weren’t as bad as they thought?

the thoughts got to this point, Zhuang Bufan opened the mouth and said: “The evil deeds committed by the Tianhe Sect, I have sent a message to inform a few friends, they will find a way to contact Heavenly Emperor Sect, Vajra Temple and Haoran Academy, the Three Great Sects will take action in a few days. So as long as we can stop the chasing soldiers, those mortals will have a chance to escape. Brother Ye, give me the answer , how sure are you?”

The reason why he didn’t personally escort those mortals out of Selangor was because the previously deceased Tianhe cultivator had already sent a message to a certain Tianhe Elder, and at any time There will be chasing soldiers.

Since it is an elder, it must be a Ninth Layer Realm. When the time comes to fight together, even if those mortals hide in the cabin, I am afraid there will be countless casualties.

But he can’t just leave, otherwise the rescued people will be captured soon.

He didn’t tell Lu Ye about these things, and planned to stay alone and stop the pursuers of Tianhe Sect.

Since things have been managed, there is no reason to give up halfway.

But he didn’t want to, he didn’t say anything, but Lu Ye clear as a flame and saw his mind.

He is a warm-hearted and compassionate young man!

Zhuang Bufan doesn’t want to involve Lu Ye anymore.

“If I say 100%, will Brother Zhuang believe it?” Lu Ye replies while setting up the array.

Zhuang Bufan fell back to the deck, leaned back against the wall, took out a jug of wine and took a sip, laughed heartily: “I believe!”

Against a Ninth Layer Realm , Lu Ye doesn’t need to set up a formation, but on the premise of not knowing how many people are coming to the enemy, setting up an formation is undoubtedly the safest way.

When the time comes, even if there are dozens of people from Tianhe Sect and fall into the great formation, Lu Ye can make them come and go.

In just over an hour, the Formation was set up.

Lu Ye flew to the deck, Yiyi had already brought Ye Liuli over under his command.

Zhuang Bufan looked at Lu Ye, Yiyi and Ye Liuli again, obviously misunderstood something, sighed, “It’s great to be young!”

He raised his head and took another sip of wine, The era of my own has passed, but fortunately, there are talents from all over the world, and they have been leading the way for hundreds of years.

It’s a pity, I’m afraid I can’t see it.

(End of this chapter)

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