Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 702


Chapter 702 Is this dead?

One hour later, Zhuang Bufan, who had closed his eyes for a nap on the deck, suddenly opened his eyes, looked in a certain direction, and said in a low voice, “Come.”

At the same time, standing beside him Lu Ye, who was not far away, also saw a stream of light flying towards this side of the sky.

There is only one streamer, but looking at its speed and the fluctuation of the breath on its body, it is a Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm, and the power on its body is obviously much more tyrannical than the general Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm.

Zhuang Bufan looked at it with all his eyesight, and his expression became solemn: “It’s Sun Qi!” Then he seemed to say to himself: “This Sun Qi was born in the Battle Ancestor of Ganzhou, with great talent, but he looks ugly. , when he was young, he loved his Little Junior Sister but couldn’t. More than 30 years ago, on the day of his Little Junior Sister’s marriage, he killed the groom, insulted the bride, and betrayed the sect. Twenty years ago, Cultivation went to Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm, outrageously. Go back to Ganzhou and destroy the Battle Ancestor in the first battle.”

But it was preconceived that Lu Ye was a fledgling boy and was providing him with information about the enemy.

Strictly speaking, Tianhe Religion is actually a cult. In this force, dragons and snakes mingle, shelterer evil people and accept wrongdoing, there are traitors who have betrayed the sect, there are wicked people who do evil things, and there are powerhouses who have nowhere to go. man of.

But for so many years, the Tianhe Sect has only been entrenched in the Selangor state, and there is no sign of external expansion, and the cultivators in the sect basically do not leave Selangor, so even the three overlords sect, I don’t want to start a war with it.

This Sun Qi Cultivation to Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm 20 years ago. After 20 years of precipitation, such a character must be extremely powerful, even if he is not injured, and it is impossible for him to be this Sun. Qi’s opponent, he wondered if Lu Ye had the confidence to overcome the opponent.

But remembering that this Little Brother Ye Liu was busy setting up the formation before, and seeing his indifferent expression at the moment, I felt a lot of peace in my heart.

Just as his thoughts were rolling in his mind, a man with an ugly face and a thin body had swept to thirty feet away.

He came without an imperial weapon, but flew directly into the fleshy body.

He came so quickly, this man was obviously in the vicinity.

Arrived here, glanced around, saw the spirit ship moored on the ground, saw the blood on the deck, and then looked inside the cabin, there was no living things aura, Sun Qi’s face suddenly sank : “It’s you, killing my Tianhe cultivator?”

Lu Ye said nothing, while Zhuang Bufan on the side shouted weakly: “I killed it!”

Sun Qilai Glancing at him, coldly snorted: “A dog who has lost his family dares to bark.” He didn’t know why Zhuang Bufan seemed to be seriously injured, but the few people present were Zhuang Bufan’s highest cultivation base, and with such an injury, he could easily kill him. As for Lu Ye and the others, he didn’t take seriously at all.

However, when his eyes swept over Yiyi and Ye Liuli, his eyes lit up slightly, and he grinned: “Yes, there is an unexpected harvest.”

Yiyi was laughed at by him Feeling uncomfortable, he couldn’t help leaning beside Lu Ye, and whispered: “This man is so ugly.”

Sun Qi suddenly became furious like a cat whose tail had been stepped on: “You said What?”

Among the cultivators, there are very few people who pay attention to their appearance, and the higher the cultivation base, the more so.

But then again, people in Cultivation, whether male or female, will not be too ugly, because with the improvement of the cultivation base, spiritual power nourishes the fleshy body, men will have a dignified appearance, and women will have a dignified appearance. It will make the skin delicate and nourishing.

Yiyi has followed Lu Ye to meet thousands of cultivators, but he is the first one as ugly as Sun Qi. At first glance, this person looks like a toad’s head on a bamboo pole , the end is an ugly out of the sky.

But the appearance is what Sun Qi cares about the most.

He is extremely talented, and he was quite liked by the Master in the sect, but because he was born ugly, even the Little Junior Sister he admired was given to others by the Master.

So he killed the man who was going to marry Little Junior Sister, and got Little Junior Sister by his own methods. In the next ten years, the cultivation base Great Accomplishment, he killed the sect again, fought Sect extermination, broke through. After he became famous, he was chased by the Great Buddhist Monk of Vajra Temple in March, and he was forced to flee to Selangor to join Tianhe Sect.

This time I have a heavy responsibility, but I don’t want to be ruined by others. How could someone call him ugly in front of him?

How can this be tolerated?

Yiyi hid behind Lu Ye and grimaced at him: “Ugly people are making trouble!”

“I’ll kill you!” Sun Qi roared, his whole face grim. When he got up, his spirit power surged, and he brazenly slaughtered towards the spirit ship.

“Be careful!” Zhuang Bufan snorted, but at this moment he had no room to do anything, so he could only snort as a reminder.

At the same time that Sun Qi was making a move, Lu Ye had a formation flag in his hand and waved it lightly.

baring fangs and brandishing claws The expression on Sun Qi’s face, who was slaughtering towards Yiyi’s side, suddenly became stunned, and then the whole figure seemed to be suppressed by a mountain, and his figure couldn’t help falling down. come down.

He also reacted quickly, and immediately understood what had happened to him.

“Forbidden space formation?”

have one’s hair stand on end, how can there be a forbidden space formation in this ghost place?

You must know that looking at the entire Dragon Soaring Realm, only digital Formation Masters are qualified to set up a forbidden space, and it will take a lot of time.

There is a large formation of forbidden space here, doesn’t it mean that those people have a certain shot?

And among those Formation Masters, which one does not have a strong backer? They made a certain shot, which naturally meant that the backers behind them also shot.

As his thoughts turned sharply, Sun Qi’s figure had fallen only three feet from the ground, and the enormous pressure on his shoulders suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Before he could catch his breath, Lu Ye waved the formation flag lightly again, and all of a sudden, the fog swept up and enveloped him.

On the deck, Lu Ye stepped out with a leisurely expression, and walked into the mist with a few steps.

Zhuang Bufan leaned hard against the wall of the ship, looked around, and saw fog surging in his field of vision. The rumors made the mist surging even more violently.

In a short while, with a mournful scream, everything calm and tranquil.

Who won? Zhuang Bufan raised his heart.

Immediately after, he saw Lu Ye’s silhouette walking out of the fog, with a leisurely demeanor, even the breath did not change at all, looking at that posture, it didn’t look like a fight with a Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm at all. After a game, I went to the nearby river to catch a fish and came back.

The Sun Qi, who made him extremely fearful, was held by Lu Ye like a dead fish at this moment, riddled with scars on his body, and his breath was annihilated.


The shock in Zhuang Bufan’s heart could not be further enhanced.

This is dead?

He almost wondered if he had mistaken someone, maybe it wasn’t Sun Qi? but someone else?

But besides Sun Qi, which Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm is so ugly?

Furthermore, whether he is Sun Qi or not, he is always a Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm.

He died like that!

Recalling the Formation that Lu Ye showed before, Zhuang Bufan was astonished.

Forbidden empty formations, maze formations, there should also be trapped formations and some Killing Formation.

In just one hour, there is such an arrangement. How high is this Little Brother Ye Liu’s attainments in the formation path?

As far as he knows, it is not so easy for even those few formation masters who are famous in the whole Longteng Realm to set up a forbidden air formation.

No wonder from the beginning to the end, this Little Brother was called and composed, and never put his enemies in his eyes. He used to think that he was a newborn calves do not fear tigers, but now he knows that he is confident.

“Nice job.” Zhuang Bufan praised.

In any case, the current crisis is resolved. The unfathomable mystery of Tianhe Cult has broken a Sun Qi. I must not dare to act rashly in a short period of time. The hundreds of mortals who were rescued would have the opportunity to escape.

But remembering the information from the Tianhe cultivator, Zhuang Bufan couldn’t help but feel heavy.

Because the information shows that the mortals captured by Tianhe Sect are not only this group, but there are other teams that kidnap mortals in other places, maybe the whole land of Selangor will be affected.

He encountered this group and could intervene, but otherwise, he couldn’t control it if he wanted to.

I just hope that the Three Great Sects can react as soon as possible and take action, otherwise the land of Selangor will increase the number of killings.

“Brother Zhuang is going to Medicine Valley, right?” Lu Ye flew on the deck and asked Zhuang Bufan.

It’s not hard to guess, Zhuang Bufan was so injured, and he appeared in Selangor, obviously he was going to Medicine Valley to find a little doctor for healing.

As expected, Zhuang Bufan nodded and said, “I’m going to Medicine Valley, brother Ye…”

He glanced at Ye Liuli, who had been drowsy ever since.

“Then let’s go the same way, I’ll take you for a ride.” Lu Ye nodded.

Zhuang Bufan is overjoyed: “Then there will be a Laoye brother.”

With his current state, it is really troublesome to rush to Medicine Valley. If he can get help, It is the best.

I sighed in my heart that good people have good rewards. Little Brother Ye, who is strangers coming together by chance, is really warm-hearted and compassionate.

A moment later, the two streams of light took off. Yiyi urged his flying Spirit Item to carry Ye Liuli, while Lu Ye took Zhuang Bufan and flew all the way towards Medicine Valley.

Zhuang Bufan is undoubtedly more familiar with the terrain of Selangor. Having him lead the way saves a lot of time in searching.

After all, Lu Ye only knew that the Medicine Valley was in Selangor, and it was not quite clear where it was in Selangor.

Zhuang Bufan has been closing his eyes and recuperating, warming up his injuries.

Lu Ye didn’t say anything, just hurrying on the road.

After half a day in a hurry, Medicine Valley arrived.

The land of Selangor is located in the extreme north. Compared with other continents, the environment is generally bitter and cold, but the Medicine Valley is like spring all year round, birdsong and fragrant flowers, and the Spiritual Qi is extremely strong here, and the underground seems to be There is an excellent spirit vein.

This is also the reason why the little medical fairy lives here. She treats the cultivators in the Dragon Realm all the year round and needs to spend a lot of medicine ingredients, although some cultivators who come to seek medical treatment will offer free Medicines, but some spiritual medicines cannot be bought outside after all.

Medicine Valley has it all.

(End of this chapter)

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