Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 703


Chapter 703 is Tianhe Religion

Medicine Valley is named after the valley, and it is located in a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides. Looking at the sky, Lu Ye couldn’t help but think of Huitian Valley.

In terms of beautiful scenery, looking at the entire Cloud River battlefield, Huitiangu is one of the very best.

But on the Medicine Valley side, it seems to be more beautiful than the scenery of Huitian Valley.

The whole medicine within the valley is divided into pieces of medicine field, planted with many spiritual flowers and herbs, and there are silhouettes of medicine boys busy in it.

In the very center of Medicine Valley, there are more than ten scattered thatched cottages, where the Medicine Valley Masters and Medicine Boys live.

“There is something wrong with the situation.” Behind Lu Ye, Zhuang Bufan suddenly spoke.

Lu Ye also saw that something was wrong.

At the entrance of Medicine Valley, it seems that many cultivators are facing each other, and it seems that a battle has broken out. There are bloodstains on the ground, and two corpses are lying on the side.

This scene surprised Zhuang Bufan.

Because all those who come to the Medicine Valley for medical treatment are all seriously injured or suffering from some incurable diseases, and Xiaoyixian also has an unwritten rule, that is, within the scope of the Medicine Valley, it is never allowed Make a move, whoever breaks this rule, no matter who it is, she will not take action to heal.

So over the years, no one has ever dared to fight with people outside the Medicine Valley. Every cultivator who comes here abides by the rules of the little doctor, whether it is a vicious thief or a It is an evil cultivator full of evil, and when he gets here, he can only restrain his own edge.

In the Medicine Valley alone, the power is not large. Although the strength of the little medical fairy is not weak, she is only alone, and there are few medicine boys under her family who are skilled in the cultivation base.

But over the years, how many cultivators have been treated by her hands, and even among those Peak Great Sects, many have given her life-saving grace.

It can be said that Xiaoyixian’s network of contacts spreads throughout the Dragon Realm.

So even if Medicine Valley is not a big power, no one dares to make up their minds over the years, even the Tianhe religion in Selangor, they turn a blind eye to Medicine Valley, everyone minds their own business, and even from time to time The cultivator came to seek medical treatment.

After all, as a cultivator, when someone is not injured, sometimes they can recover completely by taking some Healing Pill.

Offending the medical cultivator is no good.

Not to mention Longtengjie, the Nine Provinces also have some special treats for medical cultivators. Even if the cultivator of Two Great Factions captures the other’s medical cultivator, it is often not too embarrassing. You can even pay a certain ransom to redeem the captured medical cultivator.

So the confrontation between these cultivators outside the Medicine Valley is extremely inconceivable to Zhuang Bufan.

Lu Ye doesn’t know the rules of the little medical fairy, but it is not surprising. If there is no conflict between cultivators, then it is not a cultivator. Just as he was about to fly over, there was a cultivator shouting from a distance: “Tianhe Sect does business, come and stop, violators kill without mercy!”

It’s Tianhe Sect again!

Frowned by Zhuang Bufan, over the years, Tianhe Cult has occupied Selangor and gathered a large number of cultivators, but they never leave Selangor and only aim to comprehend the mysteries of Tianhe.

But right now, the Tianhe Sect first wanted to kidnap mortals, and now it has come to Medicine Valley to prevent people from seeking medical treatment. What is it doing?

Faintly, Zhuang Bufan felt that the world might be about to change.

Different from outsiders like Lu Ye, Zhuang Bufan is a native Dragon Realm cultivator, and as a Ninth Layer Realm, he is naturally much more sensitive to the general changes in the Dragon Realm than Lu Ye.

There are a lot of cultivators blocking the road, about thirty or forty.

There were about a dozen cultivators confronting them, and most of them were injured.

These cultivators obviously came to seek medical treatment, but were stopped by the Tianhe cultivators, which was the reason for the confrontation between the two sides.

However, it seems that some people are dissatisfied and want to force the pass, but they are taught to kill by Tianhe.

Although the cultivators seeking medical treatment were filled with righteous indignation and felt that the Tianhe Sect was domineering, they all dared not speak out.

Lu Ye pressed the escape light and led Yiyi and the others to fall outside the Medicine Valley.

Zhuang Bufan staggered slightly, sighed secretly, his face full of sadness, Medicine Valley was blocked by the people of Tianhe Sect, how can this be good?

His current injury can’t be delayed.

It is obviously irrational to force the way. Although he dared to stop the spiritual boat of Tianhe Sect before, it was done in private after all. Even if Xiaoyixian can cure him, he will not be able to leave Selangor.

“I’m here to find Xiaoyixian to save my life. What’s the matter with your Tianhe Sect blocking it here?” Someone shouted loudly.

“That’s right, Medicine Valley is the Medicine Valley of Xiaoyixian, not the Medicine Valley of your Tianhe Religion.”

“This Fellow Daoist, can you be accommodating and let me We are leading the Medicine Valley treatment, Fellow Daoist can rest assured that your sect will not be delayed.”

“Senior Brother, Senior Brother, what’s wrong with you, Senior Brother, don’t die…”

A group of cultivators were noisy, and the scene was full of tension for a while.

The Tianhe cultivator headed by the cultivator was dressed in black clothed and looked cold. It was the person who had seen Lu Ye come over and shouted to stop him. This person had hands behind back and was not coming The cultivators who sought medical treatment looked at them and said indifferently: “Break intruders, kill without mercy!”

Some young and vigorous cultivators were annoyed: “You Tianhe religion are too unreasonable. ”

The voice just fell, and the older Senior Brother next to him covered his mouth.

black clothed cultivator sneered: “The truth? Lao Tzu stands here is the truth, you have to tell me the truth, first beat Lao Tzu and then… eh?”

He frowned suddenly, Looking at Lu Ye who was walking out from the back of the crowd, he grinned grimly: “What do you…want to do?”

“Let!” Lu Ye looked at him and kept his pace.

Zhuang Bufan broke out in a cold sweat, only to realize that Lu Ye, who was by his side just now, had gone out at some point. This Little Brother was too daring.

Being able to kill Sun Qi before, it was because of the power of Formation, but now there are so many people here, black clothed cultivator has an 8-Layer cultivation base, how can it be straight ahead? of.

I was secretly anxious, and I could only grit my teeth to keep up with Lu Ye’s pace.

Even if he uses it, he will surely die, but he can’t just watch such a warm-hearted and compassionate Little Brother die here.

“Finally another one who is not afraid of death!” The smile on the black clothed cultivator’s face became more and more hideous. He raised his hand and grabbed the storage bag around his waist, and a long spear was caught in his hand. , driven by spiritual power, the long spear burst into blooming spear flowers, went straight to Lu Ye’s cover, and shouted: “Death!” The black clothed cultivator’s expression changed suddenly when the bright blade light flashed.

He didn’t put Lu Ye in his eyes at first. When Lu Ye’s imperial weapon flew over, he quietly checked Lu Ye’s cultivation base, which is the sixth layer of Cloud River. , naturally don’t care too much.

I wanted to kill this kid who didn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, and shut up all the babbling guys around, but as soon as Lu Ye’s long knife came out, he felt something was wrong.

The oppression that was hard to describe hit him head-on, making his skin tense, and along with the oppression came a powerful and aggressive lingering aura.

It seems that he is the one with the lower cultivation base.

Ding ding dong dong There were several sounds, the black clothed cultivator let out a strange cry, and the hideous smile on his face had been disappeared, replaced by deep horror.

At this moment, in the collision of huge forces, his tiger’s mouth has already cracked, blood is flowing, the breath of the whole person is even more disordered, the spiritual power is disordered, the long spear is raised high, the middle door wide open.

In the field of vision, a blade light slashed, and the whole person froze in place.

His eyes widened in disbelief.

In the silence of the audience, a small blood line first appeared on the neck, followed by a spurt of blood, head flies up.

There was an exclamation.

The cultivator of Tianhe Sect, the cultivator who came to Medicine Valley for medical treatment, everyone was stunned.

The collision between the 8-Layer environment and the sixth layer environment is indeed a battle that can determine the outcome in a very short period of time, and even life and death, but the result is unexpected, the one who died was actually cultivation. base higher black clothed cultivator.

How could this kind of thing happen?

Not to mention those who don’t know the cultivator with Lu Ye, even Zhuang Bufan can’t believe it. He was worried that Lu Ye would suffer under the black clothed cultivator, and he had already made plans to rescue him if the situation went wrong. , Who would have thought that this Little Brother named Ye Liu actually hacked him to death with a few knives!

Are you dreaming?

In the past, when Lu Ye set up an array to kill Sun Qi, he only let him see Lu Ye’s terrifying accomplishments in the formation, but now he has seen Lu Ye’s own powerful strength.

So easy to kill an 8-Layer realm, in other words, this Little Brother is enough to compete with the Ninth Layer Realm.

Looking at the ancient and modern Longteng world, there has never been such a character.

Which Almighty taught this Disciple?

His thoughts were surging here, Lu Ye had already fitted himself and slaughtered those Disciples.

Having experienced the incident of saving that boat of mortals before, Lu Ye has a very poor perception of Tianhe cultivators, and also roughly knows what kind of people these cultivators are, plus they block the way Here, so Lu Ye did not hesitate to kill.

It’s never wrong to kill them.

When Lu Ye started, Yiyi was naturally not idle, spiritual power surged, and one after another spell hit the crowd.

“Kill them.” Someone yelled.

Although I don’t want to offend the Tianhe Sect, those who can come to Medicine Valley for medical treatment will have a very short life. Tianhe Teaching?

I didn’t dare to act rashly before. First, they were scattered, and secondly, their strength was not as good as others. Some people have already died under the killing of Tianhe Sect.

Now Lu Ye has stood up, driven by the instinct of survival, many cultivators follow.

The Tianhe cultivator had not recovered from the death of the black clothed cultivator, but encountered a wave of strong attacks head-on, and suddenly died several times. In addition, Lu Ye rushed into the enemy group, Wherever he passed, the blood rained, and the scene became a mess in an instant.

(End of this chapter)

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